The Lone Wolf

By: YingYang13

~Katniss's Choice~

Panic triggered Katniss's brain to see the last of Clove smirking though strained as she completely sealed the exit. Fire and smoke had collaborated into a hell hole. Katniss looked at Rue, knowing death is imminent. Disallowing the fact that they're trapped, Katniss slugged for another way out. "There must be a secret passage?" Katniss thinks, weighing out her options that a magic door will appear in front of her.

Though, it's a very slim chance that this door does exist. Her mind soon fogged as the raging fire blocked her chance for Rue and Katniss to escape. Heat immersed the cave in insane temperatures that Katniss can't endure it.

Her feeble attempt to escape soon faltered and she collapsed by a boulder while her eyes slowly drift. "What a stupid way to die,"

Suddenly, strong sunlight peeked through a slit. Katniss coughed hoarsely for help until her voice gives out, she doesn't care if it was Clove coming back to kill her. Katniss throws up but she didn't give up until someone heard her. The Individual impelled the stone (That previously sealed the cave's entrance) with immense force. Katniss compelled all her strength to stand and lug the unconscious Rue. She couldn't stand leaving her even if a small voice inside her tells that she's dead or dying.

"Katniss are you there," Said the voice from the other side, Katniss recognised it immediately.

"Yes, I'm here!" Katniss rasped. She can hear Cato struggling. For a second, Katniss thought Cato had tried everything until the entrance had pursued by more light. Though very weak in her limbs, Katniss scooped Rue on her back. Rue is not breathing. Fear pressed hard on Katniss's ribcage.

"Katniss, I can't hold it out for much longer." Cato strained, while becoming a human doorstop to get Katniss out of there.

Katniss persisted quickly as her boots slowly disintegrate from the overwhelming fire. She can see a silhouette in the blind sunlight. Cato seemed to sway under the weight that pushed down on him. Panted like she just ran a mile, Katniss crossed the threshold while Cato grabbed a handful of what's left of Katniss's jacket.

Abruptly, the cave entrance is blocked off by a huge cave-in. Cato rolled on the grass while Katniss sprawled on her belly. She can smell the air again though she suffered a terrible headache and nauseated stomach.

Katniss detached Rue on the soft grass and immediately put into action as though she's some wondrous healer like her mother. And of course the idea to save Rue is entitled to revive her. But Katniss's mind had drawn blank while her moving limbs hesitate. But she thought relentlessly, hoping she see something like this back in the Training Centre with their update knowledge.

All hope was lost as she looked intently at Cato with partial eyesight. "Is there something in that cream..." said Katniss, her voice breaking. Cato shook his head and stoop down beside Katniss.

"But I've seen something like this once before," Cato said, his head inclined to Rue's.

Though Katniss was about to answer, Cato pressed his mouth onto Rue and compress a specific area to her chest with his arms. Katniss looked at him bizarrely, when he gone over this technique several times. Rue's chest shifted up and down. For one moment she thought Rue was breathing again.

Cato stopped suddenly, his face crinkled solemnly. Awkwardly he could feel a thousand eyes glued to their stupid fucking screens. "Katni-"

"Don't you dare," Katniss retorted, her stiff lip now trembling. Cato bit his riposte before he even risk being scolded at. No Idea what she's doing as she arises. Katniss plucked up an arrow and stretch her bow right to Cato's heart.

"You have to do it again," Katniss gulped, "Or else."

Cato raised his eyebrows in mild surprise. He knows denial has gone through her head. He's not a bad person he tried his hardest to resuscitate the girl from 11. Guilt had riddled him inside and out, the old him would not feel guilt only arrogance and pride.

"Okay, go ahead kill me," Said Cato, out of guilt. "How a lame way to die," Cato thinks, breathing the last air embracing his lungs.

Seconds went by and Cato didn't feel a sharp jab entering his ribcage. He opens his eyes to see what gives. Katniss slung her bow at her side, leaking in tears like it was blood escaping from a gaping wound.

It was bottled up ever since she set foot on Capitol soil. Grief overwhelmed Katniss as a deep aggression boiled her ribcage. Her grey eyes were the same as the burning flames engulfing the wood.

Without a single backwards glance, Katniss fled into the scanty copse. And has some idea knowing where to go, indeed she'll be more exposed where she's going. Probably halfway to her goal, someone pull up behind her.

"Go away Cato," Katniss exasperated.

"Killing her is not the answer Katniss," Cato got out, whilst he has trouble breathing. Katniss stopped jerkily and almost tripped on a tree root. "Of course it is, that—that bitch tricked me and...And," Katniss turned then turn away again.

"She wasn't supposed to trick you. She was supposed to trick me I think," Cato said wistfully. His way of thinking had paused Katniss. Her previous rage wavered a bit. However, something didn't sit right in her ribcage.

"But—she used...Rue as a pawn!" Katniss trembled angrily, feeling an awful sting in her blistered face.

"I wouldn't come running would I. it'd be down to you and...I've had to follow," He said, already in the predator's head in his severe Career training. Next, a heavy whirr of machinery had no doubt floated above them.

Cato glimpsed at Katniss, she looked almost as if she has to choose where to go right now. Cato said nothing, though he'd follow whichever path she'd take. The vessel above them seems to be decisive on Katniss decision. Cato assumed that everyone is on a voting poll with Katniss's name on in fire.

But Katniss didn't flinch from her spot. Many times, she looked back and forth. It seems like minutes fault into seconds when Katniss darted through the wood following the aircraft before it can reach to their destination. The vessel hovered above the blocked cave, billowing and peter out the fire with exhaust fans. Katniss saw some kind of claw reaching out, extracting the body into the mouth. No time, Katniss jumped and shielded Rue.

"No! Give me a few minutes," Katniss howled, embracing Rue's stiff and cold body.

Katniss heard a gravelly voice arguing, and then silence. Subsequently, the claw retired in the cavity almost like a swallowed tongue. Next, the vessel retreated back in the rosy sky, camouflaged into the backdrop.

Cato pulled through by the bristling shrubs while Katniss delved through some pretty weeds that can pose as flowers. Cato reached into his pockets, his head bowed in respected silence. Yet his knuckles chink to something metal. He pulled it out. His eyes trailed on this cheep looking ring you can get in a cereal box, although it has a certain value to him over the years. Cato carefully strode by Rue's fingers and inserted the ring with no further questioning. It fitted perfectly (Cato outgrew the ring later in his years).

Katniss witnessed this from a distance. Her eyes peered at Rue's fingers for a second then at Cato, who seemed to be whispering. Katniss approached solemnly and filmed the pretty daisies and dandelions' around her recoiling hair. She quickly kisses Rue on the forehead.

"Goodbye," Katniss thinks.

Cato ineptly pats Katniss on the shoulder for condolences...

As night drew on, the Panem anthem boomed and ricochet the whole arena. The images of the fallen appeared high above the trees and the inky black sky. Down at the Cornucopia, two individuals camped under the mouth by lanterns.

"This is it, precious Cato won't need more help any longer," The sickly sweet voice spoke. The young guy from five nodded and too shares the blood lust and revenge as she does. The images had become clearer, and in a bit of a blip when it finished. However the girl from two or particularly Clove had caught the last two faces. Both from 11, not 12!

Her indulgent-filled expression turned sour. Clove jerked to Bernard furiously. "If you didn't fucking kill Thresh, I'd know Everdeen escaped!" Clove shrieked. Bernard was about to retaliate though Clove thwacked him in face. Bernard slipped in and out of consciousness.

Clove damaged him just enough to be near death. Killing him would be too easy, and he is temporarily her ally. She thought up a plan as her cruel grin stretched wider and wider.

"I think...we need some resources from an old friend,"