Summary: A Song Tribute to Light Yagami, which I have writen myself! Preview: A pen in hand, Notebook in the other, he writes your name down, and down you go.

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Death Note, but I own this song!

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Ahead,
Yes, I can Fix Them.
Yes, I Do my Best To Fix Them.
|No, I Do Not Give A Shit About Flames.
Flamers and Haters, Fuck Off.


" His eyes are blood red,
Watching you.
He knows when you've done wrong,
and when you've done right.

" He whispers lies in your ear,
And makes you wish you were better
Than you are.

" A pen in hand,
Notebook in the other,
He writes your name down,
If you don't follow.
Then down you go.

" Shinigami on one side,
Followers on the other.
His Justice is the Ultimate Punishment.

" You'll hit the ground,
Eyes cold and lifeless,
Yet filled with horror.

" It starts with a pain,
in your chest,
before it vanishes,
and you fall.

" First Ray,
Second L,
Then Rem,
into dust she went.

" He is God.
He is the Ultimate Justice.
His name rests with the Moon.