Crystal~ Hey! So my friend (Thecomicgal) and I just watched the Fullmetal Alchemist movie and I decided to ask if we could do a co-write together ('casue she knows way more than me!) I'm going to be the one posting it. I hope you all like it :)

Chapter 1


I flipped to the next page of my paper work, the turning of the page being the only sound that disturbed our silence. My bangles clink as I work my way down the page.

"Don't your bracelets get on your nerves?"

I turn around to see Amelia lounging on my bed-again.

"No, I got used to them years ago." I lean back into my chair. Amelia leans back into the many pillows that cover my bed, her bright reddish orange hair clashing with the green of the bed spread but her emerald green eyes hid in-between green pillows.

"Don't know why you chose metal bracelets though. Couldn't you have chosen something more practical?"

"Like what?" I asked annoyed, I'm supposed to be filling out paperwork not chatting with my best friend.

"UGH! I don't know. Maybe something like a belt or you could have gotten tattoos on your hands." Amelia suggests, sitting up and flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"Like my brother would let me get alchemy circles tattooed on my palms." I smirked; I might have to ask him about that.

I brushed my brown bangs out of my face and turned back to my work. "If you're going to be in here at least be quiet so I can finish faster."

"Fine." I heard her plop back onto the bed.

The silence lasted about a minute and then my peace was disturbed again by a knock at the door.

I grumbled as I stood up and made my way across my bedroom and to the door. My fists were bawled, ready to smack down whoever had disturbed me again.

I swung open the door to find none other than Maes Hughes standing on the other side.

"Yo! Evelyn…"

"If you're here to talk about your daughter again then just walk away now." I growl

"I don't mind hearing about the cutest little girl in the world!" Amelia shouted behind me.

She really knew how to get on my nerves. "Shut it!" I yelled at her. Amelia snickered.

"Hey, no need to get angry; especially not at me." Hughes said, holding his hands up in defense. "If there's anyone to get mad at it's the Lt. Colonel, he wants to see you." Hughes looked over my shoulder; straight at Amelia "He said you can come too."

"REALLY!"Amelia was not a State Alchemist so she barely got to come with me to meetings. She was excited to go today. The red head swung her head over the top of the bed, her red hair swooshed and landed perfectly in place, blue dress rippling as she moved. Amelia's style was different from most girls our age; she wore a short navy blue dress (it's either a really long shirt or a really short dress) with black leggings underneath, her navy blue combat boots went up to mid shin and to top it off she wore a black short jacket with mid-length sleeves. She sometimes wore jewelry, but it meant something when she did.

"Fine, give me a sec'." I turned and leaned up against the wall, tying up my boots. My leather boots went up over my ripped jeans which complemented my black tank-top and lace-up, leather vest. I grabbed my watch off my dresser and Amelia and I made our way down the hall after Major Hughes.

"Wonder what Mustang wants?" Amelia thought out loud.

"Probably nothing important, he never tells me anything."

Amelia shrugs "No offense but you aren't really that important to the military."

"No need to remind me." I muttered

We turned another corner and started winding through a small crowd of people.

"What's with all the people?" I asked Hughes

"Lunch break?" he shrugged

We continued down the hall and came to two doors.

"Ladies first" the Major gave a mock bow and opened the door.

In the back of the room by the windows sat a desk, and behind that desk sat Lt. Colonel Mustang, the Flame alchemist.

Havoc only looked up as we came in then went back to his work, puffing on his cigarette. Hawkeye nodded at us in acknowdgement and I smiled back at her. Amelia did a quick salute to both of them. Which is ironic because she was not a State Alchemist, unlike me.

To my surprise in front of Mustangs desk stood a small blonde figure. From the back I could not tell if the person in front of me was male or female because of the braided blond hair. I decided not to make any shift towards this person's sex until I saw their face.

Amelia and I made our way up to the desk and the figure turned to look at us.


I turned around to see Major Hughes usher into two girls. The thing about these two girls was that they couldn't be more than a year or two older than me. They didn't wear military uniforms but they had an air about them.

The one of them stopped a few feet in front of me, the other sat besides me and gazed at me intently; the brunette girl shoved her hands in her pockets and the red head squinted her eyes at me than got up abruptly.

"You called." The brunette looked at Mustang

"Nice of you to join us." The sneaky Lt. Colonel turned towards me "Girls meet Edward Elric, the youngest alchemist to pass the exams."


"You sure you don't have the wrong person? This kid's kind of a runt." I said looking the boy up and down. "Not that impressive."

"Who you callin' the runt of the litter?!" the boy named Edward said as he jumped up and shook his fist at me.

My famous devious smile appeared on my face. Ed must have realized I was kidding because he started to stop freaking out.

"Calm down Ed. No one's calling you small." Mustang chuckled

I sure was.

I smirk and knew that Evelyn and I were going to be having some fun with this one soon.

"Ed if you have any questions ask these two." Mustang continued "I won't have time to answer all your questions. So I suggest you three get acquainted."


"You already know who I am, so who are you?" Ed asked

"Well tiger, I'm Amelia Stark." My best friend said as she flirted with the blondie. Edward blushed at this. She turned to me as if to say "Your turn..."

"And I'm Evelyn Mustang."

This was going to be fun…