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Shulk sank into his seat in the lab and scooted to his desk. After spending half the day trying to make it up to Melia and finally succeeding, he was ready to get back to work. He had gotten a request from someone to fix a clock… He didn't know who it was for, though. The damaged object, along with some seemingly rusted gears, had been left on his desk with a note to return it to the Defense Force when fixed.

He picked up one of the gears. Its diameter was about the length of his thumb, and there was nothing special about it except it was…sticky? He tried to pull it off, but his other hand got stuck on it, too.

Shulk frowned in annoyance. He had a feeling that this was set up by Reyn. Sighing, he tried to stand up, but his chair was stuck to him!

Being careful to not touch anything, he set the chair back down. He should have known Reyn would do something like this.

For a few seconds, Shulk just sat there, not knowing what to do. He refused to go out there to get help with a chair on his bottom. The irritated boy briefly considered swinging and bashing it against the wall. He let go of the idea; possibly doing damage to his lab was not an option.

Getting a bit bored, he observed the glue keeping his hands attached to the gear. It was clear, which was why he hadn't noticed it. He detected a bit of a scent that resembled Sticky Web Fibres from Arachno.

Grunting in frustration, he turned his chair and body toward the entrance. Calling for help could work, but it would be embarrassing. Still, what choice did he have?

"Hello? Is anyone there?" he called.

There was no response. Shulk sagged back in defeat.

More minutes passed. The thought of smashing the chair had been creeping back into his mind despite the fact that it was probably too sturdy. Then footsteps echoed towards him.

"Could someone please help me?" he asked desperately. He sighed in relief when Sharla poked her head in.

"What's going on, Shulk?" she asked worriedly.

He explained quickly, and she approached to identify the material. "It seems like an enhanced version of Sticky Web Fibres," she commented.

"How do we get rid of it?" Shulk cried out.

Sharla studied him calmly. "Let's try soaking it with water. It's the universal solvent, right?" she suggested. Within minutes, she had him dunk his hands in a bucket of water that she had carried over. With ease, he removed his hands from the gear.

"Now about the chair…I'll have to splash you from the back."

"What?" Shulk exclaimed, but it was too late; Sharla swung the bucket, making water fly onto the chair and Shulk's backside.

He winced at the cold water, but he immediately switched expressions when he realized he could stand again.

"Thanks, Sharla!" He said, laughing.

"No problem. May I ask why you were stuck on that?"

Grimacing, Shulk began to explain. As he did, he formulated a plan to enact his revenge.