Chapter Nineteen

Beca woke contentedly as she felt lips ghosting along her cheek. Turning of her head, she captured those lips with hers and moved to pull the other person into her arms.

"Morning," she said quietly.

Chloe looked at her, happiness dancing on her face. "Morning, you. You were out before your head hit the pillow last night."

Beca groaned when she was reminded of her week. "Midterms have been a nightmare."

"It's a good thing your last one is today then."

"At noon. Don't remind me. What time is it now, anyway?" Beca said as she buried her head on Chloe's shoulder.

"Almost ten, so you still have time to study," Chloe said as she stroked Beca's hair.

Chloe languidly kissed Beca, and she soaked up the feel of Chloe's nude body against her own. Neither of them strove to deepen it as Chloe ran her fingers through Beca's hair. At the same time, Beca grazed her hands across the smooth expanse of her love's back.

All too soon for Beca, their kiss ended. "Or I could relax," she said in a sultry tone with her lips millimeters from Chloe's. "They say it's good before a test." Closing the gap between them, Beca kissed her again.

"Are you propositioning me?" Chloe asked against her lips.

"Would you turn me down if I did?"

Chloe rolled completely on top of Beca and hovered over her with a decidedly hungry expression on her face as she settled between Beca's legs. Chloe's intensity made Beca shiver with anticipation, and when Chloe's eyes traveled down to Beca's breasts and back up again, she felt a surge of wetness at her core.

"Do you really need to ask that question?" Chloe husked before capturing Beca's lips in a slow, burning kiss.

Beca ran her hands through wavy red hair and settled at the back of Chloe's neck as she traced her tongue over Chloe's bottom lip, who easily let Beca in. The passion in the kiss was slow in building, but it was so intense Beca was almost overwhelmed by it. There were times when she was almost able to come from a kiss alone, and Beca was dangerously close as Chloe's tongue explored her mouth.

When she felt Chloe's hands lightly run up her sides to her breasts, Beca arched into the touch, moaning in her pleasure. As Chloe traced her fingers around Beca's painfully hard nipples, she felt the sensation through her entire body. Everything in her was on fire for the woman above her, and Beca had to have more.

Even with her need, she was enjoying the lazy way Chloe continued to touch her. It felt like they had all the time in the world, and Beca couldn't find any room in her mind for anything but Chloe. There was a big part of Beca that loved how Chloe simply adored her in every way possible. It wasn't just about sex, though Chloe was very passionate about their lovemaking. Whether it was fast and hard or slow and gentle, Chloe made sure Beca felt love, and Beca did the same to her.

Whimpering when Chloe's mouth left hers, Beca's breath caught in her throat when Chloe began sucking her pulse point. With a roll of her hips, Chloe made Beca push into her in an effort to gain more delicious contact with Chloe's own dripping center.

"Mark me," Beca whispered as she scratched along Chloe's back.

Without a word Chloe increased the suction from her mouth, and Beca lost herself in the slight, sweet pain it caused before Chloe soothed the mark with her tongue.

"So soft," Chloe breathed as she trailed her lips down Beca's chest.

When Chloe's mouth closed around Beca's nipple, she moved her hand slowly downward, stopping only when she cupped Beca's sex. Chloe kept sucking and tugging on Beca's erect nipple as she ran one lone finger through Beca's folds, who pushed into the intimate touch.

"What do you want?" Chloe asked, and Beca looked down at her loving blue eyes.

Beca grinned crookedly. "You're asking?"

In response, Chloe dipped a finger back into Beca's wetness and teased her entrance, pushing the tip of her finger inside before pulling it away. "I am."

Beca, who almost lost use of her faculties from the one caress, took a sharp breath. "Up here," she said so softly she wasn't sure if Chloe heard her.

"Here?" Chloe asked when they were face to face, though she kept her hand in place.

"I want to kiss you when you make me come," Beca said, pulling her into a passionate kiss.

Before she knew what was happening, Beca felt Chloe dip her fingers inside before pulling out again. Just as Beca was about to complain, Chloe's thumb started massaging her clit. Beca plunged her tongue into Chloe's mouth even as she moved her hips in an attempt to gain more pressure from Chloe.

Reluctantly Beca broke the kiss. "Inside," she said breathlessly.

Chloe nodded and swiftly pushed her fingers into Beca as their lips made contact again. Beca moaned into Chloe's mouth and moved her hips in time to the heated thrusts inside her, and as much as she wanted Chloe's mouth on hers, Beca tore her lips away in an attempt to catch her breath. It proved an impossible task when Chloe added a finger and began moving her hips into Beca as well, and she put her hands on Chloe's ass and pulled them together even more. Beca needed release, and the more of Chloe she had inside her, the closer Beca was.

She felt Chloe's warm breath on her ear, and all of Beca's thoughts abruptly ended when Chloe whispered quietly. "Come for me."

Beca's eyes rolled up and she threw her head into the pillow as Chloe pushed her fingers as deep as she could while simultaneously biting down on her neck. The orgasm spread through Beca like wildfire, and she gripped Chloe's backside tighter.

When Beca eventually recovered, Chloe was kissing her tenderly with her fingers still ensconced within Beca's walls. Beca released her hold on Chloe's ass and trailed her fingers up her love's back. Without breaking contact with Beca's lips, Chloe pulled out gradually, and Beca twitched as she felt the remains of her orgasm running through her.

"Feeling relaxed now?" Chloe asked, smiling when their lips finally parted.

"Definitely," Beca replied, feeling as though she were in an impossibly good dream. "I'm mush."

Chloe laughed softly, and Beca shifted their positions and move on top of her. "My turn," she said before attacking Chloe's lips.

Much to her dismay, Chloe gently pushed her away. "I have to meet Amy and Chuck at the diner in a few," she said with what Beca thought was true regret.

Beca looked at her in disbelief. "You're turning down morning sex after that? Are you sure you don't want anything?"

"This was about you, and only you." Chloe planted a brief kiss on Beca's forehead. "I wanted to do this. Besides, I need to go," Chloe said. "Later you can have me as much as you want."

"I'll take you up on that, Beale. What do they want, anyway?" Beca asked curiously.

"They have something important to tell me, so I promised I'd make time."

What Amy and Chuck could want with just Chloe was beyond Beca. She wasn't demeaning Chloe's abilities, but everyone knew what was said to Chloe eventually was told to her, so everyone usually included both women in on conversations. Then she remembered aca-initiation night, and she suddenly became a little suspicious.

"What are you guys planning?" Beca asked.

"Not a thing," Chloe said as she playfully smacked Beca on her hip. "I love you, and I'll see you after your exam. Call me when you're done." In a flash Chloe was up and heading for the door.

"I love you, too, but I swear –"

Chloe turned and grinned. "Don't threaten me, Mitchell. You know you'll cave in two seconds flat no matter what."

Beca forcefully pushed her head into her pillow. "I hate it when you do that to me."

"No, you don't," Chloe practically sang. "You love it. Now, go study. I'm taking a shower."

After a couple of minutes, Beca gave up on waiting for Chloe to come back and got out of bed. She put on sweats and a t-shirt before sitting at her desk and opening her world civ notes, and she tried to ignore the nagging dark feeling at the back of her mind. Even that didn't prevent her from fighting sleep as she read the driest history book in the world – or so she thought She slept enough the night before, but she was just so bored with the entire class.

It wasn't long before Chloe came back smelling of soap and shampoo. "I'll see you later," she said as she kissed Beca's cheek.

"Hey," Beca said, grabbing Chloe's wrist and tugging her back. "I'm getting a real kiss from you."

Chloe smiled crookedly before leaning down and kissing Beca with deliberate slowness. It stirred the fire within her, and Beca put her hand behind Chloe's head and tried to pull her closer.

"Nu-uh," Chloe said as she pulled away. "I have a date, and so do you."

"Somehow I think yours is more fun," Beca grumbled.

"You'll get through it. Good luck," Chloe said as she headed out the door. "I'll see you after your class. We have a date after all."

Beca shook her head, both at Chloe's attitude and the reminder of their evening out later. Chloe was a considerate girlfriend even at the worst of times, but it wasn't like her to turn Beca down like she just did. She couldn't help but wonder what Chloe was discussing with their friends. She was planning something in addition to their date, and Beca determined she would find out exactly what it was before the end of the day.

She went back to studying, but after only a few minutes her computer began ringing. It could only be one person, and Beca smiled as she shifted to her computer and brought up Skype to answer the call.

"Hey, Mom," Beca said, grinning widely when her mother's face appeared on the screen. "How's everything?"

"Busy, but good," her mother said, genuinely smiling.

Beca studied her mother. "You look tired."

"I am, but it's not bad. Trust me."

"If you're so busy, why are you calling me in the middle of the afternoon in England?" Beca asked, a little humor lacing her tone.

Her mother chuckled. "I can't call my daughter on her birthday? Her twenty-first birthday, no less."

Beca buried her face in her hands before looking back up. "With midterms and Bellas practice I forgot all about it."

"And considering your track record, you haven't told Chloe," the elder Mitchell said, cross look on her face. "How are you supposed to celebrate if you don't tell anyone?"

"I don't want to celebrate."

Her mother raised her eyebrows. "Since when?"

At that Beca had to think. Her birthday was never a big deal to her, but even if it was just a nice dinner with friends, she still did something to mark her birth. Though she couldn't blame Chloe for not celebrating her birthday, Beca still felt a little upset Chloe never asked about it.

"Since no one acknowledged it."

"I'm acknowledging it, but I suppose you mean Chloe," her mother said compassionately.

"Yeah. It's not like her, but that's the way it is. She's just usually so conscientious about everything, especially me."

"She can't know something you don't tell her, Bec."

"I know," Beca said. "And I honestly don't know why I expect her to. She's a lot of great things, but mind reading isn't a specialty of hers."

Her mother smiled. "I can't imagine it would be."

"She's taking me out to dinner tonight anyway. That'll be more than enough," Beca said, feeling a little better about the situation.

"But you're still not going to tell her?" Beca shook her head. "What will you tell her next year? And the year after that?"

"I just don't want her to feel bad."

"She'll feel badly if you don't say anything. Let her at least have the opportunity to celebrate with you. You might be surprised at what she comes up with. After all, you did say she's conscientious. She may know already," her mother said.

"I'll tell her after my midterm, which I guess I should study for if I want to pass the worst class in the known universe," Beca groaned, but she felt better at the thought of Chloe possibly surprising her.

"Are you're referring to the professor or the subject?" Beca's mother said before raising an eyebrow. "I'll accept the professor. You know you don't want to debate me on the subject."

Beca returned her mother's chiding smile. "You're right, I don't. I'm sure I'd lose in a heartbeat."

"You would, dear daughter," her mother said before she grew serious. "I have something else I want to talk to you about."

"From your tone I doubt I'll like it."

"You haven't communicated with your father, and he wants to talk to you."

"He judged both me and Chloe without knowing anything about our relationship," Beca said. "You don't know what he said."

"Because you never told me." Her mother sighed heavily. "He feels terribly about what happened. He won't tell me anything, but he says he handled it badly."

"He's never really handled me well," Beca said in exasperation. "You were always the one who encouraged me and my music, and I know exactly who was behind my first computer."

"Maybe he hasn't, but he's trying now. You're only going to be in Georgia a few more months before you move across the country. You'll never get another chance like this, and I don't want you to miss it."

While Beca hated to admit it, her mother was right. "I'll think about it, but I'm not making any guarantees."

"It's a start." Her mother paused, and her expression softened. "I wish I could be there today."

Beca smiled. "I do, too. Any word on when the dig will be over?"

"Soon, I hope."

"Will you have a break between trips?" Beca asked, knowing very well what her mother's work habits were. The moment one dig ended, she was off on another one.

"I might. It depends on how things go."

Beca could hear the regret in her mother's voice. "It's okay, Mom. Really. I'm glad you have your work."

"It does keep an old woman busy."

Beca couldn't help but laugh. "You're not old."

"No, but you're getting up there," her mother said with a boisterous laugh.

Beca wished she could throw something at her mother. "I seriously can't believe you just said that."

"Believe it," her mother smirked. "I love and miss you, Sprout. Take care of yourself, and we'll talk soon."

"I love you, too," Beca said with sadness creeping into her heart, despite hoping her birthday wasn't indeed forgotten and Chloe was planning a surprise.

"And don't forget to have a good day. If nothing else you have a date with the woman you love."

Beca smiled. "I'll remember that. Bye, Mom."

"Bye, sweetheart."

Beca disconnected the call, but she didn't return to her studies. She was a mix of emotion, and she didn't know what to do to control it. Her mother gave her a lot to think about, and the situation with Beca's father as well as missing her mother was almost too much for her.

After a few minutes, she opened her mixing program and began working, ignoring her world civ notes completely. She rationalized the decision by telling herself she would either know the answers by that time or she wouldn't. Whether or not it was true, Beca couldn't say. She simply needed to work on something that didn't give her a headache.

Chloe hummed softly as she stepped into the diner. It was extremely difficult to leave Beca, especially when all Chloe wanted to do was spend the day showing her how much she was loved and cherished. Still, it was all a part of the plan, and Chloe knew Beca would love what was in store for her. Maybe not the surprise party, but Chloe was confident about the rest.

She spied Amy and Chuck sitting at a corner booth, and Chloe grinned at the couple. Throughout the semester their relationship had blossomed, and to Chloe it was fairly evident that Chuck was much more than a toss away guy to Amy. For once, she was outwardly serious about something or someone.

"Hey, guys," she said as she sat and scooted over a bit.

"We ordered your usual," Amy said.

Chloe smiled at her friend. "Thanks. Are we set for tonight?"

"Yeah," Chuck replied. "Amy and I are picking up the decorations after we leave here, and Cynthia Rose and Denise are meeting us at the house to set everything up. Are you sure Beca isn't going to kill us for this?"

Amy patted his arm. "Chloe will hold her back. Beca won't be going for you anyway, and the Bellas can take care of themselves."

He laughed nervously and took a sip of his water. "Should I get a pool of mud ready? I hear wrestling is in right now."

"Don't you dare," Chloe said as a warning, though she was smiling. "I didn't think you were that kind of guy anyway."

"I'm not, but Amy did tell me about the huge fight you had last year, and I figured mud would be better than what you had then," he said, chuckling.

Chloe grinned, knowing he was right. The argument the day Beca came back to the Bellas was epic, but Chloe could have done without Aubrey's vomit everywhere. Mud would be a better alternative, but with the Trebles – minus Jesse – being at the party as well, she didn't want to encourage gawking. Hopefully Beca wouldn't go ballistic at the surprise.

"We've got everything on our end. What about you, ginger?" Amy asked just as their food arrived.

Chloe looked at the spread in front of her. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and hash browns sat on the table taunting her evilly. "You got way more than my usual," she laughed.

"There are rabbits who boink less than you two do. With your little getaway planned, you'll need the energy," Amy winked.

"I swear I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't budge," Chuck said apologetically.

"It's okay. Amy's impossible to stop once she sets her mind to something," Chloe said, grinning at her friend.

"You're talking to a woman who could sell boomerangs to Aboriginals," Amy said proudly. "So? Are your plans set?"

"Hopefully," Chloe said. She was only unsure about the first part of her plan, but she felt reasonably certain she could pull it off as long as the timing was right.

"Are you going to tell us what those plans are?" Chuck asked as he dug into his food.

"She won't anyone what she has planned for the weekend," Amy groaned. "Come on, give a girl a hint at least."

Grinning, Chloe took a bite of her eggs. "Not on your life. You'll find out when we get back."

"Whatever it is, it'll involve tons of sex," Amy remarked and Chuck almost spit out his hash browns.

His face turned beet red, and Chloe found it charming. "Amy!" he exclaimed.


"We don't have to talk about it, do we? That stuff is private," he said, blushing deeply.

"Chuck," Chloe started sympathetically, "one thing you have to learn about the Bellas is that we don't have any problem talking about this stuff. Amy's pretty open about things."

Chuck looked at Amy in horror. "You don't…talk about us, do you?"

"Don't worry. I won't say anything about your secret unicorn obsession," Amy said seriously.

"I don't have one, I swear," he said to Chloe quickly. "Please don't tell anyone."

Chloe chuckled. She enjoyed seeing the young man get frazzled, which was quite often, especially around Amy. "You mean that's real?"

"My little sister put this ridiculous app on my phone that turns people's pictures into unicorns," he sighed.

"And I haven't let him forget about it for a second."

"Don't worry," Chloe started, "I'll keep your secret. I think it's kind of adorable."

"You do know guys don't like to be called adorable, right? It completely ruins our masculinity," he said.

Amy ran her fingers through his short hair. "You're masculine when it counts, so no worries there."

Chloe decided it was time for a change in topic. "How are Trebles rehearsals going?"

Chuck gave her a very relieved look. "Good. We have a great team, and there's a good chance we'll take Regionals again."

"Um, you have seen our performance from last year, haven't you?" Amy said confidently.

"Yeah, but…" he trailed off. "I can't tell you anything else. They swore me to secrecy."

"They didn't put anything in the oath about wolves, did they?" Chloe laughed.

"It's not a real oath if it doesn't involve wolves," Amy said, laughing as well.

Chuck looked between the two of them. "I have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm not sure I want to."

"I'll explain it later," Amy said.

They began eating their food in earnest, and a silence fell over the friends. By the time she was halfway through the mound of food Amy ordered for her, Chloe was getting quite full. Finally, after a particularly good bite of pancakes, she put her fork down and sat back.

"You can't be done," Amy said through a mouthful of bacon.

"Don't even try to get me to eat more. I have to save room for later."

"I didn't think you needed room in your stomach for that," Amy said before taking a bite of eggs.

Chloe burst out laughing, while Chuck again looked very much like a lobster. She swore Amy might one day accidentally make him die of embarrassment.

"On that note, I'll be right back," Chuck announced as he stood and started for the men's room.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Chloe leaned closer to her friend. "I haven't told you this before, but I really like him."

Much to her pleasant surprise, Amy blushed slightly. "He's different, but it's one of the things I love about him."

Chloe was mildly surprised at Amy's use of the word 'love'. Since it was something she and Beca talked about occasionally, she decided to finally ask Amy herself. "Do you love him?"

Amy was silent for a moment as she avoided eye contact by staring at her plate. "I think I do," she said quietly.

Chloe squealed and hugged her friend. "That's wonderful! Have you told him?"

Amy playfully beat her away. "No, and I don't know when I'll tell him." Her eyes narrowed. "Don't even think about doing it for me."

Holding her hands up, Chloe grew serious. "Not in a million. It's for you to tell. If you kept my secret for a year, I can keep this one."

"Beca told you about that, huh?"

"Why didn't you ever talk to me about it?" Chloe asked. She was genuinely curious.

"Would you have done anything?" Amy countered.

"Probably not," Chloe said. There were times she hated missing out on a year of Beca's love, but they were finally together and happy, and Chloe was perfectly fine knowing they would always be together.

"Sometimes it's better to let you realize things for yourself. I also didn't want either one of you to hit me, so there's that," Amy said, laughing a little.

Chloe smiled at her friend. "I wouldn't have hit you. Beca might have, but I wouldn't."

Chuck came back and sat down. "What'd I miss?"

"Just talking about how thick some people can be," Amy said as she winked at Chloe.

"Hey," Chloe said, hitting Amy on her arm, "I'm not thick. Just a…okay, I can be thick."

"Eh, everyone can be."

Chuck checked the time. "We need to get going, Ames."

"Go," Chloe said. "I'll take care of this."

"Thanks," Chuck said, grinning as he and Amy scooted out of the booth.

"We'll be the ones in body armor later," Amy called when they were at the middle of the diner.

Chloe couldn't help but laugh. Amy likely wasn't too far off the mark with the body armor comment, but the evening would still be fun, and there was the weekend to look forward to. Beca wouldn't be prepared for it, but Chloe felt turnabout was fair play. Big things happened when they celebrated her birthday in Tahoe, and Chloe wanted to give Beca something big in return.

A smile played on her lips as she got the check and paid. It was going to be a good day.

Beca massaged her hand as she walked out of the classroom. There were no words to describe how much she loathed essay tests, and the one she just took was no exception. Her one consolation was that it was over, and she was relieved to be relatively unscathed for the experience. She just needed to not think about what horrors awaited her during finals week.

Not to mention she was in a bit of a foul mood after her morning. The conversation with her mother was a welcome one; Beca always loved talking with her, but the news she would likely not see her mother anytime soon saddened her in a way she didn't want to think about. Beca genuinely missed her.

Her father wasn't looming large in her mind; she simply couldn't afford to think of the train wreck their relationship was. While promising her mother she would think about talking to him, Beca wasn't in a good frame of mind to make a decision, especially without talking to Chloe first.

The thought of Chloe brought Beca to her most important issue of the day. Beca knew they needed to talk, and it wasn't Chloe's fault she didn't know when Beca's birthday was. It was difficult to remember, especially since every other event in their life together was something Chloe easily kept track of, and for her to never ask when Beca's birthday actually hurt.

She stepped outside and sent a text Chloe to say she was out of class. Apparently their date night was spreading into the afternoon according to Chloe's earlier texts, but Beca wasn't sure she wanted to do anything other than lock herself up with her music.

Meet me at the amphitheater

The oddness of their meeting place perplexed Beca, but she simply shrugged and started for her destination. Perhaps Chloe did know and was planning something, but Beca wasn't about to get her hopes up. It wouldn't do her any good, especially if she ended up being disappointed.

When she spied Chloe at the entrance holding a large gym bag, Beca couldn't help but smile at how bouncy she was. It was obvious Chloe was excited about something, and the closer Beca was to her love, the more she forgot about anything other than the sheer joy of being with her other half.

"Hey," Beca said cheerfully.

But Chloe's happy features fell. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Beca said a little too quickly. "What makes you think there is?"

"I saw the look on your face before you noticed me. You're trying to sound happy, but I can tell something's up." Bridging the distance between them, Chloe took Beca in her arms. "Tell me. Was it the test?"

"It's my birthday today."

Chloe's arms tightened around Beca, and she felt her love's lips brush her ear. "I know, silly woman," she whispered.

Beca pulled back a bit to stare at Chloe. "You know?! What was this morning about then?"

Chloe brought her hand up to cup Beca's cheek. "I had a lot to plan, and I didn't want you knowing I knew because this is all a surprise. You know how hard it is for me to keep a secret. I'm sorry I upset you."

The coil of tension in Beca's chest dissolved and she smiled. "So you have plans for us?"

"Definitely," Chloe smirked. "Want to find out what those plans are?"

"Kiss me first, and then you can do anything you want to me."

Chloe brought her lips almost to Beca's. "I'm going to remind you of that later," she whispered before kissing Beca softly. "How was that?" she said when she pulled away.

"Not even close, Beale," Beca husked as she brought their lips together in a deep kiss.

Her need for Chloe took over, and Beca pushed her tongue into Chloe's mouth. Tangling a hand in Beca's hair, Chloe deepened the kiss even further. For a brief moment Beca forgot they were in full view of anyone walking by, until someone whistled very loudly.

They broke apart but still held each other, and both women laughed. "That was probably a little too public," Beca said.

"Just a little," Chloe said as a stole a quick kiss.

"So what do you have planned today?"

Chloe smiled, and Beca saw her mischievousness. "I told you; it's a surprise. You'll like it though."

"Really?" Beca asked as Chloe released her, only to take hold of her hand a second later.

"Really," Chloe winked and started walking with Beca in tow.

"Why are we walking away from the parking lot?"

Chloe looked back at her and grinned. "We have a brief stop to make."

The dorms were next to the amphitheater, and Beca realized they were going to Baker Hall. "We're not going to see Kimmy Jin, are we?" she asked with a queasy stomach.

"Would I do that to you? I have something different in mind."

It was then Beca realized where they were going, and she felt her center throb just thinking about it. "Are we going where I think we're going?"

Chloe opened the door and stepped aside so Beca could go into the building first. As she passed, Chloe pulled her close. "I'm feeling a little dirty right now, so I figured we could take a shower," she whispered in Beca's ear.

Beca's knees almost buckled from anticipation and from Chloe's breath on her ear. "Shit," she said softly as Chloe held her up.

"Are you okay?" Chloe whispered again.

"Not really," Beca said, her voice wavering. She was well and truly gone already, and they weren't even in the shower yet.

"Come on, then. I'll see if I can help you out."

Beca could hardly think as Chloe dragged her past the dorm attendant and into the elevator. Chloe pressed the button for the basement, and Beca remembered it was the one shower hardly anyone used.

Even as the thought ran through Beca's mind, Chloe pressed her to the wall and kissed her with abandon. Beca circled her arms around Chloe's waist and was just pushing her hips into Chloe's when she heard the click of a button, causing the elevator to stop.

"Chlo?" Beca asked, out of breath from the heat of Chloe's body and the intensity of their kiss.

"Sh," Chloe said, running her fingers through Beca's hair. "I just want to feel you."

Beca took a shuddering breath. The length of Chloe's body was just barely touching her, and every nerve ending inside her was on fire. She needed more of Chloe, but Beca also needed the closeness of the moment. It was both erotic and comforting at the same time, and for Beca the two weren't opposing forces.

Then Chloe ran her fingers ever-so-gently down Beca's arms, stopping only when their hands were linked. "So beautiful. So sexy," Chloe said softly.

Beca could barely control her breathing, and even without anything really happening, she was about ready to explode then and there. She wanted more, but she stayed where she was and let Chloe lead.

"Are you okay?" Chloe breathed into Beca's ear. "You look like you're having trouble breathing. Want some help with that?"

The haze Beca was in only became worse when Chloe whispered in her ear, but she cleared it enough to answer. "You know I do."

Chloe didn't answer verbally, instead choosing to put Beca's hands on her hips and tracing a path to Beca's breasts. She never quite touched them though, and Beca was so wet she was certain she would have to change clothes afterwards.

"Please, Chloe," Beca said, hoping Chloe would understand her plea.

"Uh-uh, not yet. Your clothes will be off soon enough. I just wanted to feel your heat against me."

The promise of what was to occur excited her more than she could verbalize. Speechlessness didn't overtake her often, but she could find no words to describe how she felt then.

Chloe's eyes took on a wicked gleam, and she pressed the button on the elevator again. Only with the doors open did she break eye contact. She took Beca's hands and tugged her towards the changing area.

"Here," Chloe said softly after taking a towel for herself, "go have a shower." She held the bag out.

Beca took it and, with one last kiss, went into the changing area with a dazed look on her face. They joked a lot about recreating the second time they met, but never did Beca think Chloe would actually do it. The moment she fantasized about for more than a solid year was about to come true.

After taking her bathrobe from the bag, she took her clothes off and put them in the locker. Once she was safely wrapped in the terrycloth, Beca grabbed a towel and the shower kit Chloe so helpfully prepared. Breathing a sigh of relief when she heard nothing but silence from the stalls, Beca walked down the aisle between the first and second rows of showers and went into the last curtained area.

She knew she was wet without even touching herself, and she leaned on the cold tile wall for a moment to catch her breath. Her entire body was on fire with the anticipation of what was to come, and she quickly took off her robe and hung it and the towel on the hook beside the curtain. With a shuddering breath, Beca turned the water on and, once it was warm enough, stood under the spray.

It wasn't long before she heard the unmistakable strains of their song echoing through the shower room. Beca's throat dried and her breath came quicker as the sound of the angelic voice came closer to her, and when she heard the curtain being pulled back, Beca resisted the urge to turn around and lunge at Chloe.

"You can sing," Beca said, trying in vain to keep her voice even as she repeated Chloe's words from so long ago.

Before she knew it, Chloe was pressed against her back, and Beca moaned at the feeling of pert breasts on her shoulders. Arms encircled Beca's waist and pulled her until Chloe's center touched her ass. Beca tried to get her breathing under control as she felt her love's hand inch up her body and palm her breast, playing with Beca's nipple.

"I can," Chloe whispered before nipping at Beca's ear. "Do you have any requests?"

Beca could only let out another moan as Chloe's other hand began traveling down, but just before her wandering hand reached Beca's mound, Chloe stopped.

"Chlo?" Beca asked after a second.

Chloe's only answer was to kiss Beca's neck and push her hand even lower. Beca squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation, and when Chloe touched her clit, Beca pushed back into her.

"Turn your head to me," Chloe whispered.

When Beca did, Chloe captured her lips in a heated kiss as she began moving her finger over Beca's clit. Beca, who was pressing her hands on the wall, reached behind her and pulled Chloe's hips closer just as Chloe pushed two fingers into her.

Tearing her mouth away from Chloe's, Beca arched her body and thrust herself onto Chloe's hand. Beca could barely stand, but she felt Chloe's free arm holding her up even as fingers pumped inside Beca's core. She couldn't think of anything other than Chloe filling her.

It wasn't just Chloe's fingers giving Beca pleasure; it was so much more. Beca was overcome with the love she felt behind the intimate caresses, and gradually she realized Chloe was quietly singing their song to her. The sound overtook Beca's senses, and she felt not only her ecstasy building, but an intense longing to always hear her love's beautiful voice ringing out.

Chloe moved her thumb to Beca's clit, and before Beca knew it, Chloe had yet another finger inside her. Beca came unglued at the added sensation, and she couldn't hold her ecstasy at bay any longer. Her body stiffened, and a cry erupted from her as she came. Even as she rode out her orgasm, Chloe kept moving her fingers slowly along Beca's inner walls.

When she came back to her senses, Beca leaned her entire body against Chloe's. "That was –"

"Not over yet," Chloe said softly before removing her fingers and turning Beca to face her.

The water sprayed around them, and Beca opened her eyes to gaze into Chloe's loving blue ones. "Today is the most important day of the year for me," Chloe began as she held Beca in her arms. "Twenty-one years ago you came into this world, probably screaming your head off," she said as she laughed, "and I'm amazed every day by your humor, strength, intelligence, and, most of all, your love.

"You have the biggest heart in the world, and you gave it to me. You, and you alone, make me complete. I will never love anyone the way I love you, and I'm so thankful every day that you're here and you love me back. You've given me so much; more than I can ever say with only words."

Beca wasn't sure when, but tears began falling down her face. She wanted to say something, anything, to express how she was feeling, but words failed her.

Chloe reached up and gently wiped them from Beca's cheeks as they fell. "From your birth to the day I burst into your shower, every single event of our lives led us to one single moment. It doesn't matter how we got there, only that we did.

"You know I had feelings for you even then, but do you know how I found out when your birthday was?" Beca shook her head. "I etched it in my mind after auditions. You were already so important to me, and you're even more important to me now. If there is a next life, I'll love you in that one, too."

They were both crying by then, and Chloe traced a finger along Beca's lips before tenderly kissing her. "So beautiful," she whispered, repeating her earlier sentiment.

Beca again attempted to put words to her feelings, but Chloe's mouth covered hers again and all thoughts left Beca's mind. Chloe trailed her hands down Beca's back until they were on her ass, and Beca groaned into Chloe's mouth when she was pulled roughly forward.

Chloe's lips left hers, but Beca didn't have much of a chance to mourn the loss as her love began leaving a hot trail of kisses down her pale neck. When she felt teeth sink into her skin, Beca pushed into Chloe's body as her nails left crescent shapes on her love's back.

With a couple of steps, Chloe pushed Beca back to the wall, and she gasped at the cold on her back. Chloe never stopped marking a path down Beca's body though, and when she felt Chloe's mouth cover her nipple, Beca almost came again. Then Chloe bit down on the sensitive skin, and Beca threw her head back. She vaguely registered the pain when she hit her skull on the tile, but the sensation was secondary in the moment. The only thing Beca cared about was the feeling of Chloe's mouth and hands wandering over her body.

Chloe knelt before her, and Beca felt another surge of moisture coat her sex in anticipation. The feel of Chloe's tongue on her was one of Beca's favorite things in the world, and as Chloe's lips moved along her stomach, she had to stop herself from guiding Chloe's head down. Beca knew her love would get there in her own time, and Beca was enjoying the wait despite her craving.

Beca gripped one of Chloe's shoulders while the other hand was pressed flat against the wall, and when she felt Chloe's hand guiding her leg onto the other shoulder, Beca moaned loudly.

"I haven't even touched you," Chloe said, and Beca could hear the humor lacing her love's tone.

It was a fight to keep her voice under control. "You don't have to."

"Mm, I'm going to anyway," Chloe said, smiling mischievously when Beca looked down.

With maddening slowness, Chloe licked her way along the length of Beca's core. "I love your taste," Chloe said in a low voice.

Beca was already beyond saying anything, so she simply thrust her hips forward. Chloe chuckled softly even as she pressed her mouth over Beca's folds and sucked. The combination of the vibrations of Chloe's laughter and the suction almost took Beca over the edge again, but Chloe soon moved on. Her tongue glided over the copious wetness and quickly found Beca's pulsating nub.

Beca struggled to stay standing, and again Chloe held her up with her free hand steadying the leg that wasn't on her shoulder. As Chloe stroked, bit, and sucked on Beca's clit, her world threatened to explode any second, but she wanted it to last as long as possible. Apparently Chloe felt the same. Just as Beca started to feel her orgasm building to a fever pitch, Chloe eased up just enough to keep Beca from climaxing.

Beca wasn't sure when or how she missed it, but suddenly Chloe's tongue was teasing her entrance. Chloe circled it before dipping inside just enough to make Beca yearn for more. When Beca didn't think she could handle the little taste of heaven her love was giving her, she felt Chloe's tongue thrust completely inside.

As Chloe plunged in and out, Beca pushed her hips closer with every beat. She shifted her free hand to Chloe's head, not to guide her closer, but to tangle in her hair. She simply needed to feel as much of Chloe as she could in that moment, and when Chloe began stroking Beca's clit with her thumb, Beca's world exploded into a million pieces.

When Beca opened her eyes again, Chloe was standing before her and running her fingers across Beca's cheek. Chloe was looking into her very soul, and Beca was doing the same to her.

Beca still couldn't find it in her to speak, so she did the only thing she could do. She slowly brought their lips together in a soft kiss as they each pulled the other closer. Neither woman strived to deepen it at first, but soon Beca felt a hunger spreading through her body she needed to satisfy it before it overtook her.

She jutted her tongue out and traced the line of Chloe's lips, and when they parted Beca groaned at the touch of Chloe's tongue. She kept her hand in Chloe's wet locks as she palmed Chloe's breast with the other, and Chloe's already hard nipple grew even tauter as Beca tugged and twisted it.

Chloe tore her mouth away, only to move to Beca's ear. "Always, my love," she whispered.

The declaration, one they made almost every day, meant even more then. Chloe's earlier words deepened their love; Beca's heart soared at the sentiment. Deep in her heart and soul she knew it was what she was always meant to do. There was nothing more important than the woman who held her close, so close it seemed they were no longer two people.

Removing her hand from Chloe's hair, Beca trailed it slowly down her love's body as she kissed her way along Chloe's neck. With a clear thought Beca didn't think was possible for her, she turned them around and pushed Chloe against the wall for more support as she continued running her hand down.

When her mouth reached Chloe's other nipple, Beca glided her fingers through Chloe's dripping folds, and she almost came a third time at Chloe's throaty moan. She dragged her nails across Beca's shoulders at the same time, and Beca couldn't hold back any longer as she plunged two fingers into Chloe's sex.

Her thrusts were slow at first, but when Beca added a third finger, Chloe wouldn't allow the pace to stay the same. She bucked her hips faster, and Beca matched her in every movement. Chloe pulled Beca's head to hers and captured her lips in a searing kiss as Beca continued to thrust deeply into her love. Chloe was very close, and Beca curled her fingers to brush along the sweet spot just as she flicked her thumb over Chloe's clit.

When Chloe came, she said nothing Beca could identify. Instead it was a primal scream that shook Beca to her core. As her love began to relax, Beca gently kissed Chloe's neck before slowly pulling her fingers out of Chloe's core. They held each other tightly, and Beca clung to the love she felt.

"I don't have words," Beca started softly.

"Sh," Chloe said quietly. "I know."

Beca wasn't sure how long they held each other, but she wished they could stay there forever. She was content to stay in Chloe's embrace, but the reality of their location became clear when she heard people in the changing room outside.

"Chlo," Beca said, "we aren't alone anymore."

Chloe pulled back only far enough for Beca to be able to see her satisfied, smiling face. "That matters why?"

Beca grinned back at her. "It doesn't, but we're starting to prune."

"We can't have that, can we?" Chloe said as she moved back. She kissed Beca's hands one at a time before shutting off the water. "Let's dry off and go to our next destination."

Beca raised her eyebrows. "Destination?" she asked as Chloe handed her a towel. "You make it sound like we're going on a trip."

Chloe wrapped herself in her towel and gave Beca's robe to her. "We might and we might not be," she said, placing a light peck to the tip of Beca's nose. "Come along. No dawdling today."

Shaking her head, Beca willingly and happily followed her love out of the curtained stall. She knew whatever Chloe had in store for her, she would love it. Her day was turning into the best birthday of her life, and Beca was not about to complain.