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You think I'm pretty and you like way I talk / I like your music and you like the way I walk

So, I think we're gonna get along

Lana Del Rey, "For K Part 2"


"You're an amazing woman."

The seductress is seduced; the electrifier is electrocuted.

The adventurer is stumped at a brand-new adventure in itself; the courageous man loses a slight ounce of his courage at his sudden realization.

They always call Kate the "fire touch." What happens when the fire touch is being shocked herself? What happens when there is no way to be free of this? The last relationship Kate ever had wasn't real. This is the most genuine moment of her life—her existence.

This isn't just electrifying. This isn't just exhilarating. It's charismatic, magnetic, and electric. It's like an electromagnetic—that's the easiest way to describe it.

In Kate's past relationships, she was always described as stimulating. Seductive. Never amazing. Never exciting. Never, ever special. Who takes the time to stop having sexual intercourse with a succubus, just to tell her, "I like you. I think you're interesting. I want to get to know you"? Nobody.

Kate is not a succubus now, though. Kate is not only sexy—she is interesting. Someone worth getting to know.

Kate is amazing.

She thinks they're going to get along.

Garrett can't find anything else to say. That's all he can tell her—for now. It's not just the intense shock that snapped him into this trance. The way she talks is addictive, with no remorse and no boundaries. She's humorous, honest, and unforgettable. A force to be reckoned with. The way she walks is also addictive, with just as little remorse. She's never out of step. Her corn silk hair swings beautifully. Kate knows she's incredible. She has to.

Garrett could think he's going insane. He could think he's merely still shocked by the electrical current that Kate gave him. But the current's not holding him down now; she is. Garrett would remain at his knees for her all the time if he had to.

He continues to smile at her like a fool, but then he suddenly realizes that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He may be a fool, but he's both a lovable fool. He is also in ridiculous, hopeless, unprecedented love with the amazing woman who just put him through a lot of pain.

He thinks they're going to get along.

Kate admires his wonderful face shape. She absentmindedly wonders if he knows how lovely it is. He finally stands up, and she also admires how his hair falls into his eyes. He has to know what he does to her. She's not a shield—she can't hide how she feels. She then realizes that she doesn't want to. Not anymore.

He stands taller than her five foot seven frame, and she stares up at him, marveling on the inside. Kate isn't gushing, though. She keeps it calm, cool, composed, and classy. It's what she does best.

She gives Garrett a small smirk in her typical, coy manner. Then she turns back to Eleazar, who looks less than amused with her playful harming of Garrett. "You look like you want to be next," she says sarcastically.

She's positive she'll get along just fine with Garrett. They're both amazing, after all.