I have this great idea and if I don't get it down it wont make it into a multi. chapter , so here is the setting you'll get the rest from there its really simple. Alex and Kuru have both lived in Mangapore there whole life . Kuru is 13 , Alex is 12 and is called Princess Liliuokalani. Kuru goes to the Palace school and like any 12 year old runs wild in the palace.

Elder- " Class you see one day the Princess will rule. You who complete palace school will have a job at the palace..." Looking down at Kuru I see a bright young man most of the time. His eagerness was going to get him in trouble. " Kuru put your hand down my lecture is not over. There are those of you who will get the hard jobs like me a elder/ royal adviser. There will also be those who get the fillers such as elephant boy. Now class this is important. Only five of you will every be high standard enough to talk to the princess and queen daily. These jobs include Council Members, Guards, Palace Security and Royal adviser. " A servant walked in the room rung a bell then left signifying class was over.

Kuru- I figured today would be the day that Omar got on me. There has been at least three times were I had interrupted his lecture. After class I made a run for it. I must have been running fast because I was running in the wrong direction, towards the throne room. I was to late to turn back Omar was already looking for me in the other direction. Keeping a steady pace I continued to run... right into the Queen and the Princess. Thump!

Queen- I have to admit that hurt a lot more then it should, my first thought was of my daughter who I was having a private conversation with. "Liliuokalani are you ok , I am sure ... what is your name?"

Kuru- My ankle stung like fire, but I played it off well. I stood up and was knelling before the queen before she even looked at me. Seeing I would spend my whole life doing this why not get some practice. When the queen asked me my name I was shocked she cared, after all I was only one of her servants till I was older or quit palace school. I stared blackly at the queen. Then my ankle. It took all the strength I had to get up with out falling. My ankle had to have been more the twisted." Your Majesty , my name is Kuru. I am so sorry. This is a big misunderstanding, you see I did not want to be kicked out of the palace school for interrupting Omar. So after class I decided I would make a run for it , only did I realize to late I was running the wrong direction." My cheeks shinned a bright red color if I was going to be kicked out by somebody why did it have to be the queen? Why did it have to be in front of the Princess?

Queen- I knew at this time that Kuru was nothing but frightened. Scared of loosing his only opportunity to a new and better life. Now was a point at my job I hated. By law this had to be punished. I did not want to punish Kuru because one mistake should not ruin his future. "Liliuokalani do you like this boy?" I knew of course my twelve year old daughter would like him, at least enough to give him a job in the palace in return to keep his place at palace school.

Liliuokalani- I got up from the floor and circled the semi- handsome boy twice, He was cute , I knew what my mom was asking. Can we be friends? Do I need a new servant ? Well yes actually considering the other one quit because I was to immature to handle. This boy looked like he could handle me . " Yes mother we will be the best of friends!"

So this is just the first chapter it will pick up a lot more in the next ones, will Kuru be happy about being a twelve years servant? What will the princess do ? What has she done to make people in the past quit? Find out in my next chapter ...Sorry this one was so short.