What did Kuru's Job consist of, well were about to find out. Not for people with no imagination.I should tell you this so you don't get confused but in this fan fic. the Princess is still Omar's kid, but the King is alive making. So there's quite a twist in this story. I wasn't sure if people would understand it .

Kuru- Weeks had past and thanks to the Queen I had a keep one thing in my life but gained many. Keeping my place at the palace school. Gaining punishments from Omar and the Princess. I now had blisters on my heals, and was racking my brain fro one more possible thing to do to occupy the princess. Before now I never knew how hard it was to keep track of a small child. I was now responsible of getting her ready for class to class and getting her out of trouble. Seeing as I could not keep her from it .

Liliuokalani- I liked the new boy. But that was just my mind talking. He was able to keep me out of my dad (The king not Omar ) office most of the time. Other times the poor boy just got yelled at. My dad was strict, very mean to me and my mother. At a young age I started to wonder why she married him. Today was the day I asked," Kuru your older then me." I said stating what I already knew." Surly in palace school you have learned something about what my mom got out of her royal marriage.

Kuru- It was twisted. Something I did not expect to come out of such a young and pretty little girls mouth. She could not have been thinking about normal reasons or her mom. Her dad had to have been doing something and she wanted answers from me. I could give many but anybody from West Mangapore would tell you. " She married him for the kingdom Princess. You see Anala the royal elephant has been in his family for many years. It left his family through this marriage. Why do you ask Princess?" I frowned knowing I had giving to many answers away.

Liliuokalani- I had the answers I needed. My father never loved me. I now knew why. "Kuru you see , I am apart of the royal family. We are the ones who need to be happy and positive and set examples for the citizens of Mangapore. My family never worked like that. I guess that's why I am such a bad kid. I blame it mostly on my parent absence. Then they tell me I am wrong I am always butting in there offices at work." I felt like in the short time I knew Kuru, I had told him a lot about my life and my problems. I guess that's another reason people quit on me. Servant's were usually afraid of the death sentence put on telling royal secrets. Kuru was brave. I smiled to my self." Kuru why aren't you afraid of palace punishment given for all the secrets I have told you?

Kuru- It was true, but I felt like the princess was having a breakdown. My job as a servant was to help the princess when she needed me. Using my best judgment the princess needed me. " Princess I am not afraid , because you are not afraid. You live with people every day of you life who pay no attention to you. You deserve better." I wasn't sure how she would take the last part. The Queen and Kin were as high up as you could go in this world. I knew little of the other world, but the elders had once told us that they had a different government then us. Everyone there was of same standards. That's were I wish I could take the princess.

Liliuokalani-Kuru was a big part of my life now. He knew more about me then I did. This was something my mom must have known, she gave him that second chance for a reason. I think this was it. The only concern I had was I told Kuru everything about me but knew nothing about him. " I want to visit west Mangapore. Kuru I want to see your home and your family. Can I meet them?" I smiled at the end so he knew I was honest.

Kuru- The princess wanted to know what west Mangapore was like. I did not get off easy for running in to them that day , I actually might have gotten the harder punishment. West Mangapore was not a place for royalty. The princess did not act like royalty though. Then and again every body knows her face. But still I can not refuse she is Princess Liliuokalani future ruler of Mangapore. I would say yes. The truth was I only had one person left living in my family, and I did not live in a house I lived in a small shack." Princess I must warn you West Mangapore is not fun and games it is a dangerous place. I lived there most of my life."

Liliuokalani-"Shhh! Kuru your taking me , besides at this point I will do anything to make my dad and the elders mad!" Grabbing Kuru's arm I took him up to my room were he could help me with my studies. ( again)

Kuru- "You might not like what you see a lot has changed !"

Ok so I decided to put stuff about west Mangapore in there for a reason. This does not really unfold until the next chapter. So keep reading. Also excuse the fact there has been no romance yet but, I wanted to put something tragic in there first before I started that.

I hope you enjoy!