Scene 10: [We come back from commercials with a brief shot of the palace under the night sky. Cut to interior ballroom. It's empty except for the servants who are cleaning it up, and Zim. We zoom slowly in on Zim, who is sitting on the bottom steps of the main staircase, staring sadly at the glass combat boot in his hands.]

[We see the hem of a green dress sweep the stairs behind him.]

Sam's voice: [as only the hem of her dress is on-screen] Darling…are you all right?

Zim: [still staring at the boot] I found her…and then I lost her…I should have never come to this stupid ball.

Sam: [sits down next to him and put one arm around him] Zimeriah…just because things didn't go perfectly tonight doesn't mean your life's over. Now it's half past three…why don't you come to bed?

Membrane: [coming up on Zim's other side with a bitten sandwich in hand] Or at least have something to eat.

Zim: I can't. I can't eat or sleep until I've found her again. [looks up from the boot] Boy, does that sound cheesy!

Membrane: [sitting down, taking a bite of sandwich (I'm not sure how, though)] Mmm…cheese…

Sam: [gives Membrane a funny look, then turns back to Zim] Honey…it's a nice sentiment…but we don't know where to even begin looking! You didn't know a thing about her before tonight –

Membrane: And you don't know a thing about her now.

Sam: Except that she's pretty. And all the girls here tonight were just a pretty.

Zim: [turns quickly to look at Sam, looking disgusted at her for saying that] I don't want to hear it Mother! I don't care about anyone else – I care about her.

Sam: But it's impossible –

Membrane: You may never find her.

Zim: [looking between them] Don't even say that!! I have to find her. I need to find her. There something about her that's unlike anyone you've ever forced me to meet…

Sam: All right, Zimeriah…but just consider carefully first… [the music begins…it's Sam's turn to sing! (I actually have a nice Soprano voice, or so I've been told. ^_^)]

"Do I Like You…? (Reprise)"

Sam: Do you like her because she's wonderful?

Or is she wonderful because you like her?

Is she the strange delusion of an LSD?

Or is she really as likeable as she seems?

[The music quiets again and Zim stares at the floor, considering everything. After a moment, he turns back to Sam]

Zim: I've always been looking for something…and I think I might have found it in her…I'm not sure what it is, but she has it.

Membrane: [finishes with his sandwich] That settles it then! You'll just have to find her again! [picks up the combat boot] If only this boot had a bit of DNA I could trace…

Zim: The boot! That's it! [grabs the boot back] I'll try this boot on every filthy stink female in the Kingdom! The one it fits will be her!! [jumps up, holding the boot high]

Sam: Um…wouldn't you recognize her if you saw her? Couldn't you eliminate girls that didn't look like her?

Zim: [wrapped up in his own brilliance, he doesn't hear her] I'm genius!! We must start the search at once!!

[Zim turns and dashes up the stairs, running into Dib at the top of them.]

Dib: Your Highness, I don't have good news. No one seems to know who she is or where she's from…

Zim: Silence!! Come, Lionel! We're going to try this boot [holds it out to Dib, who takes it, confusedly] on every girl in the Kingdom until we find the one that fits it!

Dib: [looking at the boot, completely baffled] A glass…combat boot?? Who would be crazy enough to dance in glass combat boots??

[Cut back to the bottom of the stairs, the camera looking down at Sam & Membrane.]

Sam: Just do as the Prince says, Lionel. Don't ask questions.

[Cut back to Dib and Zim]

Dib: [sighs] Yes, Your Majesty.

Zim: [claps his hands together] Excellent!! [starts to walk off] Come, big-head boy! We have much to do!! We've got a lot of ground to cover if we're going to find my bride by morning!

Dib: [groans and follows after him, muttering] Why does this sound like such a stupid idea?

Zim's voice: [after they've both disappeared off screen] Probably because you didn't think of it.

[Cut back to Sam & Membrane.]

Sam: [leans her head on Membrane's shoulder, smiling contently] Very nice work, dear.

Membrane: You were right. That "reverse-psychology" stuff worked like a charm.

Sam: It should…you invented it.

Membrane: I did? [pauses to think] Oh yes, I did. Back in the days of fossil fuel!

Sam: [laughs and hugs him] Oh, you!

[Cut to a quick exterior of Gaz's house under the still night sky. Cut to interior trashed kitchen. Gaz is still sitting on the floor in the center of the room, the tear streaks dried on her face. A long low whistle is heard and she jerks her head up quickly. GIR is seated on top of a pile of rubble that used to be the table, looking around the room.]

GIR: You made a biiiiiiig mess…

Gaz: [sniffles and wipes her nose on her sleeve] Yeah, so?

GIR: Aww…are you sad??

Gaz: [shifts position and hugs her knees, staring at the floor] Just leave me alone.

GIR: No, no, no. I'm here to help again!

Gaz: I don't want anymore of your help. A fat lot of good it's done me so far.

GIR: You didn't think that at the ball.

Gaz: Just shut up and leave me alone!!

GIR: [cringes as she yells at him, then straightens up] Hmph. You were all happy and stuff before the short green lady said those mean things.

Gaz: [surprised] How did you know –?

GIR: And I was coming here to tell you how you could be all good and happy and stuff again…but nooooo…you don't want help no more…so…no more!! [he vanishes in a cloud of gold dust]

Gaz: [getting halfway to her feet] No wait!!

GIR: [reappears in another cloud, standing on top of a pile of broken chairs] Yeeeessss???

Gaz: What were you going to tell me?

GIR: You want help now?

Gaz: Yes, I…I need help…tell me how I can get out of here.

GIR: [disappears and reappears right in front of her. She falls back onto her rear, startled] That's easy! Right out there!! [points at the door to the back yard]

Gaz: [looks at the door] What? Just leave? Sorry, but it's not that simple.

GIR: Yes it is!! You just get all your stuff and go out the door and say "BYE BYE BYE!!" Hehehehe! Just like that!

Gaz: But…my stepmother…

GIR: Aw, what's she gonna do? You find your Princey Charming and she'll be all gone!!

Gaz: Hey…that's right…she couldn't do a thing…but…

GIR: [who had been doing a little victory dance with his wand, stops and look at her] What?

Gaz: The Prince…what if he didn't…you know, like me…after he found out who I was? I'd be out on the streets…

GIR: Nooooo, Mr. Wand says he liiiikes you! And Mr. Wand always knows!! Hehehehe!! [waves his wand in Gaz's face]

Gaz: Um…if you say so…

GIR: Yup! I do! Now I go Bye-Bye!!! And then you go Bye-Bye, kay?? OK!! [he disappears in yet another gold cloud and Gaz is left alone, sitting on the kitchen floor, once more]

Gaz: [picking herself up] Well…I guess I don't have much other choice now…

[She goes over to the far wall, and presses the hidden button, revealing her gaming corner. She pulls a big trunk out from under a cupboard and begins packing away all of her stuff into it.]

Gaz: This is it, guys… [talking to the gaming stuff] We're outta here. [Cut to Commercials.]