WARNING: This is going to be dark. It's just the starting but things will get worse before getting better. So most of you out there who are easily offended please you have been forewarned. This is not a hearts and flowers story. There will be gore, violence, pedophilia and Non-consesual sex. If you're unable to stomach reading these things you can unfollow or not read the story at all. I don't want anybody abusing/flaming me when things get tough, and they will get tough I assure you. If it's not your cup of tea, I understand, I love you all nonetheless. This is a story about Mafia/underworld. And there's nothing hearts and flowers about them. At-least not for a while.


"Please don't do this." She cried out, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. So this was it. She was reduced to tears in-front of this man, reduced to begging like a low-life.

"Don't...hurt him...I beg of you...I am the one who tricked him...into...doing my bidding." She faltered a number of times trying to complete her request. What could she say to sugar coat her actions, what could she possibly do to trigger this man's love for her again?

Nothing was working anymore. She had used all her trump cards. Her shoulders sagged, and she couldn't help but grimace as she looked back at today's unfortunate events. Earlier in the morning, she thought she had gotten rid of Christian Grey and his obsession with her, not to mention the questionable life she'd been forced to lead. She had successfully escaped with the man she genuinely cared about. But now, here she was, back again at the mercy of The ruthless Mr. Grey.

He didn't even bat an eyelash at her pleading. Looking down at her with lifeless mistrusting eyes, his expression similar to that of someone bereft of life. The sadistic vengeful part inside her soul rejoiced sensing his dejection and distress. He himself never thought twice before destroying someone's life; he deserved to feel pain.

Now, her Life was at an impasse, a dead-end, with no way out. She had started her journey towards freedom with such hope, only to be pushed back brutally to the starting line or maybe even beyond it.

All she wanted was free rein of her life - was that so wrong? She struggled with her over whelming emotions and felt the initial raising of her panic, which caused a battle to rage inside her soul. A battle which made her question herself, pushing her mind to the brink of absolute insanity.

One question kept ringing in her ears like a final bell of doom: was someone else going to pay the penance for her sins? In truth, the sins that were not even hers to begin with - yet she knew beyond doubt that Mr. Grey would make that true-hearted man suffer, possibly make him pay with his life. NO! Why? Why him?

Was it so selfish of her to crave freedom? Freedom that everyone deserved and others took for granted. She had always believed that she was deserving of freedom. Maybe it was greedy of her to think like that. She shouldn't have indulged herself in her pitiful fantasies. Fantasies that could not have possibly come to fruition without someone paying with their life - no it was not worth it.

If she knew her actions could possibly cost the one she cared for his life, she would have relented, not given into him. She would have put an immediate stop to that brewing disaster when she had the chance. Now, not so much - impasse.

Now she was scared for his life, which she acknowledged was arguably more valuable than hers. Why him? Why not her? Why not just annihilate her and let him be? She wanted Mr. Grey to be done with this nonsense once and for all, even if getting done meant taking her life. God knew that in his books taking care of the nonsense would mean eradicating the cause; she was the cause.

Why did he always have to torment some poor unsuspecting soul? Those poor one's always seemed to end up being her loved ones.

All he wanted was to help her and offer her his companionship, love her unconditionally and save her from the clutches of this cold and evil man. Did she unwittingly use him because of her ignorance? But then, he too knew all along what he was getting himself into.

She had never been one to use someone that way. Selfishness was not in her nature. She was a harmless being. Always disarmed. At-least prior to this day, she had always thought that.

She would never hurt a fly, always secured good grades, was accustomed to being cherished by her father. Her Dad used to be proud of her, and dancing - dancing was her passion once upon a time, now it reminded her too much of leering hooded eyes and degenerated men. She used to be good and happy but now she felt anything but happiness.

Then why? why her?

In a fleeting moment of narcissistic selfishness, her mind whispered, 'why not somebody else?'.

'Selfish', her sub-conscious spat back at her.

She wanted to rip Mr. Grey apart, thinking that someone close to her would meet his death at the whim of this cold and calculating man.

Was this really nothing but a game to him? To her and other people, it was a matter of life and death - literally.

Their lives were hanging by a thread, her fate still unconfirmed. Knowing this cold man as well as she did, she knew that death might even be the easy way out at this point as far as he was concerned.

She wondered if he would once again rob her of her loved ones; there weren't many left to begin with - all because of him.

There he was: Mr. Grey. Standing tall and unreachable, a God among mortals. An Adonis between commoners.

Looking at her with bloodshot hate-filled eyes, his whole demeanor exhibited animosity and hostility, along with a loathsome persona.

Her eyes welled up. Just looking at him reminded her of the reason she ended up here in the first place.

She felt numb, her mind having flashes of what she had lost and what was expected of her now, in order for them to survive. Not that she cared about herself anymore; no, not anymore. She already knew that when she was being dragged back to this hell: she was doomed.

That selfless man was probably getting tortured somewhere in the dungeons located in this very mansion.

She wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Grey had dank dungeons somewhere in this fucked-up estate, equipped with all manner of torture devices just to wrest the truth out of anyone unlucky enough to get tangled in his web. He never needed a reason; he answered to no one, period.

Just like he was doing with her.

What to do? How to make this work? Plead - Yes, that was it - plead. She would have to plead for his life now.

She would offer him whatever she could, anything, anything at all. Just no more deaths please, not any more. Surely she was not worth the fight or the bloodshed?

She could not bear the burden of another life at stake because of her foolishness, or even worse, her selfishness.

"Please." She croaked out, staring at the monster who glared at her with hate-filled eyes. She could see that he was unmoved hence she tried to control her panic along with her erratic breathing, knowing full well she was pleading for a lost cause but giving up now meant getting enveloped in unknown darkness.

"Please grant some mercy!" She sobbed. He simply looked at her, never replying, never uttering a word.

His expression were unfathomable and impassive, though if she looked carefully, perhaps she could detect a hint of cruel amusement shining through those hard-set eyes.

"Please don't kill him!" She had to make this work; she had to make him consider her plea. Anything! Lord please anything was worth it, just not another dead body.

His expression turned hard as steel upon hearing her plead for another man's life. An unforgivable crime, the most deplorable act in his opinion: was for her to care about some other man. His jealous and territorial behavior knew no bounds.

His eyelids turned into slits, any hint of amusement now vanished into thin air, making her question whether she had imagined it in the first place.

Mr. Grey was back to business now, as he left a formidable silence hanging between them. This luxuriously beautiful yet unwelcome place was his cold sanctuary, just like him, mirroring his personality.

Her teary eyes were fixed upon his face, beseeching and begging him to reconsider. He was indifferent and cruel, as always. The only significant difference was that this coldness was never directed towards her before.

"Try again." He positively glowered. But how could she forget his cruelty? This was the man who was known for his hunger for bloodshed. Nothing satisfied him more than some unsuspecting innocent person's blood curdling screams.

She knew that; after all, she herself was a victim of his barbarism.

"Why are you doing this Chris–" she started trying to placate him although she could care less about Mr. Grey himself.

"NO!" He roared. "You are no longer granted the permission to address me so informally. That's Mr. Grey to you now!" Her eyes went wide with panic and fear. She did not care which name she was supposed to use; all she wanted was to save someone's life. What to do now? She was in hysterics.

"W-why are you doing this M-Mr. Grey?" She stammered, trying to control her erratic heartbeat. For a fleeting moment, she worried for her fate, seeing his apathetic face and wrathful eyes. Oh yes, she was definitely worried for her inevitable fate now.

"Doing what?" He was unaffected, poker-faced.

"W-why did you take him? Please - Please don't kill him! It wasn't his fault; it was mine." She broke into a sob, realizing how pathetic she sounded even to her own ears. She was doomed.

"Now, why would I let him off the hook?" His tone was condescending. While he was the same, not a hair out-of-place, she was dissolved into a broken mess.

"M-my fault..." She couldn't even complete her sentence. Her words were caught in her throat. She tentatively approached him. Both of them: Face to chest.

He granted her only an arrogant glance; he knew he owned the game now. She looked up at him and sobbed, not knowing what to say to him. Her hands rose on their own accord and bound themselves together as if praying for forgiveness. The only thing that belied his indifferent stance was his perfectly arched raised brow. His aristocratic strikingly handsome face held a sardonic expression, a light tug of the corner of his lip indicated amusement.

She grasped his shirt with her dainty fingers and held on like her life depended on it, which it did, and slid down his large masculine body in an act of submission all the while sobbing and begging. "Please do whatever you want to do with me. He is an innocent - he didn't do anything. Please I beg of you!" A crying mess, begging like a lowlife, that's all she was reduced to.

"You mean an innocent man who betrayed me?" He captured the long brown mane on the back of her head in his fist and tugged her silky strands harshly.

"Do you mean the one you seduced to get your wicked way? The one who was almost my most loyal and trusted man and practically a family?" He spat his words at her with hatred, his nostrils fuming, while her long hair was still in his fist.

She couldn't reply; how could she? She had answers. Oh, she had many answers, but none that would help her case at this point.

What was she to say to him? She wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her, but just to get it over with already.

She would agree to be his punching bag, not saying a word. She would let him take out his anger and frustration on her.

Of course, he had surmised she had betrayed him, cheated on him in the worst way imaginable. But, he didn't know the whole story. Right now, all she wanted was freedom and mercy for one selfless man.

"Tell me you fucking whore, you seduced him, didn't you? Just like you seduced me! Admit it." He pulled her to her feet by her soft hair. She hissed and rose her hands to pry her hair out of his hard grip but didn't answer him, fearing the wrath she would receive if she gave him the naked truth.

"And to think I was ready to give you a new life, a life with me. I bought you from a brothel, damn it! A fucking pleasure house! I was ready to fight for you, but now I see it was all a ploy. You seduced me into doing your bidding, didn't you? FUCKING ANSWER ME!" He was the epitome of the ultimate predator right now, ready to tear her apart any second. His anger flashed in his eyes like a blazing inferno of fire, trying to turn her into ash.

He shook her head roughly by her locks willing her to respond, but she didn't dare to answer.

"I'm sure you gave yourself to HIM, you slut! You didn't even let ME touch you. I honored your request of not touching you without your permission, but you let that bastard taint you, didn't you?" She closed her eyes roughly to avoid the crazed look in his eyes. He said he had honored her…that had to be the joke of the century!

She couldn't help but expose him to reality. "Mr. Grey, you are one to talk...Remember you once tried to...force yourself on me." Looking into his eyes, she got her point across clearly. She couldn't resist. Why was he reacting like a victim?

He froze. "It was just a misconception on my part. Of course I didn't know you were a fucking virgin. A virgin was a fairly uncommon anomaly within the household in which you used to reside, is it not?" His tone gave way to sarcasm. "Not anymore though. What did you offer him? Tell me, your body? Right?"

He granted her with a deviously lascivious look, but it was also filled with pain, all the while scrutinizing her flawless beautiful face and supple body. He gave a calculative once over to the formidable weapon she had used against him: her body. In his opinion: the visage that was capable of leading any red-blooded male astray - the perfect honey trap; he was not to fault. She felt utterly naked under his gaze. "Not that I can blame him. After all, I myself fell victim to your feminine wiles." How could he blame that bastard when he himself knew that he would take her back in a flash if given the slightest of the chance.

Her hair was still secure in his fist. "You are no longer pure anymore, are you, you little slut? You must've offered him your body, It was supposed to be ME!" He raged. One of them was going to die tonight. If the bastard had touched her indecently he will make sure to throw him to his carnivorous wolves, alive and conscious.

"I didn't give myself to anyone and I was never YOURS to begin with!" She finally yielded and cried out at the pain radiating from her scalp.

"You are lying about not giving yourself to anyone!" He cornered her against the wall, hair in his hand, her smooth jaw now prisoner of his ruthless and calloused fingers. "But that doesn't matter now, does it? You are still a little whore deep down!" He whispered in her ear menacingly.

"Please, anything! I am ready to sell my soul to the devil, but please - he is an innocent. Don't kill him! I-I have heard what you do to those who betray you - but he didn't do anything. I forced him! Please...?"

He looked at her with a sardonic smile. His face expressed his devious thoughts and efforts of trying his best to ignore the pain rising from his chest. "Do you think I need your permission to do anything with you? You lost that privilege when you decided to betray me and ran away with another man like a strumpet that you were. Tell me, was I not enough for you? Was one man not enough to sate your desire? You were MINE!"

"I never promised that I was yours." She corrected his delusions. He gave a half-hearted bitter laugh at her calloused words.

"So what you are trying to tell me is that you belong to him?" He looked at her with a murderous intent. "See, That is why I cannot let him live." He then answered almost nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.

"NO! NO Please, is there nothing I can do? I'll do anything." She was desperate; She would stand her ground even if it killed her.

"Anything?" He gave her a cynical look.

She tried to nod her head but resistance due to his fist made it difficult. He understood though. He freed her hair and straightened himself.

"Your wish could be granted, and we will negotiate. I won't kill him - for now. Do as I say, or else. I am sure we understand each other perfectly." He pierced her with a menacing gaze.

"Now, follow this corridor straight and climb the stairs on the right side. You will find 4 rooms. The one on the left end was to be yours before you decided that betraying me was healthy. Get yourself situated."

He finished, knowing full well that he had won. The sardonic glint in his eyes made her take a step back in an act of self-preservation.

"Okay." Her full - red from the abuse of her teeth - lips trembled, she bit her lower lip again trying to swallow an impotent sob and he noticed, rather hungrily.

She knew for a fact that he just wanted to own her - maybe use her body, which was why he was keeping her now, repulsive obsessive bastard. He had never had her because she had always somehow stopped him. She thought repellently.

She wanted to laugh out loud like a lunatic. She would ensure that he would encounter nothing but an empty shell when he came near her or wanted to touch her.

She turned around to go see and find her eternal prison.

"Anastasia..." He rasped. She stopped in response to hearing her name, her knees going weak because of the day's events.

She didn't turn around though, instead keeping her back to his front, lest he hurt her anymore.

She only crooked her neck as a sign of acknowledgement. "Why did you do it, Anastasia?" She heard his pained whisper, almost like a plea.

She snapped her eyes shut sharply and took a deep trembling painful breath before enlightening him. "You were the reason I was in that hell hole in the first place. YOU ordered your men to kill my Father". She heard a sharp intake of breath.

"And Mr. Grey...? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"