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Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning in karkura town in one specific home a mother was cooking breakfast her name was Tatsuki Kurosaki "Soifon, Toshiro" she called her to her children one 4 years old the other 5 (Soifon is 4 Toshiro is 5)

"Yes mommy" they said together

"Could you go wake up Daddy and the others"

"Yes" they both ran upstairs as fast as their little legs Tatsuki only smiled

Ichigo's room

They both opened the door to their dad's room and hopped on his bed they were about to wake him up when they stopped and both glared at eachother (not really though their too cute for that) "I wanna wake him up" Soifon said

"No I wanna wake him" as they kept arguing Ichigo woke up he smiled at his two youngest children

"Alright that's enough" the two children looked at him "now who said you could wake me up?"

"Mommy" Soifon said

"She wants us to wake the others too"

"I'll wake up the others you go down stairs and eat breakfast" they both nodded and ran back downstairs Ichigo smiled and went to wake up his other children

Orihime's room

Ichigo entered his 6 year old daughter room and saw her still asleep with some very messy bed head. he walked over to her bed and started to shake her "Orihime, Orihime wake up" She groaned quietly then got up

"Daddy what time is it?" she looked at her alarm clock that read 8:20 A.M. then back to him "Why did you wake me up so early it's Saturday"

"Your mom wants you to go down for breakfast"

"Okay" she got out of bed and went down the stairs sleepily

"Now for the next one" he walks out of Orihime's room and off to the next child's room

Uryu's room

Ichigo walked into his 7 years old son room and saw him sleeping so relaxingly with his glasses on the dresser next to him ichigo walked over to him and went to wake him up just like Orihime "Uryu wake up" no respond "Uryu" still no respond "Uryu!" he then shot up

"AHH" he then put his glasses on and saw his dad "dad why did you wake me up? What time is it?"

"8:20" he replied

"Ugh just leave me alone" he put his blanket over his head trying to go back to sleep

"Sorry son you have to have breakfast" he then pulled his blanket all the way off uryu then got up

"Alright, alright I'm up geez couldn't let me sleep for another 5 minutes" Ichigo rolled his eyes then went to get his last child

Byakuya's room

Ichigo walked into his 8 year olds sons room he saw how his hair was covering his face but yet still he was able to breath and sleep calmly he walked up to his eldest sons bed knowing this was not going to be easy "Alright how should I wake him up?" he saw how his son and his blanket was positioned "ooh I haven't tried that before" Ichigo grabbed his sons blanket and flipped him over

"AAH" Byakuya said before he landed on the floor he got up and saw his father "WHAT THE HECK DAD WHY DID YOU THAT!"

"It's hard to wake you up so that's why I did it"

"But it's Saturday my only time where I get to sleep in"

"Well it's not my fault your mom's an early person now come down and get your breakfast"

"Ugh fine" then both Ichigo and Byakuya walked downstairs to the kitchen


Ichigo and Byakuya entered the kitchen to see everyone seated at the kitchen table and Tatsuki cooking the breakfast Byakuya took a seat with the others and Ichigo walked over to his lovely wife "Morning sweetie" Ichigo said

"Morning" they then gave eachother a quick kiss on the lips

"EWW" Soifon and Toshiro said

"That was yucky mommy" Soifon said

"How could you do something so gross daddy" Toshiro said

"Of course" Orihime started both Toshiro and Soifon looked at her "You two are too young to understand true love"

"Nuh uh I'm not too young" Soifon said (Toshiro didn't care about true love at this age)

"Yes you are"

"Nuh uh"

"Yea huh"

"Nuh uh"

"Yea huh"

"Nuh uh"

"Yea huh"

"Alright that's enough" Tatsuki said the two siblings stopped arguing "Now breakfast is ready" Ichigo took a seat and Tatsuki started giving everyone a serving of eggs and bacon then she took a seat

"Mom" Uryu said


"I just wanna know why did you make dad wake us up so early on a Saturday?"

"Yea why did you I was having such a wonderful dream" Byakuya said Tatsuki smiled

"Well I think it's nice to just wake up early and spend time together as a family the early bird catches the worm I always say"

"Can't the early bird start the day a little later" Uryu said 'why does she always want us to spend time as a family' he thought

"Well it wouldn't be called the early bird if it didn't get up early" after breakfast Ichigo washed all the dishes with some help from Tatsuki

After they were done Ichigo went back upstairs to get changed in some day clothes (Tatsuki was already in day clothes) She went into the living room to see Soifon, Toshiro, and Orihime watching spongebob squarepants but one thing crossed Tatsuki's mind where are her other 2 children "kids where are Uryu and Byakuya?"

"They went back upstairs to sleep some more" Toshiro said

"I'll be right back" she went back upstairs and dragged her two sons down the stairs "Why did you go back to sleep?"

"Why is it such a big deal?" Byakuya asked

"Cause I want us to spend time as a family"

"Oh mommy if were going somewhere can we go to the"

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