It was late spring, and it was almost time to go on summer vacation. Phoenix Wright was trying to pay attention to the teacher's lesson for the day. It wasn't easy though with his friend Larry Butz constantly mumbling to himself. Phoenix looked at his other best friend Miles Edgeworth who was taking notes diligently.

'How can he ignore Larry so well?' Phoenix thought trying to catch up with the notes.

"Now class," the teacher wrapped up with her cue stating that there would be homework. Every student except Edgeworth groaned. "For tonight's homework I want you to write a poem about a spring day. Class is over."


At the sound of the bell everyone in the class ran to get their book bags and immediately left the class.

"At least homework isn't so hard today," Phoenix said as he and his friends were walking to Phoenix's house.

"Are you kidding it's the hardest homework ever!" Larry complained. "I can't rhyme! I hate poems."

"On the contrary Larry," Edgeworth said. "Tonight homework is fairly easy if you have been paying attention to our vocabulary homework instead of just copying Phoenix's work."

"I knew someone was trying to look at it!" Phoenix shouted. "Larry at least try it on your own."

"I do then I give up," Larry said. Just then one of their classmates ran passed them to try to light the crosswalk. Phoenix noticed her. "Does someone have a crush?"

"I don't know do you?" Phoenix said staring back at Larry.

"Well I think Celine Dion is out of his league, Wright," Miles laughed off. Larry tried to hit Edgeworth.

"At least I pay attention to girls EDGEY!" Larry yelled.

"Yeah, yeah," Edgeworth said rolling his eyes before crossing the street. At Phoenix's house the Edgeworth and Phoenix did their homework while Larry played on Phoenix's Nintendo Wii.

"So why were you quiet after we crossed the road Wright," Edgeworth said putting his books into his book bag.

"Oh I was thinking about dinner. I think were having chicken tonight," Phoenix said rubbing his tummy.

"If you say so," Miles said. Luckily Phoenix didn't hear him as he was trying to get Larry to share the controls.

The next day Phoenix was dressed up a bit more than usual. It wasn't a big difference but he wore his best T-shirt and newest pants.

"Nice outfit Nick," Larry teased when he saw him. "Anyway show me your homework, I forgot to do mine."

"Again Larry," Edgeworth said running up to them. "When will you ever learn." Phoenix was listening to the conversation until the girl from yesterday walked by.

"Hi Katrina," Phoenix said. Katrina waved hi before entering the school.


"Oh no!" The boys yelled running to their classroom.

"Now students pass your poems to another classmate chosen from this hat. He or she will grade your poem on grammar then they will pass them up so that I will grade them," The teacher said passing the hat around.

"Sweet I got me," Larry whispered to Phoenix. "I'll totally get an A now." Phoenix picked a name and passed his poem to his partner. He looked at the poem in front of him.

'Oh this day is perfect,' he thought. It was Katrina's. He tried to be as fair and punctual as possible trying to make her poem be graded fair. When he gave the poem to the teacher he waved to Katrina. 'This day cannot be ruined.' But he spoke too soon because the next thing he knew he heard Larry's voice.