It was a normal day when it happened. Ralph and Vannelope were getting ready to head towards the race-track, eager to face whatever lay ahead. Vannelope couldn't help but feel happy. Everything was going so perfect. She had a friend, she had a kart, and soon, a place in the world of Sugar Rush. Vannelope hopped excitedly out of her kart, remembering she had forgotten something.

"Just a minute!"

Vannelope raced inside the mountain and tore through her candy wrappers. Finding what she was looking for, she smiled. It had taken her all night to make it. Through all ninety-seven cookies, only one had been this perfect. Perfect enough to award to her friend. Grabbing the medal, she smiled in satysfaction.

Vannelope ran back out side, hands behind her back.

"Hey Ra-a-a-alph!"

But when she got out there, he was nowhere to be found. Instead, a broken kart. Vannelope gasped in horror. Who could have done such a thing? She peered off into the distance.


There was Ralph. Medal in hand, which were covered in crumbs and frosting. Vannelope shook her head, not believing a second of what was happening. He couldn't have done that, could he? Of course he did! Tears streamed down her cheeks as Vannelope sank to the ground. She looked up to see Ralph look back. Wether he showed any remorse, she couldn't tell. But one thing was for sure; she did care. He had betrayed her, and crushed her dreams.

It was a month later when Vannelope found herself on her sponge-cake bed again. Since that day, the racer's had been especially cruel. Apparently, Ralph had told everyone the location of her hideout. But despite his actions, there was a part of her that didn't want to let go of this friend. It didn't want to forget the only person who had ever shown any sort of kindness to her. Tired, lonely, and beat-up, Vannelope buried herself in wrappers and cried.

"It's okay."

Vannelope's eyes shot open. She sat up and looked around.

"W-Who said that?"

Her vision blurred by her black eye, Vannelope swore that she saw him.


"It's okay, kid. I'm here."

"No! You left!"

"I never left. I've been here this whole time."

"I saw you! You left me, and broke my kart, and-"

Vannelope smiled weakly, reaching out for her friend.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll never hurt you again."