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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin.

Naruto was currently backed into a dead-end alley as today's mob was closing in on him, weapons ready to bring him pain. He silently prayed to whatever deity to spare him from death, but knew no such thing would be granted of him. He resigned himself to his fate as the crowd fell upon him, beating him with fists, feet, and blunt weapons, cutting and stabbing him with broken glass, pocketknives, and kunai in the cases of the narrow-minded shinobi, burning him with some blown out torches, searing patterns into his flesh as he dared not cry out in pain, knowing it would egg them on to redouble their efforts.

Once all was said and done, Uzumaki Naruto lay there, on the edge of death, before one shinobi that stepped forward, an ANBU in fact, going through seals slowly. Grasping his right wrist, the shinobi's hand became engulfed with lightning, the sounds of chirping birds filing the alley. Making eye contact, and the shinobi ignoring Naruto's pleading look to spare him, he thrust his fist into the boys chest, destroying it immediately and snuffing out his life soon after. But instead of releasing the Kyuubi no Kitsune he held within himself from the sealing eight years ago by the Yondaime Hokage, and his secret father, Namikaze Minato, he changed. His body was engulfed in darkness, as the empty blackness swallowed his heart, leaving his body an empty shell that took a life of its own from his strong will to face his life with a smile and not retaliate violently against these beatings. Naruto was reborn as a Nobody, his heart, and by proxy the Kyuubi, reformed into a Heartless.

The Kyuubi kept its basic shape of a nine tailed fox, but with drastic changes. Its crimson eyes, filled with hate, turned into bright yellow orbs, staring mindlessly forward, its many canines fusing with its mouth, creating a sharp maw, as the tips of its fox ears grew crooked antennae. At the tip of each tail was a dark blue flame, and a heart-shaped hole was cut clean through its torso, showing its status as a Pureblood Heartless. All its claws became bone-white pieces of armor, its elbows and knees growing red spikes and down its back was a spine of plated bone; it roared to the sky, terrifying the civilians around it.

Behind it stood the new Naruto, or as he would be called, Roxatun, in memory of the only Nobody with a pure heart, Roxas. Raising his hands in front of him, the space within their palms distorted, as curious weapons dropped into his hands.

Sharpshooter. The weapons of Xigbar, the Freeshooter, purple arrowguns crafted into a quarter-circle shape, the top plane adorned with an open circle, sharp points on both sides, going towards the long, sharp blade at the end, small knives standing out on the downward curve, a trapezoidal short pommel just above where he would grab the weapons, as he did so. Pointing one skyward and one earthbound, he shot once, then turned his arms in a pair of arcs so they switched directions by the end, shooting more during their turns, the ethereal bullets floating still in the air, forming a circle in front of him. Then, spatial distortions formed in front of the civilians, as the bullets appeared in them, shooting forward, killing twelve civilians.

Summoning his control over Lesser Nobodies, Xigbar's specifically, larger spatial distortions formed on the walls, and odd creatures appeared, wielding crossbows. Their color was predominantly lavender, a sort of bandanna over their faces, save for their closed, zipper-jagged smirks, a black circle over where their left eyes should be, a horizontal and vertical line from its four cardinal directions. They had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, seemingly a skin-tight suit, a zipper closed from under their right pectorals to the center of their collars. Their outfits widened, then narrowed, down their arms, like gloves, repeating the style from the knees up, and the shins down, odd blade-skirts off their hips. They were crouched against the walls, assassins ready to fire, aiming their weapons at the remaining civilians. At some silent signal, they all fired, killing those who remained. Once their job was done, their disappeared in their same spatial distortions and the Kyuubi Heartless gathered the hearts from its masters kills.

Pointing his guns up and willing them to disappeared, Roxatun slowly sauntered out of the alley, showing his new apparel of a black cloak, ankle length, a silver chain across his collar-bone, hood down, showing his pale, emotionless face.

He strode into the open street, noticing he was much taller and, looking into a broken mirror nearby on the ground, older looking. He estimated he was around 15, musing his pet, the Kitsune Heartless following him, was the ex-Kyuubi, he realized with his death as a Somebody, the chakra of the bijuu was infused with his very essence, hot-wiring the seals function and kicking it into overdrive, funneling all the beasts power into him for his own use, and thus his physical changes. Waving a hand towards his Heartless, it bowed its head and sunk into its shadow, then his own. Snapping his fingers, a Corridor opened behind him and, bringing his hood up, he walked in, appearing in the Hokage's office, interrupting his current reading of a certain orange book, giggling perversely. Clearing his throat loudly, Roxatun announced his presence, standing at attention in front of the sputtering Hokage as he attempted to stow away his little pornography, 'turning on' his Hokage face. "Naruto-kun? What happened to you? You look different; taller, older, ...paler." He added hesitantly.

"I am not Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto died today." Roxatun corrected stoically.

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes, believing this person to be an imposter. "What have you done with Naruto?" He asked threateningly.

"Your narrow-minded civilians and shinobi attacked, and killed, him. With his death came my birth; I am Roxatun." He answered, waving his arms wide in a flourish.

Sarutobi didn't believe this stranger one bit.

"I see you don't believe me. Very well then." Roxatun started, a book appearing in his hands. It was a thick black book, a silver-outlined upside down heart flowing into a sharp cross on the back, a trio of interlocking symbols in silver on the front, silver clasps on all corners and arrow-like clasps across the top and bottom of the spine of the book. "Tragic Past." With that utterance, Hiruzen's sight was cast into what happened moments ago.

A young Naruto walking home, his stomach full of Ichiraku ramen, smiling brightly, only for it to be brought down by a can being thrown at his head. Turning around to find the perpetrator, Naruto saw a small crowd of sneering civilians and shinobi stalking towards him. Increasing his pace, Naruto attempted to escape them, only for the mob to break into a run, causing him to do the same.

Skipping over a short chase around the village, the scene showed Naruto's death at the hands of the civilians, showing the final blow to his heart being a lightning-covered fist courtesy of the ANBU captain Inu, his gravity defying hair showing exactly who it was. Following the blonde's death came his rebirth as a Nobody and his slaughter of the crowd, Inu escaping during the chaos. Once the illusion was finished, Roxatun was subject to the strongest killer intent he would ever feel in his life; not directed at him, of course, but just being so close to the source, Sarutobi Hiruzen, one couldn't help the oppressing force washing through the room. Flaring his chakra to signal for his ANBU, specifically Inu, said silver-haired captain appeared kneeling before the Sandaime, unnoticeably sneering at the 'demon' who seemed to survive a Raikiri to the heart; how, he didn't want to know. Probably his demon blood saving him.

Without even saying a word, Hiruzen seized a kunai and slashed Inu across the eyes, slapping a seal onto his forehead as he writhed and screamed in pain. Channeling his chakra into the piece of paper, Sarutobi successfully locked away Hatake Kakashi's chakra, making him as weak as a civilian. As a precaution, he also robbed him of his eyesight, especially his Sharingan eye. Obito would be disappointed in Kakashi.

"H-Hokage-sama... Why?!" Kakashi begged as blood flowed from between hsi fingers as he covered his face.

"Inu, you have disobeyed my order. You have killed Uzumaki Naruto, so I now rob you of your eyesight, your Sharingan, and your ability to use chakra. You are officially discharged from your career as both an ANBU and shinobi in general. You are hereby sentenced to life-imprisonment, with no chance of parole. What do you have to say for yourself, Kakashi-san?" Hiruzen asked.

"Th-the Kyuubi got to you, Hokage-sama! He has corrupted your mind!" Kakashi raved insanely, only to be seized by his ex-subordinates, Neko and Tenzou, and brought to prison.

Turning to Naru - Roxatun, he would have to get used to that - Hiruzen gave him an apologetic look, truly looking his age in that moment. "I am sorry, Roxatun-kun, sorry this old man has failed you, letting you suffer in silence. I only ask that you find it in your heart to forgive me..." The Hokage bowed to Roxatun.

Said blonde merely waved him off. "No need to bow to me or apologize, jii-san. I know the Council tied your hands and your duties as Hokage kept you busy. I'm just happy you spent time with me when you could. I do not blame you for my death. But if it will put your heart at ease, even though I don't have a heart of my own, I forgive you." Roxatun said.

"Thank you, Roxa-kun. Now can you explain to me that strange ability you showed when you teleported in here and showed me your memories. And what do you mean by not having a heart of your own?" Hiruzen asked.

Roxatun sighed. "Take a seat, jii-san, this is going to take a while..." he said, plopping down into the chair behind him.

Nodding, Hiruzen walked around his desk and sat back down, silently telling Naruto to begin his tale.

(One hour later)

Hiruzen was gobsmacked at the tale Roxatun gave him.

The tale of a whole other world, with people that, compared to Naruto's current status, were called Somebodies, and speaking of his status, this thing called a Nobody, empty shells of people whose hearts were consumed by darkness and taken, those of strong will reanimating as a Nobody, those of even stronger will keeping a human form instead of the Sniper Nobodies Roxatun showed him, among other forms. He even told him how, with his death, the Kyuubi - yes, he explained how he knew it was the Kyuubi sealed within him - was infused with the darkness, and his own essence, that it formed a Heartless to do his bidding, and its memories became his own, including how he knew the whole history behind the incident eight years ago and his heritage as the son of the man who sealed said bijuu inside him, Namikaze Minato, and the Red Hot Habanero of Uzu no Kuni, Uzumaki Kushina. He also explained the actual nature of Heartless, the corrupted hearts of those consumed by darkness given form, and how he seemed to be a special case since he could control a Heartless and Nobodies. Whether he could control more Heartless remained to be seen.

He then explained his new abilities, a Kekkei Genkai he decided to call Nani Mo, which gave him the powers and weapons of the special thirteen Nobodies of Organization XIII, a special group whose goals were shrouded in mystery, even to its own members. In order, he had the powers of Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Vexion, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Larxene, and Roxas; he mentioned there was technically a fourteenth member, Xion, but she had no powers or special characteristics. His weapons included the ethereal blades, Interdiction, the arrowguns, Sharpshooter - which he mentioned was the weapon he used to kill those civilians and shinobi - the wind lances, Lindworm, a large shield, Frozen Pride, a very large tomahawk, Skysplitter, the lexicon he used earlier, Book of Retribution, a moon-themed claymore, Lunatic, a pair of crimson chakrams, Eternal Flames, a sitar, Arpeggio, a deck of cards, Fair Game, a flower-themed scythe, Graceful Dahlia, eight cross-shaped knives, Foudre, and the twin Keyblades, Oblivion and Oathkeeper.

He explained how he planned to form the second coming of Organization XIII, with him as the new Xemnas, and that their cause would merely to serve the greater good of the Elemental Nations. With the blessing of the Sandaime, Naruto was given the nickname of Xemnas, the Superior of the In-Between, and was drafted to form a special team that would answer only to the Hokage; like an auxiliary ANBU squad.

Smiling and waving goodbye to his grandfather figure, Naruto left to go home, saying today was emotionally draining. Once he was out of the tower, his face darkened, and he scowled. "Blind old fool. Like I would serve the greater good for this corrupted land. Once I have my Organization, we're leaving this miserable hell hole, and I'll form my own village. Kesshite Nakatta Mura. The Village That Never Was. Has a nice ring to it." Naruto mused to himself as he sauntered home, returning the glares sent his way from civilians tenfold, with a splash of KI, terrifying them into looking away from him. Sending out Kitsune and a squad of Sniper Nobodies to expand his army of both factions - he knew full well he could control both Heartless and Nobody alike - he ordered them to kill any witnesses, so as not to alarm the old man. Holding his arm out, a Corridor opened in its direction, and the Forbidden Scroll of Seals was brought to him be a Shadow. Smirking at the poor security around the supposed forbidden scroll, Naruto set about learning every jutsu in the scroll.

(Five hours later)

Within the first hour, Roxatun learned what seemed to be the most important technique, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Creating solid clones, the chakra constructs could pass their knowledge and memories to the original upon being dispelled. Using the implications of this, and his massive amount of chakra, Roxatun created hundreds of clones, stepping up learning the forbidden techniques by leaps and bounds. What would take him weeks to learn took him an hour or two. By the end of the last four hours, he learned one A or S rank technique for each elemental affinity, as he had an affinity for all five thanks to his Kekkei Genkai, including Wood Release thanks to Marluxia's power, Ice from Vexen, Yin and Yang from Roxas, and something he decided to call 'Nothing Release', from Xemnas and Xigbar. Seeing as how the scroll didn't have techniques for any of these elements, as Konoha never had an Ice, Yin, or Yang Release user, and Senju Hashirama sure didn't expect there to be a second Wood Release user, so why bother putting in any of his techniques? And Nothing Release? He just made it, if there was something, the universe just Inceptioned him.

Turning around to face his Heartless and Nobodies, Naruto found they were flanked by a squadron of Shadows and Dusk, the most basic of both factions. Nodding to them, he watched as the Heartless sunk into shadows, and the Nobodies disappeared in more spatial distortions.

Using a Corridor to appear on the Hokage Monument, Naruto looked over Konoha and smirked to himself. "Now we play the waiting game to see if this cesspool gives me viable candidates for the Organization."

End Ch. 1

Now, I still have seven taken up - jinchuriki, minus Yagura since he's either still controlled by Tobi or dead by the start of the series - so, I leave the rest up to you. The only limits are: No Sakura, No Sasuke, No Hinata, but everyone else is free. Tell me what you think. I will admit, I got the idea of Naruto having all the powers and weapons of Org. 13 from Hakureisaiga's Nothing; it's a cool story, check it out, I take no credit for the basic idea, but making his own Organization was my own idea. Unless Nothing progresses to where he does so. I dunno. That'd be cool, though. Anyway, tell me what you think and tell me what one person you want to see be turned into a Nobody. If you have your own ideas for their weapon(s), include that; if not, I'm sure I can think of something. And they don't have to be from Konoha.

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