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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin.

It had been four years since Naruto had become the emissary for the World That Never Was, Roxatun. Over the four years, he had found only two candidates for his new Organization: the Nara heir, and one Higurashi Tenten. His shadow manipulation was almost too perfect for a Nobody, and her handiness with weapons was quite interesting, as well. Of course, he would have to approach them eventually on the subject and see how they reacted... or he could stage their deaths and swoop in with a gift to bring them back under his servitude; whatever came first.

Apart from that, he had trained in Mokuton, Hyoton, Inton, and Yoton. He could integrate the former two into his taijutsu for some deadly attacks, and upon mastering his Yin and Yang Release within the first three years, he unlocked Yin-Yang Release, something only attained by the Rikudou Sennin; information he had obtained upon receiving the Kyuubi's essence, and with it, all its memories and knowledge. He even used a method that allowed him to use other sub-elements; for example, he put one of his Eternal Flames on the notch of Skysplitter, combining Earth and Fire, and with a slam to the ground, lava flowed from the earth, or shrinking one of the Foudre and using it as a pick on Arpeggio allowed him to use Storm Release, the laser original and the cloud-like mutation, or latching Lindworm to the eight points on Eternal Flames and he could use Scorch Release. So far, he had unlocked the mentioned three, Explosion Release, and Swift Release. Yin Release allowed him the once-thought-impossible capability of genjutsu, something he was incredibly thankful for. As for his reservoir of Heartless and Nobodies, they had skyrocketed; thank you, stupid narrow-minded civilians and shinobi. Unfortunately, said civilians and shinobi - low in rank save for a few Jounin - did not allow him to receive any new Heartless or Nobodies, so he was a tad overstocked with Shadows and Dusks. This was due to how forming each of them worked; he got Dusks, and only Dusks, from shinobi - they didn't have strong enough wills to form anything else - but he received Shadows from civilians who, due to their comparatively weaker wills, didn't create anything more monstrous than the lowest class of Heartless.

There was also one interesting subject that cropped up. A day after... the incident, Roxatun was admitted into the Shinobi Academy, where he had graduated from a few months back as of now, doing D-rank missions - more like chores - with his team; he used that term loosely. His teammates of the Uchiha heir, Sasuke, and the banshee in clothing, Haruno Sakura, and their sensei, the very same man Roxatun was sure should be blind and chakra-less, Hatake Kakashi.

(Four years ago, Konoha Prison)

The pain from the Sandaime's slash had dulled down, but was still there, and the infuriating reality of his blindness and loss of chakra burned just as painfully. It was all the Kyuubi-child's fault!

After his ex-subordinates threw him into this cell - he could feel their traitorous scowls aimed towards him - he had been left with only his thoughts, which including lamenting his own inability to notice demon-sympathizers in his squad. Before he could just lie down on the shitty mattress issued to all prisoners for a nap - really the only thing he could do here - he heard his cell door open, and the tap of something wooden on the ground; probably a cane.

"Who's there?" He asked. Receiving no answer, he scowled and tried to repeat his question, but felt a pain in the back of his neck, and fell unconscious.

(Several hours later, unknown location)

Kakashi awoke on what felt like a cold metal table, a light glaring down on him. He shut his eyes to not go blind - wait. Kakashi opened his eyes, looking around, finding he could see everything! He was in a dark room, and he could only see the table he was on. Deciding to try something, he channeled chakra to his hands, finding he could do so! Oh Kami, whoever did this, he was indebted to them forever! As his vision cleared, a trio of figures came into view, the middle he made out immediately; it was Danzo from the Konoha elders. His mop of black spiky hair kept relatively neat with the bandages that circled his head and covered his right eye and arm, the latter kept in a sling in his robes. At either side of the elder were two people he had never seen before, an auburn-haired man in matching color with black robes and another wearing an odd mask that had small goggles over the eyes wearing all black.

"Danzo-sama? Are you the one who gave me my eyesight and chakra back?" Kakashi asked as the black-wearing shinobi freed him from the table.

"Yes I did, Hatake. I need you at your peak potential for the mission I am giving you, and the Sharingan should do that." Danzo explained.

"Oh, well thank you, Danzo-sa- wait what?! Sharingan?! How?!" Kakashi raved, pointing at Danzo incredulously.

Danzo narrowed his one eye at Kakashi. "I do not need to explain myself to you, Hatake. And don't even try to threaten me with going to the Hokage with this information; I had a seal placed on you like my Ne so if you speak even a whisper of anything that has transpired here, you will most definitely die." Danzo threatened, seeing Kakashi was about to do such. "I have given you a gift, and I plan for you to listen to my request." He said.

Kakashi, fearing Danzo would back up the threat, swallowed his pride and nodded, letting Danzo explain.

"I plan for you to kill Roxatun." Danzo said simply.

Kakashi, not knowing about Naruto's transformation, merely raised an eyebrow. "Who is that, Danzo-sama?" He asked.

"Ah yes, you wouldn't know about what happened. You know him as the Kyuubi." Danzo ecplained.

Kakashi's eyes widened then narrowed in fury as his clenched fists shook with barely contained rage. "He caused this... His mind control made Hokage-sama destroy my shinobi career!" Then his fists loosened in realization. "But you've given me a second chance, Danzo-sama! For that I am grateful! I will gladly accept this mission; I will destroy the Kyuubi!" Kakashi said determinedly. Then he felt a change in his Sharingan eye; turning to a nearby mirror on the wall, Kakashi found he actually had a Sharingan in both eyes, like a true Uchiha, and he saw the left eye - his friend Obito's eye - turn into the Mangekyou Sharingan he remembered, but the right one - his replaced eye - turned into a pattern he wasn't familiar with, in time with the left eye morphing into a spliced version between the two. His right Sharingan now had what appeared to be a larger pupil with three points as if a triangle inside were barely sticking out, while the circle around the red center of his left Sharingan grew to nearly touch the inner sides of the scythe-like extensions, small points stick out of the outer sides.

"Hmm..." he heard Danzo say. Turning to him questioningly, Danzo explained. "It would seem that the splice was a success. As you can see, we managed to salvage your old comrades eye, but we had to repair it with material from the same source as your other eye, which was in turn from an old... associate of mine. But more importantly, the fusion of the patterns has, in essence, created an artificial Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, something I've only read about in documents released to me upon the Uchiha clans massacre." Kakashi was gobsmacked, while also interested in this 'associate' of Danzo-sama's, and this supposed 'Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.' But leaving that to the back of his mind for now, Kakashi somewhat lamented this new facet since, like his left eye, this new one would probably be unable to be deactivated, and this would raise all sorts of red flags around the village... unless...

Cutting off the flow of chakra to his eyes, Kakashi watched as the pattern regressed to the three tomoe then, thankfully, the crimson disappeared, living him with a pair of obsidian eyes like his previous eyes normally were. He brushed his fingers over the horizontal scar, as it formed a cross at his left eye with the scar from all those years ago. Narrowing his eyes, he turned to Danzo. "What do I do first, Danzo-sama?" He asked.

Danzo smirked a conniving grin.

(Flashback end)

Roxatun glared at Hatake, who opted to go about his days without his hitae-ate covering his left eye, showing to the world his twin obsidian eyes and his new cross scar at his left eye. Over the course of the few months Team 7 was together, Roxatun's supposed information on the lazy, chronically late Jounin proved to be correct, unfortunately, leading to many hours of anger in waiting for the bastard. When the Nobody asked how Kakashi could use chakra again, and could see, his only answer was that 'Hokage-sama regretted what he did and had the best medics heal his eyes and unseal his chakra' with that infuriating eye smile of his; Kakashi inwardly smirked at the real reason. Danzou had managed to convince more than two-thirds of the Council to overrule the Sandaime's order, stating that as one of their strongest shinobi, losing him to 'such a paltry reason as striking down the bane of Konoha' was a mistake on Hiruzen's part, and put Kakashi in the clear to return to the shinobi corps.

On their first C-rank mission - escorting a bridge builder back to Nami no Kuni, Roxatun could sense a strange... something from Kakashi's right arm from the shoulder down. When Roxatun asked about this, Kakashi flinched almost unnoticeably, only visible to him, and ignored the question, starting the mission as they escorted a bridge builder, Tazuna, back home to Nami no Kuni. Along the way, Sakura asked questions about Nami no Kuni's non-existent shinobi system, Kakashi answering her questions while his thoughts were on, ironically, what Roxatun sensed.

"I'm getting on in years, Kakashi, and with how much I've invested in bringing you back to the shinobi corps, I plan for you to be my legacy, so you shall receive the same... enhancements I have, to one day lead Ne, and preserve Konoha's future as the greatest military power" Danzou had said, before they began the operation.

As the group walked on, Roxatun remembered back to their supposed genin test Kakashi gave them.


"The point of this test is to get these bells from me. Whoever gets the bells first passes, and the loser is tied to the poles and not given lunch, then sent back to the Academy to redo their four years." Kakashi explained, reading his smut.

Sakura glared at the man intensely with feminine righteousness as he read the book but her eyes widened at what he said, then got ready to escape, as did Sasuke. Roxatun merely stood there, not giving a fuck.

"Go!" Kakashi yelled and Sakure and Sasuke fled to the treeline, and Kakashi immediately stowed his book, glaring hatedly at the remaining Roxatun, who appeared laid back as always. "Demon."

"Hatake." Roxatun threw back at Kakashi, knowing it would rile him up easily; Somebodies were so easy to manipulate with words, it made him ashamed of being one. While the original Org. had a decree where they would stay out of sight Somebodies, Roxatun didn't care one way or the other. He also didn't particularly care about this 'Kingdom Hearts' nonsense, so he wouldn't be scrounging hearts to create it. To him, hearts only served one purpose: using their darkness to create Heartless and Nobodies.

As expected, Kakashi narrowed his eyes at Naruto and brandished a pair of kunai. "I will show you what to do when you are faced with a clearly superior opponent." He lectured/threatened.

"Perfect. Show the children how to strategize against complete hopelessness; shall I play the role of the superior? It would only make sense." Roxatun taunted, inwardly smirking as Kakashi's grip on his kunai tightened and he lunged at him, only for a wall of vines, of all things, to shoot up in his way, impeding his course towards Roxatun. Before he could mount on this distraction, a large blade sliced through the wall, destroying it and threatening to split Kakashi in two if he didn't dodge it, backflipping to the other side of the field. Looking up, Kakashi saw Naruto hold the weapon of the Graceful Assassin, Marluxia, Graceful Dahlia. "As lightless oblivion devours you, drown in the ever-blooming darkness!" Roxatun waxed, before swinging his scythe in an attempt to lop off a piece of Kakashi.

The handle of the Graceful Dahlia is long, pastel green, and curved. There are two small, gold rings near the top of the handle. There is a small, black section at the base of the handle, and an equally small, gold section just above that. The main blade is curved, rose pink, and has black under edges. There is another, vaguely oval-shaped blade attached to the top of the handle. This smaller blade is also rose pink with black edges. The two blades are connected by a cross shape that resembles the top half of the Nobody logo that is white with gold and dark rose pink edges. Roxatun raised the weapon and stabbed it into the ground, thorned vines shooting out of the earth around it and spearing towards Kakashi, who had to continuously jump, duck, dodge, and even deflect with kunai on more than one occasion. Using a quick Kawarimi, Kakashi was saved from one vine that got too close, only for Roxatun to appear out of a Corridor, Graceful Dahlia already swinging towards Kakashi's neck, as it separated his head from his neck, only for him to disappear in a poof of smoke.

"Kage Bunshin... Interesting. Not to the left, right, or above, so... below!" Snapping his head downward, Roxatun jumped back a bit when a pair of hands burst from the ground. Quickly grasping them, Naruto pulled Kakashi out of the ground, hoisting him up to eye level with Roxatun who, after his rebirth, became as tall as the Jounin, and glared heatedly at those obsidian eyes as they slowly morphed into the damnable Sharingan. Before Kakashi could catch him in his Tsukuyomi, Roxatun tossed him up slightly and swung the handle of his weapon right in his stomach, splotches of red appearing on Kakashi's facemask as he rocketed across the field into a tree, splintering it in half. Roxatun pulled out one of his new tricks just for fun.

During those four years, Naruto had read up on all the Organization's findings, both before and during its existence, when the owner of the compendium he found this information in - Zexion's Book of Retribution - was a Somebody, Ienzo. One of the more interesting documentations was the fact when any of the Organization members turned somebody into a Nobody, if they concentrated enough, they could shape the result into something other than a Dusk. After a couple attempts of his own, Roxatun achieved just that, and so he summoned one of his creations, a Nobody that would be perfect under Marluxia's command, like the Berserker's for Saix, or Sorcerers for Xemnas.

"Tell me, Hatake, do you fear the reaper?" He asked menacingly as the spatial distortion that heralded his creation bore fruit.

Slipping out of the distortion in a twirl came a relatively small creature, actually; about the size of Roxatun's upper body. It was predominantly white, but the hood that made up its head was trimmed around the opening in dark grey, as well as the edges of of the length of cloak produced from what would be its waist, as it had no legs, and trimming the zipper down its chest. The top of its hood had a broad, flattened spike on top that curved back into a small hook behind its head, colored the same pink as Graceful Dahlia's blade. That was an armored visor covering half of the inside of the hood, only revealing the small ball with a zigzag mouth all Nobodies seemed to have. It had these little pink pods with a grey Nobody symbol for its shoulders, grey, pink-edged scythe blades dangling from the chains it had for arms.

It made a show of itself by having the zipper undo itself, opening its body and using the reality-defying flexibility and mass-shifting usable by all Nobody's and made itself grow three times as big, using its cloak-like body to appear that size as a show of intimidation towards Kakashi, changing back soon after and returning to Roxatun's side, loitering in place with a little jig like an idling Dusk.

At the same time this was happening, Sasuke and Sakura were watching Roxatun, thinking he was a complete idiot for going against their Jounin sensei on his own, but were surprised when the sensei attacked first, a brash lunge that even they could find flaws in its form. And they were shocked when a wall of vines suddenly shot up in front of their teammate; no handsigns, no calling the name, and Sasuke didn't sense even the smallest drop in his chakra reserves in using the technique to such mastery. They were even more shocked to see him brandish such an odd weapon - there aren't many scythe-wielding shinobi for a reason - with ease and almost behead their sensei twice, showcasing mastery over plants which his attacks, then were absolutely afraid when he did behead their sensei, only to be shocked again when he disappeared in a cloud of smoke, then his hands appear under Roxatun in some odd Doton technique, only for the ex-blonde to bring him to the surface and apparently break a few ribs, if those blood splotches Sasuke saw alluded to anything, throwing Kakashi into the woods painfully. They felt inquisitive when their teammate summoned that odd creature, more so when it temporarily enlarged itself just to intimidate their sensei.

At an unspoken signal, Roxatun ran towards Kakashi, joined by his floating minion beside him, and attempted to bisect the Jounin at the shoulders. Kakashi blocked with a pair of kunai and channeling chakra into his arms to strengthen his ability to do so, only to hastily deflect it to the side in order to dodge his second enemy's attack, the Reaper Nobody swinging one of its arms in an attempt to gore the Somebody. Roxatun jumped back to allow his pet to have its fun, which it took advantage of wholeheartedly by stretching its arms to the sides and spinning its body while heading towards Kakashi.

In retaliation, Kakashi blazed through seals and blew a large fireball at the otherworldly thing trying to kill him, only to growl in annoyance when he spied the thing react quite fast and stop its spinning to stretch its arms to an insane length to cradle itself in an orb of chains, thereby blocking the flames. Once the jutsu passed, a gap opened in its surface to allow the Reaper to pop out, keeping its shield together behind it and hefting the thing overhead to smash the human. Again, Kakashi retaliated in kind with jutsu, summoning a wall of earth that barely held the ball of chains back, but held in the end. Unfortunately, Roxatun chose that moment to rejoin the fight, slicing what remained of the earth wall with his scythe, continuing forward, baying for Kakashi's head.

In a morbidly cute twist, the Reaper, after undoing the ball, stretched the chain of its right arm to imitate a human arm, then went down and back up to imitate the pommel for a scythe, which it finished by enlarging its 'hand' for, imitating its master for a joint-attack. They worked in perfect synchronization, pushing Kakashi back with mirrored scythe-swings, Roxatun supplementing them with sharp vines and, every now and then, actual wood bending to his will.

In an intense climax of action and motion, the Reaper wrapped its chain-arms around Kakashi and a tree he found his back against, trapping him, while multiple sharpened tendrils of wood were poised over vital parts of his body. Roxatun slipped his scythe between them and cut the threads holding the bells from his waist, having them fall into a small Corridor above his palm, before he threw them to where he sensed Sasuke and Sakura.

"Your move, Hatake." Roxatun commented, weapon poised to strike.

"...Team 7 passes!" Kakashi responded after great hesitance and an increase in hatred.

(Flashback end)

Roxatun suddenly chuckled, confusing his teammates, and earning a glare from his sensei, but he shrugged it off, like he always did. Both jounin and Nobody noticed the horribly obvious puddle in the middle of the road; it hadn't rained in two weeks, it wasn't even in the shade, and today was pretty hot, so it should have evaporated by now. As Team 7 passed it, a pair of Kiri missing nin appeared out of the puddle, gas masks and single gauntlets connected with a chain of shuriken, wrapping said lethal chain around the supposed Jounin, and tore his to shreds. "One down." They said together. "Three to go." Again, they said together, then lunged at the shocked genin, well, shocked bubblegum-head and duckass, not our resident badass Nobody. He merely frowned, as if in disappointment. He yawned, then brandished Arpeggio, strumming experimentally on the sitar. "Dance, water, dance!" he yelled, turning slightly as he stepped back, water clones appearing around him as they attacked the twins, beating them easily by both just sliding into them and dispersing into the water that made them and seeming to bend to Roxatun's will and thrashing them about. When he had the water of one clone drown one twin into unconsciousness, Roxatun brandished his Nothing Release, odd barbed ribbons of black and white weaving through the air, knocking the remaining Demon Brother back into a tree. While this was the most basic of Nothing Release, it was effective for what he needed it for. As the remaining Kiri missing nin was knocked unconscious when he knocked his head on the tree, Kakashi walked out of the underbrush, to the surprise of two of his students.

"You're alive!" Sakura said surprised.

"Of course. Kawarimi may seem useless to you but it's still effective." Kakashi explained, gesturing to the scraps of wood left in his place. "Did my genin miss me?" He taunted.

"I was hoping it really was you." Roxatun deadpanned.

Kakashi merely sent him a flat look that said 'Well fuck you, too.' He approached the Demon Brother against the tree and tied him up with some ninja wire, seemingly forgetting about his brother, then bitch slapped him awake. "Who were you after?" He demanded of Gozu.

"I'm not telling you shit, Konoha scum! You ain't got the guts to torture me!" Gozu yelled.

"Seems your brother doesn't have guts, either." Roxatun offered to the side.

"What're you talking abo-!" Gozu started, only for his breath to catch in his throat when he saw his brother skewered on Roxatun's right arm. Tears fell from his eyes when his brothers body went slack, then his eyes widened when his body was engulfed in darkness and Roxatun cast the form that was once his brother to the ground rather roughly as a new creature emerged from the shadows that consumed his brothers heart. Arising from the darkness stood a Heartless that was a cut above the rest, if only slightly. This Heartless was a sub-species of the normal Shadow, but some noticeable changes for the Somebodies home. While it kept the overall shape of a Shadow, a set of spikes lined the back of its head, mimicking the hair of Meizu, and it had a metal claw for one hand as it seemed to breathe mist, alluding to the gasmask its original form wore. This new Heartless was called, ironically, a Demon Brother. "Wh-what've you done to Meizu?!" Gozu yelled in horror as tears fell from his eyes.

Ignoring the horrified faces of his 'team,' Roxatun explained. "I made him into my soldier of Darkness. It would seem his special talents have allowed him to give me a new Heartless. Now tell us what we want to know, or you shall share his fate." Roxatun threatened after his explanation.

Gozu stiffened at the idea of becoming the weapon of this dark child. Seeing no reason to hide anything since his brother was dead, Gozu explained he was tasked by Gato to kill the bridge builder. When Kakashi pressed him for more information, Team 7 found they would run into Momochi Zabuza and someone called 'Haku.' Thanking him for this information, Roxatun proceeded to sic his own ex-brother on him, creating another Emblem Heartless that was a mirror image of his first Demon Brother, the metal claw on the opposite hand.

"Roxa-baka, you said you'd let him live if he gave us the information!" Sakura screeched like the banshee she was.

"No I didn't. I merely told him to tell us or he'd become my minion." Roxatun corrected.

"But he did give us the information!" Sakura counter-corrected.

Roxatun merely shrugged. "So I lied; big deal. We're shinobi; we lie, we cheat, we steal, we kill. This is our lives. If you can't handle it, maybe you should go back home with your whore-mother." Roxatun quipped, knowing it was Sakura's mother, Sakuya, who led to his demise as a Somebody, as she had ordered the civilians and Kakashi to attack him, using her leeway as a Civilian Council member to push them around.

Sakura was in tears at Roxatun's words. "Roxatun, you went too far!" Kakashi admonished his 'student.'

"What? Angry I insulted your boss?" Roxatun snarled at Kakashi, seeing him stiffen. "That's right; I know it was her that sent you and those civilians after me. She's the reason I am what I am now, so if you want someone to blame, blame her for the monster she has unleashed." His rant over, Roxatun turned around, heading in the direction they originally were going. "Let's go, Tazuna-san; if my teammates plan on abandoning the mission because they're afraid of a couple variables, then we'll continue the mission without them." He ordered of Tazuna as he continued down the path.

"Where do you think you're going, genin?! I am the Jounin and I decide if we continue a mission or not!" Kakashi yelled after Roxatun.

"You can try to order me around, Hatake, but you must realize one thing." Roxatun called back.

"What?" Kakashi asked.

"You hold no power over me." Roxatun answered, appearing behind him as he had all the lances of Lindworm hovering around Kakashi, pointed at vital areas that would kill him.

Kakashi heard the tell-tale sign of a Corridor closing and immediately knew how Roxatun appeared behind him so easily. For the second time in his life, he was scared he might die. But he swallowed his fear. "I am the Jounin and I say... we continue the mission." He said.

Everything was silent for a bit, as Sakura wiped her tears as she watched the scene unfold before her, feeling a new level of fear for her teammate at his current actions as he seemed to be strong enough to kill a Jounin, apparently the strongest Jounin in the village if the rumors she heard were true, so easily on multiple occasions. Sasuke was seething as the dead last of their class - Roxatun didn't give a shit about passing the entire year, he just actually tried at the genin exams to pass - was more powerful than him, in spades he might add but would never admit.

"Wonderful!" Roxatun piped happily as he willed Lindworm to disappear, causing a sweat drop to form on all his teammates heads. "Then let's continue our journey. Tazuna-san, if you would please lead the way." He asked of their client.

Nodding dumbly, Tazuna lead his hired help down the road, deciding to shrug what the fuck just happened off as 'shinobi stuff.' Once they reached the shore, they boarded a motor boat but found they could only travel across the water using oars, as the captain was afraid of Gato's men finding them. Once they made it across, Sasuke suddenly threw a kunai into the bushes, Sakura checking to find a little snowrabbit scared out of its mind, just barely ducking under the kunai. Both Kakashi and Roxatun noticed the climate-incorrect coat of the rabbit and were immediately on alert, Kakashi yelling 'DUCK!' when he heard a large object swinging through the air. Team 7, plus a tackled Tazuna, all ducked in time to see a large blade spin through the hair and embed itself into a tree, showing it was a large zanbatou with a large hole near the non-existent guard.

"Well, well, well, Sharingan no Kakashi, what a nice surprise. If you would please step aside and let me kill the bridge builder, I will be on my way." Zabuza offered, knowing Kakashi would decline.

"Can't do that, Kiri no Kijin, Momochi Zabuza. your lackies told us about you, so we're prepared." Kakashi quipped back, channeling chakra to his eyes as he surprised all around, showing Sharingan in both his eyes, but shocking them more when they morphed into some odd new pattern.

"Well, this is new; I'm sure you had Sharingan in only one eye, and it didn't look like that." Zabuza mused aloud.

"I got an upgrade. Now, Amaterasu!" Kakashi yelled as he closed his right eye, flames back as night shooting from his open left, heading right for Zabuza at a terrifying speed; only speed honed through his life as a missing nin allowed Zabuza to dodged the attack, taking his Kubikiribocho from the tree at the same time. Kakashi flinched as he grasped his bleeding eye, thanking Danzo-sama that he didn't have to worry about deteriorating eyesight like he was told about the normal Mangekyou, but cursing that it didn't mean it still wouldn't deplete his physical energy and chakra reserves. Due to the incident of getting the Sharingan from his Uchiha teammate, Kakashi had less-than-stable reserves, so he was risking quite a bit using these taxing techniques, but if it got the job done fast, he would risk it. Thankfully, he had trained on increasing his reserves so it was less of a problem, but by no means was it gone completely. He had trained in everything this Eternal Mangekyou gifted him, which included the Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and subsequently a new 'sub-element' known as Blaze Release, and the mighty Susanoo, which he had also learned to use in his taijutsu, just as he would now.

Charging at Zabuza, Kakashi engaged Zabuza in a taijutsu match, willing the silver-white ribcage of his Susanoo to form whenever Zabuza attempted to get a shot in, smirking as Zabuza cursed at his surely bruised fist. Deciding taijutsu wasn't the way to go, Zabuza hefted his cleaver and lunged at Kakashi, swinging Kubikiribocho, so sure his massive weapon could break through the ethereal defense of his opponent, only to be surprised when an equally ethereal skeletal arm shot forward, its clawed hand catching his weapon with a raise of Kakashi's arm as a swinging of his opposite closed fist created its twin, slamming into Zabuza's whole body, rocketing backwards onto the lake as he skipped over it like a thrown stone. Kakashi went down on one knee as he attempted to catch his breath after such liberal use of Susanoo but smirked at his battered opponent.

Sasuke was gobsmacked at the power he witnessed, while trying to ignore how his sensei, a non-Uchiha, had the Sharingan, he marveled at the power of the Sharingan; with this power, he could surely destroy Itachi!

As Zabuza picked himself up on the lake, standing on it with chakra channeled to his feet, he glared heatedly at Kakashi and his damnable powers of those fucking eyes. Blurring through hand seals as fast as he could, Zabuza mounted on this lull in Kakashi's attacks. "Suiton: Suryuidan no Jutsu!" As the water warped around him, Kakashi decided to psyche Zabuza out some more and, casting a strong genjutsu over himself so it seemed he used a really strong Doton: Doryuheki, when it actuality, he used Mokuton: Mokujoheki, a dome of wood blocks locking together, protecting him from the water dragon Zabuza sent.

Of course, to Sakura and Sasuke, it merely appeared that he used a strong Earth Style Wall, but to Roxatun, who was immune to genjutsu thanks to the Lexicon, his eyes were wide open as he witnessed his 'sensei' use Wood Release, a sub-element that should only be possible in the Senju clan, though it was only in one instance, and last he checked, his sensei wasn't a Senju! Then he noticed how the wood seemed to grow out of his right arm, the same limb he felt a weird signature from when Kakashi showed up late for the mission. He decided he wouldn't bring up this impossibility, yet, and wouldn't bring it up with the Hokage, opting to see the events that will unfold from Kakashi's odd 'gifts.' Thought this did give him a new technique to use with his Mokuton gifted from Graceful Dahlia.

Team 7 is going to get a lot more interesting with this new upset.

End Ch. 2

So yeah, you might notice I changed this chapter quite a bit. Kakashi's EMS is now artificial, and thus not as strong as a real EMS, so don't worry about Kakashi getting a Perfect Susanoo or anything like that so soon. And I've redone the bell test fight completely; I want to say that the design of the Reaper Nobody is about 99% Shadows-Twilight from devianart. All I did was throw in the little ball-with-zig-zag-teeth that all Nobodies - even if you didn't notice it! - have. I will also be using his Academic, Puppeteer, and Charger Nobodies, but not his Ninja ones - I've come up with my own Shinobi Nobodies - and thus all credit goes to him for them. Now, I'm using his Nobody designs because, like him, I wondered why Marluxia, Larxene, Lexaeus, Zexion, and Vexen didn't have specific Nobodies that worked for them, so this is a viable solution to me. I'm also not doing powered-up forms when using Org. weapons, I'm doing something else that I think will be a lot better, considering no one seems to have thought about it.

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