"Deeper" Meaning

Lightning lay on the couch, her head on Fang's lap. She was supposed to be doing some paperwork. But after a long week of patrols and training, paperwork was the last thing on her mind. Instead, she was content to drowse off with Fang's lap for a pillow while the other woman watched the afternoon news.

"I've always liked your hair." Fang ran her fingers through Lightning's hair before letting her fingertips glide along the soft plane of Lightning's cheek. She ended with a gentle but firm stroke of Lightning's collarbone, her index finger lingering on the mark she'd left there. "Although I've always wondered what you'd look like with pigtails."

"Don't even think about it." Lightning shifted slightly to press a kiss to Fang's belly. "I love you, but if you put my hair into pigtails, I will kill you." She opened her eyes. "Say, do we have any ice cream left in the fridge? I could use some sugar after the week I've had."

"We do, but we're out of chocolate."

Lightning made a disgusted sound. "Please tell me that you're joking."

"Nope." Fang returned to stroking Lightning's hair. "Not joking."

"Damn it." Lightning sat up and scowled. "We need to go out and get some."

"I really don't understand why you like chocolate ice cream so much." Fang's lips twitched up into a mischievous smile. "But I guess it makes sense."

Lightning knew that look. Whatever came out of Fang's mouth next would either be unbridled genius or complete stupidity. Perhaps even a combination of both. "Explain."

"Well, it's something Vanille joked about once." Fang chuckled. The red head shared the house with them, but lately, she'd been making noises about moving out. Apparently, she'd walked in on them making out on the couch one too many times. Then there had been the times she'd caught them going at in the laundry room, not to mention the – she grinned. Good times. Great times. "Anyway, Vanille said that I'm like chocolate ice cream."

"You're like chocolate ice cream? Really?"

"That's what she said, and you would be strawberry ice cream." Fang pointed at Lightning's hair. "Get it?"

"And let me guess, Vanille is vanilla because of her name." Lightning rolled her eyes. Trust Vanille to come up with something like that. "So what does that make Serah?"

"Strawberry with the cherry on top."

"Vanille has way too much time on her hands. And that still doesn't explain what makes you chocolate although you do have dark hair so…"

"Look, it makes perfect sense." Fang waggled her eyebrows. "After all, we've all seen the way you go at your chocolate ice cream. You just get in there and dig in." She leaned in close, lips almost touching Lightning's. "The way you just go after that chocolate ice cream and eat –"

"Do not finish that sentence."

For someone so passionate in bed, Lightning was oddly prudish when it came to talking about it. Naturally, that only made Fang more eager to poke at her girlfriend. An angry Lightning could be wonderfully assertive, and Fang didn't mind a bruise or two if it came from Lightning having her wicked way with her in the most delightful sense. "Come on, Lightning. You know I'm right. And you've seen how much I like strawberry ice cream." She grinned. "You don't think it's a bit strange that I like strawberry so much? Sure, strawberry ice cream doesn't taste as nice as –"

"Stop talking."

"You said that last night too." Fang grinned. "And I bet I can make you say that again tonight."

Lightning breathed a sigh of relief as the front door swung open with a bang bringing an end to Fang's teasing. She loved the other woman, but she could do without some of the teasing. Sometimes, she thought Fang did it just to get her riled up. A few moments passed, sounds coming from the kitchen first, before a familiar voice rang out.

"We're back!" Vanille shouted. "Please tell me you aren't naked." The red head stuck her head around the corner into the living room and let out the breath she'd been holding. "Phew, I was worried I was going to walk in on you guys again."

"Really? They're that bad?" Serah smiled, pushing Vanille into the living room.

"I would tell them to get a room, but they have one already. The problem is, they don't use it."

"That's funny." Serah grinned at Lightning. "Because I distinctly remember a certain someone complaining when she saw me and Snow making out. It looks like that certain someone should take some of her own advice." She shook her head. "You've probably corrupted poor Vanille here with your sexual escapades."

"I do not have sexual escapades." Lightning ground the words out. Okay, maybe she did, but she wasn't about to let her sister know that.

"You so do." Vanille rolled her eyes. "And that's fine. I just wished you wouldn't have them right in the open where I can see them. Sure, you and Fang are both good looking but…" She put on a thoughtful look. "I really don't need to see, well, unless you ask me to join in, then maybe…"

"Vanille!" Lightning lobbed a couch cushion at her.

"Yeah, yeah. I was joking, get over it." Vanille dodged the couch cushion. "Anyway, Serah and I have finished shopping, and we were thinking of getting some ice cream from that fancy store near the supermarket. Do you guys want to come?"

Lightning looked at Vanille. The little Dia could be even worse than Fang, but ice cream did sound good. "Fine, but I'm driving." She headed for the door. "Come on."

As she opened the front door, she could hear Serah talking to Vanille and Fang in what had to be the fakest stage whisper ever.

"She's always been like this. When we were young, she used to horde her ice cream like she was afraid someone would steal it. And you know what? She's only ever gotten chocolate or strawberry. Weird, huh?"

"Hear that, Lightning?" Fang shouted. "It looks like we were meant to be. Either that or you and your sister have some explaining to do."


It was only Fang's quick reflexes that let her catch the velocycle keys before they could get her in the face.

"I love you too, snuggle bunny." Fang grinned at the two younger women. "Looks like I'll be driving today."

"I guess." Serah shrugged. "But what does ice cream have to do with what you just said?"

Vanille giggled. "I'll tell you later."


Lightning stared at the sign hanging above the counter of the ice cream store in absolute horror. This could not be real. This had to be some kind of nightmare. Fang was going to kill her with teasing.

"Well, would you look at that?" Fang draped one arm around Lightning's shoulder and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "I've always wanted to eat a strawberry blonde."

Lightning knew that her face was on fire, but there was nothing she could do about it. What kind of ice cream shop had a signature scoop called the "strawberry blonde?" The universe was out to get her. "Fang…"

"What?" Fang pressed a quick kiss to Lightning's ear. "It's true, isn't it? In fact, unless I'm mistaken, I get to do it practically every night."

With a growl, Lightning shoved Fang away.

"Is there a problem, you two?" Serah tapped her foot on the ground and then turned back to the counter. "Stop mucking around, so we can order." She tilted her head to one side. "Hey, look at that!" She pointed at the strawberry blonde ice cream. "It's like you, Lightning."

Lightning's voice held the enthusiasm of a thousand children sentenced to an eternity of homework. "Yay, isn't that wonderful? Let's just order."

But ordering didn't make things better. If anything, it made them worse. After what Fang had told her about ice cream flavours, Lightning was struggling very hard to keep her mind out of the gutter. Fang had ordered a strawberry blonde with obvious relish, giving Lightning a searing look as she took her first lick of the sugary treat. In the meantime, Serah had ordered some vanilla ice cream while Vanille… Vanille had opted for a strawberry blonde with a cherry on top. Lightning wasn't sure whether to strangle the red head or warn Snow that he had competition. She couldn't even work out who would be worse to have as an in-law, Snow or Vanille.

"So, how is your ice cream?" Serah smiled. "Mine is delicious." The last word was almost a moan.

Lightning's reply died in her mouth as she watched her sister feast on the vanilla ice cream. Now that Fang had told her that Vanille was vanilla, she had no way of stopping her mind from imagining things it really didn't want to. The way her sister ran her tongue around the vanilla ice cream, the way it smudged around her lips before being brushed aside by another movement of her tongue. Dear Maker, the images were already forming in her mind: Serah pinning Vanille to the bed, the red head whimpering softly as Serah peeled off one article of clothing after another, her eyes alight with mischief, before she bent to kiss her way down Vanille stomach right down the juncture of her thighs where she lowered her head to lap at –

"How do you eat your ice cream?"

Serah's next question broke Lightning out of what was simultaneous one of the hottest and most disturbing fantasies she'd ever had. She did not want to know what Serah and Vanille would look like tangled up in bed. But watching Serah eat her vanilla ice cream with such obvious relish had Lightning's mind back in the gutter: Vanille, back arched, Serah holding her firmly in place –

"Well," Fang said, giving Lightning a knowing look. She knew exactly what was going through the pink haired woman's mind. Naughty. Eyes twinkling, she held Lightning's gaze. "I like to start from the top." Her tongue darted out to caress the top of the ice cream. Lightning forgot how to breathe. "And then I like to work my way down, bit by bit."

Lightning's mind was no longer in the gutter – it was the gutter. She knew exactly how much Lightning liked to start at the top. And how much she liked to take the scenic route. Damn, Lightning loved it when Fang took her time.

"And sometimes I like to bite." Lightning's mouth went dry as Fang took a small bite out of her ice cream before smoothing over the missing section with her tongue. Lightning had a mark on her collarbone from something just like that. "But I hate to rush. When it comes to strawberry, you just have to savour it." She smirked. "I love the way it tastes in my mouth, the way it starts off all tense and then just comes apart and melts all over my tongue. It has such a unique… taste."

Even Serah couldn't miss the blatant desire in Fang's voice. The younger Farron twitched and eyed her sister and Fang warily. "Please tell me that you're talking about the ice cream."

"Of course I am." Fang's eyes never left Lightning's as her tongue swirled gracefully over the strawberry ice cream. "What else would I have been talking about?"

"See what I have to put up with?" Vanille rolled her eyes at Serah and took a big, hearty bite out of her ice cream. "They're like rabbits, I tell you."

Any nasty reply that Lightning had prepared vanished. Her traitorous mind was already back at work constructing another image: Vanille in charge this time, Serah pushed back, Vanille smirking as she grabbed hold of Serah's thighs, pulled them apart and –

"Vanille, stop eating that ice cream!" The words were out of Lightning's mouth before she could stop them.

"What?" Vanille asked before a sudden change came over her. Lightning winced. Uh oh. Vanille knew that she knew. "Oh, this?" Vanille's eyes twinkled. "But I love strawberry ice cream with a cherry on top. It's like normal strawberry but better." She lifted her ice cream to her lips. "I could eat it all night long."


Lightning's shout was enough to make Serah drop her ice cream, but Vanille was there to save it. Grinning at Lightning, she held the ice cream out to Serah. "Say ah."

Watching Vanille feed Serah vanilla ice cream brought a twitch to Lightning's eye. Serah looked at her – Maker, Lightning thought, there was vanilla ice cream smeared all over her lips since Vanille had been quite messy and…

"Are you okay?" Serah asked. "You look like you're having a stroke."

"Do you love Snow?"

"What are you talking about? Of course I love him." Serah reached over to feel Lightning's forehead. "Are you sure you're okay? You're not making a lot of sense, and you've worked a lot of hours this week."

"Stop eating that ice cream!"

"Okay, now I'm really worried." Serah obediently opened her mouth as Vanille lifted the vanilla ice cream to her lips. A low moan left her. It was so, so good. "It's just ice cream."

"It's – it's!" Lightning sagged. "Fine. I guess it is just ice cream."

Fang snatched Lightning's chocolate ice cream out of her hands and raised it to Lightning's lips. "I can't believe Vanille is the one feeding Serah. Aren't we supposed to be the ones going out?" She smirked. "Now, come on, eat up. I know how much you love the taste of chocolate."

Cheeks flushed, Lightning found herself opening her mouth. The taste of the chocolate ice cream on her tongue was sinfully good. For a moment, her mind was somewhere else: Fang spread out before her, body slick with sweat as Lightning lifted her up by her hips to take a nice, long taste of –

"See, I knew you'd like it." Fang's gaze was hot. "We could even have some more when we get home."


"You are a terrible human being." Lightning had her back to Fang as she stomped through the kitchen.

"But you love me anyway."

Lightning's reply was a growl, but then Fang's arms were around her, holding her firmly in place.

"I'm sorry if the teasing got out of hand. You know I was only trying to have a bit of fun." Fang pressed her face into Lightning's hair, and the pink haired woman felt her anger fade. "I only do it because you're so beautiful when you're mad… and so frisky too."

Lightning laughed and shoved Fang away. "Pervert."

"Only for you." Fang ducked under Lightning's lazy punch and opened the fridge. "Anyway, we've got the house to ourselves for the weekend."

"I still don't know how I feel about Vanille spending the weekend with Serah. I know they're friends, and I know that Serah can get lonely sometimes when Snow is out helping an expedition, but the way Vanille ate that ice cream –" Lightning clamped down on her mind before it could give her another slow motion replay of what things might look like between Vanille and Serah. Maybe Fang was right, maybe she did think about Serah too much?

"It was ice cream; you're reading too much into it." Fang reached into the fridge and pulled out her prize. "I had Vanille pick this up for me while she and Serah were out shopping." She gestured at the tub of chocolate ice cream. "I know how you get when you don't have any chocolate ice cream to eat." She grinned and lifted something off the counter. "And look, we even have chocolate sauce."

In years gone by, Lightning would still have been ticked off about all the teasing. Her relationship with Fang had taught her a few things about letting things go. With a speed equalled only by her namesake, Lightning shoved the ice cream back into the fridge and hoisted Fang up onto the kitchen counter. Fang moaned as Lightning grabbed hold of the bottle of chocolate sauce and got to work on mixing her two favourite flavours: Fang and chocolate.

Neither of them heard the front door open.

"Don't mind me," Serah shouted. "I'm just getting the tub of vanilla ice cream I bought from the supermarket. I was supposed to get it after we went out for ice cream, but I forgot and – ah!"

Fang and Lightning jerked apart. Somehow, Fang ended up underneath Lightning as the pink haired woman struggled to protect her girlfriend's modesty. Chocolate sauce was everywhere.

Near the door of the kitchen, Serah slapped one hand over her face. "Ah!" Groping blindly for the door, all she did was grab hold of Vanille's chest as the red head walked into the kitchen. "Ah!"

For Lightning, seeing her sister groping Vanille was like the fulfilment of every twisted fantasy she'd had over the past few hours. "Ah!"

And then there was Vanille. Perhaps she had considered what things might be like with Serah – they may even have almost kissed a few times when they'd gotten really, really drunk – but that was neither here nor there. But the hand on her chest was most definitely there. "Ah!"

As always, it was Fang who took charge. Grinning, she grabbed her sari and wrapped it around herself as she pushed Serah and Vanille out of the kitchen. "You two, out!" She looked back at Lightning. "And you…" She dropped the sari. "Get me back on that counter and finish what you started."

A few minutes later, with their younger siblings safely back outside and most likely scarred for life, it was Fang who was screaming.



Author's Notes

As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

This is based off Fanragi Forever Prompt #167: Fang and Lightning (and others, if you wish) go out for some ice cream. Their local creamery has a signature scoop known as "Our Strawberry Blonde." Innuendos ensue.

I am a bad person. I had this great plan of how I would spend tonight working on one of my more serious stories (Wasteland, I'm looking at you), but then I wandered over to the Fangrai Forever page and saw this prompt. My plan went out the window, and I got this hammered out (drafts and all) in about two hours. In case it isn't obvious, I've always been a fan of the ice cream joke, and this prompt was an excuse to go all in on it. I've also been on something of a productive streak, so I thought I'd take advantage of it while the going is good.

It also occurs to me as I write this that I do seem to have quite a lot of Serah/Vanille subtext here (okay fine, it's not subtext, it's more like bold text). It's not that I don't support Serah/Snow as a couple. I do. However, I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Vanille had met Serah first. Oh well. I'll just have to fight off the urge to imagine what might have been. And speaking of that, Lightning is a bit of a pervert in this chapter. The chance to make another jab at her occasionally overly deep feelings about her sister was too good to pass up. Like I said, I'm a bad person.

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