Do We Have Any Strawberry Milk?

Lightning scowled as Fang sauntered in her kitchen like she owned the place. Sure, Lightning let Fang and Vanille live with her, but it was her damn house and her damn kitchen.

Smirking that irksome smirk of hers, Fang grabbed a glass, opened the fridge and then bent over to rummage around in it. Lightning did her best not to stare. Damn that woman's shapely behind!

"Hey, Lightning, do we have any strawberry milk?"

Lightning ruffled her newspaper and did her best to pretend that she hadn't been staring and that she wasn't still staring as Fang wiggled around to try and get to the back of the fridge. "No, we do not have any strawberry milk. Besides, what do you need strawberry milk for? We've got plenty of normal milk."

And that, Lightning thought, would be the end of that. Only it wasn't.

The very next day, Fang traipsed back into the kitchen, that same smirk still firmly in place. Then she grabbed a glass, opened the fridge door and waggled her behind at Lightning.

"Do we have any strawberry milk?"

"I told you yesterday," Lightning muttered, tired after a long shift patrolling the edges of town, and barely able to fight off the urge to just reach over and give Fang's fine rear end a pat or two. "We don't have any strawberry milk. We've never had any strawberry milk, and I swear to Etro if you ask again, I'll get my gun blade and shoot you."

Fang looked over her shoulder and grinned. "We'll see." And just because she'd caught Lightning staring, she made sure to wiggle her hips as she ambled out of the kitchen.

And so, the next day came. Fang grabbed a glass, opened the fridge and then turned to Lightning, but before she could say a thing – or tempt Lightning any further – the pink haired woman cut her off.

"No, we don't have any damn strawberry milk, and if you even think of asking again, I'll shoot you with my gun blade."

Fang grinned and leaned across the counter toward Lightning. "Do you have your gun blade with you?"

Lightning winced. She'd left it upstairs. "No."

A lazy smirk crossed Fang's face. "In that case… do we have any strawberry milk?" As Lightning spluttered in outrage, Fang reached over and took the half-empty glass of normal milk in front of Lightning – the milk Lightning had been halfway through drinking. Still smirking, she drank the rest of the milk down, her eyes on Lightning the entire time. "Tastes good." Her lips twitched. "It's not strawberry milk, but Lightning flavoured milk isn't half bad either."

And with that Fang skipped out of the kitchen, leaving Lightning staring intently at the glass of milk. She was still thirsty… so should she get another glass or use the same one. Maker, she could still see the outlines of Fang's lips on the glass. After taking a quick, surreptitious look around, Lightning poured herself another glass of milk – into the same glass.

Author's Notes

As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

This is based on Fanrai Forever Prompt #108: Fang finds herself drinking strawberry flavored milk and taunting Lightning at the same time. Admittedly, Fang never got her strawberry milk, but she did get something better, so I guess it works out.

As soon as I saw this prompt, I knew I had to do it. When I was younger, I used to read every joke book I could find, and one of my favourites has always been the one about a duck, a barman and some grapes. This chapter is pretty much the Fangrai version of that joke.

It was nice to write something this silly after Whispers of the Gods, and it was also nice to write something short. In my profile you can find links to my blog and deviant art.

As always, I appreciate feedback. Reviews and comments are welcome.