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It's Not Easy

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

My name is Ja'far, I have a part-time job, and I have been working there since I was fourteen years old. Currently I'm Sixteen years old and by the way my parents are assassins.

"Ja'far, It is nearly time for you to go to your part time job." Masrur commented calmly, he is eleven years old, and tall for his age. His parents are fighting instructors.

I hate my part-time job, but it's either this or doing assassination work with my parents. I have scars on my legs. I can still remember the event which caused my scars...being kidnapped, tortured, my legs being all bloody, and nearly being...My parents arrived in time, they had the blood of other people on them, and killed the man that was starting to take off my underwear. After I was basically healed up and walking..My parents trained me to be an assassin, teaching me about posions, having me pratice with daggers and knives, hand to hand combat, and all other sorts of stuff.

"Yes, I know." I said while picking up a padded bra and putting silicone breast pads into it. I took off my shirt, put on the bra with the silicone breast pads inside of it, and Masrur did the clasp in the back for me. I put on a long sleeve dark blue shirt with a white kitten with green eyes, a black skirt which goes a little above my knees, and pulled down my white briefs to put on black panties with snakes all around it. I put on black stockings and a pair of black high heels. I placed a white wig onto my head it goes to my mid-back. Lip-gloss on my lips and Masrur applied the mascara on my eyelashes. I wrap a dark blue scarf around my neck.

I work part-time at a Maid Cafe. I'm what others would consider a Trap...a cross-dresser..It's either working a Maid Cafe or doing assassination work with my parents.

Of course none of the customers aka the Masters and Mistresses have no idea I'm a sixteen year old male. They believe me to be a Female and the name I go by there is 'Kitten' because of the younger brother of the man that owns the Maid Cafe...However my co-workers know I'm a male, they do not mind it, and I normally end up with the perverted Masters & Mistresses in order to save their 'Innocence' which is a blunt lie because I know for a fact most of my co-workers are perverts hiding behind fake innocence.

Masrur and I went on the train. A guy tried to grope my bottom on the train, but Masrur grabbed his wrist and I'm pretty sure he broke the guy's wrist because there was that certain snap. It wasn't long before we got off the train and walked to the Maid Cafe.

"Hey, Kitten." Kouha Ren is eight years old, short, and a bit twisted. He may become less twisted when he gets older or become a lot more twisted when he gets older. He has long pink hair, short in the back, and has three braids on his fringe. One of his older brothers is Koumei Ren who happens to be the owner of the Maid Cafe. "Is that your boyfriend?"

"No and by the way he is eleven years old." I informed him and Kouha blinked his eyes.

"Jeez, He is tall for a eleven year old." Kouha commented, Masrur waved at me, and walked away. "Talk about rude not even saying a word."

"Because you said that he and I are boyfriends." I said calmly and he snorted.

"Kitten, You would be the girlfriend while he would be the boyfriend." Kouha stated to me. I twitched and he smirks at me. "He would be a seme while you would be a uke. In fact no matter what you would be the uke."

"Where do you learn those words? You are only eight years old." I muttered and we walk inside the Maid Cafe. At the moment it wasn't that busy. We are inside one of the dressing rooms.

"From the so called innocent maids who work here." Kouha commented to me. "By the way starting from today I'll be working here as a Chibi Maid to see how it works out for a couple of weeks and if it works out pretty good. Then Judal will work here as a Chibi Maid and he is one year older than me."

"So after a couple weeks you will no longer be a Chibi Maid?" I asked with a slightly hopefully voice.

"Correct because I hate working. If it works out good then Judal will be working here as a Chibi Maid." He replied to me.

"Please tell he is shy and respectful." I said in a low voice and he gives me an innocent smile which really isn't innocent at all.

"Oh poor Judal is meek, bashful, and very respectful." Kouha told me while grinning and it is easy to tell he is lying. "Anyway Kitten, You'll be seeing him in a couple of weeks if it all works out."

I take off my shirt and skirt.

"Always wearing cute panties." He commented. I simply put on the pink Maid uniform and ignored him. I put a cosplay cat collar around my neck. "Along with a padded bra and silicone breast pads, Kitten. You always put in a lot of effort."

"Only when I have to come into work." I stated flatly and sat down to take off my black stockings along with the black high heel shoes. I grabbed the white stockings, put them on, and Kouha is looking around the dressing room. I put on pink high heel shoes and stood up. "Almost time for my shift."

"You almost forgot your cat ears, Kitten." Kouha said while smirking and I put them on.

"You know my real name is Ja'far." I told him.

"I know, but I picked out that name for you when you started working here." Kouha commented and he pulls out a white Maid uniform from a bag. "Almost forget I'll be working with you starting from today So please take care of me, Nee-San. A Chibi maid is always with a maid."

At times...I think it might be better doing assassination work with my parents than working here part-time at this Maid Cafe. Kouha almost always mocking and I can't do anything since his older brother is the owner of this Maid Cafe...I hate my life at times.

"Wouldn't you rather be with one of the other workers." I said causally to him.

"You are more fun to mess with Kitten-Chan. By the way my name will be Angel-Sama." Kouha commented while smirking and swiftly changed into his white maid uniform. I briefly noticed he is wearing boxers. "Let's go."

It is time to greet the customers AKA the Masters and Mistresses. Right away I notice a familiar face. His name is Sinbad and he has been a customer for two years.

"Welcome home, Master." I said cheerfully and Kouha is behind me. "For a couple of weeks a Chibi Maid will be following me in order to learn how to be a proper maid and her name is...Angel-Sama."

"Welcome home, Master." Kouha's voice sounds sugary sweet and it almost makes me feel sick to my stomach. Sinbad smiles, I show him to the table, and Kouha trying to trip me by being around my legs. I give Sinbad a wipe towel and a menu.

"I'll have the usual, Kitten-Chan." Sinbad tells me. I wrote down the order, Kouha is messing with my stockings, and the scars on my legs briefly showed. I pulled the stockings up and gave Kouha a look. He pretends to be innocent.

"I'll have that right away, Master." I commented calmly and Sinbad smiles at me. Kouha follows me. I told the cook Sinbad's order and Kouha pulls at my pink maid uniform.

"So, Kitten is that guy your boyfriend?" He asks me.

"No...Sin is not my boyfriend and he is four years older than me." I commented in a low voice and he tilts his head to the side.

"Just asking because the other maids told me on how he always requests for you." Kouha said and he crosses his arms. "Plus I heard his name is Sinbad, but looks like you have a nickname for him."

"Think what you want Kouha..I don't care anymore." I informed him, my hands up in the arm, and he snickers at me. I deliver Sinbad his food, made a snake design on it, and I kneeled by the table to stir cream and sugar into Sinbad's coffee.

"Master would you like Kitten-Chan to spoon-feed you?" Kouha asked innocently. What? This is the first time I have heard of spoon-feeding..

"I never knew about spoon-feeding." Sinbad said to Kouha.

"It just started today and you would be the first to experience it." Kouha commented cheerfully. My cheeks start to burn. I have never spoon-feed anyone and I bet Kouha is enjoying this completely. "Also I Angel-Sama can take photo's free of charge since it would be your first time being spoon-fed here. It will also be Kitten-Chan's first time. It is best to make the first time special."

Sinbad agreed and he doesn't look nervous or anything at all. I managed to spoon-feed him...burning cheeks and all. Thankfully, My hands did not shake and I didn't drop anything. I'm completely humiliated and to think I thought there was no way this part-time job could be any worse, but I was wrong. Kouha is having a good time taking photo's of me spoon-feeding Sinbad and I'm pretty sure he'll make copies of them for future blackmail or something...At long last it was over...

"Also if you want you can recieve a fully clothed massage from Kitten-Chan. It doesn't cost that much and she is good with her hands." Kouha commented innocently.

I know how to kill someone with my hands, I know how to use knives and daggers to kill, and how to make deadly poison. Sinbad thought for a moment and nodded his head.

"Sure. Why not?" Sinbad said cheerfully and Kouha grins widely at my shocked expression. Can this day get any worse?

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