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It's Not Easy By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Sinbad ordered the usual. Kouha walked away towards the kitchen and Sinbad is still smiling. I smiled back.

"It is good to see your smiling face." Sinbad told me.

"And it is good to be back." I commented calmly and he nodded his head. "A cold isn't enough to take me down."

"I know." Sinbad said simply and briefly closed his eyes. "Should have known better."

I blinked my eyes, glanced away, and saw Kouha carrying the tray. His movement is slow, clusmy, and he is going to end up tripping. I walked over towards him, he tripped, and started to fall down. I easily caught the tray with my left hand and wrapped my right arm around Kouha's waist keeping him from exposing his panties to everyone in the Maid Cafe.

Kouha is a pain in the neck at times, a little brat, and his older brothers ought to be there for him more often. He seeks attention and not caring whether the attention is good or bad. I placed the tray gently down onto Sinbad's table. Kouha under my right arm.

"I'm sorry...I'll be right back." I said softly and looked into his eyes. "It seems Angel-Sama isn't feeling too good."

"I'll be waiting patiently for you." Sinbad commented and I nodded my head. I moved Kouha onto both of my arms, carrying him with ease to the back-room, and placed him down onto the sofa.


"You should have stayed home, Kouha."

",But no one would be there..They are always working."

I felt his forehead. He is running a fever and I sighed to myself.

"I should let Koumei know."

"Please don't do that Ja'far. He'll send me home and no one will be there. I'll be all alone."

"Alright, fine." I commented and pulled out a pill bottle from my pocket. Half a pill is the correct dose for a kid and I used a knife to cut the pill in half. I used a spoon to get a little Ice Cream, put the half-pill on the bottom, and handed it to Kouha. "Here. I put a half-pill inside of the Ice Cream so it is easier for you to swallow it."

He quietly said 'Thank You' and swallowed the small spoon full of Ice Cream. I placed my jacket on him and looked down at him. "Just get better." I stated simply and pat him on the forehead.

"You being grateful is quite scary."

"Heh, Maybe I ought to do it more often." Kouha commented while grinning weakly and he fell asleep. I walked away, went over to Sinbad, and smiled. The pill bottle was a gift from my parents a few months ago...It helps with colds and causes people to fall asleep within two minutes. Not sure where on earth they bought the pill bottle from or if they had one of their friends make it special or anything, but it works.

"Kitten-Chan are you happy working here?" Sinbad asked me. Am I happy? I really don't know. "No one is blackmailing you, right?"

"Sin who could blackmail me?" I asked while pouring him a drink. "It is better working here than working with my parents. It's nice seeing smiles and hearing laughter."

Smiles, laughter, and warmth is better than...blood, screams, and coldness.

"Kitten-Chan...Do you recall when you were a child?" He asked me.

"Hmm...Not really." I replied and sat down. I mainly recall the hellish training sessions. Sinbad looks down, his eyes looking sad, and I wonder what is wrong.

"What is wrong?"

"It's...nothing." Sinbad said quietly and then he smiled brightly. "It has been good seeing you looking so happy, Kitten-San."

"Well you are nice and haven't tried to see my panties by trying to trip me or by trying to flip my skirt up." I commented calmly and his eyes went wide in horror. "So far no one has been successful. At least no one has tried to grope me here..."

"Kitten-Chan, What do you mean?"

"Well sometimes on the bus...and on the train...males have tried to grope me." I replied and looked into his eyes. "Today I felt a hand on my bottom and he was about to grope, but it didn't occur. Anyway, How are you doing today?"

Sinbad looks pissed off, his eyes narrowed, and biting down on his lip.

"I have gotten use to it, Sin. It has been occurring for two years not every single day." I commented calmly and looked up at the ceiling. "Different people of course. Never the same ones."

Never the same ones because I scare the hell out of them.

"Ever since you started working here." Sinbad said quietly.

"Yes." I answered and stood up. "I'll be right back. Have to check on Angel-Sama."

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