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The Boss

A Sasuhina Story


Chapter One

Hinata rushed into the office building trying to escape the blistering Tokyo winter chill.

She seriously hated winter, with a passion.

She tiptoed into her office, wanting ten minutes to herself to enjoy her latte and chocolate chip muffin. Slowly eating her somewhat of a breakfast, Hinata peeled off her trench coat and gloves, about to take a seat when the sudden sound of her boss calling her name startled her. She let out a sigh.

'How the hell does he know I'm even here yet?' She thought to herself. Slowly getting up from her seat, she made her way to his office.

"M-Morning, Uchiha-san." She greeted, handing him his filter coffee. Sasuke looked up from his desk, narrowing his eyes at her. Clearly he'd been here for awhile. His jacket hung on the coat hanger, the crisp white sleeves of his shirt were neatly folded to the elbow.

"I expected you here earlier." He said, not returning her greeting.

Never mind that she had come in thirty minutes early just to prepare the boardroom. Hinata held back her sigh. He was always grumpy before a board meeting and she knew it well. He took his coffee from her and gulped down half the contents before continuing.

"You will reprint page six before we start in 20 minutes." He said, checking his platinum watch before turning away from her and returning to his laptop.

"Yes sir." She said as she strode out from his office.

She quickly made a call to the typing pool for assistance. If she was going to reprint documents and make fresh information packets for each of the boardroom members, somebody else had to help her set up the boardroom. As the CEO's P.A, she could make the executive decision to command additional resources from the typing pool.

With five minutes to spare, Hinata was finished. She eyed her ice-cold latte distastefully before tossing it into the trash can. She picked up the information packets and headed for the boardroom.

"Hinata, where's my coffee?" Sasuke marched into the boardroom.

'You've already had three so far.' Hinata thought to herself. 'I haven't even had one yet!'

"T-There you go." She said quietly, handing him the cup. She silently entertained the thought of strapping a coffee machine to his back. He consumed like twenty cups a day.

"Thank you." He said, giving her the first half-smile of the day. Hinata dragged her eyes away. She'd love to stand there and indulge in one of Sasuke Uchiha's rare smiles, but what good would it do? She could be a robot for all he cared. In the eighteen months she'd worked for him, he'd never looked at her with anything akin to her resembling a human, let alone a desirable member of the opposite sex.

Sasuke looked around the boardroom. Everybody was busy indulging in refreshments and networking with each other. Perhaps they didn't have the time for breakfast, considering he did summon them pretty early. He grinned to himself in a satisfied matter. About to start the meeting, he nodded to Hinata.

She took her seat next to the CEO and opened her notepad, readying herself to take notes. She stole a look at him while he was busy on the phone. Sasuke had his body angled away from everybody to take the call. He leaned forward to reach for something, briefly exposing his waist. Hinata felt her face turn a light shade of pink before quickly turning away.

Sasuke's personal mobile rang. Thankful for the distraction, Hinata reached for it.

"Can I speak to Sasuke?" The sex kitten's voice purred. Hinata was reluctant to dismiss the caller, but she knew Sasuke wouldn't take the call.

"He's busy on another call, Miss Haruno. May I take a message for him?" Sakura was Sasuke's 'flavor of the moment'. His 'moments' often didn't last longer than two or three months. Surprisingly, this one was in it's fourth month.

"Is Sasuke avoiding me?" Sakura demanded more than asked. "Is he seeing someone else? He also cancelled dinner on me last night!"

"We're a-about to start a board meeting." Hinata said, sighing into the mobile. "I left Uchiha-san here at e-eight last night and found him in when I got here at seven thirty."

"Ughh, he works too hard!" Hinata could tell Sakura was pouting.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen," Sasuke began, snapping his mobile shut. "shall we begin?" He turned to his side and glared at his P.A on the phone. Hinata blinked at him and everyone else in the boardroom who were also staring at her as well.

"I'll r-remind him to call you during the break." She spoke softly into the mouth piece.

"Do that." Sakura said, cutting the call. Hinata slowly put down the phone and smiled at everyone. She scribbled down a note and handed it to Sasuke. He folded it, inserting it into his breast pocket without even reading it.

Three hours later, Hinata's fingers were aching from all the writing she had been doing.

She wished Sasuke would call a break. She desperately craved a cup of coffee and also needed to make a nature call real bad. She flexed her throbbing fingers and waited for Sasuke to continue speaking. When he remained silent, she looked up at him.

He leaned over to her in his seat until she could feel his breath on her ear. Hinata swallowed uncomfortably.

"Should we break?" He whispered to her, causing her to widen her eyes a bit in surprise, though she quickly masked it.

"Uh, y-yes please." She made out. Sasuke kept his eyes trained on his P.A. She was perfectly groomed as usual, today in another one of her figure hugging pencil skirt and white blouse. His eyes traveled back up to her face and stayed there until Hinata looked away uncomfortably.

She was surprised he called a break. Her boss was a confirmed workaholic. To him, holidays were uncalled for and a waste of productive time. He never took Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Labour Day breaks. Sometimes the grueling times frustrated Hinata to no ends, but the more than extravagant pay made up for the occasional ungodly hours.

Most of the time she enjoyed working for the tyrant. He was fair to her, his demands manageable and she could hardly call her job boring. She got to see a lot of the world.

Uchiha Technology was the leading aviation components manufacturer in Japan, and a major exporter to it's products to France, China, Germany, the UK, America and Canada. Uchiha Tech's superior quality and innovative designs were unparalleled in the world of avionics. Their products and components were much in demand by different departments of many sovereign states around the world.

"Let's have a fifteen minute break." Sasuke said to the boardroom members. "My secretary needs a leg stretch." His eyes returned to rest on Hinata. She felt her face go pink for a second before clearing her throat.

"C-Call Miss Haruno." Hinata instructed Sasuke when the boardroom members got up to enjoy their break, handing him another coffee.

"Thanks." He dismissed, picking up his coffee before he walked to where the company's head of research and development was sitting.

Hinata rushed to the ladies room before she could indulge in some coffee. She made a quick mental note to send Sakura Haruno a bouquet of flowers. In the eighteen months Hinata had been working for the powerful, charismatic and very good looking Sasuke Uchiha, she had learned a lot about the man. The type of food and drinks he enjoyed, his attraction for good-looking, leggy, independent women. His dislikes; he hated women who were clingy or tried to control him. He showed no mercy for lazy people and did not suffer fools gladly.

As his P.A, Hinata's list of duties to the man was extensive. She also attended to his personal effects, like bringing him coffee or his lunch. To ensure Sasuke stayed in good books with his family, he gave Hinata a list of their names and dates for her to keep track of to send gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. The list included his parents and older brother.

On a weekly basis, his current lover received a bouquet of flowers. If Sasuke was in trouble with his lover, she received more than one bouquet a week. Depending on the extent of the trouble, fine jewelery accompanied the flowers.


"Will there b-be anything else Uchiha-san?" Hinata asked softly. "I'll be leaving." It was six in the evening. Sasuke had already informed her that he would be leaving shortly.

"Could you arrange a bouquet of flowers for Sakura?" He asked without looking up from his desk.

"Taken care of s-sir. It was delivered this afternoon." She said. Sasuke looked up from his desk at her, giving her a half-smile.

"Thank you, Hinata. Have the rest of the day off." He said, as if he was giving her a reward. Hinata rolled her eyes to herself before letting out a smile of her own.

"You're so kind." She said, causing him to let out a small chuckle. She slipped on her trench coat and scarf, mentally preparing herself for the freezing weather outside.

"Would you like a lift home?" He asked, causing her to look back at him. He never offered her a ride home before. "It's near blizzard conditions outside, don't want you dying on me."

"I uh, c-called a cab." She lied, tightening her belt around her waist. "It's waiting for me outside." She heard him let out a sigh.

"Good night then, Hinata." He said, standing up to stretch. Hinata watched as his muscles flexed beneath his shirt before quickly turning away.

"G-Good night." She said, turning for the door.

"Oh and don't make any plans next week. We're flying to Washington for three days."

"Yes, Uchiha-san." She said, nodding before she shut his door behind her. Hinata instantly warmed to the idea. She loved the trips they took, which didn't happen often. Most of the times he travelled alone. Occasionally he took her with him when he had a few meetings lined up.

Hinata smiled to herself as she entered the elevator, thinking back to her interview for the job as P.A to the CEO of Uchiha Tech. She had to undergo three interviews, two with a panel from the HR division and the final one with the CEO. She recalled how Sasuke had demanded to know if she was attached. She had thought it was none of his business and remarked on the relevance of his question.

"On the contrary," He had countered. "I demand devotion to me only. My P.A will travel extensively with me, I don't want a jealous boyfriend interfering with her productivity."

"In th-that case, I am single." She had reluctantly conceded.

"Then congratulations are in order, Ms. Hyuga." He had extended his hand to her. "The job is yours. I'd like you to start a week from today." He had demanded. And to this day the demands never ceased, but there were many perks. Hinata almost fell out her chair at her unexpected wardrobe allowance. An accompanying letter had instructed that she made sure she dressed in her professional best whenever she accompanied the CEO on business trips. Hinata had never travelled overseas before, but with Sasuke she had been almost around the world.

Hinata let out a sigh as she tightened the scarf around her neck, trapping the warmth in. She braced herself for the onslaught of the blistering chill. Relieved to find a cab hovering near the building, she waved at it, hastily sliding into the back seat as she gave her address.

Sasuke lifted the blinds on his window and looked down at the small figure of his secretary getting into a cab. He smiled to himself.

'So she she hadn't been lying.'

He assumed she lied about the cab waiting for her. He disliked the way she maintained the cold, formal relationship with him. But none the less, she excelled at her job as his P.A. He was a demanding boss, and she went beyond the call of duty. He thought it a consolation that he increased her pay every six months, but if he attempted any other measures to show his appreciation, she would become suspicious.

Tonight for some reason, Sasuke didn't really want Sakura's company. He was starting to get tired of her subtle hints to move into his home. For some unexplainable reason, he had warmed to the idea of offering his secretary a lift home. His plan was when they were in his limo he would invite her to dinner, on work basis of course, but she aborted his plan by denying.

Sasuke wondered for the hundredth time why his very sexy secretary with her quite stunning body didn't have a man in her life. She should have a thousand of them throwing themselves at her.

How often he imagined himself ripping that figure hugging blouse and pencil skirt of hers off, sinking his hands into her silky violet hair and plunging himself inside the depths of her delectable body. Just the thought of it now caused the temperature in the room to raise.

The only factor holding him back from it though is his strict policy to never get involved with his employees. It always ruined the working relationship afterwards, if there actually is an afterwards. He knew himself too well. He knew he got bored too easily, and Ms. Hinata Hyuga was too valuable to him as a P.A to risk anything. It helped that she showed no interest in him. She knew too much of his personal life to be bothered with him.

Sasuke chuckled softly. He looked at his wristwatch, feeling no inclination to knock on Sakura's door whatsoever. He sent her a text message telling her not to expect him tonight before turning off his phone completely.


Hinata cursed as she felt the biting cold chill when she stepped inside her flat. Why didn't she remember to keep the heat on? She switched the kettle on. A cup of strong tea and a hot bath should warm her up as the heating kicked in. Thankfully she didn't need to cook tonight. There was still some left over teriyaki chicken, sushi and miso soup from last night.

As Hinata lay in her foamy bath, sipping on her tea, her thoughts ran as usual to Sasuke Uchiha. Whenever her mind wasn't occupied, it always seemed to find it's way back to him. She groaned miserably at the thought, dumping her cup on the edge of the bath as she sunk under the water.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to work with him and stay detached. How often she had silently hoped he would touch her, wrap his arm around her or even kiss her as he slowly started to peel off her shirt and-

"St-Stop it!" She exclaimed to herself. There was no point in entertaining those thoughts, and she knew that. Sasuke had his Miss Haruno to be with, and to hold, and kiss.

He didn't need her, nor want her in any way.

She let out a sigh at that.

When her skin was starting to become wrinkled from being in the water too long, Hinata got up from the bath. She found her favorite towel, wrapping herself with it before making her way to the kitchen. She served herself some of the leftover food and ate it in front of the television. The lounge was much warmer now. She even caught a late night movie before washing her dishes, brushing her teeth and slipping into bed.

A week later, the bark of her name over the intercom distracted Hinata from the spreadsheet she was compiling.

There were two distinct tones Sasuke used to get her attention. One was the conversational tone that meant he wanted her attention and then would tell her the further instructions over the intercom. The other one was one he just used, which meant she was summoned to his office. She quickly grabbed her notepad and pencil before hurrying to his office.

"Y-Yes, Uchiha-san?" She asked softly.

"Did the consignment reach Tel Aviv?"

"Yes, s-sir. The cargo is being off loaded as we speak."

"Then why is Goldstein enquiring about his delivery?" Sasuke demanded, staring up at her. "I expect you to be on top of these critical orders Hinata." He growled.

"I'll ch-check with despatch." Hinata mumbled and walked out. Before she called despatch, she verified the tracking code and called it up on the tracking program. From her computer screen, she received the satellite feed telling her that the delivery was completed twelve minutes ago. She called despatch, they confirmed what the satellite status report indicated. Hinata called the clerk in Tel Aviv. He had received the components, but decided to enjoy his lunch before he forwarded the urgent shipment to their frantic client.

Hinata sighed to herself before angrily picking up the fax from the machine, walking towards Sasuke's office.


"What's this?" Sasuke glared at the fax Hinata dropped on his table.

"S-Signed confirmation that the shipment was received in Tel Aviv forty five minutes ago." She struggled to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

"Are we set for Washington?" Sasuke filed the fax into the Tel Aviv file on his desk. Hinata didn't expect a apology from Sasuke, and he didn't offer one. He expected his staff to pre-empt problems and deal with them.

"Yes." She said, letting out another sigh. "Your m-meetings are all confirmed. They're uploaded on your ipad."

"Send a copy to the pilot."

"Already d-done." Hinata answered. She'd been working with Sasuke long enough to know the pilot preferred notice to schedule his take off and landing clearances.

"Good." Sasuke replied dismissively before returning to his paperwork. Hinata let herself out.

Sasuke lifted his head as his door closed again. A half-smile filled his face. He leaned back on his chair, lifted his feet onto his desk and tapped his pen on his knee.

He was informed belatedly of the shipment. The client called after lunch, informing Sasuke that he just got it. Only it was a little late, considering Sasuke already barked at Hinata to track the order. He wanted to laugh when Hinata stormed in, eyes blazing angrily to show him proof of the delivery, but she was too cool, calm and collected. Instead she calmly dropped it on his table to his dismay and he had annoyingly just stuffed it into the file on his desk.

Sasuke was beginning to feel frustrated at his increasing desire to bed his secretary. She aroused him like no other, the way she walked in and out of his office in those pencil skirts.

The unthinkable even happened last night while he was in bed with Sakura. As he closed his eyes to kiss her, an arresting image of his secretary filled his mind. Angrily, he groaned and increased the tempo as he made love to Sakura. She delightfully assumed it was his lust for her that had him groaning. Sasuke didn't bother to tell her otherwise.

Sasuke softly raked his left hand through his hair, only now realizing that he broke the pen that was in his hand in two. He had to get rid of Sakura, he determined. He was bored and lost all interest in her and it was time to end it.


"Hinata." He said, standing halfway into her office now.

"Uh, y-yes Uchiha-san?" She asked, blinking up at him.

"I'm having dinner with the Tsuki Foundation tonight. I want you to accompany me."

Sasuke was a patron of the Tsuki Foundation for homeless people. Joy suddenly leapt high in Hinata's heart, but quickly vanished.

"But – Miss Haruno j-just called. She said to remind you about the theatre tickets for tonight."