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The Boss

A Sasuhina Story


Chapter Twelve


"You looked nice last night." Hinata suddenly heard, looking up from her desk to see Sasuke standing near her. He trapped her gaze then.

"Y-You saw me?" She asked, mentally hitting herself for answering.

'I'm not speaking to him, remember?' She thought to herself, the promise she made to herself that morning coming back to her mind.

Sasuke smiled lazily at her. His towering proximity over her desk was daunting. She was suddenly finding it harder to breathe. Self consciously, she wheeled her chair slightly back undetectably.

"Did you e-enjoy your evening?" She asked, realizing he was her boss and not speaking to him would probably get her fired.

"Not really." He said, letting out a sigh. "She was CIA. She gave me indigestion."

"CIA? Indigestion?" She asked with wide eyes, suddenly tilting her head back in laughter. So his dinner wasn't a social event, he didn't sleep with her? She's been paranoid for no reason. "Oh, s-sorry." She said when she realized Sasuke was staring at her in confusion.

"How was your uh, date?" Sasuke enquired then.

"Um, f-fine, thank you." She said, biting her bottom lip as she looked up at him. They gazed at each other for a while before Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her, causing her to awkwardly clear her throat. "You're early." She said before she got up from her seat to file up the percolator.

"So are you." He said, admiring the shape of her legs in her tailored pants. She didn't often wear pants, but she did look good in them. Though he much preferred her in skirts so he could admire just how good her legs really looked.

He started to wonder if she went home with that Inuzuka last night. How long did he stay? Did she sleep with him? Did she wake up in his arms? He seriously didn't like feeling angry this early in the morning.

Hinata kept her head low as she prepared his coffee.

"I had a e-early night since Kiba left, so I was wide awake very early." She said, offering him his coffee with a half smile.

'So if Inuzuka left early, then he didn't take her to bed huh?'

"Thank you." He said, accepting his coffee. "I had an early night too." He turned towards his office. "Which is pretty unusual for me." She heard him say over his shoulder as he shut his door.

Hinata sat down on her chair with a sigh. Well that conversation wasn't too bad, considering they barely spoke two sentences to each other the other day. Hinata smiled to herself, feeling a bit better. So Sasuke spent the night alone, how interesting.

'Welcome to the club, Sasuke.'

Her heart jerked in a quick spasm as she tried to picture Sasuke, all tall and pure masculine flesh, spread-eagled under his silk sheets, alone. She knew his sheets were silk. She also knew he slept naked. Her cheeks flushed warmly in remembrance.

He told her it, that one morning when he was about to leave on a business trip. His housekeeper had been away, so he requested Hinata to rush to his place and pack a suitcase for him for three days. He told her, for future reference, not to pack him sleep wear. He never used anything in bed, he informed her. Hinata remembered how her whole face and ears turned crimson. Sasuke just laughed.

Why he had stacks and stack of sleepwear though, was beyond Hinata.

Hinata inhaled as she remembered her drive home with Kiba after their date last night. She didn't even offer Kiba an invitation into her apartment. When he stopped outside her door, she determinedly thanked him for the evening, implicitly letting him know the date wouldn't go farther than this. Polite and good mannered as he was, Kiba thanked her for dining with him, walked her to her front door, kissed her on the lips and said goodnight.

'Now what to do about Sasuke Uchiha...'

Hinata seriously couldn't think of one thing that could top the earth shattering kiss they shared last Saturday in her apartment. Just thinking about it sent a tingling shiver down her spine. If Sasuke's kiss was that great, what else could he be good at?

Hinata gave herself a mental slap to the face at the direction her thoughts were heading. But yet, she couldn't stop it as she started to shiver involuntarily.

"Is it cold in here, Hinata?"

"H-Huh?" Hinata asked, quickly jumping from her thoughts as she turned to Sasuke who was standing at the door to his office. His arm was leaning on the door frame while the other was tucked into his pocket.

"You're rubbing your arms." He said, pointing at her hands that were in fact on her arms. "Should I turn down the air conditioner for you?"

"Um, n-no thank you." She said, quickly turning her eyes away before he saw her flush with embarrassment. She didn't even know why she was thinking things like that to begin with. She knew Sasuke didn't want a relationship with her. And she knew she couldn't afford a relationship with him, not that he'd even want her. She needed to pay her bills, so loosing this job was out of the question.

"Is your intercom switched on?"

"Yes." Hinata said, looking at the machine. The light was signaling it was connected to power.

"I've called you three times." He said then, causing Hinata to widen her eyes.

"O-Oh, I didn't even notice." Sasuke narrowed his dark eyes questioningly at her.

"Are you coming down with something?" He asked, walking towards her desk.

"I, uh." She stood up from her chair. "I'm sorry, what d-did you want?" She asked, dragging her eyes back to him.

"Can I have the Matahori file please?" Sasuke asked as he stared at her, wondering what the hell was wrong with his normally proficient secretary. She nodded, walking to the filing cabinet.

'It's under 'M' for Moron, Hinata!' She thought to herself. She sighed silently, shutting her eyes for a second when the file was in her hand before turning around and duly handing it to Sasuke, careful their hands didn't touch. She shouldn't have bothered, anyways. He made no attempt at any physical contact as he took the file. He was in work mode. Best she snap her brain into gear as well.

"I think you should go see a doctor." Sasuke issued over his shoulder as he walked to his office.

"I'm f-fine." She mumbled to herself. "I'm not sick."


"Y-Yes?" She said, her head swinging up to attention. Sasuke looked at his wristwatch. It wasn't midday yet.

"I want you to go out." He said. "Smell some fresh air, take an extended lunch, whatever. I don't want to see you at your desk for the next two hours. Now go." He instructed, waiting for her to leave. Hinata's eyes widened.

Sasuke was always accommodating if she wanted time off, which she never took advantage of. Now he was basically telling her to go. Could he see her brain was in non-routine maintenance shut down mode? What the hell was she going to do outside for a whole two hours? It was freezing out there!

"Well, what're you waiting for?" Sasuke asked, staring at her. "Do you need some cash or something?"

"Don't be s-silly." Hinata said, saving her files and shutting down her computer. "I already h-have your money from the checks I get every week." She said, picking up her bag and coat. Sasuke let out what sounded like laughter before he gave her a half-smile.

"Enjoy yourself." He said, before disappearing into his office as she made her way to the elevator.

Sasuke let out a sigh as he made his way to his chair.

Instantaneously, Hinata's absence didn't feel right. He suddenly felt empty, sort of. He couldn't explain how, but he just knew when she was at her desk and he felt her absence when she was not there. Even though she made it routine to tell him anytime she was leaving her desk, anyways.

It's not like he wanted her to go, but he was surprised to see her shivering at her desk. And that weird expression on her face worried him.

Sasuke lifted his feet onto his desk. He crossed one ankle over the other and leaned back on his leather chair. The idea of a lunchtime stroll with Hinata suddenly appealed to him. They could walk down the sidewalk, holding hands. They could enjoy spicy hotdog rolls with grilled onions. He could lick the dripping mustard from the corner of her lips. He could just picture her smile as she would go into a store and pick out a pair of sexy heels or a designer handbag, slinging it over her shoulder with delight.

And then after that, he could take her to dinner then go to his place. God, what he would give to see her creamy, naked flesh lying on the cool satin sheets on his king sized bed. Her curtain of glassy violet hair splayed over his pillow. Hinata smiling into his eyes, lifting her arms up to him invitingly as she stuttered his name.

'Dream on Sasuke, it's Inuzuka she wants in her bed, not you.' Sasuke groaned miserably and stood up.

Was it too early for scotch?

Hinata was lying on her sofa, too lazy to make herself supper. She contemplated making herself coffee and toast with cream cheese if her stomach started rumbling.

She was delighted with her purchase this afternoon. When she went out, she first treated herself with coffee before she walked around looking at this and that. She bought a few pairs of skimpy lingerie. Why? She didn't know. Guess a girl could buy herself something like that once in awhile.

What she did do when she got home was have a hot refreshing shower. She put on a pair of dark jeans and enthusiastically put on her new ankle length, heel boots.

Hinata let out a sigh of annoyance when she heard the doorbell ringing. She thought it was her cousin Neji, pounding the bell. She walked to the door, opening it. She blinked at who it actually was.

"Are you avoiding us, Hinata?" Ino asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Yeah, where were you this weekend?" Tenten asked, crossing her arms at her chest.

"I'll l-let you in, seeing you have food." Hinata said, smiling in attempt to change the subject. Tenten was carrying three boxes of delicious smelling pizza. Ino had two bottles of wine.

"We missed you." Ino said as they both hugged Hinata.

"Are we c-celebrating something, guys?" Hinata asked, tilting her head to the side. She knew it wasn't anyones birthday.

"Since when did we to celebrate something to get drunk?" Tenten asked, causing Hinata to laugh.

"That's t-true."

"Well, well, check out those boots!" Ino said, coming back from the kitchen with three glasses. "I see you're spending your money right."

"Hinata, they're sexy!" Tenten said, with a smile.

"Yeah, I l-like them too." Hinata said, smiling at them.

"So how's Kiba?" Tenten asked, handing Hinata a glass of wine.

"He's f-fine, thank you." Hinata said, taking the glass from her before biting into a piece of chicken pizza. Kiba was a safe enough topic of discussion.

"Well, Tenten came up with a really good idea." Ino spoke with a mouthful of pizza before tapping Tenten on the shoulder. "Tell her what your idea is, Tenten."

"I'm all e-ears." Hinata said before biting into her second slice.

"You know my uncle has a log cabin upstate near the mountain." Tenten said, smiling.

"Yes." Hinata said nodding, knowing exactly where this was going.

"Well, he was planning to go there before some important business came up so now it's going to be vacant." She said, shrugging her shoulders. "I'm told the refrigerator is fully stocked and there's enough firewood to last two winters. It has four bedrooms and he offered it to me. We should go."

"And you know," Ino said, motivated. "There's that cruise ship docking. We could do a trip on Saturday and take it, so we could even go to the cabin in style!" Hinata smiled.

"We could fine food on the cruise too, even the sushi will be gourmet." Tenten added. Hinata sipped on her wine, listening to her friends babble like they were tourist in Japan.

"Say 'yes', Hinata." Ino urger with a smile, nodding her eyebrows. "You know you want too."

"Why n-not? I'll go." Hinata said, letting out a giggle. It was better than moping around the whole weekend hoping Sasuke would make an uninvited visit. Ino and Tenten turned to each other before giving each other a high five.

"Fabulous cabin trip, here we come!" They both exclaimed together.

"What should I b-bring?" Hinata enquired.

"Well since the cabin is fully stocked with nourishment, all you have to bring is yourself." Tenten said.

"And we're picking you up!" Ino added. "Just incase you think of bailing out."

"I w-won't." Hinata said, laughing then. "I'm looking forward to it." She made a mental note to visit the bakery store before they left to make some purchases. Her friends loved the fresh, savory delights.

Who knows, maybe this trip might be fun.


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