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I nodded, suddenly nervous, but let the smaller girl lead me back to the front room anyways. A group of people awaited us. Three boys and girl, all just as stunning as Alice. The first thing I noticed was their shared features, the pale skin and the golden eyes. Curious that all adopted children would have such a strange color of eyes. I decided not to dwell on it though, because the largest one, a boy with dark curly hair, began speaking. By the voice, this one was Emmett yet again.

"Well hey there! You Alice's girlfriend or something?" He smiled a broad smile but I just blushed.

"Emmett, shut up. This is my friend, Bella Swan. She's the one that Carlisle was treating! Her father is the Chief of Police in town, so you better be on your best behavior!" She mock threatened and three of her four siblings smiled. Alice went on, pointing first to Emmett. "This knuckle head, as I told you already, is Emmett. Don't let his size fool you, he's a big teddy bear and a toddler at heart." Next she pointed to a tall, lanky blond boy. His wavy blond hair fell just past his ears, and he wore a tight expression on his face. "This one is Jasper. He's the gentleman of the family, probably the only one with any real manners."

"Pleasure to meet you," he said with a small smile, reinforcing Alice's words.

"Next up is Edward," she said, gesturing to a shorter but equally lean boy. His hair was a dull red, somewhat bronze hued. He had an intense expression on as well, as if he were studying me. I didn't mind beyond the fact that he seemed worried. "He's broody, moody, and an all around downer but you get used to him."

That seemed to snap her brother out of the trance, because he looked up with a small smile. "Hey! I take offense to that! Bella, don't listen to anything this little devil tells you, it's all lies. Nice to meet you, though."

I laughed and nodded to him, not quite able to find my voice in front of them.

"Last but not least, is Rosalie!" The last of their group was a complete bombshell, I couldn't deny that. Tall, skinny, leggy, and wavy blond hair that fell to the middle of her back. She dressed just as fashionably as Alice had in the hospital that first day, but she wore a much more severe expression. After being introduced, instead of offering some words of welcome as the others had, she just breezed past me without a word or a glance and headed upstairs. I felt my face fall despite trying to keep it neutral.

"Did I do something?" I turned to Alice and asked with a frown.

Alice looked mad. She was glaring at the top of the stairs, the last place Rosalie had been visible. "No, you didn't. Rose is just a massive bitch, is all!" She called out the last bit a few notches louder to insure that her sister would hear, apparently.

Esme swooped in like a hawk, emerging from the dining room with a motherly scowl. "Mary Alice Brandon Cullen! I don't want to hear that language in my household!"

Alice shrunk down, if that was even possible, and mumbled out, "Sorry Esme. But Rose didn't even say hi to Bella, she just stormed upstairs! It was rude!"

"And I'll talk to her about that later," Esme said with a stern face, which seemed to appease Alice a small amount. She twirled around so that she faced her siblings again.

"Fine, I guess. Anyways, Emmett!" Alice said with a grin. "Bella has challenged you to an xbox-off! She's gonna kick your butt, too!"

Emmett's face split into a broad grin, as did Edward and Jasper's. "You're on, short stuff! You're goin' down!" He spun around to flip on the xbox and power up the TV, tossing me a controller as well. Luckily for once in my life I snatched it out of the air with ease, almost lazily. Made me look very suave, if I do say so myself.

I smirked and said, "We'll see."

An hour later, Emmett was on his feet shouting and screaming at the TV as Alice, her brothers and I were clutching our sides in bouts of laughter. I had beaten Emmett three for three in his favorite games and he wasn't handling it very well. Edward put the icing on the cake by saying, "Pay up, Emmett! You lost the bet!"

Emmett glared at the bronze haired boy but shoved a hand in his pocket none the less and pulled out a wad of cash. I wasn't sure when they had bet, how much, or over what but Edward's eyes were alight with joy. Emmett scowled and threw down his controller before finally stalking upstairs. I turned to Alice and, with a smile on my face, asked, "Should I go apologize or something? I don't want him to hate me for this."

Alice laughed and said, "Emmett doesn't have a hateful bone in his body. Immature, maybe, but not hateful. He'll be over it in half an hour, trust me."

"Well, good," I said. "I probably should have told him how much I played down at La Push."

"Here ya go, Bella!" Edward said, holding out a few crumpled twenties. "Your share!"

I looked at the money with knitted brows. "Of what?"

"The bet, of course," Jasper answered in a slight southern drawl. "You helped Eddie here win, so it's only polite that you get a cut."

"Well cool, I guess!" I said with a grin, and taking the cash from his hand. "We should hustle Emmett more often!" Alice, Edward, and Jasper cracked into laughter and I heard an angered, "Hey!" call out from upstairs.

Figuring this was a good note I sighed and pulled out my phone, checking the time. "Well, this has been fun, but I should probably get going home."

Alice frowned but sighed as well. "You're probably right, you seem to be feeling better. I can drive you!"

I smiled and nodded. "Thanks."

"Aren't you staying for lunch, Bella?" Esme walked in from the kitchen, drying her hands on a towel, a slight frown on her face. Guilt stabbed through me and I winced. It didn't help that I knew any food Esme prepared was bound to be about three million times better than what I could scrounge up at my house. Still, I pressed on.

"Sorry Esme, but I really do need to get home. If I know Charlie he's bound to take off from work early today and there's a bunch of things I need to get done before he exiles me to my bed to 'rest.'"

"Sounds like a good thing to me, you should rest," Alice said stubbornly, chin jutting out.

I smiled and shrugged. "No can do. Besides I've been resting for too long all ready, I'm all antsy." It was true, now that I was back to pseudo-full strength that strange urge to vent out some energy had returned.

"Will you at least come back tomorrow?" Jasper asked with a smile. "I want to see you beat Emmett again."

Alice squealed and began jumping up and down, apparently overcome with excitement. "Oh, will you please? I want to paint something for you!"

I smiled at her, voice choked, and just nodded.

"Yay! Alright, I don't want to keep you if you have things to do. Let's bounce, kiddo!"

"Kiddo?" I questioned as we stepped outside. "You're the same age as me, and shorter!"

Alice just waved me off and led me to a flashy yellow Porsche. My jaw dropped. "This is your car?"

"Yup! This is my baby! You like?"

"I'm kind of a gear head... so yes," I admitted slowly, walking around the sleek 911 Turbo. Images of my precious motorcycle locked away in Jake's shed flashed through my head. I missed the smell of grease in his garage, afternoons toiling in the heat with him and Leah and the boys. "Uhm, do you think you could... I mean, would you mind," I stuttered, trying to find the words, and just ended up tapping the hood.

"Pop the hood?" She questioned with a laugh. I just nodded in excitement. She laughed and opened the door to flip the lever. The hood popped up with a satisfying thunk and I eagerly propped it up. I whistled at what I saw underneath.

"Who replaced your engine?" I could tell from looking at it it was an engine you would find in Corvette cars, and had been upgraded to a twelve cylinder, which was racing grade.

"Rose did," Alice answered, walking around to stand beside me. "She's our family mechanic, she does all the work on all of our cars. She's got a Z3 BMW, it's her baby. Jasper drives a Ducati motorcycle-" She stopped when my jaw opened even lower. "Ducati?" She seemed to be testing for a key word.

"Can I see that too?"

Alice seemed to weigh that, then smiled gleefully. "You can see it tomorrow! If you come back, that is."

I groaned and breathed out heavily through my nose. "Evil little pixie!" I said. Laughter broke out from within the house and I paused for a moment, wondering what was happening. By the booming nature, it sounded like Emmett's. I refocused. "That's just cruel, taunting me like that!"

Alice just shrugged and said, "I never claimed to be nice! Now get your ass in the car, it looks like it's about to rain."

Surely enough, the moment my door shut a raindrop fell onto the hood. I sighed and leaned over to look through the window at the pervading sky. Dark clouds hung on the horizon, apparently heavy with rain. Alice revved up the engine and I couldn't help but smile as we pulled away. Their driveway was long and twisting, and I took my time to enjoy the scenery. The impulse to be out amongst the trees even as the rain fell was so overwhelming it took my breath away.

Alice must have noticed my silence because she asked, "Something wrong, Bella?"

I shrugged and said, "Dunno. Sudden urge to go play in the rain, I guess."

Alice clucked her tongue and held a look of disapproval on her face. "No playing in the rain until we're certain you're all better!"

I laughed and said sarcastically, "Yes, mommy!"

Alice gave me a dry look and rolled her eyes. It was only then that I noticed how fast we were going, pushing ninety on slick and curvy roads. "Woah, woah! Damn Alice, slow down! You trying to kill us? My Dad's a cop, you know. I'd never live it down if one of his boys caught us out here driving like this!"

Alice seemed alarmed by my own alarm and slowed maybe ten miles and hour but it was still horribly reckless. "It's alright Bella. I drive like this all the time! I've never gotten into a wreck, never even got a ticket. Relax."

"It's hard to relax when you're in a small car, whipping around wet corners at eighty miles per hour!"

Alice sighed and slowed down to sixty. By the look on her face, it was practically torture. Luckily for her, due to her previous speeds it was only about a minute before we pulled up into my driveway. "Alright Grandma, now scoot!" She said with a laugh.

"What, trying to get rid of me? Fine! Maybe I won't show up tomorrow then!" I joked, laughing at the worry on her face. "I mean hey, I can google Ducati pics all day if I need to. Maybe I'll just go down to La Push and finish fixing up my own bike."

I wasn't expecting the blatant fear on Alice's face. "Bella, please don't go to La Push!"

I blinked in confusion but quickly moved to reassure her. "Hey, hey, I was kidding, alright? I won't go, I was just joking." I wasn't sure if she heard me because she continued on.

"I know you're trying to protect your old friends, but one of them hit you, I know it. Please don't go back there, I don't know what they could do next."

"Alice, ssh!" I said, laying a hand on her shoulder and giving her a little shake. She seemed to come to well enough so I smiled and said, "I won't. I'll go over to your house, like I promised. Okay? I'll text you the second I wake up."

That seemed to appease her to some extent. "Alright, you better." Her threat was as weak as her voice, which still seemed tight with worry.

"Alright," I agreed with a final smile. "See ya then." I opened my door and slid out of the car. I walked up to the front door and grabbed the key from under a nearby flower pot. I waved a final wave to Alice before sliding inside. I heard her car purr as she drove away.

I slumped against the door after I closed it behind me. Fatigue and a tidal wave of thoughts washed over me in a rush. I knew something big was up, that much was for certain. That particular thought had been niggling at the back of my mind all morning, but now that I was away from Alice's distracting nature it seemed that much more apparent. Now that I had a moment to step back and focus on myself I knew something was different. I felt different. And a dream I had had last during my unconsciousness, one I couldn't quite recall, was very actively battering against the walls of my mind. I finally decided that if being busy had helped before, it might help now.

I spent the day cleaning the house, though it was a scrupulous task as I had already swept through it before my first encounter with the Cullens. I did laundry, both mine and Charlie's, and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. I ventured into the garage and tidied up there as well, something I hadn't touched before due to the fact that it had nothing to do with me. I had no car after all and rarely ever ventured in. Now, though, it was spick and span. It was late afternoon by the time I sat down, finished and body buzzing with a mixture of exhaustion and that same damned antsy energy. For a moment I considered giving Carlisle a call but before I could decide a flashing light caught my attention. It was the red light on our kitchen phone, and it signaled that we had at least one message, possibly more. With this new distraction before me, I smiled and stood, making my way over. I was surprised at what played for me when the button was pushed.

"Hey, Bella?" The machine played in a static, familiar voice. "It's Leah. Look, I know everything is really messed up and it wasn't until now that I figured out what Jake did to you and it was way out of line. I'm so sorry for everything and I really want to talk to you. Can you call me back ASAP? Thanks." The machine beeped and before I could recover, it started up again.

"Bells? It's... it's Jake. I mean, you know that, but- Whatever. The point is, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I spent the whole of yesterday just sitting at home waiting for Charlie's cruiser to pull up. Will you please call me back? I want to make it up to you."

I glared at the phone, thoughts running a mile a minute. We had a message from Quil and Embry too, with Seth in the background. Angela had left me a message too, though why she didn't just call my cell I wasn't sure. Her I called back, but not the others. We exchanged thoughts on the summer school work and joked around. I ever made tentative plans with her for later in the week, to head up to a new book store in Port Angelas. Feeling accomplished, I hung up the phone and sat down just as the sound of Charlie's cruiser rolling up the drive hit my ears. I looked disdainfully at the fridge, realizing that I hadn't prepared dinner yet. I stood and began rummaging, which is how Charlie found me.

"Bella! You're home! Sit down, what on earth are you doing? Tell me how you feel." Charlie seemed even more flustered than he usually was when trying to fulfill the role of a father. I smiled and peered at him from over top of the fridge's open door.

"I'm fine, Dad. Really. Dr. Cullen cleared me with a clean bill of health. The fever actually helped me, check it out!" I stood fully up and showed him my healed jaw.

He seemed confused and paused for a moment, looking at my once-injured face. Eventually he just brushed it aside. "Wow, that's... that's something Bells, but that still doesn't mean you should over do it. Let me handle dinner tonight, okay?"

"I was just going to make grilled cheese," I said with a smile. "Nothing taxing about that. So you go sit down, and it'll be done in a few minutes."

He grumbled but did as I asked. The surprising bit was that he didn't do it in the way that I would have expected. I had expected him to go claim his usual throne in the living room, kick up his feet and turn on the game. Instead he sat at the kitchen table and watched me avidly as I worked. I felt his eyes on my back as I moved about but tried my best to ignore him.

"Did you get taller, Bells?" He asked unexpectedly.

My brows furrowed over the stove but my back remained towards Charlie so he didn't see my confusion. "Uh, not that I know, but I haven't exactly measured myself lately."

"You look... leaner, taller, I'm not sure."

I shrugged. "Maybe the fever burned some weight off so it just looks that way." That didn't make much sense to me but Charlie didn't question it.

Finally, thankfully, the food was done. We ate in silence, and an awkward silence at that. By the end of the meal I was regretting eating anything at all, not for the tense air in the room but for the fact that my body was feeling oddly unsettled. My stomach, but also my mind and joints felt off. Deciding it was best to head upstairs early, I bid goodbye to Charlie. With every step I took up the stairs more and more fatigue poured into my body. I stumbled into my room, and collapsed on my bed. My ears were roaring, blood moved through my body so quickly it almost felt as if it were heating. I thought of calling Alice, like I had promised, but instead I thought maybe I could just sleep it off. Big mistake.

Pain crashed through my body like a bull in a china shop. I felt each hit as it rammed into every individual limb. I woke up with a gasp, flinging myself from my bed with enough upward forced to send me smacking into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Dazed, I felt as if my body was coiled as tight as a spring, ready to lash out. My eyes weren't focusing properly, and the majority of my senses were overcome with the thudding of my heartbeat. Suddenly the walls felt encasing, enclosing, as if I were in a cage. I clenched my teeth together, ignoring the pain, and darted down the stairs and out the back door. The woods behind our house looked different that night, as if they had some kind of primal aliveness, as if they were sentient. The air that washed out from them was cool and crisp, fresh with the smell of rain and creatures. A whine broke through my lips and I darted into them.

The house was barely out of sight when my knees buckled from the pain and I collapsed onto the ground. I felt the tension in my bones with vibrant awareness. My body was so tightly coiled I could hardly breathe. Right when I thought I would pass out, miraculously, the pain faded for one single second. I took a ragged gasp, trying to refill my screaming lungs, trying to calm my racing heart, but it was only a feint. Just as my senses were beginning to return a wave of new fire overtook me and I caved inward with a scream. Could Charlie hear me? He would come out and find me surely, and take me to Dr. Cullen. Of course he would. I lay there like a dying fish, trying to gasp for breath as the pain burned through my body and ate away at every part of me, from my toes to my fingernails to my eyeballs. Not a single piece of me was spared. An eternity passed in writhing, sobbing, mind-rending pain.

But soon the eternity passed. The searing pain became a less potent but still very physical one. I attempted to heave myself up and move but I couldn't, I was fumbling over arms and legs. I couldn't seemed to get a grasp on the ground, and my coordination was completely askew. Nothing seemed to be where it should have been.

I attempted to cry out once more but it wasn't my voice that answered my mind's command, it was a long and reedy whine. It cut off with a growl in time with my surprise and fear. I thought something, some creature, was here with me and in a panic I tried to skitter backwards just as a large and furry paw came into view. My mind took over and tried to lash out at it, but instead of my hand entering my field of vision to swipe it away, the paw moved. I froze, gasping and heaving and snarling ever so slightly. The pain had receded even more, and seemed to be slowly fading even further. The less pain throbbing through my head, the clearer I was able to think. And the first thought that occurred to me was that that was my hand. I wiggled my fingers, or what used to be fingers, and the paw flexed.

Holy fucking shit, I thought to myself. Shit, shit, shit. What is this. No. It's a dream. I found my other limbs and pushed upward. Surely enough I was standing on four legs, not too. I turned in a rapid circle and met with a long furred tail. It, like my paws, was a dark black color. It occurred to me that in this light, despite a full moon, I shouldn't be able to see such detail but the world around me stood out in stark relief, all its detail apparent to my eyes. I breathed in deeply thinking to steady myself but the barrage of scents only served to distract me. I smelled everything, from tree bark to ferns to rain, animal leavings and scent marks, and the animals themselves. I gasped, not from pain but in awe of the new world spread out before me. Between my eyes and my nose and my ears, there were no secrets.

I was still uncertain as to whether this was real or not. Everyone knows that you can't feel pain in dreams, and as the after effects of my previous agony still lingered in my joints. I decided to discard the prospect of a dream for the contemplation of a new and more disturbing thought. Had I died? Was this death? The pain had certainly seemed fatal enough. My breathing began to speed. Did dead things need to breath? And why did I have paws? None of it added up. I tried to calm down slowly, breath by breath, until my mind felt normal again. I would figure this out as I went, but for now I needed a plan.

Head clear, I pressed my nose to the wind and breathed in. Musk and mud and water floated on air and I turned into it, trotting away. I stumbled in the beginning, trying to figure out the coordination of multiple limbs, but before long my trot turned into a run. It was unreal, how quickly the world flew past me. I dodged trees, stumps, boulders with ease, all traces of klutziness gone. Finally I arrived at my destination, a small pond of old rainwater, still on the windless night. Gently I padded up to it and sat at the edge, not yet looking in. What was I? Would I like my appearance now? Whether I did or whether I did not, I'd have to look eventually. So I did.

As it was, I very much liked what I saw, in an odd way. My jaw dropped as I beheld my new visage. A strong, broad face, crested with tall pointed ears. A long, elegant snout rested below pointed, practically glowing ice blue eyes. A ruff of fur surrounded my face, undeniably a wolf's, framing me like some sort of dark halo. My jaw dropped, revealing long, sharp ivory fangs. I grinned a wolfish grin and felt my tail begin to wag with a mind of it's own. I could work with this. Of course, I still had no idea how this had happened or why, or if it was permanent or not. For now, all I really cared about was my rumbling stomach. It seemed that many of my human inhibitions were overshadowed by instinct, because on my way back towards the house a rabbit darted from its burrow and I was off like a bullet. It was no difficult matter to reach out and bat it aside. With a squeak the rodent hit a tree trunk and lay there stunned until I came to snatch it up.

My first thought was that this rabbit was only a baby due to it's miniscule size, but after a moment of comparing myself to trees around me, some familiar, I realized that I was just much larger than a normal wolf would be. With that cleared up, I snapped the rabbit up into my jaws and crunched it back. The meat was not slimy and tasting of blood, as I had imagined it would be. This body's taste bubs were set to a different scale and instead the meat tasted warm and nutty, of the grass and leaves the rabbit had eaten. My stomach hummed at the sustenance. I licked my jowls, cleaning them of bloody and stray tufts of fur. I could see the house through the trees and Charlie's cruiser sitting there in the drive. I smelled oil and gasoline, propane and garbage from the neighborhood. I smelt human waste and the synthetic foods. My nose curled and I backpedaled a few paces. I felt the grip of the forest tighten on me. I felt it snaring my mind, pulling me back deeper. Did I really need the human world, after all? I could hunt, I could run, I felt strong. Why should I go back there? I was different now, special.

Suddenly those wild thoughts were replaced by Alice's face. It swirled in my mind's eye and my breath caught. I was being ridiculous of course. How could I ever leave her, my new friends, behind? I had things to live for in the human world, important things. I closed my eyes and let my memories of her wash over me, trying to pull away from the forest's grip on my mind and soul. I remembered her artwork, and Esme's food, and Carlisle's kindness and her siblings. The briars of this body began to untangle. With a audible and distinctly human gasp I stumbled forward, falling to my hands and knees. Hands, I thought with a grin. I surveyed my body and found that my pajama tank top and shorts still clung loosely to my body and that even as a human my eyes, nose, and ears had barely lost any potency. I smiled and laughed to myself. I didn't understand any of this but it seemed like a good thing so far. Suddenly my illness made sense, it must have been a precursor to this.

Like a blow to the head I thought of my friends at La Push. The same sickness, how tall they had grown, the change in body types, the sudden alliance to the others. Were they like this too? Was it a contagious illness, did I catch it from them? I had no answers of my own, so I decided to try and find them on my own. I closed my eyes once more and let the woods pull me back in. I adjusted much more quickly to my body this time and there was no pain, luckily. I grinned and took off at a run for the La Push border, but quickly skidded to a halt after barely two strides. I held a paw up in front of my face, brows drawn together. My fur was no longer black, but was instead a typical gray. I sat there for a moment, pining after the deep rich color I had been, until before my eyes it shifted back to black. I gasped and grinned, tail wagging again. I suppose it made sense that if I could shift into a wolf, I could change the kind of wolf I became. I changed my fur to white, then red, then a sandy hue. Pushing the boundaries for a few moments taught me to change even my size, anywhere from a coyote's stature to an enormous behemoth of a wolf, perhaps as tall as ten feet at the shoulder. I ran back to the small pond and watched as I changed. My eye color ranged from yellow to green, blue to brown, silver to red.

For a long while I sat and pondered the implications of this. Why could I do this, and how? Certainly there was no way for a person to manipulate their cells into any form they choose. And despite trying I never achieved anything other than a wolf even though it seemed I could be anything a wolf could be, barring size of course. What made the wolf so special and how did I come into this ability? Thinking it must have been that virus, I stood and set off. I quickly came to adore the feeling of taut muscle rippling beneath my fur, of sinews stretching and pulling according to my will. I bared my teeth in joy, snapping at the warm summer night air. Lightning bugs flared about me, like the eyes of the trees, watching my nigh silent passage. As the La Push lands grew closer I forced my body into a larger shape. If I did come across them, if they were wolves and if they were still hostile towards me I thought it best to be as large as possible.

My body seemed to know the instant I crossed onto their land for my hackles raised and my fur turned black, the color that would best blend into the night. The full brunt of their scents hit me head on and I stumbled, a growl pushing through my lips. My mind was screaming to me that this was not my place, and that I shouldn't be here. That was only reinforced when a heavy weight crashed into my side. While I did not fall, I was pushed off balance and the air was forced from my lungs. I jumped up and away, turning midair with a snarl before crashing back to the ground to face my attackers. In front of me stood too larger than natural wolves, one russet and one gray, both larger than ordinary wolves. Both had snarls on their faces, but I only grinned. There may have been two of them, but they were half my size. My suspicions confirmed I waited for one of them to make a move, all the while wondering which of the Quilleute youths I faced...

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