"So, what do we think of Baker Boy?" asked Glimmer. "Does he join us this year?"

Clove perched on the edge of a table of paints that he had been at earlier. "So he's strong… anything else to recommend him?"

Nearby, Cato yelled and sliced through a dummy with his sword.

"He… paints really well?" offered Marvel.

"Yes, and there's so much use for art in the arena," said Clove. "Anything else? Hey, are you in favor of him joining us?"

Marvel shrugged. "We can keep an eye on him that way."

"In which case, we should recruit all twenty four tributes to the Career pack," replied Clove. "Why does he want to join?" She raised her voice slightly. "Cato? Care to offer anything to our discussion?"

Cato stopped slicing up dummies. The training center had actually run out of them a day before, and he had gotten very angry until they had restocked. "He wants to survive, obviously."

Clove rolled her eyes. "Think back to not two hours ago, my fellow Careers. He announced he was in love with Girl on Fire. Now, what would you do if you were in love with someone in these games. You would try to protect them. You would take down the threat. In this case, the threat is us."

There was silence.

"This is why you need me, my friends," said Clove. "To think. We have never extended an invitation to join the Careers to anyone outside of Districts One, Two, and Four. I see no reason to change that." She toyed with one of her knives. "Any objections?"

There was silence.

"Good. Now, back to work!"

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