Blurr looked towards the medic bay doors, hearing the soft shh as they opened. Shockwave appeared in the doorway, concern in his optic. An uneasiness settled in Blurr's fuel tanks, causing him to look away from Shockwave and back towards Random. Random looked down at Blurr, giving a smile before setting a gentle, reassuring servo on his shoulder plate. Blurr gave a small nod, watching Random walk out of the med bay, the door sliding shut behind him. Shockwave looked at Blurr, who was turned away from him. Shockwave walked over to the berth, pulling over a chair.

"Blurr...," Shockwave called out to him softly. Blurr kept his helm turned away, not wanting to meet his gaze. Shockwave sighed, "Blurr.. I know you're upset with me but I was just so frustrated. I didn't want to lose you. I don't know what came over me to say those things to you, but I'm sorry." Shockwave waited for an answer for a few moments, just watching Blurr lay there on the berth. When it seemed like he wasn't going to get one, he sighed and moved to get up and leave but Blurr finally spoke. "You know.. I almost lost you too.."

"Blurr, I-" Shockwave tried to speak but Blurr cut him off.

"But I never, ever, regretted coming with you. Not then, not now, not ever."

Shockwave was silent for a moment, then murmured to him, "Blurr, look at me." Blurr stiffened then slowly turned his helm, his optics brimming with coolant. Shockwave gently brushed away his tears, then caressed the side of his helm. "I didn't mean any of those things I said to you, the only thing I regret was not protecting you."

Blurr placed a servo over Shockwave's, giving a small smile, "It's alright, don't feel so guilty, I'll be fine." Shockwave nodded slowly, giving a quick glance to his wound before leaning down and gently nuzzling the side of Blurr's helm with his own. Blurr turned his helm, reaching up and caressing his antena before placing a soft kiss below his optics. Shockwave closed his optic, his talons running down the side of Blurr's helm. After a moment, Blurr laid his helm back down, a slight pain radiating from his side.

Silence hung between them for a few moments while Shockwave brushed his talons along Blurr's helm, caressing his helm. Blurr bit his lip component, wondering, How do I tell him? He turned his helm, looking up at the larger mech, who turned to meet his gaze. "Blurr? What's wrong?" Shockwave asked. "Shockwave, I-" Blurr stopped when he heard the doors to the med bay slide open, turning to see Megatron entering the room. Shockwave immediately stood, greeting his superior with a slight bow. Megatron nodded in acknowledgement to Shockwave, then turned his gaze to Blurr. "Doing well, I assume?"

"Yes, I'm well, my Liege." Megatron nodded gruffly, "Good, good. Shockwave, I need to speak with you." Shockwave gave a nod, following Megatron out of the med bay, looking back at Blurr apologetically before disappearing through the doors. Blurr sighed, looking up towards the ceiling. Hook then came in from the other room, rubbing his hands with a cloth.

"Have you told him?"

Blurr shook his helm, "No, I was about to but Megatron needed to speak with him." Hook fixed up a few things around the room, "Be sure to tell him soon." Blurr nodded, looking away from the medic and lying his helm back down on the berth.

Megatron stopped a few steps away from the medic bay doors, turning to Shockwave, "You failed to report to me about the details of the mission when you returned." Shockwave nodded slowly, "I apologize, my Liege, I was fairly distracted upon my return to the base." Megatron eyed him for a moment, "Very well, it is understandable. I want the details as soon as possible." Shockwave nodded once more,

"Good. And I take it that you've talked to Blurr about his condition?"

"Yes, he's healing quite nicely. I doubt there should be any long term effects."

Megatron watched him for a moment, seemly confused by his response. "So he hasn't told you.." Megatron murmured almost inaudibly.

"What do you mean by-"

Megatron held up his hand, cutting off Shockwave's question. He looked towards the med bay door before looking back at Shockwave. "Nevermind, just be sure to report the mission details."

With that, Megatron turned and made his way down the halls, leaving Shockwave to think of what exactly he was talking about.

When he entered the med bay, Hook was setting Blurr's dose of medicine but when he caught sight of Shockwave, he quickly finished giving Blurr his dose before making his way out of the room. Shockwave took his seat beside Blurr's berth, looking over to where Hook had left to. "Is there something you haven't told me?" Shockwave asked, looking troubled. Blurr took a deep breath, sitting up a bit on the berth. He placed a servo softly on Shockwave's forearm, his optics meeting his. "I have something to tell you and I'm not sure how you're going to take it.."

Dreadful thoughts rushed through Shockwave's processor as Blurr continued. "After you got angry and left, Hook did a full scan and found something." Those words terrified him, causing him to reach out and grasp Blurr's servo. Shockwave couldn't find the words to speak as he tried to push away the thoughts of deadly diseases or severe internal damage away from his mind. Blurr took a deep breath before speaking.

"I'm carrying a sparkling."

Shockwave merely stared back at Blurr, slowly loosening the grip on his servo. Blurr watched him closely, then began to grow worried from his lack of expression. "Shockwave?" Shockwave's mind was still trying to piece together the meaning of his words. Sparkling..? Blurr is carrying... a sparkling, Shockwave thought calmly before the realization began to set in. Blurr watched his optic widen, shock coming over his features. "Sparkling..? But.. But how?!"

"The constant merging of sparks during interface can cause the conception of a sparkling," Hook said as he entered the room, data pad in hand, "The scanner did not pick us the sparkling's presence properly but I confirmed it myself, he is indeed carrying."

Shockwave stared at Hook, blinking a few times before looking back towards Blurr. "A sparkling..?" Shockwave murmured, reaching out and stroking Blurr's cheek. Blurr nodded, placing his own servo over Shockwave's. Shockwave switched to Longarm persona, leaning forward and pressed his lips to Blurr's. Blurr felt the rush of complete and utter happiness surge through the bond, making him smile into the kiss. Longarm stroked his dark faceplates, his lips moving away from his mouth and kissing his forehelm.

Hook exited the room, a soft smile touching his lips, though he'd never admit to it.

Longarm stepped back a bit, whispering, "Can I see?" Blurr nodded, slowly opening his chestplates, his blue spark illuminating the space between them. Longarm leaned forward, searching with his optics until they settled over the small mass of golden spark-like matter next to Blurr's. Longarm stared for a while, the silence hanging in the air. A look of wonder crossed his faceplates before he leaned back up, brushed his lips against Blurr's forehelm once more.

Blurr closed his chestplates, leaning into his touch. Longarm caressed the side of his helm, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips before switching personas. Blurr laid back onto the berth, his optics closing, feeling the pain killers beginning to take effect. Shockwave leaned back in his chair, watching Blurr drift off into statis. He reached over, gently placing his servo over Blurr's chestplates, his talons stroking the smooth metal. He closed his optic, feeling the beat of Blurr's steady spark beat against his servo.

Cliffjumper waited outside the Autobot base, one much smaller than the Main Autobot Base. His processor swam with images of Blurr, the new paint and the decepticon symbol sitting where his Elite Guard symbol has once sat. He gritted his dermas, pushing away the thought.

He stared out into the darkness of space, watching the stars for a moment before he heard light footsteps behind him. Cliffjumper turned, smiling when he saw the mech he had been waiting for.

"So glad you could make it."

The mech stayed in the shadows, his grey optics glowing in the darkness. "What is it you need, Autobot?"

"I need you to get rid of a certain bot. I can pay you whatever you wish."

The mech was silent for a moment. "And who is this bot that the Elite Guard needs?"

Cliffjumper smirked, "No, this is not a request from the Elite Guard. This is a personal request."

Silence hung in the air again. "I asked for you personally because I know you don't label yourself a Decepticon nor an Autobot. You go after whoever you wish, no matter what side. Just as long as you get paid, correct?" Cliffjumper asked.

"You are correct, Autobot. Now who is this bot?"

Cliffjumper turned away from him, "His name is Blurr. The place I believe he would be would the Decepticon base. Find him and bring him to me."

The mech stepped out from the shadows, the dim lights outside the base shined against his dark blue-grey amor. "You're asking for a bit much. You do know how well guarded the Decepticon base is?"

Cliffjumper turned back towards him, "Yes, I do, and I understand that the Elite Guard holds something you want. Something you can't get back unless I help you get it back. Right, Nitrostrike?"

Nitrostrike stiffened, knowing all too well of what Cliffjumper spoke of. "Yes, I understand. By when do you want this bot?"

"As soon as you can get him."

"Alright, consider it done," Nitrostrike replied, turning away from the bot. Cliffjumper watched him go, knowing all too well that Nitrostrike wouldn't pass up his offer.