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This will take place when they are all in their early 20's. About 6 years in the future if I am correct...if I'm not, then oh well.

This is how it was, all they knew, they'd save the day, defeat the villain and bring peace to the everyday civilian. It was now more expected for them to throw their lives on the line instead of appreciated, but hey, that's how the hero thing worked.

At least at the end of the day they knew that they had each other, over the years they became everything to one another. They became brother's, sister's, even deeper than that for some. They held each other through hard times, laughed through the good, succeeded in the darkness and brought out a light in each other that shown through every obstacle they've had to face. They were the Teen Titans, just your everyday group of amazing super heroes.

Well...not so much Teen anymore really. They all had grown naturally.

Robin, though still slender had built up a lot in the past 6 years, his features were no longer boyish but more defined and rugged, he was after all a man now, they all were...well not Raven and Starfire of course, but they were no longer small girls, they were women, defined and shapely.

Robin seemed less troubled as well, he started to have fun, to allow himself the satisfaction of a few free hours of just being Robin, a person who didn't have the world on his shoulders and while every once and awhile he would dedicate hours to research he no longer was spending days even weeks trapped in his work room, trying to figure everything out. Now while he was always prepared, he kinda just let things happen, to go along with the flow instead of fighting a river.

Everyone thinks it was Starfire who helped him clear his head of worry and helped him find a balance between just Robin and Robin consumed by obsession. Even Robin couldn't deny that Starfire had helped him a bit, but pride wouldn't allow him to think he was weak enough to bend to her opinion, but that was okay, for she never sought any praise. All she really wanted was his love, which she had in her fingertips, but even now, Robin was cautious, cool, and silent about the love he felt, they all could see it though. He trusted so much in her, she was his rock when he drifted to far into sea, she was his shoulder, as he was hers. They kept it at safe flirting if that, very safe flirting actually, to someone else, you couldn't see the relationship, but to the other Titans, it was the elephant in the room.

Starfire, she was different now too. She had always been a naive girl, she still was a bit, but not as naive as she was all those years ago. Life on earth, hell just life in that forsaken city changes you. She had witnessed so much unknown to her, her home, her planet was nothing like ours. This though was home for her now actually, so this was her planet now, these her people, her friends, her family. She still held her odd way of speaking but she had a vast vocabulary now, no longer confused about our words, how some sounded similar and held different meanings. She understood now. It was weird for the rest of the Titans to see the curiosity out of her eyes, the confused looks she adorned almost every time someone spoke to her were becoming so scarce to them now.

Cyborg hadn't changed much, sure, he updated his software. He remodeled his body, more on the weapons and hardware and not so much on the appearance besides a few minor tweaks here and there, he looked the same. He of course grew up more in maturity, but not by to much. Pizza, video games, and obsessing over all types of technology still consumed a good portion of his free time but now he went out more, he hung out more with girls and less at the tower. He even managed to acquire a list of numbers in his phone that someone would probably have to scroll for at least a few minuets to find the bottom of. The team didn't judge, Cyborg wasn't a player, he treated each girl with respect, never went out of the line, pressured them, or anything. Half of the girls were just friends, some he dated off and on.

Recently he had been going out with one girl in particular a lot more than any other girl he had seen. The team hoped that he found someone he could have something with, they always wished the best for each other. Besides though his interest in more adult wants, he never really changed, he was the same Cyborg. They all really didn't change to much, they opened up more, learned more about each other, all bonded tightly together, but Cyborg and Beast Boy were still immature, Starfire still the most innocent, though not really that innocent, just compared to them she was. Raven was still cool and calm, and Robin, besides having given up some of his perfectionist ways was still the thoughtful leader.

One of the team mates to make the biggest change in appearance though was Beast Boy. He was the shortest at one point, even Raven was taller than him. Now that's not the case, he grew a substantial amount within the last couple of years. He was still below 6'0 ft, but now he stood at 5'10 or 5'11 give or take. He still looked like the old Beast Boy, his face loosing some of the roundness that comes with being young, his jaw more defined. His fangs grew a bit more, his ears still pointed, and of course, his skin was still green. He was more toned now, his body wasn't overly buff but you could see clearly through his tight clothing the strong definition of his muscles, his body lean and powerful. Years of training had made him strong and well built but not to much where it was an over bearing amount, it was in harmony, not to little, not to much.

He was still the jester, the prankster, the agitator as some may call him. He was goofy in a good way, usually trying to bring humor into things. Like Cyborg he couldn't get enough of video games and childish things. Some things may never change. He though seemed wiser, more controlled with himself, more interwoven with his animal side. He had an intelligence about him that seemed to come out only when needed, like he repressed a genius part of himself that randomly would pop out from time to time, but besides that, he really did act very similar to what he's always been like.

That small spark of wisdom he had though also sparked a friendship between Raven and him, not that there wasn't one before, they all did care for each other, but in the older days, him and Raven butted heads a lot, now that didn't happen as often, thankfully for him, he really enjoyed her company, she was quiet and calm while he was the opposite. It was refreshing to see things from a more stoic point of view, it enlightened him in a way, she enlightened him in a way.

While Raven was still a bit off towards too much affection and bonding she defiantly had warmed up over the years. She found herself enjoying her friends, her team, her family a lot more as of the late, she felt at ease with them, with herself, she could let her guard down, even if it's just a bit, it still felt like a great weight was lifted from her.

Raven had made a huge appearance change as well. She still stayed short in height, her skin still almost gray in colour, her hair still deep purple. Her face had matured, she had more defined cheek bones, fuller lips, a more angled jaw. Truthfully, she was a beautiful women. Her hair was long now, very long, reaching down the small of her back and right above the swell of her rump. Her body had matured, clearly. When she was younger, her chest was small, her body thin. She was lush now, toned but still very soft. Her breasts now were large, perky, and looked perfect above her smooth, flat stomach. Her hips were soft graceful curves leading to milky thighs. Her body was a sight to behold, almost craved out to meet perfection, had there been such a truth as perfection.

Of course, her and Starfire's mature bodies, strapped into tight clothing didn't go unnoticed by the guys, but they'd rather not be caught ogling over their team mates, no matter how tempting they looked.

So after the Titans, as they were now called, teen having been dropped from their name at some point in time, settled in to the room and all found a place to sit on the couch and relax, they let the peace of knowing that they made it through another fight wash over them. All was comfortably silent, Robin having Starfire lean against his shoulder, Cyborg in the middle, feet propped up on the table, Beast Boy leaning his head towards Raven, but not exactly on her.

The peace was comforting, until a ring went off. The ring wasn't an emergency, instead just the ringing of Cyborg's phone. He gave them a sheepish grin before standing up and walking away from the group.

"Better answer this." Cyborg said before he trailed off into the hallway. After a few moments Cyborg came back, but didn't rejoin his team on the couch. " Uh, hey guys I'll be back later, if any emergency happens I'll have my signal turned on so I'll be aware, I'll see ya guys later!" He yelled, already heading out the room, they could hear him leave through a sliding door before they couldn't hear his steps anymore.

"Aww! Dude not fair! He said he was going to play this new game we got with me tonight!" Beast Boy whined, his complaints falling on deaf ears. " Well seeing as he's not gunna be back tonight." Beast Boy sighed again, " Robin, do you...perhaps wanna play?" He said, sheepish, he knew Robin didn't like video games, but Starfire still was pretty bad at video games, and Raven...he was sure she wasn't a gaming fan either.

Robin shook his head, which Beast Boy expected. " Me and Star were going to head out and do a night patrol tonight, we heard something might be going down, nothing to big so that's why I didn't call the rest of you guys out tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll join in on a game or two?" Robin said, but Beast Boy guessed that he won't keep that promise, he knew he'd just have to play it alone.

"Fine, go have fun on your secret lovers pretend mission." He grumbled and Robin him cast him a glare before he let out a breath of air. " Come on Star, lets get on our way just in case this information is reliable."

"Most certainly Robin." Star smiled, floating up and following him, before they fully left, Beast Boy could faintly hear Starfire ask what he meant about a secret lovers mission.

He grinned when he heard Robin let out a long sigh before they were gone and the only ones left were himself and Raven, who seemed to reading a book she had left on the coffee table a previous night. After a few moments of thinking about what to do, he groaned in boredom, he didn't want to play alone, yet Raven had all her attention on a stupid book, leaving him basically alone.

Stupid book.

He decided he would bug her into spending time with him, it was that or die of boredom. Anyway, Raven was fun to push and he loved to get her flustered.

" Whatcha' reading?" Beast Boy said before slinking over to Raven and looking at the book, his body almost touching hers. Almost. He felt her stiffen at the closeness, but not flinch or move away, or answer, instead she chose to ignore him.

Fine, if she wanted it that way, he'd make her notice him.

He left out a hot breath against her ear, he could hear her pulse quicken, before he moved down a bit and took an inhale of breath near her neck. her scent invaded his senses. He liked the way she smelled, that's why on rare moments like these, when he had her all alone he would usually push her as far as she would go, get as close as he could and take in as much of her as she'd let him before she would back down, flinch away, or just plainly leave. This routine of closeness started some time ago, she was used to it when they were alone now.

He remembered when he first pushed, she nearly threw him out the window when he pressed against her and blew a puff of breath in her ear, first it started in a joke but instead it just got him addicted to her enjoyable scent and the adorable flustered expression she had. Since then he took his routine slow, he'd flirt with her here and there and get closer than normal to her, she started to react less now to his flirting, she knew he liked to push, to see his boundaries. Maybe it was natural hunting instincts that made him enjoy a game like this or maybe he just enjoyed her more than he should.

He fully pressed his nose against her skin, inhaling deeply again. Her smell was unique, it was clean, it was Raven. It was crisp and spicy, the smoke of incenses clung slightly to her as well as the faint smell of the lavender candles she used. It was like she smelled of hot spice with a softness of lavender, it was intoxicating and delicious. This is the point where she would leave, once he invaded her space, but instead she placed her book down, removed her hood and glanced down at him with waiting eyes.

She was playing along?

He waited a moment before he cautiously leaned in more, his body against hers, actually touching now, before he let another hot breath wash against her skin. " I thought this is the part where you run from the beast?" He joked, voice husky as he was high on her scent. She didn't answer, but held her stare. Her cheeks stained a slight pink, but her face motionless.

Should he go for the kill?

He chose his next move carefully, running the tip of his tongue against the pulse on her neck. Her breath hitched, but she remained still, stoic. He smirked.

" Are you pretending I'm not here?" He asked, no answers, just breathing. So he did it again, bolder, pressing his tongue firmly against her skin, tasting her skin, it was divine. He'd never pushed her like this before though, he was stilled worried about what would happen next.

Then it hit him, a delicious smell. It took him over. It was beyond what he could explain, but it was Raven's. It burnt his nose in such a good way and made his mouth shut tight in a thin line, it heightened his already heightened senses. It made him feel like an animal, an animal who was hungry and just stumbled upon it's next meal, it made his mouth water, but feel dry at the same time.

He smelt it, her arousal, and it almost made him loose control. Almost. " God, Rea." he coughed out, deeper than normal. It took all his strength not to slide down her body and press his face between her milky thighs, to where that amazing scent was coming from. He wanted more of it, to inhale her completely, to taste her fully. He sucked in a sharp intake of air, before he pressed his nose firmly against where her shoulder and neck meet. He needed to focus, he had to control himself, control his inner beast.

If you'd looked at her, she stilled remained almost expressionless, but her cheeks were hot, her eye's a bit wider than normal, if just by a small fraction, but her heart was beating wildly in her chest, her blood rushing through her veins. She felt heat inside her, an odd sensation forming in her lower stomach. It beckoned to be satisfied, but she was unsure of what it was, what she should do, and the way he so desperately said her name just increased this foreign feeling reaping in her body.

She backed away finally. Moving silently off the couch and let him regain himself before she backed a few steps up from him. She grabbed the sides to her hood that laid against her shoulders and back and brought it over her flushed face. She strode silently away, confused, embarrassed, and unsure.


That scent.

He wanted more. It lingered there, it stayed in his breath. It was so tempting, so arousing.

He wanted her. He felt desire in him, desire to follow, to quietly slip into her room. To experience her. To mate her. It was so primal. It was beast like. He knew he would have her, but it would take a bit more of this game. He realized that all that play before, was just setting up the board, now it was time to roll the dice. He couldn't approach her, she needed to want it. She needed to come to him. The game was about to begin. He needed to show her samples of what he could do to her, it was time to schedule a bit more alone time with his Raven.

So yes, each chapter will have a lot of situations of sexual encounters before it leads up eventually to them actually having sex. It will be a game really, who will break and come to whom for release from the torment. This is for people who like a more beast sided Beast boy. I'll be using a lot of his senses in this because I personally like him acting a bit more animalistic towards Raven.

It's late and though I should reread it I'm not going to, please inform me if you see any mistakes. Thank you!