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A few weeks had past. The moment of course was long gone and done with, but Raven couldn't be around that goofy green changeling without a heat pooling between her legs and the ghost feeling of that flexible tongue against her. It was as if she could feel him, feel the warm, wet muscle lapping at her sex, those rough thumbs sliding gently over her taunt nipples.

She silently gasped as she shook the memory, here she was standing in the common area, her mind replying that disgusting, delicious night. She shifted uncomfortably. Lately she'd been craving another encounter, yet she couldn't go crawling to him, it was beneath her. This feeling though made her skin ache. She was uncomfortable with herself for even thinking such lewd thoughts, but it was as if she had no control over the matter.

It was a never ending struggle within her lately. She barely kept her desire at bay, the growing flame was now roaring, it wanted to break free. She wanted to give in, but being the stubborn women she was she wouldn't give into it fully.

She at least admitted to herself she enjoyed that night. He made her reach a high she's never hit, but now she felt herself craving another hit of him, another night of pleasure, a quick romp to settle this Raven he was creating. This Raven was hungry, and it only wanted one thing, satisfaction.

He could sense it too, he could smell her heat. The way he would smirk and stare at her with hungry eyes. He was watching her crack beneath the weight of her want. She was breaking before him, and she couldn't keep herself together. Even now, he was there, green eyes piercing hers as her shell crumbled slowly.

She watched as his nostrils flared just a bit. He was breaking too; Her scent was maddening. It was suffocating him, begging him to take her. Her body was giving off the most appetizing smell he had ever encountered and yet he was starved of it. Unable to feast upon her like he wished.

He had almost lost control once, but restrained his nature enough not to rip her leotard to shreds and bend her over a counter, to take her as he wanted and mate her as she wanted. He knew she wanted it as much as he did, but the trick was getting her to admit it.

Because if he gave in. If he reverted to the beast within him it'd scare her away. She needed to be the one to go to him. Besides that, the thought of her groveling to him, begging to be touched, to be pleased by him and him alone was enough to control himself. He wanted those words of defeat to slip past her soft lips, not his.

This wasn't to say he couldn't push, he just couldn't take. She was stubborn though. All his teasing, all his effort into breaking her was working but it was working slower than he'd wished. He knew part of that was the control she mastered over her emotions, but that was becoming a thin line. Lust had joined her many emotions now, and lust was hungry.

Lust rattled in a cage like a bird begging to be free, to spread her wings and experience the world. A world of heat and passion and of pleasure and pain. To fill her throbbing ache. She knows it will spread like an infection throughout her body until she is consumed by it, until she feeds the wants of her emotions.

The trick for her was to somehow get him to give her what she wanted, what she needed, what she craved. She couldn't ask, she would be too embarrassed to fully admit she was caving into her primal wants, but oh how this malicious heat ached and throbbed in her. It was forcing her to push another encounter with the beast but she had to make sure it doesn't seem intentional. He'd be far too pleased to have her coming to him, and though she ached she also wasn't about to let him win...Not yet.

Though a more devious thought entertained her mind, one that the old Raven wouldn't have even considered, but lust was driving her mad enough to ponder up such a filthy idea. A game, a challenge. It'd give her a way to give this new craving a taste of what it wanted and yet leave her the winner. She could play along. She could watch him break with need instead of her burning inside out with this fire he set alight.

The playing field was perfect for her to start this game. They were alone for the moment, and with this she could make her first move. This was a game of chess to her and all she needed to do was be the one who can navigate the board better than he can. She decided to move into action, much like in the game and set her plan into play. Time to move her pawn.

She connected her gaze with his, purple to green. The air became stale as he heard her heart beating rabidly in her chest, yet her face gave nothing away. For a moment his ears reverted back and he was about to stand from his seat, scared he was somehow frightening her before he sensed an all together different aura. He sensed the challenge, but was unsure of what her plan was, what her thoughts were he couldn't tell but what he did know was she was growing more and more excited as she moved slowly at him, and he couldn't help but almost salivate at the scent she was presenting to him.

She needed to be brave, though she was terrified to move forward, she wondered if she finally snapped beyond repair for making such a rash decision to play along with his disgusting game, but she was to far in, stuck to her waist in this quicksand called lust, here she was, so close to him their lips almost touched, she could feel his breath against her mouth, feel his eyes on her, waiting for something, anything from her. Waiting for her to move, to say something, to explain what her plan for him was.

She wanted to back away and run, to forget about going through with it.

But instead of backing away she forced her self to execute her plan, she brushed her lips against his and pushed her clothed sex against his thigh as she lowered herself on top of his sitting form. He could feel her heat against his leg and he groaned as he instinctively grabbed her rump with his hands to support her as she mindlessly ground against him and hungrily lapped at his lips.

To say that he was beyond confused was an understatement, but he gave in and kissed her vigorously back, the back of his mind wondering whether he was dreaming or not, but that thought could wait until later, because fantasy or not he was aimed to see this through.

But as quickly as it had started it ended and her warm body and soft lips were gone, instead he watched as she smirked at him and adjusted her hooded cape. She moved quietly away, not even a word as she left him sitting there, his heart beating like a wild animal in a cage. She could feel his emotions spiraling like a hurricane before she walked through the door and into the halls, headed towards her room.

Check mate.

For awhile after Beast boy sat in thought, his mind racing. She was trying to turn the tables, and he couldn't help but let out an dark laugh. She thought that she had the game in the bag by pulling that little stunt, little did she know she was an amateur. This was his game, and he'd be the winner in the end.

But things did just get more interesting between them.

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