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Story of the Aika Village for animal crossing new leaf.

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Cheers were heard in a small house at night, laughter was echoing through the village. Streamers were flying everywhere across the room and balloons were bouncing everywhere. It was her birthday. Infront of her was a cake and beside it was a medium-sized pink box with a bow on top. The gift. She was very excited to open it but first, she has to eat the cake. Her father grabbed a kitchen knife from the kitchen drawers and sliced the cake into small pieces. Her mother gently held the cakes and plopped them onto the plates with a fork next to it. After a while, they all ate the cakes. She couldn't wait for her present! Oh what could it be? A new dress? A new scrapbook? Oh maybe new art palettes and brushes! She thought. "Now now, Be patient my dear and be gentle opening this." Her mother said. The gift was now infront of her and she carefully took the bow off and ripped the wrapping. She opened the box inside the wrapping and found a doll that looked like a little red riding hood. "Oh mama, papa. I love it!" as she hugged her doll lovingly. "Take care of her. You don't want to be mean to your new doll now." Her father warned. She nodded and headed to her room to play with her new doll. The mother and father went to clean the dishes and mess.

Day 17, My birthday

Today I had lots of fun! I played with the villagers as they said happy birthday when I passed by. I went to the park, the fountain and the village tree. My friends gave me lots of gifts! Amelia gave me a pendant that shined brightly, Kody gave me a pink dumbbell… Margie handed me a friendship bracelet! I am wearing it now and it's very pretty. Oh! Mama and Papa made the best cake I ever had! It was a sponge cake with white icing and candles on it, it had strawberries around the edge and chocolate swirls in the middle. They both handed me a big present and when I opened it, it had a doll inside it. It was very pretty and clean. I promised I will take care of it and cherish it forever. I haven't thought of a name for the doll yet. I asked mama if I could call it Gonzalos but she said to pick a cuter name. So I thought of Maria. Is it good? Well I want it to be named Maria. Maria heather. That's a nice name eh? Well, I'm going to sleep now. Good-night.


Aiko hopped into her bed and fell asleep within' seconds. What she didn't know was a pair of azure blue eyes were watching Aiko and her parents every movement. Planning something to keep her Aiko forever. The next morning, Aiko groggily woke up, brushed her teeth, bathed and went up to her doll. "Good morning Maria! Want to go eat mama's pancakes? She makes the best ones!" Aiko cheerfully said. Aiko picked up Maria and went downstairs. "Morning dear" her mother greeted. Aiko just nodded and went to her plate full of pancakes with syrup covering the top and a small cube of butter placed there. The father came down with a mug of coffee and newspaper in his hands, walking towards the kitchen table and sat down on a chair. "Papa papa! I named my doll!" Aiko said. "Oh? What's her name?" her father questioned. "Maria Heather." "Maria eh? That's a nice name." he smiled. Aiko grinned and finished her pancakes. "Bye mama! Bye papa! Bye Maria!" Aiko waved and walked out her home. To Kody's house! Aiko decided on where to go.

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