Paulo was walking home "Lucy is so stupid" he thought angrily "That douche is just going to hurt her again and she is too fucken stupid to see it" He was sick of seeing her coddle and defend that dickhead. "I hope he hurts her again and this time physically! Then she would learn her lesson! But knowing her he could probably rape her and she would praise him!" Paulo growled. He wasn't looking where he was going bumping into a guy in a cloak. Paulo landed on his butt looking up and the cloaked dude. Paulo almost shrieked at the sight of dagger looking thing under his forearm.

"Are you Paulo P. Dunron?" The cloaked man asked.

"Umm yeah" Paulo muttered scared shitless. The cloaked man retracted his dagger thing, and knelt down in front of Paulo.

"Well it is good to finally meet you" The cloaked man smiled "I am Sabre D. Dunron." Paulo stopped shaking at looked at the cloaked man with a confused look. "You probably were startled by my hidden blade I'll bet." Sabre chuckled.

"Hidden blade?" Paulo asked mockingly "Wait that is the weapon the guy uses in Assassin's Creed!" Paulo was not going to take this clown serious.

Sabra rolled his eyes "Just as much respect for assassins as Fury has I see. Those silly games are actually based on some facts. Regardless, assassin is in your blood. And when you reach of age, I and Neogrom will train you in the assassin ways. Unless you would rather be a construction worker like your father."

Paulo thought for a moment "You're telling me I am a born assassin? And you will train me? Sounds too good to be true."

Sabre shook his head "My offer still stands, let me know when your senior year of high school, what you think. Bye for now Paulo." Sabre wrapped his cloak around him and then he vanished. Paulo thought for a moment "Me an assassin? Cool!" Paulo continued walking home in a slightly better mood. Then he saw Mike and Lucy walking home together. Paulo was going to make Mike pay for blinding Lucy and for hurting her. Paulo was going to show Lucy the real Mike not the pathetic ass-kissing "why me" pansy he pretended to be. Paulo laughed "Mike your time is coming."

Mike slammed his hand down on his alarm clock, dragged his butt out of bed, brushed his teeth and combed his fur, eating his strudel as he walked to his front door. Mike stopped dead in his tracks, he saw Lucy pacing outside on the side walk outside his house. She was twittling her thumbs nervously, she was starting to think waiting for Mike was a bad idea. Mike got upset at her back in December because she didn't give him the space he wanted. But they talked and laughed when they walked home. She didn't know what to do. What if Mike didn't want to see her yet? What if Mike didn't want to talk to her? What if Mike really didn't like her? She stopped pacing and looked at Mike's house. She would know shorty. She shook her head. She didn't want to ruin her friendship with Mike that they were slowly rebuilding. She decided to just walk to school alone.

Mike saw Lucy start walking towards school he threw open the front door and ran to catch up with her. Lucy could hear footsteps behind her. She stopped, she was nervous Mike was probably going to yell at her for not giving him his space. Tears started forming in her eyes. Mike finally caught up to her but before he could say a word Lucy turned around and faced him.

"Mike sorry for not leaving you alone and giving you your space" Lucy began "I understand why you always get mad at me…I…I am not really surprised if you don't want to be my friend…" Mike just stood there in disbelief as Lucy turned around and started walking towards school with her head down as she started to cry.

Paulo was watching from a distance. "I knew it, that ass hole would hurt her again" he muttered to himself being unable to hear their conversation.

"Lucy!" Mike starting running towards Lucy. Lucy stopped she didn't want Mike to yell at her again. She said she was sorry, she guessed it wasn't enough. But she was completely caught off guard when Mike hugged her.

"Mike?" Lucy was startled.

"Lucy, I am glad you waited for me" Mike said "I like walking with you. He stopped hugging her so he could turn her around and see her face. She looked up at Mike with tears still in her eyes and buried her face in Mike's chest crying. Mike gently rubbed her back. Lucy's crying starting dying down.

"Lucy you're my friend I am always glad to see you" Mike smiled "Well unless…" Lucy braced herself "There is something dangerous going on or I guess when I am showering or going to the bathroom" Mike started laughing. Lucy looked up at Mike. She turned a deep red in the face as Mike kissed her. Mike smiled as he pulled his face back "Lucy, Sandy doesn't exist for now. So don't feel guilty." Don't feel guilty? How on Earth could Lucy not! The boy of her dreams, her love just kissed her and not on the cheek either. Not feel guilty! Mike started turning red.

"So… how about we head to school huh?" Mike asked still red in the face.

"Sounds like a good idea." Lucy was also red in the face. They broke up their hug and started walking to school together. All along the way Mike tried to put his arm around her or hold her hand, but she dodged and weaved to prevent him from doing so.

They had arrived at school still walking besides each other as Daisy ran up to them.

"Hey Lucy" Daisy said clearly ignoring Mike "You should come see Davie he is doing something silly as usual." Daisy pulled on Lucy's arm as she started walking towards the school. Lucy pulled her arm back and frowned at Daisy. Daisy just looked at Lucy then walked towards to school as Abbey was standing at the front doors. Mike looked at Lucy with complete shock as Lucy was still glaring at Daisy and muttering something under her breathe. Lucy noticed Mike was staring at her. She looked back at him titling her head to the side noticing Mike seemed to not notice she was looking at him.

"Mike?" Lucy asked rather confused.

"Huh? Oh sorry I was just-" Mike started to chuckle "surprised that you chose to stay with me."

"Oh… ok?" Lucy was starting to piece together an idea but unsure if she should bring it. It was just an idea. "You want to walk to class together?"

Mike smiled "Yes of course!" They continued to walk to class together. It was USA History. As they sat down next to each other, Mike was aware that he was getting some stares. He decided just to ignore them. As class began, the teacher announced they would be doing book work based on yesterday's lecture and said that they could work in pairs or threes. Sue was already flipping to the page and Alec just stared at her as he was already at the page. It was clear to Mike they were working together. Abbey and Daisy were already buried into their work, so they were working together. Then Paulo grabbed his chair and sat it down next to Daisy as he joined them to make a threesome. While Mike as observing the rest of the class he was unaware that Lucy had her open to the page her paper out. Her ears were drooping; Mike was clearly more interested in the rest of the class than he was interested in her. Lucy felt really crappy as she miserably began question #1.

"Oh crap! Lucy I am sorry" Mike had just become aware that he ignored her. She looked up at him with a sad expression. Mike smile and placed his hand on her back. Mike was growing more and more angry at how everything Fury said about her was becoming more and more clear to Mike. Lucy gave him a weak smile feeling a little better. They worked on the book assignment finishing two minutes before class was over they began to pack their things up when Mike looked around the room realizing they were the last ones to finish, and since everyone was just talking and such it looked like they had been done awhile before him and Lucy. He turned his attention back to Lucy who putting on her backpack. The next two classes they had to go their separate ways planning on joining back up for lunch. Lunch was quite peaceful everyone just had they separate conversations. In their chemistry class the teacher announced their first lab would be on Monday. They were starting a new chapter in health class on Monday. In P.E. they were starting a new sport on Monday. As Mike and Lucy were walking home, Paulo was following close behind but at a distance. He was still working his plan threw his head. He was grinning from ear to ear as Haley was running towards Mike. He had paid her to tell Mike something.

"Mike!" Haley cried fake tears coming down her face.

"Haley what happened?" Mike asked wrapping his arms around her.

"A girl hit me a lot and… and… threatened to do it again!" Haley cried gripping Mike's fur tightly.

"Why and which girl!" Mike growled.

"She told me not to tell you or she cut me up" Haley cried "She told me break your phone so you couldn't call your girlfriend!" Haley choked it out. Mike was getting furious.

"Tell me something about this girl!" Mike yelled clearly ready to kick someone's ass.

"She had white fur… that's all I can tell you! I am sorry!" Haley pushed off Mike and ran towards home, running around the corner, and finding the money Paulo said gave her as payment completely unaware of Paulo's plans.

"I can't believe someone would do that!" Mike screamed he was really angry, he took notice that Lucy was cowering backwards. Mike glared at her causing her to start shaking.

"Hey Mike" Paulo walked up. Mike was now glaring at Paulo.

"What do you want?" Mike demanded.

"I just thought you should know some bitch beat up your little sister!" Paulo explained trying to act like he isn't hiding anything.

"You saw who did it!" Mike yelled clenching his fists.

"Yeah I did" Paulo then looked towards Lucy. Mike followed Paulo's glaze. Mike pointed at Lucy looking back at Paulo, who nodded. "I really didn't want to tell you since you guys are becoming friends again." Paulo said trying to sound sad about telling Mike.

"YOU BITCH!" Mike screamed as he threw a punch hitting Lucy in the face.

"Mike I did—" Lucy was cut off by a knee to the gut. Holding her stomach he looked up at Mike only to be punched in the face again. She fell to the ground. She struggled to get up only for Mike to kick her in the back of the head. Lucy fell to the ground again, just lying there crying as her nose starting bleeding.

"So you had to make sure Sandy was out of my life completely huh?" Mike said as he stomped Lucy's back. "Threatening Haley to help you" She curled up into a ball whimpering quietly. Paulo had walked away unnoticed while Mike was beating up Lucy. As Mike grabbed her neck and was ready to punch her again he felt a fist hit the side of his head. As he let go of Lucy and stumbled around trying to see how was attacking him he felt a hard punch to the stomach. Fell to the ground in pain filled with anger he got back up. He stopped seeing Fury carrying Lucy in his arms.

"You fucken asshole!" Fury screeched "SABRE!" Sabre then appeared.

"You called boss?" Sabre asked.

"Hold her" Fury said as he handed Lucy to Sabre. "I am going to kill you! You fucken rut!" As Fury dashed and grabbed Mike by the throat.

"Wait Fury?" Sabre asked as Fury continued choking Mike "I thought you couldn't kill him because of she loves him. Right?" Mike was caught off guard.

"YOU THINK SHE STILL DOES!?" Fury screeched throwing Mike twenty feet causing Mike to hit a tree. "I AM GOING TO BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY AND MAKE YOUR DEATH AS SLOW AS I CAN MAKE IT!" Fury screamed walking over to Mike. Mike was struggling to get up but his back hurt so bad he could barely move as he took an uppercut to the face sending him a good twenty feet hitting the ground hard. "HAVE YOU NO REMORSE?!" Fury screeched.

"She beat up my sister and tried to remove Sandy from my life" Mike said spiting up blood.

"You really believe that crock of shit!" Fury growled standing over Mike "YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT!" Mike just glared at Fury, if he had to die for Lucy to pay then Mike decided it would be worth it.

"Paulo saw it! Haley said white fur very few at my school have white fur!" Mike yelled spitting more blood.

"WHEN?" Fury bent down getting in Mike's face "She was with you the whole god damn day! YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT!" Mike was caught off guard now that he thought about it. Lucy was with him the whole day. "WHERE WERE HALEY'S BRUISES HUH!" Mike now thinking noticed she didn't have any. "IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU PAULO DOES NOT LIKE YOU AND WOULD TRY TO GET LUCY TO HATE YOU?" Fury screeched "YOUR FUCKEN MORON! I never could see what Lucy ever saw in you!"

"Umm Fury?" Sabre asked walking up to Fury with Lucy still in his hands. Fury took her from Sabre, slowly rocking her in his arms. Mike finally got up and walked up to Fury looking at the bruised and blood stain mess of fur that was supposed to be his friend.

"Lucy I am sorry" Mike said as he reached and touched her. He could feel her shaking and hear her quietly whimper. Mike's ear drooped. Yet again he let his anger get the better of him. Yet again he ignored the signs. Yet again he hurt Lucy. He was startled realizing he has touching her and Fury was right next to him. He looked up to Fury who was looking down at Lucy. Mike could see the pain in Fury's eyes. Fury then looked at Mike.

"Are you really sorry?" Fury asked his anger was gone replaced by hurt.

Mike stuttered then spoke "Yeah. I am really sorry. I wish I could take back what I did." Mike starred at the ground starting to cry "I am terrible person!" He continued crying. He was startled by a hand touching his shoulder. Fury's hands were cold and hard, but this hand felt warm and soft. Mike looked up seeing Lucy's hand on his shoulder. "Lucy?" Mike was confused.

"Mike" Lucy said weakly.

"Lucy I am really really really sorry!" Mike pleaded beginning to cry once again. I don't deserve any friends! FURY!" Fury looked at Mike. "Can't you heal her or something?"

Fury shook his head "I can only take her pain and wounds and give them to someone else, someone who is willing to take them."

"Give them to me then!" Mike pleaded "I am the one who deserves the pain! Not her."

"Mike I can't." Fury began.

"WHY NOT!" Mike yelled.

"There is one more requirement." Fury explained.

"WHAT IS IT!" Mike yelled louder.

"They have to be willing to give up the pain." Fury finished. Mike just looked at her. "Here" Fury said as he handed Lucy to Mike.

"What?" Mike stuttered.

"If you are really sorry take her to your home and help her recover." Fury began.

"But what will my mom think? Hell what will Lucy's mom think? What if Lucy doesn't want to see me again? How I am—" Mike panicked.

"Taker her now!" Fury demanded "You don't have to worry, they will never know nor will they care." Mike opened his mouth to speak "I am made them not care what happened. NOW GO!" Fury demanded. Carrying Lucy in his arms he started for his house. Looking back was Fury had a smile on his face. Mike continued not looking back.

"Sabre!" Fury called over his shoulder.

"Yeah boss?" Sabre answered.

"Deal with your pathetic offspring or I will." Fury growled.

"Will do Fury. Will do." Sabre replied.