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Mike was wiping his face with a warm washcloth. He didn't sleep very well. He just couldn't fall asleep. He was almost hoping Fury would have knocked him out. Mike ate his toaster strudel, rubbing his eyes between biting and chewing. He was so tired he bumped into Lucy who was starting there waiting for him. He started to fall when Lucy grabbed his arms to stop him from falling.

"You ok Mike?" Lucy asked holding Mike.

"Wa what?" Mike said not even aware. Lucy's arms were starting to hurt from holding Mike. She didn't know how he carried her from the park to his house but she was struggling to keep Mike, other than his feet, off the ground. She didn't complain, but her arms couldn't take much more. Thankfully Mike stood up catching Lucy by surprise she feel backwards but using her hands she didn't hit the ground. Mike was rubbing his eyes as Lucy got back up. They walked to school. Mike from time to time fell left or right causing Lucy to let him lean on her or to grab him and prevent him from falling. She was growing exhausted, she started to pant. Mike was completely obvious to Lucy's efforts and her actions. Right now he just wanted to lie down and sleep. Mike finally fell to the right. Lucy grabbed Mike's arms with both hands trying to stop him from hitting the ground. Mike closed his eyes and smiled. Lucy's footing was starting to give. She gave Mike a hard pull. He got back up on his feet, but he didn't stop. Lucy stared in horror as Mike smacked into and pinned her to the ground. When she hit her head hit the sidewalk. Mike was just lying there trying to sleep, but Lucy was not the idea sleeping surface. So Mike opened his eyes, stood up, and stretching his arms yawning. He was fully awake but he was more awake. He looked around wondering where Lucy was. He didn't remember meeting with Lucy but he is sure she would have waited and walked with him. Mike started walking thinking Lucy didn't wait while he slept. He took one step. It felt weird not normal. He looked down saw he was standing on Lucy's leg. He smiled and laughed. Only seconds later did reality hit him.

Mike got on his knees. He grabbed Lucy's shoulders and gave them a shake. Nothing.

"Lucy I am sorry, and you are scaring me right now!" Mike started to panic. Mike lifted Lucy up. She felt warm. Mike finally realized she was unconscious. "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!" Mike continued shaking Lucy hoping she would regain consciousness, but she didn't. "Lucy, please wake up" Mike pleaded bringing her close. "Please?" Mike hugged her unconscious body. Mike was scared he didn't know what to do. He felt the back of her head. There was a bump. He didn't know what happened. He remembered falling, laying on something unpleasant to lie on, sitting up and seeing Lucy lying there. Mike held her tight resting her head on his shoulder. Carefully he stood up continuing to hold Lucy. He slowly began to walk to school being extra careful not to drop her. Mike could see the school. How was he going to explain this to gang? Mike didn't realize till now that while he was carrying her his hands were on her butt. "Wonderful" Mike thought. Mike continued walking, only then did he notice Lucy wasn't that heavy. He wasn't really having trouble carrying her. "Shit!" Mike could see all the eyes of those outside the school were on him. He couldn't care on his back he had his backpack on.

"Come on school starts in 5 minutes" Paulo complained.

"You can go once you finish your first lesson for today." Sabre explained. He had Paulo doing a headstand. "You need to remain focused. Or we will start again!" Paulo was growing impatient with all this bull crap. He wanted to get to the fighting and the weapons. "All right you are finished for now. You can run to school as the last part."

"But I have like 5minutes!" Paulo complained.

"Unless you want it to be less I suggest you get going." Sabre said disappearing.

Mike just stood there not really sure what to do. Finally Daisy made her way to Mike.

"Hi Mikie!" Daisy smiled "Why are you carrying Lucy?" Daisy saw where Mike's hands were positioned. "Mikie! That is rude!" Daisy made an angry face at Mike.

"Well she is umm unconscious and…" Mike started.

"WHAT? She is?" Daisy said moving to get a look at Lucy's face. "What happened?"

"I don't know!" Mike started crying placing his face on Lucy's shoulder.

"Did you find her unconscious?" Daisy asked placing a hand on Mike's back. Mike didn't look up at Daisy just kept crying.

"Fucken scumbag!" Mike heard a voice yelling. He turned around to be punched in the face dropping Lucy. Lucy lightly hit the ground. Mike stumbled to regain his balance only to get socked in the gut. "I know you would hurt you piece of shit!" Mike took another fist to the face. "Now that she coddle you and defend your worthless ass I am going to give what you fucken deserve!" Paulo yelled kicking Mike in the shin. Daisy was terrified as she sat there leaning Lucy on her. She didn't know what do. I Mike was one of her oldest friends, but Paulo was a great friend also. She closed her eyes and begged Paulo to stop. Mike was crawling away only to get kicked right where it hurt. Paulo was about to stomp on Mike's head when he took an uppercut to the face. Paulo hit the ground hard, but he got right back up. He saw cloaked man, about his height, standing between him and Mike. It couldn't be Sabre. Sabre starts a good at least two feet taller than Paulo.

"Really? This that really necessary?" Sabre said walking past Paulo.

"You know this shithead?" Paulo asked.

"Learn some of manners you shit!" The cloaked name screeched.

"Can even come up with your own insults?" Paulo mocked.

"Who said I was insulting?" the cloaked man grinned.

"Ok enough you made your point." Sabre said.

"Thanks Sabre" Paulo said proudly.

"Not you!" Sabre growled in Paulo's face.

"That is your opinion Sabre!" the cloaked man growled helping Mike up. Mike was still holding his manhood.

"No it is—" Sabre tried to speak.

"You keep that little shit you call a descent away from MINE! And Roiling's!" the cloaked man screeched having Mike lean on him.

"Roilings's?" Sabre asked.

"Yes Roiling's!" he pointed to Mike.

"Well umm… Paulo! I am not even going to deal with you! We should let Roiling decide his punishment!" Sabre said.

"HAHA! Roiling punish? She wouldn't even defend herself against her father!" the cloaked man yelled.

"Fine let him" Sabre said pointing to Mike. The cloaked man grinned.

"Sabre, hold Paulo's head. I have a good idea for now." The cloaked man ordered. Sabre held Paulo's head the cloaked man held Mike's. Paulo dropped to the ground holding his manhood. Mike's didn't hurt anymore. "We will decide later what to do." The cloaked man disappeared and so did Sabre. Mike walked over, past Paulo, to Daisy.

"She is awake?" Mike asked bending down. Daisy shook her head. "Lucy, please wake up." Mike hugged her and kissed on the forehead.

"Mike, where am I?" Mike almost jumped back.

"Lucy!" Mike hugged her tight "We are at the school."

"Oh cool." Lucy smiled "But Mike we should be heading to class?"

"Oh yeah" Mike chuckled helping Lucy up. The rest of the day was awkward. Daisy had told Sue, Abbey, Tess, and McCain what had happened earlier. Lucy was happy and oblivious to what happened between Mike and Paulo. Lunch time arrived. No one was looking for to this except David and Lucy. David had heard what happened but couldn't believe his teacher and his bro would beat up someone. They were all sitting down Paulo was looking down eating his food. Lucy was the last to arrive at the table. She was smiling. But that smile quickly disappeared when all her friends had their eyes on her. She sat down next to Mike; she was really nervous about what was going to happen. Mike worked up a smile.

"How are you Lucy?" Mike asked trying to keep up his smile.

"I am ok I guess… why is everyone looking at me?" Lucy asked there was no hiding how nervous she was.

"Lucy, we were worried about you. You were unconscious." Daisy explained.

"Oh Mike was really tired this morning." Lucy said.

"Lucy I am really sorry." Mike said hugging Lucy.

"It's not a big deal Mike; you did carry me to school." Lucy said blushing. Mike looked at how sweet and innocent she looked. He loved her so much. He decided something he was going to do tomorrow.

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