Author's Notes: What? On schedule? Yes I am back! And hopefully this chapter will make up for the piece shit called chapter 31. Cheers ^.^

"Stupid jerk! Thinks he can just do whatever he wants! I have feeling too! The world doesn't revolve around you are your ****!" Lucy had finally stood up to Mike. Lucy liked seeing Mike happy but there was point that she was sick of touching his manhood. "He lied to me! He said that's not what he wanted!" The comparison to Mike getting pleasure to Lucy being pleasured was like 7 to 1. The difference Lucy doesn't want it every fucken day! Or three times in one! Lucy stopped. She couldn't remember the last time they made out and Mike didn't guide her hand to his manhood. Lucy honestly didn't feel loved but used. Mike had said no to Lucy more than one. Lucy tell Mike no? This wasn't the first he did snap and call her selfish. Just like every boy, all that matters in the looks.

Lucy was so caught up her thoughts she didn't notice the guy sneaking behind her. He cupped her mouth and grabbed her arms forcing them behind her. As she struggled she felt a rope wrap around it. She heard a laugh she knew all too well.

"Did you miss their blue eyes?" Lucy's head was force up to look at his face. "I am glad to see your more developed." He said feeling her breasts. She heard laugh that almost made her jump. He let go of her breasts as a cloaked figure walked up.

"You see this? This keeps that nosy great fucken great grandfather out of this." The cloaked man laughed. "I am glad I get to get some revenge on that fucker for killing my father. I have no want to rape you or see you raped, but I want you to suffer! And it looks like I am not the only one." Duct tape was placed over her mouth as she was forced into the back of a van. A couple of guys in the back started feeling her up. "NO! We wait till we are far from here first! I don't want to take any chances of this charm not working! It isn't 100%."

"I am really that bad? No, she is just being unreasonable. But she was crying. She is really mad? She will come back. I will try to turn it down for a while. But what if she doesn't come back? I love damn it! I should show it!" Mike thought to himself. BAM! A kick to the head knocked him to the floor.

"You see I am really." Mike heard Paulo's voice. Mike was filled rage! Lucy probably went crawling back to him! Mike got up see two figures in white cloaks.

"Yes you have improved, but this isn't for revenge" Mike heard a monotone voice.

"Ok fucker where is she?" Paulo asked removed his hood and stepping closed. "Grom?" Paulo asked watching his Master look out the window.

"In that van." Neogrom stated.

"What?" Paulo ran to the window. He closed his eyes. "Damn grom you're right! Let's go! I sense some old enemies." Paulo said leaping out the window followed by Neogrom.

"Wait! Lucy is in trouble?" Mike asked out the window.

"No shit you horny piece of shit!" Paulo growled. "If you weren't so pleasure hungry you might think about someone else."

"Shall we go?" Neogrom questioned.

"Yeah" Paulo answered.

"Wait! Let me come with." Mike said as was caught by Neogrom. "Is she hurt? I don't mean physically right now."

"Positive" Neogrom stated.

"I am to blame for some aren't it?"


"Then take me with you! I want to show Lucy I am sorry. I want to tell I love her and she believes it!" Mike begged. Neogrom looked at Paulo.

"Fine! IF you promise to change and treat like you did before."

"Not better but before?" Mike asked.

"Before this, you treated like she deserved to be. Better isn't good enough!" Paulo explained Mike broke down in tears.

"If I hadn't been such an ass hole, this would have never happened. At least let me make things right!" Mike begged.

"Let us go before the distance it too great to catch up." Neogrom said picking up Mike bridal style. Paulo nodded and leap for the nearest tree with Neogrom behind him.

"Glad so see you still have that perfect body there blue eyes. I just hope when we are finished you still have it!" Alejandro laughed with Lucy sitting on his lap in the back of the van. The strong smell of fear filled the back of the van. "Are we almost there damn it? I have been waiting too long as it is. Isn't that right blue eyes." He said tickling her chin with his index finger. They finally arrived at an abandoned construction site. Lucy fell face first in the dirt and she shoved out of the van. She gained her balance trying to get away on her knees, but a grip on her tail stopped that. Alejandro stood her up. He shoved her to the ground she was on her back. Alejandro spread her legs and used his knees to keep spread as Lucy struggled. "Good I like it when they struggle." Lucy looked up at his face with sheer terror in her eyes. There was no drunken Mike to save her. She tried sitting up and Alejandro pulled out his manhood. "Aw how cute? You want to suckle before I rape? That is so sweet." He grinned. Lucy looked in terror at her fate. She leaned back then thrust the top of her head into his exposed balls. He fell back gripping them in pain. Lucy pushed off him and tried getting away on her knees. It took away before one of the goons noticed their boss wasn't groaning from pleasure. In this time Lucy had made some distance and was hidden. Lucy was terrified. She could see from her hiding place as goons searched the area, flashlight in one hand and gun in the other. One of them was walking towards her. She started wetting herself. She begged he wouldn't see her. She stared waiting for him to see her, but he didn't he moved out. Lucy didn't know to be happy or scared. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She started crying. She was done for. She was startled when arms wrapped around her and she felt a warm body against her. She couldn't look at the person who was behind her. She couldn't bring herself to do it. She saw white cloaked guy ran and kick the goons out of his way making it towards Alejandro. He got to Alejandro and kicked him the chest. Alejandro grabbed him by the throat choking him but stopped as lightning crack the sky. Alejandro looked at the broken charm on the ground. A cloaked figure landed creating a shock wave knocking down anyone within thirty feet, leaving a crater where he landed. He shot out chains in all directions gathering Alejandro's goons. Lucy was happy, but that died when she noticed there was still someone holding her. The goons all lay in a pile, chains wrapped around their arms and torso. All that was left was Alejandro and the cloaked man for earlier. The cloaked man ran and disappeared. The cloaked man that was left was Fury. He grabbed Alejandro ripping off something and throwing. It landed near the pile of goons. Lucy guessed it wasn't good seeing there was lots of blood around it and some of the goons were throwing up. Fury then shot a blast destroying the van. He walked up the white cloaked guy and helped him stand as a large white cloaked man walked up. The taller white cloaked figure gave Fury a little bow. And Fury hugged the smaller one. Lucy guessed they were friends, but Lucy was still scared the guy behind her was still here. She felt a head on her shoulder. She started crying again. She felt a hand on her cheek caught a tear. She was startled by what she heard next.

"Don't cry." Lucy turned her head. "I am sorry" It was Mike. "I am sorry, for tonight. I am glad you're not hurt. Lucy I haven't been showing you the love you deserve. Not even close. I just hope that some day you will meet someone who can give you the love you deserve." Mike was surprised a Lucy pressed her head against his. Mike hugged as Lucy leaned into him. 'It's you' Mike heard. He held Lucy will she leaned on him and closed her eyes. Lucy didn't mind being tied up or duct tape on her mouth. She was just happy to be next to the boy she loved.