Author's Notes: Fix the mistake.

Mike was speechless as Lucy walked up to him. He was standing there baffled. She looked so beautiful. She gave Mike a hug. Mike wasn't aware of anything around him, but Lucy. She was the center of his attention she was all that mattered. Mike didn't know whether or not to hug her back. He felt he was the luckiest person on Earth. He remembered at a point her hated her. He wanted to be as far away from her as possible, but now they are inseparable. Mike hugged her back. He loved her with all his heart. He was glad she stayed with him. He started to cry, remembering that terrible day.

"So are you and Mike getting back together?" Paulo asked.

"No... I don't know…" Lucy said.


"I thought…"

"Thought what babe?"

"That you would be happy Mike and I almost broke up…"

"Why would I?" Paulo asked. Lucy looked at him with hurt in her eyes. "Ok ok! I know I was a jerk and tried to… but, I am matured now! I am glad that you two are happy together. I like seeing you happy Lucy. I really do. I am even happier to see you with the boy you truly love the most. You deserve each other." Paulo said grabbing Lucy and putting her head under his arm giving her noogie.

"Paulo stop!" Lucy laughed.

"Ok fine you poor sport." Paulo laughing letting her go. "Well I will see you tomorrow!"

"Bye" Lucy called out after Paulo.

"Bye!" he waved, Lucy blushed as Paulo walked off out of sight. Lucy walked into Mike's house. She walked up stairs. She wanted to see Mike. She stopped. She heard voices.

"Come Mike, don't be shy." Lucy heard a girl's voice.

"I don't know… what about—"

"I am wet, Mike"


"You want to see?"


"You got earn that Minster." Lucy started becoming scared. She peeked in. She froze as tears started rolling down her cheek.

"Why are we stopping? You're a great kisser Mike." Jenny said.

"Yeah… Really?"

"Yes Mike, what no one ever told you?"

"No" Lucy felt like she had been hit in the gut.

"Awe? Really? Well I think you are." Jenny said rubbing Mike's face.

"That's really nice to hear." Mike said touching her hand.

"So why did we stop?"

"I am not really comfortable"

"What? Why?"

"My dick is being crushed" Mike laughed nervously

"Oh. I am sorry let me move a bit… Is that better?"

"Much—" Mike was cutoff as Jenny kissed him. Lucy's knees started shaking as she watched them make out and start rolling on the floor.

"Oh Mike!" Jenny said stopping. She was currently on top. "It's really hot in here. You don't mind if I remove my shirt do you?"

"Go ahead."

"Don't worry I am wearing a bra, but if you a good boy. I might take that off too." She said dropping her shirt. They went back to making out. Lucy's face was soaked with tears. She was leaning against the doorway. Jenny stopped taking off her panties, but leaving her skirt on. "Oh. Your rock hard not aren't you?"

"Yeah…" Mike blushed.

"I bet you could break skulls with it."

"I don't knoooo"

"It feels like it could." Jenny smiled devious.

"Ya think?" Mike said turning red.

"Mike" She stoped up removing her bra lifting her skirt to her midriff. "I am sweating hard, but my area is wetter."

"Oh!" Mike said.

"Shall we?" She kissed him again, moving down to his neck and giving it a little nibble. "I don't know if we can."

"What do you mean?"

"You think that could fit in there?"

"I don't know…" Mike said turning a dark red. "Want to—" they stopped. They heard a thumb outside the room. Jenny grabbed her clothes holding them covering her breasts and womanhood. Mike poked his head out hiding his erected manhood behind the door. He saw Lucy lying at the base of the stairs. She looked up at him. She couldn't see her vision was blocked by her tears. She stumbled to her feet and out the door. Mike didn't know it but she fell hitting the concrete. She saw blood coming from her mouth, but she didn't give a care. It didn't hurt, or at least not compared to the emotional pain.

"Mike is everything ok?"

"I am not sure…"

"If you're still hard... I am on the pill and have a condom."

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That noise!"

"I stopped because you did."

"Maybe I just seeing and hearing things."

"Probably. Now come back before you're not longer hard and I am dry." Jenny called out. Mike walked back in. "oh… you're soft. Let me fix that she reached out with her tongue."

"What stop!" Mike felt she soft moist tongue.

"I am not going to blow you silly." She stood up positioned herself as she snapped the condom on Mike.

"So" They stopped not exiting the position. The turned their heads to see Lucy in the door way with blood on her chin and neck. "This is why you weren't in a hurry to get back together… If you don't love me anymore more Mike… I would have rather you told me than this… but I guess it really isn't my business… here I want you to have this." Lucy threw the old scarf on the floor. She wiped her eyes and turned leaving them. Mike watched her go. He looked at his old scarf. It brought her comfort and now she tossed it and left it. Mike snapped back to his senses and Jenny continued without him.

"Jenny stop"

"Why? She is gone. She doesn't want you." She stopped touching Mike's cheek. "I do. I love you." She went to kiss him. He pushed her face back. "Mike?" Mike withdrew himself.

"What I am doing… throwing away…"

"No Mike you haven't—"

"Not you! I like you Jenny but—"

"But what?"

"I feel like shit!"

"Why? Does the condom hurt?"

"No. I just betrayed the girl I loved. What I am going! She wanted to dump me because I was so lustful! And now what I am doing instead of changing? Rubbing it in her face. Jenny I am sorry. Get dressed and leave. We have nothing more." Mike said. She walked towards Mike but he stepped back.

"Mike I want to at least show I am sorry. I didn't know you were in a relationship." She said. Mike took a step forward. She leaned forward grabbing his wrists. He forced him to the group using her bra to tie his wrists. He struggled until he felt plastic tightly on his manhood. She tied him to the bed. He struggled as she positioned herself. She started going work. Mike struggled but it was no use. Jenny was basically raping him. He sighed. "Enjoy it Mike I know you are." Jenny said. Mike felt physical pleasure. Mike closed his eyes. He had given up.

"Get off him you whore!" Mike opened his eyes to Lucy punch Jenny in the face. Lucy was on top of Jenny as they attacked each other. Mike had not withdrawn. As they fought Jenny moved and so did his manhood. Lucy looked back. She gave Jenny a hard shove causing Mike to withdraw. She hit Jenny hard in the face. Jenny got to her feet. She swung and Lucy, but Lucy dodged, only to have a claw rake her face. She cried in pain but socked Jenny in the gut. They exchanged blows until Jenny tripped Lucy causing to fall on her back. Jenny landed on top of Lucy choking her. Mike watched in horror. Lucy started closing her eyes as she was running out of air. Mike gave Jenny a hard kick. Jenny with one hand let out her claws ready to rake Mike where it would hurt. But she took knee to gut then a foot to the chin as she stumbled back. Lucy leaped up continuing her attacks. She kept hitting Jenny forcing her backwards. Jenny fell to her knees. She begged for Lucy to stop. Jenny grabbed her clothes and ran. Lucy walked to see her run out the door. Lucy looked like hell cover in bruises. She had blood on her fur. She looked at Mike with fire in her eyes. Mike looked at his manhood. He couldn't bear to look at Lucy.


"Shut up Mike!"

"NO! YOU LISTEN! I am breaking up with you!"


"You deserve better! You don't deserve some sex hungry jerk like me. And more importantly I don't deserve someone loving and caring like you. Just leave me… I deserve it and more." Mike said his tone was harsh but he knew he was right.




"What?" Mike stuttered as reality returned.

"Are you ok?" Lucy asked concern in her eyes. Mike could see everyone was back in the pool or relaxing on the chairs. Lucy was still in a bikini. "Mike?"

"Sorry. I spaced."

"Mike you were 'spaced' for five minutes!"

"Oh… I am sorry."

"I am just glad you are ok." Lucy said "Come on let's not sit around here all day."



"My head hurts!"

"How bad?" Lucy asked.

"I like I hit a fucken—" Mike cut himself off, he didn't need to snap at her.

"You want go home?" Lucy asked.

"No it's ok! I can just rest on a chair while you have fun."

"Mike no! If you're hurting I should take you home. Come on let's get you dried off and home." Lucy said trying to help Mike up. They were both surprised as Paulo helped lift up Mike.

"Yeah she is right Mike. You should get home. Especially after passing out" Paulo said

"Wait no I spaced!" Mike replied.

"With your eyes closed." Paulo said annoyed.

"Oh god Mike!" Lucy said as Mike's eyes started to close.


Mike opened his eyes slowly. He felt really comfortable. He took a few moments to realize he was in a bed. He turned his head to this left. Lucy was lying next to him, but she wasn't under the blankets. She was sleeping. She wasn't in a bikini anymore just her general attire, except she was wearing the old scarf. Mike looked up to see and ice pack on his head. He moved his hand around. He remembered blacking out. Shit! WHAT? Mike felt his dry trunks. Mike looked to his right seeing a note.

Wake me up if I fall asleep and you need something.

Mike looked back over at Lucy. Will all his nightmares, he had been keeping Lucy up night. He was glad she could actually get some sleep. Mike was hungry. He tried to move, but he noticed Lucy was lying on the blankets. He couldn't get up without waking her. So he laid there with his stomach growling. Mike was getting really hungry. He hit the bed in frustration.

"SHIT!" Mike heard. He saw Lucy scramble off the bed hitting the floor she stood up running to the other side of the bed. She was almost out of breath. "What do you need Mike?" asked almost panting.

"What? I am just hungry that is all."

"Ok! I will be back!" Lucy said running out of the room.

"Wait Lucy! I can… urg!" Mike shouted. He grumbled in anger.

"Don't get up!" Mike heard Lucy call from downstairs. Mike laid there angry and annoyed. About ten minutes later Mike heard Lucy run to the stairs. She had plate with chicken strips on it. "Here you go…" She said breathing hard.

"Damn it Lucy!" Mike shouted.

"What's wrong Mike? You didn't want chicken…" Lucy said her mouth trembling as tears started down her eyes. "I can make you something else." Lucy said her voice was weak.

"Lucy! No! I a mean!" Mike said. Lucy, without a word set the plate next to the bed and turn and left the room. "Lucy!" Mike pounded on the bed. "DAMN IT!" Mike shouted. He got up. The room started spinning. "FUCK!" Mike fell to the ground. "Lucy!" Mike called out. His head was throbbing. Mike managed to his feet. He leaned on what he could till he got the doorway. He looked downstairs. He saw Lucy on the couch. He started down the stairs. He started getting dizzy. He fell down the stairs. He felt something soft and all he was white. He reached out. "Oh a hole!" Mike thought continued. "It's wet on the inside! Maybe I am sticking my hand in her mouth. But this is smaller. I can't even fit my whole hand" Mike thought.

"Lucy, why are you closing your mouth?" Mike asked.

"Mike that isn't my mouth!" Lucy said nervous as can be.

"What? But it is moist and…"

"That is not my mouth!"

"What is it?" Mike asked rubbing the sides with his finger.

"Mikee!" Lucy was standing awkwardly pretty Mike from hitting the ground.

"Are you spitting? There are more liquids."

"Mike that is not my mouth!"

"Your butt?"

"No! guess again." Mike felt Lucy squirm for a sec as he reached further.


"Mike stop I can't keeping holding up as it is. But doing what you are is making matters worse."

"Doesn't it feel good?" Mike still light headed.

"Mike I am more concerned about dropping you on your head!"

"But..." Mike smiled still lightheaded.


"WHAT?" BAM. Lucy lost her balance and they fell. He opened his eyes. His head was on her stomach. Mike could feel her trembling.

"Lucy, are you ok? My head still hurts. Why are you shaking?" Mike asked starting to come to his senses.

"Mike that hurts" Lucy whimpered. Mike noticed part of his arm was inside of Lucy.

"Oh let me get out…" Mike laughed nervously.

"Please do" Lucy whimpered.

"OK I am coming out."

"SLOWLY!" Mike could feel as sweat started to land on his arm. Mike could see Lucy was sweating hard. Mike carefully and slowly pulled his hand out, wondering why he had it inside in the first place. He got onto of Lucy look down on her face. She was breathing hard and sweating. "Mike, please don't do that again" she said sounding scared


"WHAT? You just shoved part of your fucken arm inside me!" Lucy said crying.

"Why would I do that?"

"First you thought it was my mouth!"

"Oh wait I remember… OW my head hurts."

"You that fucken lightheaded!"

"I guess so, god why are you such a bitch right now?"

"I am a… bitch…" Lucy said weakly. She balled her eyes out as she cupped her face. "I AM SO TERRIBLE!"

"Wait! A fuck! Lucy, stop it! I am sorry being stupid! There is nothing wrong with you… well except this." Mike said his senses returned.

"What?" She said looking at him.

"You think you're worthless! Damn Lucy you're not! Stop thinking so little of yourself. I got mad because you having to wait on me hand and foot! I don't like you waiting on me! I hated being in a cast because you ARG! I hate it! I don't want a slave I want a girlfriend!" Mike shouted.

"So I am a worthless girlfriend…"

"NO! You're not! You just go overboard sometimes! I still love you!" Mike said hugging her. "I appreciate you cooking those chicken strips for me. I am just upset that I had to let do it for me."

They eat chicken strips together as they sat on Lucy's bed. Mike was feeling better physically, but he felt horrible otherwise.

"Hey Lucy what is with all cook books and the food on the kitchen counter?"

"My mom and brother are leaving to go see Sam." Mike's hair stood on end at Sam's name. "So I am responsible for cooking for us both."

"How many days?" Mike asked nervously.

"Just four… Why? You don't trust me cooking…" Lucy said feeling horrible.

"No! I just… surprised! I think you will do well!" Mike said.



After hours of video games, Mike's stomach grumbled.

"So I am not alone?" Lucy chuckled.

"I guess not…"

"I will go make us some dinner!"



"I can I watch?"

"Yes you can silly!" Lucy said getting up.

"Are you going to wear an apron?"

"Yeah why not?"


"Mike out with it!"


"There worse will happen is I get upset and say no!"

"You mean say yes…"

"Mike! I am not going to…! Damn it out with it or you starve!"

"Will you only wear an apron?"

"What?" Lucy asked not angry but curious.

"You know get naked only wear the apron… two plus two is four."


"Oh nevermind!"

"I didn't say no."


"Why? Do you want me to?"


"Promise will be down no sooner than five minutes." Lucy said leaving.

"WAIT WHAT?" Mike called after her. "What I did I just do?" Mike said.

"Ok you can come down now."


"Wait stop!"


"Tell me why?"

"Umm it's hot…"

"How about we make a deal then?"


"If you don't get fully… aroused I might do something."


"You really want to know?"

"That might be a good idea. So I know whether it is worth it or not."

"I am not telling you."

"Why not?"

"If you win, you will find out." Lucy smirked. "I am glad I am wearing this apron. The other one only goes to here." Lucy said placing her hand three inches above her waist. "I am glad I put in on and looked in the mirror before calling you down." Lucy said.

"What if I asked you to wear the other on instead?"

"What if I told you count yourself lucky already? What you're not even looking at me?"

"You want me to?"

"Well that defeats the purpose if you don't"

"Well I want to win!"

"Well… I guess getting some air there is pretty nice. Well this will make cooking with the oven not so bad. There is another upside for me." Lucy said as she continued cooking.


"Yeah?" Lucy said not looking from her work.

"You consider do this every day it is just us?"

"Why not?"


"But as for now, the deal is only for tonight. Oh and if anyone is at the door you had been get it!"

"But it's your house!"

"So you want to take the chance someone would grab a naked teenager?"

"Don't tempt me! Got it is hot in here"

"Then take our clothes"

"Excuse me?"

"I am spreading my legs so they don't get sweaty. You can go in the living room or upstairs and strip until dinner is done."

"How much longer?"

"Ten minutes."

"Will you not look?"

"You're doing to do it here?"

"I was just going to give my area some air that is all."

"I have cooking to do you can bate for all I care."


"Just don't finish in the kitchen!"


"Don't bring your man junk near my ass either!"

"You're no fun" Mike complained letting his manhood out. He look at how sweaty it and his waist was.

"Dinner is ready"

"Ok" Mike said putting his manhood away. Lucy brought the food down and set the plates down. She then sat down. "Wait! You're eating like that?"

"How's that bet coming along?" Lucy said biting into dinner.

"You would like to know"

"I trust you Mike"


"Yeah" She said taking another bite.


"I am not leaning forward."


"Eat!" Lucy yelled as took another bite. They continued eating. Mike was starting to envy Lucy being naked. He was sweaty especially where no man ever wants to be. They finished eating. Mike helped Lucy clean the dishes. After they finished they went upstairs.

"Are you getting dress?" Mike asked. He almost jumped as Lucy grabbing his area.

"I guess you win" Lucy said letting go.

"What is my prize?"

"A free… thing."

"Like?" Mike asked. Lucy pushed Mike onto the bed. She climbed up next to and kissed him on the lips. Mike returned her embrace as they made out.

Mike heard a tab on the walk.


"I am coming in"

"WHAT? I am showering!"



"We used to shower together."

"From time to time!"

"Why not now?"

"Why now?"

"Because if you don't I am going to masturbate in the bathroom and moan loudly and if you look I will rip your man junk!"

"So you moan or shower with me?"



"Nevermind I'll just wait." Lucy said leaving the bathroom



"Get in here!" Mike said startled as Lucy came from in front of him. She started into his eyes while he stared at her boobs.

"Sorry!" Lucy said blushing walking around Mike so their backs were facing.

"Hey Lucy"

"Yeah?" Lucy said still embarrassed.

"Are you wet?"


"I don't mean that kind!"


"Want to be?"


"Want to make out in the shower?"

"I don't know…" Lucy said nervously.

"I promise only your face will get my eyes attention."



"Mike can you just hole me?" Mike heard.

"What are you sure?"

"Why would I not! I really need it!"

"OK how we going to do this?" Mike asked nervously.

"You forgot how to hold me?"




"WAIT you thought I said something else!"

"You want that hold or not?" Mike said. Lucy slammed into him hugging him tightly.

"I need it" Lucy said weakly. Mike hugged her back rocking her back and forth gently. "Mike…" Lucy said scared.

"I love you" Mike said.