"Jasmine!" Lucy called out running to catch up to Jasmine. Jasmine stopped making fist. "Hey Jasmine I just—"

"What you want to rub it in my face? Not only do you have a boyfriend, but you had two boys fighting over you! Leave me alone!" Jasmine said turning and walking away.

"No Jasmine wai—" Lucy stumbled backwards after a hard punch to the face.

"I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jasmine roared furious.

"I just wanted to help…" Lucy said tears started down her face. Blood was dripping down onto her scarf. "I know what it is like to be lonely and feel unwanted."

"Yeah right!"

"I do… I want to help you find someone special. Since I took Paulo away from you…" Lucy said holding her nose trying to stop the bleeding.

"Even after I punched you?"

"I know why you are mad. You have all the right to be mad at me. I am sorry."

Jasmine decided to think about Lucy's offer. She wasn't sure whether to believe her or not. Jasmine sighed and grabbed her phone. She dialed the phone and wait as it ringed.

"Hello?" a male voiced answered.

"Hello, do I have the right number?" Jasmine asked.

"Who are you looking for?" the male voice asked.

"I was hoping to talk to Lucy" Jasmine said a little nervous.

"Umm… well she is the shower right now. Can I have you call her after she gets out?" the male voice asked.

"Who is that?" Jasmine heard a female voice sounding like it was in another room.

"Someone who wants to talk to you"

"Oh… talk to me?"

"How about you get dressed?"

"How about you give me the phone and go shower? "

"Ok if you want."

"Hello?" the female voice asked.

"Hi, this is Jasmine is this Lucy?"

"Yeah, what's up Jasmine?" Lucy asked cheerfully.

"I decided to take up on your offer."

"Really? We can start tomorrow if you want?"



"Cool thanks

"You're welcome"

"See you tomorrow


"Ok thanks again" Jasmine said

"Hey Lucy, you almost done?" Jasmine heard Mike in the background.

"Almost Mike"

"Night Jasmine… oooo Mike I am still on the phone." Lucy moaned softly.

"Then get off the phone"

"Good night Jasmine"




"I think she hung up."

"Good" Mike purred nuzzling Lucy's neck.

Jasmine was waiting outside. She was nervous, but she was almost furious. She thought Mike and Lucy had sex while she was on the phone to rub it in. She saw Lucy walking up at a quick pace. Mike was behind her a distance. He looked like he was trying to catch up.

"Lucy, wait up!"

"Shut up Mike!" Lucy turned around snapping at Mike.

"Lucy, why?"

"One, I asked you not to do that unless I said you could! Two, I was on the phone with someone!"

"Lucy, come on"

"No Mike! I am going to spend the day with Jasmine ok."

"Oh so you switched sid—" SMACK.

"This isn't funny! I asked you to stop!"

"No you didn't!" Mike rubbed his cheek.

"Last night!"


"You don't even remember! I need a break from you!" Lucy said walking towards Jasmine.

"But I…" Mike sighed let his ears droop as he walked towards the school doors.

"Morning Jasmine." Lucy said trying to sound cheery.

"What is up with that?" Jasmine asked.



"Oh. It… I would rather not talk about it."


"Come on" Lucy said. Jasmine looked back at Mike before she followed Lucy into the school. Lucy wanted to spend as much of the school as she could to get to know Jasmine, so she knew what kind of guy would be good for her.

After about a week, they had tried about four guys out. Lucy hid it very well, but she was starting to lose faith that they were going to find a boy for Jasmine. They were walking outside of the school. Once they were alone Jasmine stepped in front blocking Lucy's path.

"Something wrong Jasmine?" Lucy asked. Jasmine advanced forward pushing Lucy against a wall. "Jasmi—" Lucy was cut off by Jasmine kissing her on the lips. Jasmine withdrew slowly. "Jasmine?"

"Lucy!" they heard Mike around the corner. "I get why you have been avoiding me!"

"What Mike?"

"Shut up!" Mike shoved Lucy again the wall. "I don't want to hear you carpet licker!"

"Mike…" Lucy started crying.

"Wait Mike listen!"

"Stay out Jasmine!"

"MIKE, LISTEN TO ME!" Jasmine yelled. "I kissed her. She was caught off guard!"

"Lucy, is she telling the truth?" Mike asked. Lucy kneed him the manhood.

"I like how you don't listen to me unless someone else says something!"

"Lucy, I am sorry." Jasmine said.

"It's not your fault Jasmine." Lucy said.

"Lucy, I am sorry. I really am." Mike said hugging Lucy. "So you are a lesbian Jasmine?"

"Mike I see why you like Lucy, she is really hot." Jasmine said. Lucy turned a dark red.

"Umm… thanks I guess" Mike scratched his head. "I heard from Daisy that Jessica is one too…"



"Mike, how about you set them up?" Lucy asked.