Author's Note: I forgot about this chapter WHOOPS! It's ok, because it still is before the next chapter. This chapter is in the correct place in the timeline, so don't freak out! This chapter may not be very good or entertaining, but it some parts that are important.

Lucy was sitting at the table. She was watching Mike shift through the mail. She was growing bored, but she didn't want Mike to know that. Finally Mike found what he was looking for!

"Yes!" he said ripping open the envelope.

"What is it?" Lucy asked.

"Hopefully something good." He said pulling out a letter. He unfolded it and started reading. A thought popped into Lucy's head, but she pushed it away.


"YES! I GOT ACCEPCTED!" Mike yelled jumping up. Lucy leaned back a little afraid he might crash into her.

"You never told me anything about it…"

"Oh, that's right…" Mike said a little embarrassed. "I applied to go to this summer program at this college I want to attend after high school!"

"You're already thinking of college?" Lucy asked.

"Oh, and you aren't?" Mike's mother asked.

"Umm…" Lucy said as her ears drooped.

"Anyway! I got accepted to go there for four weeks! And oh my god! I am so excited!" Mike said clearly excited.

"Wow, there goes a big chunk of summer…" Lucy said.

"Well at least he is doing something." Mike's mother said.

"Mom! Knock it off!" Mike said getting upset.

"I just have drivers ed…"

"Just drivers ed?!"

"Well I have to finish it and then take my driver's test." Lucy said.

"Oh! Well good luck Lucy!"

"Thanks… have fun at your college thing."

Mike hugged his mom good bye. "I will see you in four weeks mom!" Mike said.

"I know… I guess it will prepare me for when you leave the nest." She said.

"You mean you won't be happy I am gone?" Mike asked jokingly.


"I was joking mom."

"Well, have fun honey!" she said as her son walked away towards the college.

"Crap!" someone said as they bumped into Mike. "Sorry about that man! I was looking where I was going. Hey can you tell me where the auditorium is?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's this way." Mike said leading the way.

"Thanks man. Hey you know where the chemistry lab is by chance?" he asked.

"Yeah, wait your taking the chemistry here too?" Mike asked.

"Oh, so we will see each other? Well I am George" the boy said holding out his hand.

"I am Mike" Mike said shaking his hand. After their introduction they headed to the auditorium.

Lucy banged her head against her desk. "Ugh…" she groaned. She opened her sleepy eyes as she studied. She struggled to keep her eyes open as she banged her head against her desk this time falling asleep. Lucy slowly opened her eyes as her alarm beeped. She staggered to the bathroom to get ready.

"Really? No way!" George said excited.

"This is pretty awesome!" Mike said. George and Mike found out not only where they taking the same program, but they shared the same room. They each grabbed a chair and pulled them next to each other at the large desk opened their books and started studying together.

Lucy ran. She stopped and took a breath. She walked into the DMV. She checked in went to take the written test. She took the written test answering the questions she knew first then the ones she wasn't so sure, then the ones she had to guess on. She wanted to double check her answers but after starting to doubt the ones she knew she handed in the test. She waited until a dog came out to take her driving test.

"Careful!" Mike said.

"I am careful!" George said pouring the mixture into a tube of vinegar.

"Ok, that should do it!" Mike raised his hand to symbol that his team was done. The professor came over and took a good look at Mike and George's work.

"Excellent" he said giving them a nod. Mike and George both high fived each other.

"How I am doing so far?" Lucy asked nervous.

"You are doing very well, are you ready to Parallel Park?" the dog asked.

"Ready, as I will ever be!" Lucy said trying to hide her nervousness as she parallel parked.

"Ok very good!" he said. "Now you can pull away and park in the parking lot.

"Ok…" Lucy said her nervously very obvious. She parked the car and turned it off. "How did I do?" she asked. She saw the dog was busy riding. Her ears drooped.

"Well, you did very well! The only think you need to work on is backing around a corner." he said finishing his writing.

"So I have to retake the test?" Lucy asked her hands sweating.

"No, no. You passed with very high score. You be proud young lady, you did very well."

"Really? I am glad to hear that." Lucy said.

"You just need a little more confidence and you will do very very well! You only missed a few points, most of the on the backing around a corner, which you did pass." He said.

"This sucks!" George groaned.

"I know! Tell me about it!" Mike grumbled.

"Well since you asked! Today is our last day and we aren't actually really doing anything related to the program we took. We are basically just waiting around haha!" George said.

"Oh good, finally a text from my mom!" Mike said.

I will not be able to pick you up honey

"Damn it!"

"Hey dude you hear that?" George asked.

"So I am not just hearing things? Who is calling out my name?" Mike asked walking off.

"Hey Mike! Check out that beautiful chick over there!"

"Over where?" Mike asked.

"That one in the blue scarf!" George said pointing. "I think she is calling your name!"

"WHAT? What is she doing here?" Mike asked.

"Mike?!" Lucy asked seeing Mike. "Mike!" she said running up and hugging him. "I missed you so much!" she said.

"I missed you too." Mike said surprised to see her.

"Awkward… I just called your sister—"

"Girlfriend not sister!" Mike said turning red.

"I feel even better Mike!" George said.

"Mike who is this?" Lucy asked.

"George is my name." George said proud of his name.

"Nice to meet you! I am Lucy." Lucy said.

"That is name is just as beautiful as you are." George said kissing her hand. Lucy blushed almost giggling.

"She is taken George." Mike said crossing his arms.

"I know, I just want complement her. You're pretty damn lucky Mike." George said.

"Other way around George" Lucy said.

"No, George had it right!" Mike said. "Anyway why are you here?!" Mike asked.

"Your mom texted you she couldn't pick you up, she called my mom."

"So you mom drove all the way here?" Mike asked.

"No silly! She doesn't like driving."




"NO!" Lucy yelled.

"Then who drove?"

"Me" Lucy said shyly.

"Oh, that's right. Wait! You got your license before me!"

Mike was sitting in the passenger seat of a new car. "Whose car is this?"

"It's Jordan's car. He got it for his eighteen birthday." Lucy explained.

"He got a car!" Mike asked surprised.

"My mom and dad said I will get one too."


"I am not getting anything fancy or new like this. I already picked out a car. It's used, but I like it." Lucy said.

"I still have to take drives ed." Mike groaned.

"Hey! I can help you practice, and help teach you… if you want…" Lucy suggested shyly.


"If you want…"

"I would love to!" Mike said hugging Lucy. "Shit!" Mike pulled back. "Remind me to hug you when we get back…" Mike said turning red.

MORE Author's Notes: Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with college. Also, because I have terrible with keeping up with updates I will give you a spoiler! Cheers! ^.^ Spoiler: Remember George?