"Yes Mom!" Lucy said over the phone her excitement was causing her to almost yell. Mike just chuckled shaking his head. Lucy was planning on calling everyone and telling them the news. Mike knew when she went to work she would be swarmed with congratulations. Mike told Lucy George could wait till tomorrow. Mike and George worked at the same chemical plant. George had married Sandy during George, Mike, and Lucy's third year of college. George and Sandy had a one year old. Despite they have known she was pregnant for a whole ten minutes almost who Lucy called asked if it was a boy or girl. Mike and Lucy wanted it to be surprised.

Nine months later.

Mike held Lucy's hand as she breathed. "Lucy, just relax ok? The doctor said this will be over in a few minutes." Mike said as he watched his wife during child birth.

"Congratulations, it is healthy baby boy." The doctor said handing the wrapped baby boy to his mother.

"Hi their little guy" Mike said smiling at his son.


"Yeah Lucy?"

"What should name him?"

"You don't like the name little guy?"


"I am joking. How about Nate?"

"… I don't know."

"I guess his name would be Nathan then… How about Benjamin? Ben for short?"

"I like it." Lucy smiled holding her son.

One year later.

Mike walked through the front door. "How are my two favorite people?" Mike asked.

"Who is number one?" Lucy asked from the kitchen.

"That's a tough one. I have to pick Ben" Mike said bending down and picking up his son.

"Maybe I should give him my wedding ring" Lucy said standing the kitchen door way.

"I am joking dear" Mike said kissing Lucy on the lips. Mike saw Ben reaching for his mom.

"Oh. What's wrong with daddy?" Lucy asked.

"Daddy works and doesn't get to spend the whole day with him" Mike said.

"I will be going back to work once he is two." Lucy said heading back into the kitchen.

"I really can't believe they found a student teacher who needed class time. For two years at that!"

"They just found two teachers who needed a year's worth." Lucy explained.



"It's been over a year since we… you know."

"We have a child now Mike."

"Yeah you're right." Mike said sighing.

"What's wrong Mike?"

"I really wanted a daughter."

"What? Are father's supposed to want boys?"

"Look who her mother would be"

"One of me isn't enough? Mike!"

"No! God! I don't know why, but I would like a daughter wouldn't you?

"I am just glad I am not the only one" Lucy said.


"How about after, we put Ben to sleep; we get a stork to bring him a sister."

"There is no guarantee it will be a girl"

"We have a fifty percent chance"

One week Later:

Mike was once again pacing back and forth. "Mike!"


"I am Pregnant!"

"You're kidding! You have gotten pregnant every time we have sex!"

"Well I don't want a third kid!"

"I don't either…"

Nine months later.

Mike held Lucy's hand as she squeezed his hand tight. "Just a little more Lucy! You can do it!" Mike encouraged Lucy.

"Well?" Lucy asked.

"Congratulations on a healthy beautiful baby girl" the doctor said handing the girl to her mother. "Mr. Scott may I have a word with you." The doctor said stepping out into the hall. Mike followed.

"Yes doc?"

"This is her second child correct?"


"She struggled with this child. I almost feared we were going to do a C-section. Her..."

"I know about her area doc."

"The fact she gave birth to this child is a miracle."


"I am saying if she were to have any more children it would put her life in danger."

"We don't plan on having any more kids... or any more sex for that matter."

"That's good. Her body can't take any more. I am sorry to give you such grave news."

"No, thank you for telling."

"Well how about you go join your wife and your daughter." The doctor said. Mike didn't need to be told twice.

"What kept you?"

"I will tell you later, but for now. Our daughter."

"What do think of the name Kimberly?"

"Kim sounds good."

"Then I would have said Kim. I like the name Kimberly"

"It suits her perfectly." Mike said. The two looked at their daughter. Today they start their journey as a complete family.

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