Mike was eating his cereal. He was tired from tossing and turning all night thinking about what Fury showed him. What really seemed to disturb him the most was a dream he kept having everything he woke up and tried to go back to sleep. He was lying on the floor of the hotel; it was the last night of their summer vacation with Tess. Lucy is lying in the bed. He is watching like in third person, as Lucy climbs out bed and lay down beside him and sleeps with him. He is always awaked after that. He keeps having it and it is getting on his nerves. As throws his backpack on this back and heads out the door, closing the door behind him he sees Lucy on the opposite side of the street walking, with her head down and ears drooping, to school. He felt a pang of guilt but he shook it off. Before he could even take a fourth step Fury appears.

"Wondering about your dreams, Mike?" Fury asked mockingly.

"What do you want?" Mike said annoyed.

"What do you think of your 'dream'?" Fury asked grinning.

"What fuck are you responsible for me having that 'dream' over and over again?!" Mike yelled.

Fury smiled and laughs "It's not a dream Mike."

Mike dumbfounded "Then what is it?"

Fury Explained "It's a vision of what happened that night."

Mike was getting really annoyed "That's bull shit! Lucy was in bed when I woke up!"

Fury enraged grabbed Mike and brought his face to his "LOOK!" Mike saw he was at the hotel room. He saw himself sleeping on the floor and Lucy standing over him. She bent down then laid next to Mike and placed both arms around him and slept. Mike was back to the present. Fury then again brought him back to his face.

The sun was just beginning to let some light in. Lucy woke up panicking "Oh no I…I shouldn't have done that. He has Sandy and…" She slowly got and climbed back into bed. "I hope he isn't awake. That was stupid of me. If he had woken up first he would have been mad at me..." She looked over at Mike still sleeping. Ears drooped she whispered "I am sorry Mike." She rolled over facing away from Mike and began to cry softly.
"What?" Mike shouted.

"Feeling a little different?" Fury smirked.

"Oh leave me alone!" Mike pushed and wiggled free "God I don't like her deal with it." Mike began walking towards school. Only to be grabbed by Fury once more.

Pulling Mike to his face Fury growled "It's funny really. She thinks the world of you. And you think she is nothing." Mike was struggling to get free. "The only reason I don't kill you is because she loves and would devastated by your death!" Mike stopped struggled, starring at Fury. "Yes you cause her misery but are also the her source of joy!" Fury growled "What if I didn't save her that night? Would you have saved her?"

Starting to sweat Mike said "Of…of… of course I w—"

"Bull shit!" Fury growled "Tell me that damn true you maggot!"

"Fine no I would have pushed her!" Mike yelled.

Fury set down Mike "You would have?" Fury's rage seemed to disappear. Fury touched Mike's shoulder, he was now on the bridge it was night time he looked up three feet from him was Lucy standing on the railing.

"Lucy?" Mike spoke softly. Lucy turned around looked him ears drooping and tears in her eyes.

"Yes Mike?" she replied sadness in her voice.

Mike heard Fury's voice "Push her you cowardly maggot!" Mike shook his head

"Lucy don't jump" Mike pleaded.

"Why Mike?" Lucy spoke softly "Isn't this what you want?"

"No" Mike said. Then he was lifted into the air into a light. Mike was back standing in front of Fury.

"What's wrong pansy?" Fury mocked "Thinking differently now are we?"

"No" Mike shook his head "I don't want her dead but I her to leave me alone and you too!"

"Fine" Fury calmly replied "I will bother you no more." Mike was blinded by a bright light then noticed he was in the hall way to his first class "better get to class" he heard. He walked into class noticed Paulo was sitting next to Lucy, who had her head lowered; he took a sit next to an empty one. He noticed Paulo trying to comfort Lucy, but not having much luck. In all of his classes he noticed more and more glares, the seats near Lucy were filled with her friends, and Mike was pushed into locks and tripped as he walked the halls. At lunch Mike sat in a corner on the floor eating his lunch fully aware of all the glares around him, he felt lonely, unwanted, and hated. "So how does the shoe fit?" Mike heard Fury's voice.

Mike was walking home sore, tired, miserable. He hated school he hate how everyone was a jerk to him. He was not looking forward to school and the misery it housed. The next two weeks were the same miserable hell hole. The hits got harder turning into bruises, he never saw Lucy ever once during those two weeks. He was walking over to his corner to eat his lunch in misery when Paulo tripped causing Mike fall on the floor face first into his lunch.

"How's that you ass hole" Paulo Laughed as he walked away, other started joining laughing at Mike too. Mike didn't care, he was already miserable enough he just laid there starting to cry. He was crying so hard he almost didn't notice the laugh died down. He was afraid of what was next. He felt warm hands around his waist start to lift him up. Whoever it was wasn't strong enough to lift up Mike so he tried getting up to help whoever was helping him. He got to his feet and starred into the eyes of the one who helped him up.