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Act 3 Donatello Part 2 April

"APRIL!" Screamed Donatello through the dark hallway. Only one light from a lamp above was flickering in and out providing poor light.


A figure flew by Donnie swiftly and vanished down the dark hallway.

Donnie looked scared...but it was not his life he was scared for.

The ever so familiar sound of a Kraang droid echoed down the hallway followed by a scream from another familiar voice.

Off into the darkness shot Donnie. Not caring what the consequences of running blindly were. No one was holding him back.

Swiftly and silently Donnie made his way through the hallway and into a room that opened up over...a gorge!? The wall of the room that was next to the outside world had been blown off. April dangled helplessly in the Kraangs strong robotic grip. She was trying to grab hold of its robotic arm, but every time she did it responded by shocking her.

"APRIL" Screamed Donnie in fear once more.

She quickly looked up and noticed him, "Donnie!" The fear on her face was all the motivation Donnie needed to attack the Kraang. Blind with rage he gritted his teeth, and pulled out his bo staff.

"Let her go Kraang, and I may do the same thing for you." Said Donnie. His voice shook from his anger. The Kraang only responded by lifting a gun in his other hand. He began shooting at Donnie who easily dodged.

It only took moments. Donnie managed to pull the Kraang droid away from the gorge, with April still in the droids hand.

The Kranng had been holding April off the ground by the sleeve of her yellow shirt. All Donnie had to do now that there was ground beneath her was press the button that turned his bo staff into a naginata. With one carefully placed swing Donnie cut the sleeve of her shirt and caught her before she hit the ground, all the while, he kicked up and smacked the Kraang droid right where the alien rested within it.

Donnie continued to hold onto April as he grabbed the droid by the head and hurled it out into the gorge. The battle was done, and April was safe. He breathed a sigh of relief and carefully set her down.

"Donnie! Thank you! I thought I was done for!" Cheered April happily. She looked around, "Where are the others?" She asked confused.

Donnie sighed still trying to grasp onto his sanity as his rage quieted. He softly smiled at her, "They're still out front. They couldn't get past the main gate. Only I could get through. Otherwise they would have been here."

"Okay, good. We need to hurry and meet them out front. There's more Kraang in the-"

Donnie let out a small chuckle, "I already got them. There isn't one moving Kraang droid left...well...IN the building."

Aprils shoulders lost tension as she stared at her saviour. Donnie could see that she had been through so much that day that she was no longer able to hold back how scared she had been. He knew she didn't like looking weak or pathetic so before she could start crying he took her in his arms and hugged her.

"It's okay, April...I wish I could have been here sooner." He whispered sadly to her.

She shook her head even as it was plastered to his shoulder, "You came...that's all that matters...Donnie-"

Not another word was spoken after she said his name. She placed her hands on his face, slowly began to lift herself on her tip-toes, and closed her eyes.

Donnies heart jumped into his chest upon realizing what was about to happen. That shock was all it took for him to wake up.

Donnie laid in bed. His eyes blood shot and wide open. It was as if he had just seen a ghost, but he laid perfectly still. As the sleepiness drained from his mind it became very apparent that he had dreamt the whole thing.

"No...No...No no no NONONONONO NOOOO!" Screamed Donnie throughout the lair.

The four brothers sat with Splinter at the table in the kitchen. It was rare for Splinter to join his sons for breakfast. He was usually meditating at this time.

Raphael and Michelangelo were in the midst of a battle of "Who could finish their food the fastest?"

Leonardo attempted to control the situation since Sensei was present, but in truth he was rooting for Mikey.

Donatello sat at the other end of the table slumped over his bowl of whatever it was Mikey had decided to make for breakfast. He was certain that it was blinking at him so he pushed it away and sighed.

Splinter looked to his son that was not partaking in the "fun" with his other brothers. Over the past few months as the brothers had been fighting Donatello had receded further from his brothers more so than any of the others. He had been keeping all his pain to himself, and over the last few months he had managed to have a much needed talk with Leonardo, an almost life threatening fight with Raphael, and managed to reconnect with Michelangelo. It also appeared as though the others had solved their differences as well...at least for now.

However, one thing still bothered Donnie...it was April. Obviously. Who else could crawl so far under his skin and take up a permanent residence in his mind other that his brothers and Master Splinter?

At first, Donatellos depression with his brothers had seemed to be solved after dealing with each one individually, which reflected how he reacted with April. But in the last week or so he found himself back in his slump. He didn't want to talk to his brothers, and he REALLY didn't want to talk to April. The thought made his stomach turn.

Why was that? Maybe he felt nervous and unsure of his place in her mind because of Raphael admitting to him that he liked April, or because Mikey had even shown interest in April. No...that made him nervous, but that wasn't a reason to not want to see April. Perhaps he was back in the train of thoughts that led him to believe that maybe she would be safer if she weren't around. But he knew that couldn't be true either. They knew now that the Kraang were after her specifically. If she wasn't with them then she would be in even more danger.

He knew he was thinking about this to much, especially when there were 100 more important things that required his attention. His brothers needed him...he was no use when he allowed himself to stay in this slump.

Donnie looked up from the table to see Master Splinter staring him down. He sighed...he knew all to well what the silent stare meant.

Donatello and Splinter sat across from each other in the dojo. They're eyes closed. Splinter appeared relaxed in his meditation. However, Donnie was having obvious trouble focusing.

"Tch-" clicked Donnie as he completely fell from his meditation.

Without opening even one of his eyes Splinter cocked his ears,"My Son, making noises will not help the meditation process."

Donnie sighed and shut his eyes. Ever since he and Raphael had had their battle against each other where they both were horribly injured Splinter had made the two of them have private one on one meditation sessions. For Raph it was a punishment since he did not like to sit still, however for Donnie it was more than just a nuisance. It was to quiet...it was a perfect opportunity for bad thoughts to enter his head.

Master Splinter had always taught them that though they were ninjas and they were raised to fight, they were first and foremost-protectors. Never intending to hurt someone unless it had fallen to that point. Even Raphael had come to accept this over time, but recently Donnie found that in the quiet recesses of his mind that he more than anything...wanted to hurt someone.

He realized it when he and Raph had fought. Not in a million years did he want one of his brothers on the receiving end of one of his enraged punches, nor had he ever expected to lose control like that. Donnie was constantly over run with guilt whenever he thought about the battle. In the end, even though it was an accident, Donnie had stabbed Raph in the thigh with his own sai...Raphael would always have a scar from that, and if he was ever put in a situation where he couldn't move his leg around for to long then it would become painful to move. It was all Donnies fault and he felt horrible...

Even still...he wanted to hurt something again. Whenever he thought about it he would start to build up adrenaline. Eventually it would become to much and he'd start to hyperventilate if he tried to calm himself down before one of his brothers noticed. Which was why he had recently become used to locking his lab door. He was locking away the monster inside him...by locking that lab door and keeping away from his brothers.

He knew this couldn't be hidden from Splinter for long. In fact, he was certain that Splinter already knew what was happening but was just waiting for Donnie to mention it, or...for something worse to happen...

For a long time Donnie had always read that sometimes teenagers feel this way...things in their head just change from the hormones and it can't be helped...but...not every teenager was a ninja...not every teenager could do the things he could...hurt others they way he could...Donnie didn't want to lose control...it scared him more than anything. But one thing scared him more than anything else...and that was losing April...thinking about the Kraang kidnapping or hurting her infuriated him...it drove him...to think...horrible,...horrible things...The Kraang deserved every possible physical pain Donnie imagined but he knew that even if they were evil they were still living beings...

When he had been asleep that night Donnie had dreamt that he had saved April from the Kraang and that she had been so grateful that she practically fell into his arms. The only stress Donnie had felt in that dream was when he couldn't physically see April, as soon as he saw her he was relaxed and felt confident. Once he saved her he felt happy and everything was wonderful, even if he had woken up before the best part. But...that wasn't real life...he couldn't just...save her...even if he took down 20 Kraang labs in one night...they would still come...again and again and again...

"My Son." Splinters voice cut through the loud thoughts within Donatellos mind.

"Uh, hai Sensei?" He asked nervously, realizing that he had allowed himself to build up a little adrenaline. He slowly calmed down.

"Unable to focus, nervous, is there something you wish to tell me?" Splinter remained with his knees bent onto the floor, his hands remaining perfectly placed in their meditation pose, and his eyes remained closed.

"Something I wish to tell you? Or something you just want me to admit?" Groaned Donnie. Suddenly Donnies eyes grew wide and he quickly looked up to his Sensei. "I'm sorry Sensei! I didn't mean-" Donnie was stopped as Splinter placed his hand in front of Donnies face, silencing him.

Splinters eyes slowly opened, "My Son. You are safe...no one is here to attack you. But your brothers have grown worried for your well being."

Donnie turned his head to the side, a little ashamed of how he had been acting. But he couldn't help it.

"Your battles have not been getting any easier. I believe that you have harbored your anger for far to long. Your battle with Raphael was two months ago, and still you show signs of irritation in your body movements." As Donnie looked back up he noticed this look on Splinters face...this was a face Splinter had only made a few times. Words could not describe it...the best way for anyone to say anything about it was "I am your father, and I truly am worried about you." It was a look that always made them feel ashamed, sad, scared, guilty...horrible.

Donnie sighed, knowing that he could no longer refuse answering the question Splinter had clearly wanted to ask for the last two months. "Sensei,...awhile ago,...way before I even got in that stupid fight with Raph, Leo and I talked about April." Splinters ears suddenly perked as he grew curious, "I told him that maybe...April would be better if we didn't let her hang out with us anymore..."

Splinter sighed, he knew how hard it was for Donatello to even think of that option. "Donatello,...I'm sure you of course understand that being away from April would be more dangerous to her now."

"Hai Sensei. After we discovered that the Kraang were after her I knew we needed to keep her closer than before...and secretly...I was kind of glad."

Splinter knew the answer as to why, but still, he showed curiosity, wanting to see how his Son continued.

"If it weren't for the Kraang then I never would have been able to even talk to April...I at least owe them that...I tell them when we're finally kicking them back into their dimension permanently" He chuckled.

Splinter allowed a soft smile to fall onto his face as he sighed, this was the Donatello he was happy to see.

"But Sensei...I've just been angry...all the time...I'm sure you've noticed...even Mikey's probably noticed." Grumbled Donnie who was starting to find himself getting irritated.

Splinter took notice to this, "Donatello...what you are feeling...it may feel strange, but it is normal."

Donnie looked up at Splinter half sad, and half curious. To be honest Splinter was like any other Dad raising a teenager for the first time. He had no idea what he should say to his own son. Splinter sighed and smiled at his son once more. He stood up and walked over to the photo of himself and Tang-Shen.

"My son...it is easy to see...it's so obvious that even you know the answer."

"...What I fear is losing April...in this way." Donnie clenched his teeth together and clenched his eyes shut. It was one of the most difficult things Donnie had had to accept...he knew that April would never be his...like that...but he didn't want to lose her to the Kraang...no...when he lost her he knew it would be to a man he knew he could trust to always protect April...this made him angry too, but...not as much as not knowing if April was safe.

"Sensei...I'm always...so angry. I'm constantly worried about whether or not she's all right. I'm obsessed with her...it can't be normal...if anyone even had an idea of how much I had her on my mind, they'd think I was crazy...she'd never want to be around me if she knew how I felt about her...at least...not if she knew just how MUCH I feel for her..." Donnie lazily slapped his face onto the wood floor as he spread his legs and allowed himself to lay on the ground like a sorry lump.

Splinter began to stroke his beard, he was going to say something until Donnie began speaking again, " ...I've got myself all riled up when I don't know if she's safe...so when she gets here I'm relieved and exhausted..." Donnie once again closed his eyes. He knew it wouldn't last long...but at least for now, getting everything off his chest made it easier to relax. He thought he might fall asleep on the floor.

"...That is why you lock yourself away...Donatello it is normal for a boy of your age to act these ways...but...not all boys your age are living the life you are. You cannot afford to lose control." Donnie nodded by rubbing his face against the floor. He looked so defeated, and Splinter felt terrible about having to have this conversation with him. He only wished he could have been of more help...but everyone must make their own path...

Good luck my son...Splinter walked to the side of the dojo that led to his room. As he opened the sliding door he looked back to his son who remained on the floor. "You are intelligent my son...far more than anyone I have ever met. You will find a way...I know you will." He turned away and closed his door behind him leaving Donnie behind to wallow in his own self pity.

Donnie looked around the floor. He felt bad about how Splinter had been acting just now...he may have been a master of Ninjitsu...but even he had to hit the bumps in the road that came with fatherhood. But not only did Splinter have to deal with fatherhood...he had to deal with being that father of four mutant turtles that had to remain in hiding...all alone...

Donnie touched his heart. He now felt horrible. He hated the thought of being without his brothers, but he felt a great stinging in his chest that was followed with a hollow pit in his heart when he thought about being without April. Sometimes Donnie wondered if Splinter felt this way about Tang Shen. He must...right?

He closed his eyes and thought about the heart ache Splinter must constantly feel when he is alone. Not only had he lost his wife...but he had lost her...in a horrible way. Donnie didn't want this to happen to April...

For a moment Donnie began to worry that his adrenaline was starting to build up, but suddenly...he was asleep.

Donnie groggily looked around. Suddenly three figures appeared a few feet in front of him. As the vision cleared up he could see his three brothers. They were looking at something. What were they looking at?

Michelangelo fell to his knees and lifted whatever it was off the ground. Donnie started to inch closer. Curious and confused. He was almost able to see what Mikey had in his arms until he heard crying.

"Why? ...WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!?" Echoed Mikeys voice throughout the emptiness of Donnies dream.

Raphael turned his head ever so slightly. His teeth were clenched and he was clearly pissed off. However, tears streamed down his face...how unlike him. "I just...wasn't fast enough."

Leonardos actions weren't very different from Mikey and Raphs. He completely turned around and covered his eyes, but the stream of tears was unstoppable. "I shouldn't have looked away...but...it was only for a second...I-I-..."

"APRIL!" Screamed Mikeys voice as he collapsed over what he held in his arms. Donnies eyes widened in horror as he saw the lifeless body that hung in Mikeys vice grip.

April? Donnie did not have a voice in this dream. There was nothing he could say or do really. He was just...useless...kind of like how he was in the real world. His mind allowed him access to the knowledge that made him realize that this was just a dream.

He hesitated stepping any closer.

If it's a dream then this is somehow in my subconscious...in this dream she must have died during a fight. I'm afraid of losing April in a fight...this makes sense. So I'm having a nightmare...wait...but why am I dreaming about my brothers? Usually in a dream that Aprils involved in they aren't around...

Donnie looked back and forth from each of his brothers. Suddenly he noticed...They'd all be sad too...if April died... THEY'D BE JUST AS SAD!

It was like a punch in the face. Within that instant Donatello was forced awake. He got up from the floor of the dojo and went running straight to his lab.

It had been days. Donnie had not emerged from his lab. The giant metal door remained closed and locked. They had knocked a few times, but were only met with the response, "I'm working!" each time.

Seeing that he was still speaking, no one decided to bother him.

Earlier Mikey had started to try and pry the door open so he could bring Donnie dinner, but Splinter had put a stop to him.

The week was over. Friday. The boys had gone on patrol every night without Donnie for four days, but Fridays were different. April would be coming over after school that day. Usually April made it a habit to visit everyday, but finals at her school were coming up, and she was busy cramming.

Mikey quickly looked up to the entrance of their home as that same ginger haired girl that brought them so much happiness just by being there walked into the room.

"April!" Smiled Mikey widely. Usually she was only met by waves from Leo and Raph. However today she was practically attacked by the three brothers.

"Haha, I'm happy to see you guys too." She smiled. She really was happy to see them. She was beyond done with cramming and was extremely thankful for this time she could spend with her close friends. She looked around and noticed a turtle missing...which had been normal recently.

"Is Donnie working again?" She asked, with a hint of sadness in her voice. For awhile it seemed like Donnie was starting to act normal again, especially after his battle with Raph a few months ago...but it didn't last.

Mikey looked down to the ground, he had been the most sad about Donnies constant locking away. Leo and Raph had tried to be considerate of Mikeys loneliness without Donnie, but there was only so much of Mikey they could take at a time.

April placed her hand on Mikeys shoulder. He placed one of his hands over hers and sadly smiled at her.

"Well, he's still alive, so it's fine." Grunted Raph. He folded his arms, but clearly he was upset by the lack of "Family Time" Donnie had been spending with all of them.

Leo rolled his eyes, "He hasn't opened the door for us, but maybe you-" Leo didn't even have to finish. April had already made her way to the lab door. She stopped in front of it and stared at it nervously. She didn't want him to be mad at her for bothering him.

It was unfortunate that April was worried about this. When she had first met the turtles Donnie would allow her to do practically anything she wanted. He loved having her around. But now...April had to worry about whether or not she was a nuisance to him...or worse...a burden. She slowly lifted her hand into a fist so she could knock on the lab door, but before she could even hit it once the door flew open and hit the wall with a loud thud.

Donnie stood in the door, standing over her. The brothers and April stared up nervously at him. He had the widest smile on his face. Donnie was mixed with super excitement, and immense lack of sleep.

"HE'S CRACKED!" Screamed Mikey who dove behind the couch, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

"D-Donnie?" Asked April nervously "Are you all right?"

He looked down at her, he couldn't control himself. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her up and spun around once. He set her down, but still looked just as excited. "I'm MORE than all right! I just solved our Kraang problem!"

Mikey poked his head out from behind the couch. Leo and Raph both looked surprised and the three began to listen intently.

"Well, not OUR Kraang problem, but I think I know how to deal with YOUR Kraang problem." He smiled wickedly as he pointed at April. Everyone appeared to be...a tad nervous.

"As I have told Leonardo before...plans rarely survive contact with the enemy. Though your plan would appear flawless...I worry. She will be put in grave danger."

Donnie, and his brothers kneeled in front of their Sensei. Listening to his words intently. However, they still felt confident in Donnies plan.

"I know Sensei." Replied Donnie.

"I do not doubt any of you...you all care for her deeply and in different ways...you all will do your best to keep her safe...but...Donatello."

Donnie lifted his head curiously at his Sensei.

"...Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo...please go prepare for the task at hand."

The four brothers looked at each other, but after a moment the three got up and left the dojo.

"Sensei?" Asked Donnie curiously

"Donatello...if something were to go wrong...would you be able to handle it? Given your present situation where you appear angry all the time...if something were to happen I worry that you would draw away from the family completely..."

Donnie furrowed his brow, and looked stern and confident at his Sensei. "I will never abandon my family..."

Splinter nodded, and allowed Donnie to stand up. It was silent in the room, and neither one moved.

Suddenly the two fell into a father/son embrace.

"Good luck my Son."

"Thank you, father."

The shell raiser made its way through the streets. Though it could reach great speeds, tonight...Leo drove slowly. Though everyone felt confident in Donnies plan...they still felt worried.

After what seemed like hours, the moon reached the middle of the sky, and they parked the shell raiser on the side of the street. Not a word was spoken between the brothers. They had gone into many difficult battles before...but none of those would meet the same pain as if they lost April...

Leonardo thought about how he would feel if he lost Karai. The pit in his heart matched Donnies. However...if he lost April...he didn't even want to think about it.

Raphael felt a twinge of pain in his heart as well...he didn't want to lose the girl he had come to see as a sister.

Michelangelo almost cried whenever he thought about losing the girl who had become his best friend over the last year.

Donatello couldn't imagine losing the girl he loved...not like this.

The four brothers looked at each other then to the girl who emerged from the back of the vehicle.

April looked a little embarrassed. Before leaving Splinter had given her, her very first "urban" ninja costume. An almost skin tight grayish black long sleeve hooded shirt covered her torso. The hood covered her ginger hair perfectly. Black pants covered her legs and met black tabi boots near her ankles. The only thing that made her still appear like her was the one thin yellow line that trailed down the arm of her right sleeve.

Though she was wearing this for a reason the boys didn't like, it did make them feel a little relaxed to see her getting embarrassed. If she was more worried about embarrassing herself with her looks than with this mission, then maybe they could relax a little too.

Leonardo chuckled, "Yellow's more your color." He stood up and walked over to where she stood. He stared down at her nervously and she had a little worry on her face.

"Don't worry about me. It's going to be fine." She smiled, trying to reassure him.

He sadly smiled back at her. "If you don't think you can keep up...just let us know. We'll fall back and try again some other time. Okay?"

She shook her head. "It won't come to that. We will succeed." She confidently smiled at him. He lifted an eyebrow. After a moment of just taking her in, Leonardo leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Leo let her go and then jumped out of the shell raiser. Raphael looked back at her as he was about to follow behind Leo. He stopped, "Don't be afraid to ask us for help if you can't make a jump or something..."

"Thank you Raph." As she smiled at him he grunted and jumped out of the vehicle. April was then quickly met with Michelangelo throwing his arms around her waist. He buried his head into her back. She thought he was crying, but he was hiding it very well.

"April...please...just stay here. We'll always protect you, so don't fight off the Kraang..."Mikey finally managed to get out, even though he was choking between every other word.

"Mikey...I know you'll always protect me. I'm going on this mission with you because I know you'll be able to do it." Mikey slowly stood up and nodded. Though his tears were gone April could tell he had been crying. She watched as he exited the Shell Raiser. Mikey looked so...much older now. More mature. She slumped her shoulders as he vanished from the inside of the car.

She turned her head back to see Donnie still sitting in his seat, staring at her with his brow furrowed. She turned her whole body to face him. She didn't want another brother to get emotional over her, so she decided to start the conversation she knew was going to happen.

"So?...What do you think?" She asked as she presented her new outfit to Donnie.

He gave a soft chuckle, "To be honest, I want to know why Sensei had that stuff laying around."

April suddenly felt the weight of the world lift from her shoulders. She hadn't seen Donnie smile like that in a long time. Despite the present situation she couldn't help but be over come with joy at seeing the Donnie she had grown to adore.

"...It looks good on you...I really like you in yellow...but this works too." He smiled for a moment, but then turned his head to the side. It was clear that he didn't really know what to say next.

"Everything's going to be fine. You'll see." She smiled softly at him.

There were a million things Donnie wanted to say to her right now. Things he knew he should say...or at least FELT he should say. The only thing that kept his mouth shut was feeling that if he said these things then it would be like saying goodbye. He decided to swallow his feelings. He stood up and made his way over to her.

For a moment he couldn't really control himself. He softly pulled her hood back and ran another hand over her head and down her hair. He didn't look sad, or angry, or happy...he looked like he was lost in space.

April felt a difference in the air as Donnie stared at her. She felt her heart beat faster for a moment, but she quickly managed to calm it down as Donnie reached for something in his belt pocket.

"This is what I've been working on all week. If worse comes to worse you have one shot to use this."

She looked curiously at the bullet sized object in his hand. "What is it?" She asked.

"Have you ever seen the super hero movies where the good guy can lift his hand and suddenly he'll have like...a force field or something?"

"Yes." She added.

"This is just like that, the only difference is you can only use it once, and it's only good for one second." She looked up at him with confusion on her face, "Do you hear me? ONE second." He looked sternly at her, wanting her to understand that no matter how much danger she thought she could handle, she wasn't invincible.

She nodded, "Thank you Donnie." He lifted up one of her hands and placed it in her open palm where it quickly stuck. He cupped both of his hands over hers, and didn't let go. He started to look scared, but it was quickly being taken over by sadness.

He still hadn't let go. She slowly reached up on the tip of her toes. He could see this out of the corner of his eye, and for a brief moment he was taken back into his dream he had been woken up from earlier that week where he was almost able to share a kiss with April. He blushed furiously as April reached up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Not what he wanted exactly, but it was more than enough for him. He released her hand and softly smiled at her. "Let's go..."

The four brothers worked in perfect unison. Each knew what would happen if they failed here, and they weren't about to let that happen. In fact they all seemed to notice this...they hadn't worked this well together in a very long time. Each of them actually felt kind of...happy, to be on this mission.

It felt just like the first time they had succeeded in their mission. The mission where they saved April and met her for the first time. It was wonderful. The four brothers felt confident.

This Kraang built lab was just like all the others they had been to. The same droids guarding the place, the same strange activity happening around every corner. The only difference was the amount of Kraang droids guarding a cell. If one could peer into the small window of this cell, they could see Aprils father. He looked tired, and run down. His hair and beard had become a bit scraggily, and his clothes were torn every where. Clearly he had been trying to escape a lot recently.

For a year Aprils father had had to live like this, but all he cared about was knowing that April was safe. Not that that mattered to April. She was determined to rescue him no matter the cost.

From their hiding place Leo shot several small throwing knives at the Kraang guarding the cell. He managed to hit each of the actual Aliens, making it impossible for them to call for back up.

"Getting pretty good at that." Smirked Raph at Leo.

Leo nudged April around the corner, "Go ahead. The nearest exit you can get your Dad out of here with is continuing down this hall. You know what to do from there."

"Right." She nodded. She ran down to the cell that held her father. The three brothers looked back at Donnie nervously.

"It's all right...and here they come. Right on schedule." Whispered Donnie.

He had scanned the entire lab earlier and was able to see each Kraang droid in the vicinity. Three Kraang droid would be coming from Aprils right, and two more from the left.

The four brothers looked back down the hall to see that April had just unlocked the cell door and was in a tight embrace with her father. Raph made a soft whistling noise that travelled down the hall to warn April that she was running out of time. She quickly looked up at her father, took his hand and they ran down the hall.

"Come on...come on..." Whispered Donnie under his breath. And there it was. The oh so familiar sounds of the Kraang guns firing off. "They've spotted her." He smiled.

Suddenly another soft whistle travelled down the halls back to the brothers, and they all smirked at each other.

"Proceed to phase two." Smiled Leo as they went running after April.

"APRIL!" Yelled Mikey as the four came behind the onslaught of Droids that were chasing April. With one powerful swing Mikey threw a smoke bomb at her and her father. The smoke quickly filled the hallway. As it cleared the turtles now stood where April and her father had previously been, and the two of them vanished.

"Kraang, the one known as April, that Kraang has been trying to capture has escaped the hands of Kraang, as did Kraangs bait for April." Said one of the Kraang droids to the other.

"Fear not Kraang, for Kraang has tracked April with a device invented by Kraang. April will not escape Kraang." Replied the droid.

Donnie grinned widely, "Perfect." The four smiled at each other, but instead of using a smoke bomb, they merely ran out of where April had only a few moments ago.

"Here Dad! Stay here and don't leave! I'll be back!" She quickly shoved her father into the Shell raiser.

"April wait! Where are you going!? Get back here!" Screamed her father.

She looked back at him and smiled confidently, "When I finish this mission, you and I won't have to worry about the Kraang anymore. Don't worry. I'll be back." She quickly threw her hood over her head and jumped up the building in front of her and off into the night.

" ...She's not my little girl anymore...she's growing up." He sadly smiled, "Good luck, April...be careful."

The four brothers ran through the city easily out smarting the Kraang. There confidence was sky rocketing. They had never felt better. This mission would succeed!

As the brothers ran through the streets April began to follow their patterns from the roof tops until she was far enough ahead to jump down and be caught by Raphael.

"Did the Kraang see where you hid your Dad?! If he's captured again then this mission is a failure!" Yelled Donnie to her as she began running with them.

She smiled back at him, "NO! I got him back to the hiding spot and wasn't followed. We're clear to continue on to Phase three!" She yelled back at him.

Donnie nodded to her.

"Central Park is just up ahead. Mikey!" Yelled Leo

"Right!" Mikey smiled and playfully saluted to his oldest brother. He quickly scooped up April into his arms and then made a sprint for the park. Leo, Raph, and Donnie stopped and turned to face the Kraang who were chasing after them.

"Wow, they didn't hold back the army this time." Grunted Raph.

"That's because we have April in plain sight, and we've taken their bait for April. They know if they don't get one of the two of them now that they'll be set back on their goals." Yelled Donnie as they pulled their weapons out.

"Take out the bulk of them. April can't handle this many!" Yelled Leo as the three charged the oncoming battle.

Mikey set April down and began to catch his breath.

"Are you all right, Mikey?" She asked worriedly.

"Yea. I just...I just went really fast to make sure that they couldn't keep up." He widely smiled at her. April looked back to the Kraang droids attacking the brothers from the air about 2 miles away.

"Please be okay..."

"NGH!" Leo sliced one of the Kraang droids in half, "DONNIE! How many are left!?" Yelled Leo.

Donnie swung his staff and stabbed one of the Kraang aliens. "Uuuh...I'm estimating about 23!" He yelled.

"Time to go then!?" Yelled Raph to Leo.

"Time to go!" He replied. The three brothers quickly took off towards Central Park.

"Phase four..." Whispered Mikey. He didn't look at April but quietly took her hand in his and gripped it tightly. She gripped his back just as tightly. They both breathed in heavily. "Kick 'em where it hurts April." Mikey said a he smiled to her. She smiled up at him and nodded.

"I've been waiting for this moment...it's high time the Kraang see just who they've been messing with." She slowly pulled out a machete she had had hooked to her back. "I will be free after today..."

The three brothers quickly ran and stopped several yards away from Mikey and April. They all nodded at each other. As soon as the Kraang caught up they stopped and pointed their guns.

"MIKEY! You were supposed to get April out of here!" Screamed Raph.

"I know I know! But she wanted to fight!" Yelled Mikey back to him.

"Give to Kraang the girl known as April, that Kraang needs to possess to continue with Kraangs plan." Yelled one of the droids.

"Come and get her." Said Donnie whose brow furrowed.

Each side had something to gain and to lose. This battle would not end well for someone.

The turtles and April quickly charged the droids who immediatly began shooting.

SLASH! Leo cut across two droids, slicing them in half.

STAB! Raphs Said easily found their way into the heads of two more droids.

BAM! The fundo end of Mikeys weapon had directly knocked a Kraang from its droid.

WHACK! With Donnies handy work he easily took down three droids that had surrounded him.

SLICE! April had actually managed to cut through one of the Kraangs droids and cut the actual Kraang inside in half.

Only fourteen droids remained, and ten of those droids had April surrounded. She drew back a little, not sure how to attack.

"APRIL!" Yelled Donnie who looked nervously back at her.

"Donnie! This isn't part of the plan! You said I'd be okay!" She yelled back at him.

"Calm down April!" Yelled Donnie who nervously looked back to the Kraang surrounding her.

"It would appear that the Turtles had a plan against Kraang. The Turtles plan against Kraang has failed, and the Kraang will leave successful." Laughed one of the Kraang droids.

One of the droids shot the machete out of Aprils hand.

"Ah!" She yelped as she grabbed her hand.

"Donnie!" Said Leo, trying to make sure that Donnie was fully aware of the situation at hand.

"I know!" He snapped at Leo. He quickly looked back to April. "APRIL! KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!" He yelled as he grabbed the one droid that was keeping him from her. He used the droid as a weapon and threw him into the droids surrounding April. It only managed to take two out. There now remained 11 droids. April quickly ran through the new gap to Donnie, who grabbed her wrist and hid her behind him.

"Be more careful." Donnie growled at her.

"I'm sorry." She replied sadly. She looked around "Am I the only one getting that...sinking feeling?" Whimpered April

Donnie prepared his stance showing that he was ready to take on another Kraang droid, " ...Not yet." He said to her without turning back. She nodded even though she knew he wasn't looking at her.

Within that moment the battle started again with Donnie heading directly into the bulk of the remaining droids. April looked up to the sky as she noticed an onslaught of new droids coming over the horizon. "Uh, guys!" She yelled nervously. They quickly noticed what she saw.

One of the flying droids that had just come to the battle positioned himself to shoot down Donatello.

Leo tried to reach that droid with his throwing knives but he was to far away. Time seemed to slow down.

Battle feels like it would take an eternity. But that moment you realize you're about to lose someone...it happens so quick...it's not like the movies where one will have a glorious battle right before their demise...it's so fast that your mind cannot comprehend it, and time appears to slow...Aprils eyes widened as the droid shot his gun down at Donnie, before the blast even left his gun April was beside Donatello. His eyes widened as he realized she was with him. He didn't even have a moment to realize what was happening. She shot her hand up and released her force field, but it was released to late. The blast from the droids gun shot through her before the shield even opened.

Donnies eyes grew wide as his mouth began to gap open. Her body hit the grassy floor. Blood pouring from her staining the grass..

"...A...April... " Donnie began to shake as he slowly knelt down next to her. The entire battle had stopped.

Donnie placed one hand behind her head and one wrapped around her and lifted her back off the ground. He just stared at her unable to speak. Her eyes were closed...Donnie could feel peace in the air...there would be no more fighting over April again...her body shook in his arms because of how much he was shaking.

"April...April...this...this isn't really the place for you to...rest...you know?...April..." Donnie knew she wouldn't respond. He only tried to speak to her this way so he could try and cope with what had just occurred.

From a few feet away his brothers stared down at April. Mikey was the first to let tears begin streaming down his eyes. "April..."

Raph and Leo allowed tears to well up in their eyes, but their brows also furrowed. They gripped the handles of their weapons tightly as they gritted their teeth.

"The plan...the plan would have worked...why did you jump in to save me? ...April...GOD DAMMIT!" Screamed Donnie who could no longer hold back his tears. He buried his face in her chest. "APRIL!"

The Kraang droids all looked at each other. One of them shot down the one that had shot April.

"Kraang was a fool for shooting down the one Kraang needed. Kraang no longer needs to be here. Kraang must return to Kraangs base and inform Kraang of Kraangs foolish act." The Kraang droids that were still there began to turn and leave.

"You..." The droids looked back to Donnie.

He lifted his head, and if his face had been visible to his brothers they would have known to get out of his way.

"You KILLED her." Growled Donnie. Though he had tears falling down his face, his eyes were so small he looked possessed. His top teeth grinded his bottom teeth. He slowly set her down and ran his hand down her face one more time before he stood up. His bo staff was gripped tightly in his hand.

Leo looked enraged as he lifted his sword, "Kill them."

The order had been given. The four brothers attacked any Kraang that dared try to escape. But Donnie didn't just destroy the robot bodies. He made sure that he mercilessly killed each of the aliens inside. Not one would escape his grasp that night. Each would suffer a long painful death at his hands.

The adrenaline level inside Donnie had over flowed. There was no stopping him. This was the rush he had waited for! This was better than when he fought Raphael. The quiet Donnie that was always trapped inside a book or a computer screen was now deep within the Donnie that was fighting now. This merciless, world hating, purple clad Ninja turtle. He held a new found thirst for blood, and the Kraang were the perfect targets. He could continue to attack without mercy. Let all of his rage out.

Donnie was slouched over as he went over each Kraang like an animal. He noticed that one of the Kraang had started to head towards April, probably to check if she was really dead, "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!" He threw his staff at the droid and then jumped him. He continued to beat the droid long after the Alien inside was dead.

"DONNIE STOP!" Yelled Mikey. He ran to Donnies side and tried to touch his shoulders but Donnie slapped him away. He looked up to notice that there was only one remaining droid. He was one that could fly and was taking off into the sunrise that was starting to illuminate the park.

Only the whites of the purple ninjas eyes could be seen. He quickly threw his own throwing knives at the droid but they were met with Leos throwing knives.

"YOU'RE SAVING HIM!?" Roared Donnie who quickly turned his aggression towards Leo.

"DONNIE!" Yelled Leo. Donnie suddenly snapped back to reality. The adrenaline in his body seemed to just flow out. He realized just how exhausted he was. He was so frustrated and tired that tears began to stream out of him like crazy.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry." He said as he gritted his teeth and tried to wipe his eyes. The four brothers were still crying, but each one had seemed to relax now. There was no need to feel anything but peace...the battle was over.

The four slowly turned to April who remained on the ground. They worriedly made their way to her and Donnie fell back to her side.

"April...April..." Said Donnie as he began to run his hand down her face.

Mikey wiped his eyes and smiled, but the tears still continued, "I'm just SOOO glad we won't have to protect April anymore."

Raphael wiped away the last of his tears, "Yea, I'm finally relieved. She'll be safe now..."

Leo sighed as he allowed his shoulders to relax, but he was still crying even as he let out a small chuckle, "Think it worked?"

Mikey, Raph, and Leo smiled down at April who weakly opened her eyes and allowed a soft smile to shakily work its way onto her face. "Hehe,...your acts were convincing." She weakly said. She tried to sit up but the pain was to much and she grabbed her arm that had been shot.

"Don't move to much. You were supposed to pretend to die, not actually get shot. Why didn't you listen to me when I said "Not yet?" Complained Donnie through his tears.

"You were in trouble...I had to." She smiled at him. She suddenly lost her smile and slowly raised an eyebrow. "Wait a second...you guys are really crying? But you knew the whole thing was fake."

"That didn't make it any easier." Smiled Mikey who finally managed to wipe away the rest of his tears.

"Besides, you still got shot." Said Raph a he folded his arms and tried to look tough to justify why he was he had appeared sad. Even though everyone knew that he actually cared.

Leo shook his head and smiled, "Even if it was fake, I think...we all felt for a moment...what it would actually feel like if you were taken from us that way...if you were killed..."

April let out a few tears, she was over come with joy knowing how the brothers felt about her. She could not hold back her smile. Though she had always been treated like an out cast at school (even if it was for a dumb reason) she knew she would always have this loving family here...a loving family that was also full of out casts.

At that moment the sun shined in Leos eyes. "We need to go back to the Shell Raiser now. We need to look at your shoulder, and I'm sure there is someone there eagerly awaiting your return." Said Leo.

"Do you think the plan worked?" She asked.

Donnie nodded, he was the only one who still hadn't smiled at her. "I almost killed the last one, but thankfully Leo stopped me. He should be almost back to his base and letting the other Kraang know that you're dead. As long as they never see you again, they will never come after you or your father again." Tears began to well up in her eyes. Tears of joy of course. She quickly threw her arms around Donnies neck, despite the stinging pain from her wound, and buried her face in his shoulder.

He hugged her tightly back, but his eyes shifted from one end of the floor to the other. He looked up to his brothers who all appeared happy and relieved. Donnie merely sighed and lifted April up into a princess carry. The five then vanished in the light of the day.

The door to the shell raiser flew open as Aprils father ran out to greet his daughter. At first he was mortified to see her in the state she was in, but it only took a few moments for him to just be happy that his daughter was safe and well.

"Aw, that's so cute." Said Mikey as he took in the air of the father daughter moment.

Leo smiled back at his brothers, "We did good work today. I'm sure Donnies act convinced the Kraang too."

Donnie rolled his eyes and smiled,"Hey, I did what I knew would help convince them." As his brothers turned away from him he lost his smile and looked down at the ground. He knew now that he was the only one that knew his out burst was NOT an act.

Donnie sat in the dojo alone. He had finally managed to calmly flow into decent meditation. Something he had not been able to do for a long time. He was so relieved that the plan had worked the night before, and that April was safe. He was grateful that his brothers had just been just as sad about losing her as he was. It definitely helped convince the Kraang that she was dead.

Donnie was taken from his meditation as the door to the dojo slid open. He peeked up to see Splinter had entered the room.

"It would appear that you were correct. With April now safe, you are able to calm down." Said Splinter.

Donnie smiled a little, "Yea. It's nice knowing that I don't have to worry about her all the time. Plus, since her Father allowed her to keep coming here for training with you then she'll become stronger. Hehe, p-plus, I'm just happy to see her." He blushed as he rubbed the back of his head.

Splinter calmly smiled. He was extremely happy to see Donatello become the one he was for so many years. "Even with this new found joy, something still bothers you. Am I correct my son?"

Donnie looked down, but gave a small nod. "Sensei...we had played each part of last night so perfectly. Ever moment had been perfectly planned, and we had convinced the Kraang that we had had a different plan that had already failed...it was perfect. The only thing that didn't actually go into plan correctly was how soon April allowed her death to happen...I never expected her to come and try and save me...she gave me the signal by tapping her finger nail on the ground to tell me that she was actually all right even though she had been shot...even still...I couldn't control myself. I almost butchered the whole mission by killing the last Kraang. If I had hit him he wouldn't have been able to spread the word that April was dead and we'd have been right back where we started."

Splinter stroked his beard as he listened to his son, "It would appear that, April...is your key."

Donnie lifted an eyebrow, "My Key?"

Splinter gave a soft chuckle, "Even in a situation like the one you all put yourselves in last night...even knowing that April was actually all right, seeing her hurt...she was the key that unlocked that other person inside you."

Donnie looked upset, "Yea well...I don't like that other person inside me...he's inside me still...deep down...and I don't want him to ever come out again..." he complained.

Splinter placed his hand on Donnies shoulder and smiled softly, "If it weren't for that monster inside you, April might not still be here with us. We don't know if that's true or not, but I believe it is. He may be hard to control, but we all have that monster deep down inside us my son. A person can have many "keys" for opening up the door that leads to this monster. And that is where you must be careful. Who exactly will you give the keys to? I allowed my enemy...the Shredder to have a key to the monster inside of me...and I was only met with regret. I feel you made the right choice...by giving it to April." He chuckled a moment, "I know you'd rather she had the key to your heart, but I think this is a close second."

Donnie smiled up at his Sensei. His words were exactly what Donnie needed to hear.

"Now my son. April is here for her training with me. I must ask that you leave the dojo for awhile." Donnie got up, still smiling and bowed to Splinter before he left the room.

A few hours had passed. Donnie had found himself in his lab again, but much to his brothers relief, the door was open. He was messing around with an older invention, trying to improve it.

He thought about the last time he had just sat and played around with something like this. It was kind of relaxing.

After a moment of thinking about this he heard foot steps enter the lab. He rolled his eyes, "For the last time Mikey, I'm not making you a motorcy-" he stopped as he turned and saw April was the one standing at the doorway. He nervously jumped back.

"Uh, uh! April! You're f-finished with your training already?" He widely smiled at her and nervously blushed.

"Yea. I finished a few minutes ago." She was looking at the walls of the lab. It had been so long since she had been in here that it was like looking at a brand new room.

Donnie relaxed as the familiar and warming smell of lavender filled the room. He realized the scent had become stronger, so he looked up to see that April was standing beside him now. He looked down nervously blushing still. "Uhm...d-did you need something?" He asked with obvious shaking in his voice.

"I just wanted to know...the way you were acting while I was..."dead"-" She stopped for a moment as she placed her hand over her wound that was now properly bandaged.

"Y-yea?" He asked.

"I can't help but feel like...that was really...you." She looked to him sadly.

"Uhm...of course it was me April. How many other purple wearing mutant ninja turtles do you know?" He laughed.

"That's not what I meant...I mean...the way you were acting...I feel like...that's how you would really act if I was dead...I mean...I think we're friends so I would hope you'd be sad if I died...but...would you really be...THAT upset?" She blushed a little as she looked to him. He just stared wide eyed at her not exactly sure of how to respond.

"...Of course I would...April...I guess...now is just as good a time as any...April...ever since the day I met you I've...I've been in lo...I've...dammit."

"You've what?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

He quickly turned to her, breathed in deeply and was about to practically scream that he loved her, but the silence was broken by Mikey.

"HEY YOU TWO! Get out here! We're going out on patrol! Let's move it! WOO HOOOOO~!" Mikey bounced away from the lab entrance. Super excited as usual.

Donnie swore that his heart had just skipped a few beats and he cursed Mikey in japanese under his breath.

"S-so...what were you going to say?" Asked April as she nervously turned towards him. He heart beating in her chest so loud she could have sworn the others in the living room could have heard it.

"A-he...i-it can wait. I'll tell you later." He smiled at her, and she replied with a chuckle.

"I've got something to say to you too, but...I don't think it can wait." She blushed.

"Y-yea?" Donnie was worried that if he had been hooked up to a heart monitor that he might have been flat lining, he was so nervous. The butterflies in his stomach would not stop.

She sat on her knees and took his hand. The extreme redness that had just been crossing his face suddenly vanished. He appeared calm. His eyes narrowed as he stared at her, and an eternity passed.

"Hey Don-" Said Leo as he was about to enter the lab, but Mikey quickly covered his mouth and the two brothers silently stared as they witnessed their brothers first kiss.

Leo smiled as he pushed himself and Mikey away from the door.

"Thank you." She whispered as she smiled and pulled away. She stood up and lifted her hood of the outfit Splinter had given her onto her head. "Let's go on patrol." She smiled as she walked out of the lab leaving him dumb founded, but happy.

He started to blush again as he gave a soft chuckle to go along with his new found smile, "You...are so- welcome." He replied even though she could not hear him.

He stood up, grabbed his bo staff that was leaning against the wall. He then left the lab to go and join his brothers and April. There was still so much to be done.


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