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Cross My Heart

Summary: 1998, Raccoon City. As Chris Redfield went back to Raccoon City to save the remaining members of STARS, he stumbled upon a small boy who was lost in the middle of the chaos. AU.

September 22 1998: The fight between William Birkin and UBCS dropped T-Virus into the sewers which infected several animals such as rats. While some surfaced, some reached the water supply and contaminated the water that people consumed and became infected one by one.

September 24 1998:Outbreak reached epidemic level and chaos broke out in the city. US Military was sent in to restrict civilian movement at 9PM.

"As the number of people getting ill from drinking tap water rises, residents are advised to stop drinking tap water. Medical experts still do not know what kind of disease it carries but most victims show signs of nausea, paleness and lack of appetite although they predict that the number of casualties should be low. The Umbrella cooperation-" Karen switched the radio off as her kids ran down from their bedrooms, all dressed and ready to go to school. Karen never had her kids drink tap water. As cheap as it was, she wouldn't take the risk of diarrhea for her family. Matthew was munching on his toasts and stole one of Piers' bacon before Piers stole one of his toasts back. Typical siblings, Karen thought. These two kids might fight sometimes but they loved each other to bits. Matthew was the loud and energetic one while Piers was more quiet but could also be energetic though less. Without him, Matthew would not have a best buddy. She stroked Lucy, her youngest child's head as she snoozed off on the couch.

"Mom? When will Dad come back?" Karen fought an urge to sigh as Piers asked her from the dining table. Adam Nivans was a valuable man of the Special Force. The Nivans family had always been involved in the military, Adam was not an exception. As the base was out of the city, the man was rarely home. Even though their kids understood the need for their father to be out there so frequently, she could not help but hoped that the man would just be home more often for their kids.

"Soon dear, I think he will come back by tomorrow," she hoped. Matthew quickly grabbed his school bag and Piers went up to his room for a moment to get his slingshot. It was one of Piers' habits to always take his handmade slingshot with him wherever he went. Karen thought that he might have gotten that from one of those overrated movies that Matthew always watched. Leaving Lucy with her nanny, Karen Nivans drove her two energetic kids to school. Their home was too far away to walk. Piers was still in East Elementary Raccoon School while Matthew in Raccoon high. She dropped them off, giving them a quick kiss and reminded them to drink water from bottles only.

"Mommy will pick you up after school so don't wander off elsewhere!," Karen shouted from her car as she watched Piers running off to the school as the bell rang. He quickly turned back for a second and waved back to his mother before setting off again. The kid was always a joy to be with. The drive back home was peaceful and quick. She spent all her afternoon playing with Lucy. Everything was so peaceful and nice just like always…until a phone call interrupted.

"Hello, Nivans household."

"Karen? It's Adam. Listen, you need to get out of the city immediately. I already sent my people over to help you and the kids out. They are closing the city tonight," Adam sounded worried and the tone of urgency in his voice made her nervous and scared. Was something bad about to happen?

"Adam, what's going on?"

"The people, Karen. They are killing one another. They are turning into something inhuman. You and the kids need to get out before the military block all the roads. Grab any important belongings and some money. They are doing it tonight," Adam was always the calm one, so for him to be in a panic like this, something must have gone down really bad. Karen had no choice but to do told. She packed important documents, some emergency money stash and some clothes. It took longer than expected for Adam's men to arrive. Karen wasn't a trained officer like her husband. She wasn't trained to handle something like this. She was worried for her two other children who were still studying at school, not knowing of the arising danger. The doorbell rang and Karen looked out of her window to see a car with two men in Special force uniform waiting for her outside.

"Mrs Nivans, we are glad that you are safe. They haven't breached this area yet but we need to move quickly now," the officer quickly helped her stow away some of the belongings in the car and led her out of the house, but Karen's maternal instincts said something otherwise.

"What about Matthew and Piers?! They are still at school!" she cried. She will not leave this city without her kids.

"We already dispatched two more cars to pick them up. You need to get out first miss, they will reach here soon." Karen wanted to protest. Why couldn't they wait for Piers and Matthew? A cry erupted from little Lucy who snapped her out of thoughts. She had to take care of Lucy first. She was still too young. Karen nodded back at the officer and got in the car.

Please be okay, she pleaded in her mind. They reached the outskirts of the city in no time and were then taken to the nearest military camp. She met Adam who was watching monitors displaying the events of Raccoon city. That was when everything came to light for Karen. The people were actually walking corpses. She actually recognized some of them. Buildings were burning and people were being eaten alive by the monsters. This was what her husband meant wasn't it, the chaos that caused the military to block out the city. It was already 6 in the evening when another car arrived with Matthew who was scared and shaken. He rushed in and hugged his mother who quickly comforted him. The officers who escorted him looked battered and tired too. It seemed like they had some fight before managing to get away from the city. Karen was very glad to see Matthew safe and sound but another question remained in her mind.

"Where's Piers?" she whispered out loud. Adam noticed this and picked up the nearest phone to contact the team that had been sent to pick up Piers. All he heard was the infinite beep of disconnection. He tried the radio, which also received nothing but a weird buzzing noise. He looked at Karen with horror in his eyes that had never been shown before. The other team he sent for Piers must have already been descimated by the zombies.

Piers noticed that most of his classmates were missing. Most of them were ill with the strange sickness that he often heard about in the news. He also noticed that one of the girls in the class next to his went home early because her parents called her. Many of the teachers were also absent, probably because of the same reason. The lessons went by smoothly, probably because most of the trouble makers weren't around (Piers was grateful for it). It wasn't until the afternoon that everything suddenly changed. A car stopped by the school while he was studying, asking for him. Piers was nervous because he didn't recognized the men that came with it but they seemed to know him (Karen always warned him about strangers). They were wearing the uniform that looked like what his father wore.

"Piers isn't it? Don't worry. We are here to pick you up. We work for your father, Adam. We are no strangers," the man tried to persuade him with a warm smile. He reached out his hand and guided Piers towards the car. Piers said nothing and did as told. They knew his father? Why were soldiers picking him up instead of his mother? What happened to his mother? He didn't see Matthew in the car too. Why weren't they picking Matthew up too? There were so many questions in his mind as he walked by.


A gunshot echoed in the air. It made Piers flinch. It sounded nothing like the movies he watched. It was louder…and scarier. Piers stepped back and hid behind the man as the man quickly covered the boy protectively with his arms . The sound came from the car that had come to pick him up. Piers peeked from behind the soldier to see what happened…but he now wished that he hadn't done so. He saw a soldier's throat being torn off by another man. He heard the screams of suffering as the soldier was ripped apart by that monster. The gurgling noises as he was dying. It was like one good horror movie that just happened to be reality. His voice was muffled by what he had seen. Piers started to tremble badly as the soldier who was still in front of him continuously shot at the monster. When it had gone down, many more appeared. Piers could see it all around now, dead people walking ever so slowly towards them. Some didn't stop even when they were shot. Fear finally got the best of him and he let out a loud scream.

"Kid! Get a hold of yourself! Go back in to the school and hide first, I will call you when it is over!," he quickly heaved Piers up and pushed him towards the direction where they came from. Piers looked as the soldier continued to hold off the zombies for him. His legs were stiff and weakened from fear but he had no choice but to run. The last thing he saw of the kind soldier that helped him was 5 zombies closing in on him. When Piers entered the door of the school, the last gunshot was heard from outside and everything went silent.

Piers didn't go back to the classroom and instead went for the first room he found – the school's cafeteria. He darted into the kitchen storage room and locked himself in there, sat down in silence and cried. He cried for the kind soldier who tried to help him. Cried for his mother and brother whose whereabouts he still had no clue of.

"Mommy will pick you up after school so don't wander off elsewhere!," he really wished that she would come and save him but how could she possibly fight them when even the soldier couldn't?

As Piers sobbed alone in the room, his sniffles were drowned by the screams of his classmates and teachers outside. Piers sat alone in the room and all he could do was listen to the sound of terror and pain. This was just the beginning.