A/n: This is a tie in to the first chapter of 'Hello and goodbye'. If you never read it, Chris was recruiting Piers and he met Piers' dad that's all.


Piers was fidgeting. He was sweating and nervous beyond imagine. Yes he got in, Chris Redfield (the legendary Chris Redfield or course) assured him that. They gave him a tour around the headquarter and even showed him to his room. At first, Piers thought that it was too easy. All they did was invited him, spoke to him a little bit, sign some document and he was transferred. It was way too easy for recruitment in BSAA. Weren't there supposed to be some kind of drill or trial to see if he fit the position? Or even psych analysis if he was ready? That wasn't until he was ordered to Jill Valentine's (another legendary agent) office. No one told him about interview. Did they actually reconsider and decided to take him back to Special force? Did he just got in! He wasn't sure how but Captain Redfield told him that he got in!

When the door creaked and he saw Captain Valentine walked in with all the grace. He stiffened immediately. He tried to think of a question, asking if he did anything wrong or did they require him to test anything further. That was when he heard the woman laughed. "Relax kid, you are a nervous wreck. I am just here to talk, a small interview for the record. Chris handpicked you already and he didn't asked for further requirements. You are 100% in. don't worry."

Piers relaxed a little but only a little. What could they talk about? He had zero field experience. His time in Special Force was mostly drills and practice. Jill was flipping through his file, reading and scrutinized it so carefully it scared him. What could she find there? "It says here that you were once in Raccoon. Were you there during the incident?"

"Ah, I was actually there but I remember nothing from the incident. Doctor said that I had a head trauma and I had a partial amnesia. If you are worried that it might effected my duty I could- "

"Easy kid. You are fine. I've seen people with worst medical reports than this and they still do fine," one of them was Jill herself. After all, she was brainwashed, infected, experimented for a bit and still do fine on the field as always. She might not be all muscles but she can kick as hard as Chris.

"You do know that there is a chance that you will face some enemy that you might knew before. We will be dealing with new species, new type of BOW every day. Mutation is something that we cannot predict. Are you ready for that Piers? Are you scared?" Jill face turned serious when the question was asked. Piers also didn't expect to be asked that question either. He knew that life in the military line of work was never going to be all sunshine and happy ending. Piers was unsure how to answer that question.

"You don't look like you're scared."

"Believe me Piers, I am. But sometimes, just because you're scared, doesn't mean you can't be brave too."

Where did that came from? Piers can remember the words but he couldn't remember who said it. He tried to remember but all he got is a blank image. It sounded so familiar.

"Piers?" Jill's voice brought him back to reality. He really shouldn't space out, that wasn't a good impression.

"Someone told me long ago I think. He told me that just because you're scared, doesn't mean you can't be brave."

The rest of the conversation was uneventful, more of asking about his life and where did he graduated. They talk a little about Raccoon, how Apple Inn has the best apple pie and that the Zoo there was amazing. After twenty minutes, Jill let him go back to his room.

"Thank you for your time Piers. I will let you know which team you will be assigned tomorrow, until then you should hang out with the others down the café. We have better coffee here," Piers gave her a quick salute and walked out of the office just as another person entered it.

"He really remembers nothing huh," Chris mused as he re-read Piers' profile. He was surprised when he first saw it. He can barely remember the boy he once rescued from the city. He had grown so much. If it wasn't the past address in the data, he wouldn't notice that it was the same person.

"Yes, you even forgot his father," Jill snorted which earned a quick pouting from Chris.

"I didn't see him more than 10 years what do you expect?"

"Of course. He still remembers your super motivation quote though," Chris looked at the Piers' picture in the file. He grew up good. "By the way, I am moving Serah to my team."

"Wait- You asked me for a new sniper I though you will take Piers," a few weeks ago, Jill asked him to find a new sniper for her team because her sniper was on a maternal leave. That was one of the reason he took in Piers.

"Nah, don't want to take your long lost partner. It's cute to see partners united," and with that, Jill strut off in all her sassy grace to arrange new team for her friend. Leaving Chris stunted. What can he say? The boy kept his promises.

"Great one Piers, you will be a very good marksmen in the future."

"Maybe someday you will grow up and join this awesome group of people that defeat these monsters, saving people's lives and fight bad people."

"I will."

Just one more to go.

"Thank you Chris, for saving my life. When I grow up, I hoped that I could do the same to return the favor."

The End