A/N: To my fellow Buffy fans, this is dedicated to Robin Sachs, who sadly passed away earlier this month. May he rest in peace.

I don't own Buffy, I'm just doing my duty and keeping its legacy alive.

A Game, Old Chap!

It's just playing, just a harmless, little game. After all, games are fun, are they not?

We play these games, him and me. Have done all our adult lives. We spin the board, faster and faster, dissolving in a sea of smoke and haze of whiskey. It isn't like we have better things to do.

The old days, now they were best. Eyghon summoned, skin red around the ink and our eyes black as black. Magick, the strongest drug around and it made Ripper—made him the Beast of Chaos, a darling thing to be worshipped.

Ripper—Beast now back into Man but not for long. I will have my fun.

His Slayer—what a ripe little thing. The spunk curls off her like smoke off a cigar and I can't wait for the games I have planned for her. Just a warning—there will be pain.

Now I've spun the board, the needle spinning like a knife on lacquered wood and soon it will point to Rupert, and he'll have no choice but to play. You see, there really isn't a choice when it comes to me.

A rare piece of honesty—I miss him. We embraced the darkness together and it wasn't like it controlled him. No, to the contrary—Ripper controlled the darkness, held it captive and filled himself with it. I could only dream of that myself, to have that power! Alas, it scared poor Rupert—eventually he had to let it all go, gave it up for tweed and tea.

So let the Beast return! Come, Ripper—you shall be here once again!

Are we having fun yet?