Jacob of the Jungle 3

A/N : quick chapter to wrap up. A sequel might come in a few month, although I'll probably just pick up where I left and continue this story. Thanks to ZacTy2010 for beta'ing !

We fucked three times. Let's simply say I was dead. Jacob seemed to have an unending excess of energy, but when he came for the fourth time that day, after taking three successive poundings – well, I have to admit that last one was really slow – he finally seemed content. His chest was smeared with his last three ejaculations, but he didn't give a damn, he simply laid back on his back and fell asleep in seconds.

I was still panting, trying to catch my breath. As much as fucking him was heaven, I sincerely hoped he didn't demand to get fucked three times each night, because that would be the end of me. My last boyfriend didn't like it rough, and not too often either. Jacob on the other hand, after getting past the initial pain, demanded I fucked him hard, deep and fast.

I really did try to take it slow, since he was a virgin and all, but God ! The sight of Jacob wiggling under me with eyes full of lust and his cock bouncing happily each time I rammed deep was just too exciting. Poor kid would probably not be able to walk tomorrow ... Oh well, at least I could hope for a respite ! Talking about sore, I was probably going to be sore too, my thighs were burning from the exertion, I can't remember that ever happening to me.

Jacob was literally drenched in his own cum and sweat, another thing that really would NOT be fun when he woke up. And he was going to freeze to death if I let him sleep all night this wet. He might claim that he didn't need his parents and that he was twenty-five, but he was still a kid. Not that I didn't find that endearing, I loved taking care of him.

Somewhere along the way I had lost my purpose in life. Or maybe I had never had any. I had always had dad's money, I had never needed to work for anything, I had never needed to make an effort in the whole of my life; and now I was taking care of a sweet guy, in the middle of nowhere, and having mind-blowing sex. I was definitely going to stick around for a while, particularly seeing how Jacob seemed to actually want me around.

At home, the servants were bored out of their wits, and apart from the governess, no one really liked me. Sure, mom loved me until she died, dad appreciated that I was serious and dedicated to the estate, but it wasn't like this. Edward, my brother, had always thought I was a loser for becoming a teacher, my string of lovers all turned out just wanting my money and same goes for my friends. So being here with Jacob who had no idea who I was, and still having him want me to stick around was a wonderful feeling. I fell asleep holding on to that thought.

I woke up and I wasn't even mildly surprised to have Jacob shake me awake. I groaned and sat up, I didn't even try to shrug him off, I knew that was not going to work. Jacob didn't have his usual grin though, he was grimacing, and I would have bet anything that it was a pain in the arse !

I sat up with the usual morning woody and smirked at Jacob who was limping towards the trunk. He was a mess, like literally: dried cum plastered on his chest, hair all over the place ...

He took ages to scramble down the wooden ladder, and fell on his arse when he got down. If he didn't look so positively miserable, I would have laughed my arse off. But I didn't, instead I hurried down and picked him up bridal style. He weighed a ton, but the waterfall wasn't far away.

At first he complained about being carried – I think he really was worried I thought of him as a baby – but when I didn't give any sign of bulging, he rested his head on mine and let himself be handled pliantly. When we reached the waterfall, I carefully let him down in the water, letting my burning arms hang on my sides. He looked up at me and declared "Jacob hurt ..."

I pursed my lips "Yes, I know, that's what happens when you fuck too much or too hard." I said, hoping he'd ease down on the fucking. I could turn him down – no wait, I couldn't. When he asked with his innocently hopeful grinning face if 'Emmett want fuck Jacob ?' I could not turn him down. Physically impossible ...

He pouted and I couldn't hold back a chuckle. Of course that would upset him !

I stripped to my boxers and dived in; wanting to get rid of the filth accumulated the night before. When I surfaced, Jacob was still sitting on the edge of the pool, the water reaching his navel. He seemed upset.

I swam to him and started stroking his thigh "What is it Jacob ?"

He frowned, looked at me, and declared "Jacob no want fuck." I smiled lovingly and nodded, no surprise there ! I went to sit behind him, gently but firmly forcing him to lean on me while I slowly cleaned his glorious caramel body.

After a little while, his tense body relaxed and he rested his head on my shoulder, closing his eyes. I continued to touch him even after he was more than clean, taking the golden opportunity to touch his perfect body. God, I would never be able to get enough of him !

When my shoulder started to fall asleep from having Jacob sleep on it, I gently propped him up, signalling I was done. He opened groggy eyes and smiled at me.

"Feeling refreshed ?"

He frowned "Refreshed ?"

Shoot ! English ... "Hum ... Feeling better ?" I asked, wincing at the awkward replacement.

He nodded and smiled again, his frown melting away. He stood up on shaky legs and dove head first into the pool, while I stood up and stretched my sore muscles. God, it had been years since I had fucked like that ! Since I was a teenager sometime ...

I exited the pool and let my naked body dry on the large hot stones of the shore. Jacob swam around jerkily for a little while, being careful not to exert his arse muscle. I must say, watching him like this really made me want to laugh, but I doubt he would have appreciated that.

When he was satisfied, he came out and said "Emmett come ! We go back !"

I rolled my eyes at his order, I didn't love being led everywhere ... But I could accommodate him, I think his man-pride was wincing a bit after the pounding he took the previous night.

We spent the day without a word, we dined without a word. What at first baffled me now suited me; I liked the calm, I liked the companionship silence, we didn't have to talk. I didn't have to dig into his life story, he didn't know about what drove me. We helped each other, and that was that.

As the night came, Jacob demanded I fuck him again, which I happily did.

The days drew on, and I learnt to live in Jacob's peaceful life, happy and content.


I might pick up here and derive a real plot etc, etc, but right now I am too busy and have many other fictions lined up, I just wanted to get this idea out of my head ! So follow this story if you want to read more when more comes ;)