Years had past since the end of Xehanort and his dark plots. The worlds were safe and friends and families were reunited for good. Those whom had found refuge inside the heart of the Chosen Hero were released, though they were all sent to the worlds they had considered their homes. Ventus had returned to the restored Land of Departure where he found his friends, Terra and Aqua again. Roxas returned to Twilight Town, the real one, though he found himself alone. Hayner, Pence, and Ollette never knew him, and there was no Axel or Xion to be found.

Several months had past and the young blonde had spent every evening on top of the clock tower, waiting... Just waiting for his friends to show up. Just waiting for life to return to normal... Just waiting for a miracle.

Finally he had enough. 'Waiting's not good enough..' He thought one day as he found a black outfit, much like his old Organization XIII one. Pulling on the coat, he opened a dark corridor and left to go find someone... Anyone, really...

As Roxas traveled the worlds, he found that there were no more Heartless, no more Nobodies, nor any of the other monsters that he and Sora had fought before. Everyone was at peace for once. He stayed in the shadows as he searched, day after day, from world to world. 'Nothing..' His heart ached with loneliness as he took one last look at the world he had been currently looking on. Roxas sighed and opened another corridor. "One more..." He muttered to himself as he walked through.

The world Roxas entered was barren, cold, dark, and rainy. Not unlike the World That Never Was. Memories of his friends flashed through his mind, causing his heart to ache even more. Blinking back tears, he pushed away the thoughts and began to search the depressing world.

Hours had past, and Roxas was ready to give up for good. He had spent months searching, only to find nothing, why would this empty world be any different?.. Yet something kept pushing the blonde to go a little further.

Roxas saw something dark leaning against the base a cliff side. It obviously wasn't a rock, and he felt a cautious hope begin to blossom in him. As he made his way closer, he realized it was a person, but more than that.. He knew her. It was the same girl that he had left the Organization for, the same girl that he had fallen for, the same girl that he had blamed both himself and the Organization for killing. "Xion..." He whispered.

Desperate, sad, angry, and relieved tears began to cascade down his cheeks as he ran to the sleeping girl's side. "Xion!" He called out, causing her to stir from her sleep. Her sleepy and confused blue eyes fixed on Roxas' teary ones. "Roxas..?" She asked softly. 'Surely this is just another cruel dream..' She thought bitterly, though the cold rain and wind seemed determined to prove her wrong.

Xion's thoughts were interrupted as Roxas pulled her into a tight hug, crushing the petite girl against his chest. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." He chanted as he buried his face against her shoulder. A small smile grew on Xion's face as she hugged him back. "You're late..." She whispered before pulling the blonde into a kiss.