Hi you guys! :D So here is some good news, and some depressing news :( My flash drive that has ALL of my stories on it - is missing! D: Which means until I find it, Can I Move On? will not be continued. BUT! Because school stresses me out, I started another story. I have no idea where it is going, but I felt the need to write it. Lemme know what you think, or if there is anything you wanna see in it! Ideas are welcome!

Warnings: Violence, mentions of sexual harassment, and slight humor

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The feeling of the metal around his throat made him uncomfortable. It had been that way since the piece of silver got locked around his neck almost 18 months ago to this day. The cold air from the Manor burned his pale skin uncomfortably; his bare skin always available to all eyes around him. Clothes were a reward, something he didn't get often because of his smart mouth. He resided on his knees, his arse too irritated from the harsh spanking he had received earlier for not being where he was told when his Master returned. Just thinking of that man as his Master made his stomach churn, but it could have been worse. Harry learned very quickly when the Dark side won the war only 18 months to this day - that it could always get worse.


Sitting by his feet at the long table, he kept his eyes down. Harry had learned early on that all Death Eaters – excluding Snape and Travers, of course – were the only non-perverted followers of Voldemort. Having no clothes to shield his body from their eyes didn't help the groping hands. Not that it happened as often as it use too; his Master was very possessive and never shared him. If one thing left to be thankful for, it was that. Flinching when a hand touched the top of his head, he leaned into the touch to let it known he acknowledged the command. Getting to his feet, his knees aching from the uncomfortable place he had been in for over an hour, he straddled the man's lap. The hands on his bare hips made him want to shake. When the hands tightened possessively, it made his stomach flop. Wishing he could say it was only from disgust, he had grown someone fond of the touch. It was the only human contact he had anymore, and even if a part of him hated it; he knew he'd die without it.

"How is my little Raven doing today? Does your rear feel better?" The hands that moved over his arse to soothe the burn, made him shiver before they returned to their place at his waist.

"Yes Master, it is better. I am well today Master, as I am every day." He wanted to lash out, let the bastard who held his freedom know that he wasn't better; he'd never be better until he was free.

"Good to hear, little one. Are you bored?" It wasn't a question to answer honestly; Harry had learned that the hard way last time. Giving a soft shake of his head, he gasped in slight pain when the thin, elegant fingers holding him pressed on sensitive nerves.

"Use your words."

"No, Master, I am not bored. If anything, I am tired today." Harry hated admitting that, it always made the man proud to know that he controlled him. The nightmares got worse during this time of year, not that it wasn't bad the rest of the time – though then it was manageable. The contact his Master gave him made the nightmares easier to bear, and as punishment for biting someone; he'd been made to sleep alone last night.

"Maybe next time you won't bite others, Raven."

"He should not have touched me, and then maybe I wouldn't have bitten him." He knew it wasn't his right to speak that way, and he might get punished but he was angry! He'd never been truly innocent, but there was a point that he wouldn't take.

"What happened?" Blinking in surprise, he was slightly shocked to see the blatant anger in dark grey eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, what?" The grip on his sensitive hips tightened and he whimpered.

"What. Happened. I will not repeat myself pet." Harry felt a little shaky, but he swallowed.

"I was coming back to your room from delivering a missive to Tom. Dolohov was headed towards the study when he cornered me." Harry looked off to the side, his face flushed while re-telling what happened yesterday. He was never listened to after something happened, never asked his side of the story; only punished for doing wrong. A quick swat to his rear made him jump, looking back at his Master with big eyes.

"Don't stop, keep going." The others around the table watched on, silent as Harry continued on. Voldemort sat at the head of the table, a grin on his face to the reaction of his followers when Harry said his real name. He was only the one allowed too, after many meetings. Glancing up at the table to Voldemort, Harry wailed softly when he was smacked on the still swollen flesh of his rear.

"You answer to me, not him." Voldemort grinned wider, giving Harry a small nod as to continue. A glare was sent his way, then to Harry letting him know that it would be discussed later in private.

"He put his hand around me and groped me. Then he, with his fingers,-"he mumbled off, face flushed in shame as everyone in the room learned of his molestation. No one had ever tried that before. They would stroke, pinch, or squeeze him if given the chance; though after many nasty hexes it stopped.

"So I bit him and he whined like a baby." Many of the Death Eaters busted into laughter at the last statement, even Voldemort chuckled at Harry's words.

"Dolohov has always been a whining bitch, doesn't surprise me he can't handle a little bite."

"Actually, Harry took out a nice chunk of his arm when he bit him." Everyone looked at Voldemort shocked when he spoke, then to Harry who blushed and looked down into his Master's lap.

"Look at me." The fingers under his chin made him look up, and he swallowed.

"We will talk later about you going to Our Lord instead of me. Understand?" Harry nodded quietly, before pressing his face into his Master's neck. The hands stayed on his hips, not showing any form of comfort.

"Well, seeing as the meeting is over, you are all welcome to leave as you may. I'll call when I need you again." Everyone bowed to Voldemort before getting up and leaving their Lord, Harry, and his Master alone.

"I hope you will come by later to continue our meeting from the other night Harry." Harry nodded, but could feel the nasty glare that his Master sent over his head.

"Now, now Draco. No need to feel jealous. Your little Raven just keeps me company sometimes." Draco growled, digging his fingers harder into Harry's hips.

"There is no jealously, because there is nothing nor no one to be jealous of." He replied in a haughty tone, knowing he only got away with being disrespectful so easily because of Harry. Not waiting for anymore conversation to happen, he easily rose from the table; his arms wrapping underneath Harry's thighs as he made his way to the door. Harry looked up from his Master's shoulder and sent Voldemort a small smile, which was returned in fold before he disappeared.


Arms bound above his head, Harry couldn't help but glare at the man who stood above him. In the privacy of their rooms, he had no problem mouthing off to Draco in his normal way.

"You should have listened to me when I tried telling you! Instead you took his word over mine!" He yelled, green eyes blazing in frustration.

"What would you have me do, huh? Question him before all followers over YOUR word?" Harry bit back the sad feeling that he wasn't as important to Draco as he liked to think he was.

"I went to Tom first before he was closer. Not only that but Dolohov dragged me there to tell anyway!" Harry looked off to the side, gritting his teeth. Suddenly the cool hand on his cheek made his eyes widened, and he looked up into soft grey eyes.

"If you had told me that Our Lord knew what really happened, I would have handled it differently. I wouldn't have left you alone last night." Harry bit his lip, feeling the tears well up in his eyes. He shut them quickly, not allowing them to fall.

"I am sorry if I hurt you, it wasn't my intention. I promise to take care of the matter differently if you are honest with me next time." Harry just nodded, staying silent as he lay bound to the bed.

"For my wrong insight, I will allow you whatever you wish. Just ask and you may have it." Eyes lighting up at the promise, he licked his dry lips.

"Can I ask for more than one thing, since I've been good recently?" Draco couldn't help the laugh that left him. Harry acted so weird at times. The only time he ever saw the Harry he knew in school was when they were in private arguing. Every other time, was always something different. The war had changed them all, but it changed Harry in ways that no one seemed to understand.

"Yes, you may. If I approve of them, it'll depend on what they are. Understood?" Harry nodded, revealing a real smile. Draco didn't see those often and he liked knowing that he could cause them.

"I would like to wear clothes more. Even if it's only something small; I feel like I'm being eye raped every time I walk into a room. It is very uncomfortable for me." Draco thought about it for a moment, before nodding slowly.

"I suppose that can be arranged. You may wear pants, but nothing else. More clothes will be given as rewards, but I will not take any away unless you actually do something severe." Harry nodded, smiling a little more.

"Also, I want to be able to go outside more. Wait it's not what you think!" He quickly yelled, seeing the anger flash over Draco's face.

"I hate being in this Manor. It drives me insane that I can never leave, not even to step out in the garden. It has been 10 months since I stepped foot on the outside. I just, I need to be in the sun Draco, please." Harry could feel his voice breaking a little, and he hadn't meant to say Draco's name. It was only something that was uttered in the throes of passion. Looking into Harry's eyes, Draco swallowed a small lump in his throat. He would not feel guilty about this.

"I think…that can be arranged. As long as someone is with you at all times. Only I or Our Lord may take you outside."

"Maybe Severus could too?" Harry asked hopefully, missing the Professor who had become very important to him over his time of capture.

"Yes, Severus is allowed to as well. Anything else?" Harry thought about it, not wanting to press for more, but there was so much he wanted. He always wanted things before the war but never acted on it; to selfless. Now that he belonged to someone, thinking about it still made him sick, he wanted so much and craved being selfish.

"One more thing, then nothing, I promise." Draco nodded, letting his hands stroke down Harry's bound arms and over his abdomen.

"Untie first, please." Draco looked suspicious but complied, untying Harry before sitting up straighter.

"Well?" He was losing his patience, so Harry nodded before leaning in close.

"I would very much like to please you, for being so kind to me today." If there was something Harry wanted, Draco never expected it to be that. His cheeks actually lit up slightly, making Harry look at him surprised. The only time Harry pleased him was when he demanded it.

"Are you, do you really want that?" Draco wanted to scold himself for stuttering, it wasn't very Malfoy like. Though to be honest, being with Harry, he hardly acted like a true Malfoy.

"Yes I, I really want to please you, Master." Draco felt a chill of desire swirl down his spine when Harry's tone lowered. Looking into lidded green eyes, he leaned back on his palms.

"Do as you please then, my little Raven." Draco cooed, his fingers wrapping into the messy black locks that frame the face of his pet.

So what did y'all think? I'm not exactly too sure where this is headed, but I am open to ideas. Your opinions are welcome as well! :)) -R.F.