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"Would you like to have lunch outside today, Harry?" Harry blinked up at Draco in surprise, all these random thoughtful actions throwing him off his normal routine.

"Uhm that would be really enjoyable, sure." Part of him was enthused but didn't show it in fear of this entire still being a game for Draco. Ever since he'd become his school nemesis' belonging, things had been a certain way. Now, within a matter of a few months, it was changing. Harry still wasn't sure if it was for the better or not.

"I will have the Elves bring it to us, let us pick a spot we'll be most comfortable." Harry couldn't help but give the small smile as he walked with Draco, though his nerves made his stomach tumble with anxious intent.

"Of course."


"Either way worked, I had planned on having you come in to speak with me tomorrow. What have you found?" Charlie and Bill were both seated in chairs in front of Voldemort's desk. Once the twins had realized that Colin was now going to be with them permanently, they decided to celebrate; leaving Charlie and Bill more than happy to leave.

"The experiment our brother's created for the Malfoy Manor came back with reports of constant back and forth activity to the same place, still untraceable, but with the constant fragrance of wild flowers." Voldemort took in all the information, making notes where they were needed.

"Good to know, I'll have my men look into it. As of now, we will be bringing Lucius back in; hoping he'll slip up sooner or later."

"No problems let me know if you need anything at all. We're just a floo away." Bill and Charlie rose to shake Voldemort's hand before leaving.

"I will be sending you the paperwork for Harry's birthday party when the time comes closer." Charlie sent him a grateful smiled before leaving on their way. Voldemort gathered the notes and put them back in the bottom drawer of his desk; warding and locking it with Parseltongue magic.

'I wonder what my little snake is up to today.' With that in mind, Voldemort was determined to make a visit to Hogwarts; busy schedule be damned.


"What?" Snape snapped harshly, moving paperwork off to the side as a knock issued at the door. It was a younger student from Hufflepuff, eyes red from obvious crying.

"What is it that you need? Were you sent by a Professor?"

"N-no Head Master, I chose my free class to come up here to speak with you." Severus motioned for the chair before his desk, leaning back in his chair to hopefully make the child feel less threatened.

"What is it you believe I can help you with?" The boy, from what Severus could perceive from him, was small. Too small to be healthy, yet he seemed rather calm.

"I was wondering if it was possible for me to stay here and not have to return home for the summer." Severus' mental alarms immediately went off to let him know that his lover was there, and about what the kid was most likely referring too.

"Is there a specific reason you would like to tell me about why you do not wish to return home for the summer?" The boy chewed his lip nervously, an obvious habit by the swelling and teeth marks.

"Well, ever since my Father found out about my abilities, I've become somewhat of a…waste to him. My mother died, giving birth to me. Once Father learned what I was, what magic is capable of, I suppose a part of him started to hate me for it. I…I don't feel safe returning home anymore, and I was told from some other students I could come speak to you about this…" Severus felt his heart ache for the boy, no matter how much children did annoy him on occasion; none deserved to be treated in such a manner.

"It's no problem at all. Do me the favor of having your Head of House come see me during lunch. Do not worry about packing to go home, you will be staying here in your dorm rooms for the summer. We'll discuss this more later; I believe your next class will be starting soon." The look of utter disbelief and reprieve made Severus smirk.

"Go on now."

"Thank you so much Head Master." The boy called before quickly leaving his office.

"You know, it's not nice to listen to other people's private conversations, My Lord." Voldemort stepped from the shadows, having arrived only moments before the small boy came in. He placed his hands on his lover's shoulders, gripping firmly.

"I wasn't listening to the conversation so much as I was listening to you speak." Voldemort hissed against Severus' ear, nipping.

"My snake seems to have a soft side he enjoys hiding from me. I suppose we'll have to rectify that, won't we?" Severus shivered at all the possible promises not spoken aloud, leaning back into the touches.

"Yes My Lord, I do believe we might have too." Voldemort kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Come, my serpent. I wish to take you to bed." Severus rolled his eyes, but followed the other man towards his personal chambers.

"At 11am? Starting early now, are we?" Voldemort came back with a smirk of his own, wrapping an arm around Severus.

"My little snake has duties to perform today; I must stick to his schedule." Severus' eyes lit up with mirth at his lovers words, but he smiled affectionately.

"I appreciate the forethought." Once they entered, Severus shut the chamber doors behind him.

"Now what was that about taking me to bed, My Lord?" Severus asked slow and deliberate; robes slipping from his shoulders. Voldemort's eyes followed every movement, tracing along every piece of flesh exposed. A growl rumbled low in his throat as he moved to kiss Severus nape, nipping with his teeth. A low hiss left the man's lips as he bared his neck more willing.

"That's right, bow to me." Voldemort whispered before Apparating them straight to Severus bed.


Harry nibbled at the fruit before him, legs sprawled out beside him as he faced Draco would was also nibbling at food. It had been rather silent since they started eating, leaving a thin veil of tension. It was uncommon for them to do things like this together.

'There's no way he's not trying to get something out of this. I really need to find a good time to talk to him about going back to Hogwarts.' Harry thought, taking a sip of his water.

"Was there anything you wanted today?" Harry looked up confused when Draco spoke to him, clearing his throat.

"I'm sorry?" Draco took a deep breath before continuing.

"Is there anything you wanted today? I can't let you go out, but I can have anything you want brought to you." Harry thought about his words, his stomach dropping slightly. Just because Draco was being more accommodating, doesn't mean he was truly going to let Harry go.

'Doesn't mean I can't push back.' Feeling the need to rebel, Harry sat up a bit straight.

"I want chocolate." Draco blinked in surprise at the real want behind Harry's words.


"Yes, chocolate. I want lots of chocolate, the best kind." Draco hummed, but nodded.

"Alright, I'll have them pick up 2 cases of the best chocolate." Harry say stunned at Draco's words. Draco grinned at the surprised slightly clueless look on Harry's face.

"Anything else you want?" Draco asked, eyes trailing down Harry's body. The shirt he was wearing today was too big for his frame, hanging off his shoulder and exposing his slowly tanning skin.

'Fuck. I thought it was better when he wasn't wearing clothes.' Clearing his throat, Harry noticed the look in Draco's eyes and flushed. He supposed if Draco was going to be nice, he could be nice too. Tilting his head to the side to expose his neck a bit more, he glanced at him.

"Is there anything you want?" The teasing, yet innocent tone of Harry's voice made Draco's blood rush.

"There are many things I want, pet." Harry felt an involuntary chill run down his spine.

"Could I…help with any of those many things?" Draco felt a small growl build up in the back of his throat.

"You could help me with a lot of those things. How about I take you back to bed and show you?" Harry mouth went dry and he licked his lips.

"Yeah, I'd like that." His voice was low, rough with the knowledge that Draco was going to take him again.

"What are we waiting for then?" The smile that Draco sent in his direction was more than enough to make him get up and head back towards the manor. If he had butterflies in his stomach, it was brushed off as anticipation; not affection.

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