A/N - Several of my behind the scenes friends (ladies, you know who you are!) have encouraged me to get out my muse for a Romulan. This story begins on Deep Space 9, but the main Romulan character, Commander Rekar, was featured in the Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle", so he is canon. In my alternate universe, Vreenak still lives, lol! I don't know where this story will go, I just need to have some fun in my life right now. Sometimes stretching your legs in an unfamiliar place helps you write better when you go back to your other stuff. So this is my personal tackling fuel. I'm writing from the hip, so I'll probably update every other day until this tale is done. Here's to fun!

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Rekar was more than annoyed. He stood on the upper deck of the promenade of Deep Space 9 wondering how he was going to take care of this latest hiccup in his career. It was late and there was barely anyone about as he stood looking out of a wide window, waiting for the sight of the wormhole to open.

The unsuccessful hijacking and delivery of the prototype starship Prometheus to the Tal'Shiar had gone terribly wrong. After his capture by Starfleet he had been held, temporarily, as a prisoner of war. They had given him back to the Tal'Shiar almost immediately. But the humiliation was too much to bear. He had been strongly urged to retire and was now no longer an active commander. His superior that had ordered the stealing of the Prometheus had not even taken the full brunt of the heat for that decision. Rekar had been brought back into the intelligence organization, but not exactly with open arms. Failure, after all, was still failure.

The Tal'Shiar, since the end of the Dominion war, had decided they were amenable to becoming allies with the Federation. And they were using Rekar as some kind of pawn in a sick game, according to his point of view. They all had to show there was no animosity concerning them, and in particular, himself toward humans. And he had been ordered to find a human female to openly woo in order to appear to have gotten over his dismissive nature toward them.

To be told to do something so distasteful to him was inconceivable. Human females were nothing more than soft, simpering weaklings with no will of their own and as far as he could tell no code of honor. If it wasn't that he was eager to return to his life on Romulus, he would have no part of this. But he had been told to do so in order to make things 'right' with their sudden human friends.

As he stood there, pondering exactly what it was he was going to do, his attention was drawn by the strangest of sights. Walking toward him was one of those human females. She seemed to be at a high point misery as she approached his position. She wasn't paying any attention to him at all because she was in the unenviable situation of a pronounced limp from the broken heel of one shoe. It made a strange creaking sound as she walked. She seemed to be simmering in anger while she held the broken part of the heel in one of her hands. He wondered why she simply didn't remove the defective footwear entirely.

By the time she reached his position, he realized she was quite small in height without the added heels and wondered if she were even at the age of majority. But looking at her body, in particular her overflowing cleavage in the low cut top, it was apparent that she was in fact an adult. Her brown skin was smooth and her hair was pulled up into a clasp as a dark tumble of silken curls hung down her back.

Some part of him, he did not understand why, was moved to ask, "Are you in need of assistance, human?"

The human female turned and looked at him only once. Her almond shaped eyes narrowed as she gave him the most disgusted of looks. She just rolled her eyes at him and actually sucked her teeth as she turned her face from him and kept on walking.

She didn't even give him the courtesy of speaking to him in return! She acted as if she were above him in some way.

Rekar found himself fascinated, angered and annoyed as the human just kept walking with her broken shoe limp having never answered his question. She didn't look back at him once or regard him in any way, either, as if he were of no consequence at all. As she disappeared out of sight he wondered who this girl was who dared not answer his question and who appeared to think she were better than him, Rekar of Romulus, even in her obviously lowered state of being.

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