Sam pressed himself close to Castiel, trapping him against the bed. He kissed his neck lightly sending shivers down the angel's spine as he thrusted into him. Cas' legs hooked round Sam's waist, pulling him closer, as his fingers twined in his hair pulling gently until their lips met in a heated kiss.

"so beautiful" Sam whispered against Cas' lips before biting gently. "so fucking beautiful"

With a final deep thrust Sam released himself inside Cas with a loud moan and a sharp bite to his collarbone. Cas came shortly after, painting their stomachs in a sticky white.


Clutching the beige trenchcoat, Sam pulled his knees to his chest, curling up in a ball on the threadbare sheets of a motel room bed. He'd shed so many tears but still more came as he thought about the last time he laid with Cas.

"I miss you" he whispered, head pressed to the dirty item of clothing.