A/N: Hey Guys! I was just surfing YouTube and found this awesome rap battle between Scorpion and Sub Zero! I decided to post it so that you can all see it!

Italics means that neither Scorpion or Sub Zero are singing. Like back-up singers, so to speak.

Underline is the announcer!

Disclaimer: I own none of these lyrics!

YEAH! The most epic showdown in videogame history!




They look exactly the same, but they're completly different.

Fire and Ice, they are the kings of the tournament!

Some would call them villain, some would call them hero!

You know who it is...


Exactly the same but so uniquely different, their enemies fall, they are the kings, it's evident!

Scorpion: Sub Zero, you remember me? Back to avenge my family!

Don't be so cold, that's a joke. You'll be another casualty. You killed me once so, no. I won't take you casually. You'll get the gist of this once the announcer yells FATALITY!

I'm a revenant from hell, you know, the Netherealm. The Shirai Ryu, does that name ring any bells? Dealing out the types of pain you've definitely never felt.

'Cause when fire meets ice, you know that ice melts!

Sub Zero: I'm blue with a bad attitude. All my enemies end up lookin' like an ice cube. And when I say enemies, surely I include you, you hot breath, cigarette smelling, braindead fool!

I represent the Lin Kuei, a legendary breed of ninja. Oh silly me, I forgot, you know all about me!

I was the last guy you saw with your human eyes before I took your life!

Scorpion: Scorpion, the champion, playin' you like a mandolin, peelin' these players up and eatin' them like a mandarin.

Opening these enemies up with my pokes and cheap stuff, you can't look away when I take my mask off!

Now it's time to face off and it's time to face facts. I bring the heat to your back like an IcyHot patch.

I rip off your chest with my twin blade attack, juggle you in the air till your health reaches half.

Sub Zero: Imma have you thinking I was Johnny Cage, I'll punch you in your sack, headbutt, hear your cranium crack. You got a headache now? I think I can handle that.

I'll freeze your feet, grab your hips and rip off your top half!

Shao Kahn laughs, he knows that you're a joke. You gotta be quicker with that spear, you slow poke!

You're so dang dumb, you tried to punch my ice clone. Go to hell Scorpion, ain't that where you call your home?

Scorpion: You better block in fear when I scream GET OVER HERE, then hit you in the chest with my enhanced move spear. Bring you in my reign of pain and whisper in your ear, here comes the uppercut, now you're in the atmosphere!

Now I got you in my mix-ups, high lows when you get up. I'm in your cranium and you're cracking like you're peanuts.

Fire melts Ice, you should have learned that from your parents, YOU AND NOOB SAIBOT WOULD NEVER EVER SCARE THIS!

Sub Zero: You can think whatever you want with that overheated head, but you're predictable, you're easy to beat.

You're done, that's it, THE END.

You're viler than Reptile, uglier than Mileena, I'll smack you 'round so much, you woulda thought that I was Sheeva!

Get over here, you say? Alright, you've captured my attention. I'll slide on by and show you why I'm not someone to mess with.

I'll put you in a plastic cage with crickets ans some water, sell you for a couple bucks at the pet shop 'round the corner!

They look exactly the same, but they're completly different.

Fire and Ice, they are the kings of th tournament!

Some would call them villain! Some would call them hero!

You know who it is...


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