Hey guys, i found another one of these buggers out on ze YouTube, and decided to post yet another rap battle. If I ever find another one, I'll likely post it as well. Cheers!
Warning: Some language and content that may be offensive to homosexuals.
Bold for Shao Kahn,
italicize for regular talking. (Not rapping)

Shao Kahn: Welcome to Mortal Kombat Epic Rap Battle. Nya! First match.
Raiden, versus Baraka! Spit!

Raiden: Yo Baraka, you my man. But you know, I got all these people in front of me, and we gon' wing back. You know what I'm sayin'? You know, like I said Mortal Kombat two YAIPAAYAI! You know all that shit, man. But check it yo.

Yo Baraka, you my right hand man.
Never had a girl to use your right hand man!

It's not your fault that you ugly as fuck,
Broke so many mirrors, you forever bad luck.


Don't get mad 'cause I go hard PAUSE.
Your grill lookin' like you related to Jaws!

Anyway, but that's besides the point, you don't even need to rap 'cause I just killed you in this joint!

*crowd cheers*

Shao Kahn: Round Two! Spit!

Baraka: Raiden! You really going at me like that Raiden? It's okay. Don't worry about it. 'Cause I got a little secret about YOU. Check it. Yo.

Hi Raiden! Or should I say Gay-den? I know you got a crush on me, that's why you hatin'.

Remember that one time you tried to kiss me? Now you in front of all these people tryin' to diss me!?

It's okay. We all know that you gay. And that's why you don't even order food from chick-fil-a!

Look playa, you don't wanna test me! I can't be your right hand man 'cause I'm a lefty!

*crowd cheers*

Shao Kahn: The winner is Baraka! Nya! Now Baraka...
VS. the last year's champion...
Liu Kang!

*Liu Kang bicycle kicks into the scene*

Shao Kahn: Round one! Spit!

Liu Kang: Uh! Turn your headphones up, bitches! Let's do this! Hey! Uh, uh, uh!

Baraka you so ugly, I feel your sorrow! Sonya look past you, she rather hit up Goro!

Liu Kang bitch, I bicycle kick your head off!

I'm the Steve to your Bill, Apple to your Microsoft, Round one's flawless! Round two's the same!

Bitch ass mothafucka, you got no game! It's all just formality, get ready for Fatality, you bald ass baby bitch, I might score a...Babality!

*crowd cheers*

Shao Kahn: Round Two! Spit!

Baraka: Well well well! That was cute, Liu! It was cute! I won't forget about that Fatality you gave me on episode two! Yo!

Liu Kang, go fry some Won Tons! Buy some new pants, and throw a shirt on! Ain't nobody tryna see that shit!
I block all your punches and bicycle kicks.

So please, you can't outdo me! And for God's sakes, you are not Bruce Lee!

So shut up and bake me some fortune cookies!

So I can feed them to my groupies!

*le random Toasty guy...*

Shao Kahn: The winner is...Baraka!

*Mortal Kombat Arcade game falls on Baraka*

Shao Kahn: Nya! I mean...the winner is, and still champion of Mortal Kombat Epic Rap Battle! Liu Kang!
Nyang, Nya, Nya! Ehhh...*whisper* You know it's fucked up right?

Yes, I do hope you enjoyed this! It is a must watch! Baraka's voice gets me every time! I heard from a little birdy that Mortal Kombat Legacy Season Two is out on ze YouTube. I will go now...Bai!