As promised, I will begin a Green Lantern story (and a Superman story). This will not be like my Batman story, where I used my original story and just rewrote it and added details, I will be somewhat making this up as I go along, while keeping true to the comics. This is my version of the Green Lantern story. One that I always wanted to do and finish.

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Within the Solar System, a small one manned space pod was racing through the blackness of space as if there was not enough time to do what needed to be done. Steering the pod was a purple humanoid alien. He wore a green suit; made of green energy, and had the symbol of a lantern on his chest. On his right hand, which only had four long fingers, he had a green ring with the lantern symbol on it. His name was Abin-Sur, and he is a Green Lantern.

Abin-Sur was breathing deeply as if trying to control it. His face kept turning a lighter shade of purple nearing white as if he were ill. His eyelids were growing heavy and he struggled not to pass out. His left hand held the reason Abin-Sur felt this way. He held on to his left rib cage over the deep wound that protruded from it. He had to apply pressure on it which made his heart rate rise and he had to control his breathing once again. He made an unpleasant sound as soon as he finshed. He can feel the warm purple blood pouring over the small gaps between his fingers and dripping. He knew he didn't have that much time.

"Ring power, twenty-eight percent." A voice said in his green ring.

He looked at his ring and he sighed. He then began to speak and his ring began to record his voice.

"Lantern's log, my name is Abin-Sur. I am a Green Lantern chosen by the great green ring of will to protect Sector 2814. During my usual rounds, I, along with many other Lanterns', were called to the planet Oa, home of the Lanterns and Guardians of the Universe. After the meeting I was on my way back to my sector in my ship with many crew members, that was when my ship was attacked..." He winced in pain. "... I alone survived with a fatal wound. My ring has failed me when I needed it the most just like it was foretold. Because of this and the vast distance, I cannot return to Oa. I am heading to the nearest habitable planet to begin the Selection Process for a new Lantern to take my place."

He watched as his pod passed through an asteroid field and a red planet. The ship was headed to a blue planet, filled with clouds and land.

"Planet Earth, home of the Humans..." His ring began to tell him.

"Guardians..." Abin-Sur interrupted his ring and continued. ".. I have reasons to believe that it was a fellow Lantern who attacked. Whoever attacked me used the green power of will. There is a traitor within the corps... I must now reserve my strength."

The ship lost power once it reached Earth's atmosphere. The ship began to spin uncontrollably and begun to free fall. Abin-Sur remained calm. He used his ring to create a protective aura around him so that he could survive the crash that would eventually happen.

"Ring power, Eight percent." The ring informed him.

His ring was growing weak. He had just begun to hope that it is enough to keep him alive long enough for the new Lantern. Abin-Sur watched as the desert ground came closer and closer. He closed his eyes.

"Ring power, Four percent."

"In brightest day, and blackest night." He begun.

"Ring power, Three percent."

"No evil shall escape my sight."

"Ring power, Two percent."

"Let those who worship evil's might."

"Ring power, One percent."

"Beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!"

His ring shone but it was too late, his space pod exploded once it hit the desert ground. Abin-Sur's body was cast out of the smoke and rubble with the green aura flickering around his body. He bounced off the hard sandy ground and slid a few feet away from the crash site. His actual Green Lantern, the source of power for the ring, landed just next to him. He was knocked out cold. But his ring still shined and a green orb came out of the middle of the ring. It circled above Abin-Sur's body.

"Beginning selection process," The ring said.

The orb of light disappeared into the night...

Even though this was short, I hope it was enough to interest you. If not, then maybe wait a chapter or two in before you decide. x]