Upon entering the planet Oa, Hal could feel the power radiating off of it. His ring started to vibrate slightly but that wasnt what caught his attention. It was the planet itself. So full of life. Sinestro went on ahead, with the unconscious Kilowog, while Hal journeyed around the planet with Tomar-Re. It was a curious planet to Hal, so full of wildlife, forests with blue leaves, the wind felt warm on his face which reminded him of Spring back home on Earth, animals focused on their own affairs though some were curiously watching the two Lanterns flying.

"What can you tell me about this planet? Of the Green Lanterns?" Hal asked Tomar-Re.

"Your ring can answer this question, just ask it."

Hal looked at his ring and raised his eyebrow, He wants me to ask my ring a question? Is he trying to make me look stupid?, Hal thought. He looked back at Tomar-Re who looked at him with a patient face telling him to go ahead. Hal just accepted it and put the ring in front of his mouth.

"Uh... Ring?" Hal already felt stupid. "Anything you can tell me of the beginnings of the Green Lanterns?"

The beginnings of the Green Lanterns stretch very far into the past. The ring spoke within his head. At the center of the Universe, a race of immortals declared themselves 'the Guardians.' Together, these Guardians harnessed the Green power of Will and stored it all into the Central Battery, located within the heart of Oa. Using this newfound power the Guardians created the first of the rings and had chosen a select few with great willpower and they soon formed the Green Lantern Corps. An intergalactic police force to ensure order and stability within each of the different sectors of the Universe. The Lanterns themselves are smaller versions of the Battery and help charge the power of the ring.
Your ring power now is at 38.4%.

"What exactly are the Guardians?" Hal asked his ring.

There are no data referring to the Guardians.

Hal found that odd. Tomar-Re lead him into the only city within Oa, which was a big city itself with tall towers. Over looking the city was a mountain taller than any building Hal can and has ever seen. He was sure that the view from the top must have been amazing and he already decided that before he left he would look at all of Oa from the top of that mountain. While Tomar-Re and Hal flew through the city, Hal noticed other Lanterns flying here and there and barely giving them any attention.

"Where are we going now?" Hal asked Tomar-Re.

"To see the Guardians. They have asked for us to send you to them once you have arrived."

"Right, and what exactly are the Guardians?"

Tomar-Re smiled, "That is the greatest mystery of this Universe. There are no records of their existence anywhere. If the rings cannot tell us who they are, it must be because they do not wish for us to know about them. All their history, their culture, is a mystery. We have a running joke among us Lanterns, we like to call the Guardians: The Mysterious Ones."

"But, how can we follow them if we do not know who they are?"

Tomar-Re flew in front of Hal, stopping them both in mid-air. Hal wondered if he had finally reached the edge of the alien's patience. Tomar-Re moved over to him with a curious look in his eyes, Hal backed away a bit, avoiding discomfort.

"You humans fascinate me. We have kept a close eye on your race for a long time. We have never had a human Lantern before, and the only time we ever hear from you is from the Lantern's who were posted to your sector. Yet, no Lantern has shown greater interest than Abin-Sur."

Tomar-Re outstretched his arm, gesturing for them to continue. Hal flew forward at a steady pace with Tomar-Re by his side. They flew slowly, mostly because Hal wanted to know what else he had to say, and he did not want to reach their destination so quickly.

"It was because of him that my interest in your race grew. Not many Lantern's cared much for you humans, even Sinestro thought it was a mistake that the ring has chosen you."

"Ouch." Hal commented.

"Now you ask me, 'how can we follow them if we do not know who they are?' and here I ask you, how can you worship something you do not know exists?" Tomar-Re asked.

"Are you referring to God?"

Tomar-Re nodded. "Your people have followed something they do not know exists. You also rely on a book as proof, you build strange structures where a group of you may come together and worship him together. But, you have no proof. There is nothing stating that what you believe in truely exists."

"But, we also rely on our faith." Hal told him.

Tomar-Re placed the ring close to his mouth and with a clear voice asked, "Ring, what is the definition of the word faith?"

Faith: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The ring answered him. "Is this the faith you refer to?" Tomar-Re asked Hal.


"Now I ask you, what makes your God different from the Guardians? Can we not, as well, have faith in our Guardians as you have in your God?"

For once, Hal had nothing to say. He could not come up with the answer, no matter how hard he tried. The only other person to ever stop him from talking was Carol. Now here he was with an intelligent alien, whom Hal had no doubt was smarter than he was. The rest of their adventure was in silence as Hal followed Tomar-Re to a large mountain, where they began to ascend higher and higher until they have reached the peak. Hal took a moment to stop flying as he stepped at the edge of the mountain and gazed upon the Planet from a high advantage.

"Beautiful." Hal could not stop himself from saying.

"Oa is quite beautiful." Tomar-Re agreed. "But it is nothing compared to home, is it?"

"Earth is beautiful. But Oa has an exotic beauty that can not compare." Hal answered.

Tomar-Re gave a small laugh, "You should one day visit my planet. Xudar also has its own sense of beauty. From their tall green trees, to the bluest of seas. The air is clean and refreshing. And my people live together in peace and harmony."

"You sound homesick." Hal said to him.

Tomar-Re nodded and continued to ascend. Hal jumped up from the edge and flew up after him. In no time, they have reached the peak of the mountain and it was something Hal did not expect. For once, he noticed that there were steps all around the mountain leading up to its peak. Once at the top there were thirteen pillars surrounding the peak with a large round base. On top of each pillar sat a small blue alien in large red and white robed with the green lantern symbol on their chests. They reminded Hal of Master Yoda from Star Wars and he laughed at his own personal joke. They each had a distinct look to them, and their stare was strange. It almost felt as if they were looking inside Hal's very being, inside his soul, as if they were judging if he was worthy. He could feel the power that they each weilded and it was overwhelming. He wiped the smile from his face as he landed with Tomar-Re in the middle of the base.

"Guardians, I bring to you Abin-Sur's replacement. A human named, Hal Jordan." Tomar-Re announced to them.

The little blue men looked down from their high pillars at Hal. No emotion was shown on their faces. No traces of interest or disinterest. If they were against Hal being a Lantern, they did a very good job not showing it. It wasn't long until one of them finally said something.

"May we examine your ring, Jordan?"

Before Hal could even say anything, the ring was gently lifted off of his finger. His Lantern uniform faded leaving him in the clothes he wore earlier today. He felt weird being a human again. He felt vulnerable. He had no way to fight back or defend himself. He watched as the ring floated towards a Guardian with his hand extended to it. Once he closed his fist around the ring, a green glow erupted from his enclosed hand until he opened it again and an image escaped from it.

It was a recording, a visual one. The last account of Abin-Sur. The image in front of them was the cockpit of the space ship that Abin was found not to far from. It showed that it was a slow ride back to Sector 2814, that was until the ship was attacked. Blinkers went off, the alarms were on and Abin had to act quick.

Ring Power fourty-one percent. The ring informed him.

Thinking quickly and defensivily, Abin pointed the ring to the windshield and willed the ring to create a protective aura around the ship. Abin pushed buttons, turned off some switches and began to fight for control of the small pod as the ship shook with each impact from the attacker. But it was the last impact that broke through the ship. A green arrow went through the shield, through the hull of the ship, and struck Abin in his left rib cage. The pain was horrible and when Abin looked down at it, the green arrow disappeared.

The ship was just floating, closer and closer to a blue planet. The impacts have stopped, the attacker has left. It was within this moment of safety that Abin pointed the ring to the lips of his mouth and spoke his last recording. It was there that the visual recording stopped. Hal felt a bit of guilt and remorse for the alien that entrusted him his ring of power.

"He was murdered." Hal said under his breath.

"Yes, a rogue Lantern is within our mist. Abin-Sur was not the first to die in these recent attacks." Tomar-Re informed him.

"That is enough, Tomar-Re. Our new recruit does not need to know about our mission." A Guardian spoke.

"Forgive me, Guardians." Tomar-Re said in a kind voice.

Hal was surprised by the amount of power that Guardians had over one of their own. He did not dare speak against them, though inside of him he felt he should stand up for the only guy who has been kind to him since this ring has come into his possession.

"It appears that the human has something to say." One of them spoke.

"We have already heard it within his mind. We do not need to hear it again." Another said.

"He is a mistake, he should not be a Lantern. The humans are too young, and too dangerous."

"I am very interested to see what a human can do with such power from his ring."

"Abin-Sur should not have been careless."

"Enough." One of them spoke, and the voice quiet. "You all know as well as I that the ring makes the decision, not us."

"And, could it be possible that the ring has made a mistake?" A new voice spoke from above.

Everyone looked up to see Sinestro descending down in front of Hal and Tomar-Re. Sinestro stood up straight with his hands behind his back like a solider in front of his generals.

"I have seen the boy fight. He is reckless and impulsive. No discipline and no respect. I do not think he has what it takes to be within the Corps." Sinestro spoke.

"To answer your first question, no. The ring does not make mistakes." A Guardian spoke.

"I was also there, Sinestro." Tomar-Re spoke.

Sinestro turned his head to his direction. "Yes, but your interest in this human could cloud your judgement."

"Speak, Tomar-Re." A Guardian spoke, ignoreing Sinestro.

"While impulsive and reckless he is, I believe Hal Jordan has the potential to be a Lantern. Maybe even one of the greats. He is in need of proper training. Give the boy to the care of Kilowog and myself. There is no reason we should not give him a chance." Tomar-Re said.

"Woah, don't I have a say in all of this?" Hal finally spoke out.

All eyes and interest, besides Sinestros, were on Hal. Hal felt the pressures of each of their stares and felt as if he would choke behind the words in his throat. Clearing his throat and taking in a deep breath, he stepped forward, even in front of Sinestro.

"Sinestro thinks it is a mistake the ring has chosen me. Any other day, I would agree with him. This isn't the type of life or devotion I am used to. In fact, most would say I am irresponsible." Hal turned to looked at Sinestro, whose eyes met with Hals. "But, the ring has chosen me." He turned his gaze back on the Guardians. "Me, out of all the humans. The ring, even Abin-Sur saw something inside of me. Something I have not discovered. And, I promise. As long as the ring is within my care, I will do everything I can to prove that I do deserve this. If you will let me."

Hal turned back, Tomar-Re had a satisfied grin on his face while Sinestro's vein on his forehead began to throb. Silence befell all of them and Hal turned around again, waiting for the Guardians to speak. They exchanged glances, as if they were speaking to eachother using their minds. Finally, the one who held Hal's ring allowed the ring to lift from his palm and find its way back onto Hal's finger. A smile formed on his face as the green uniform appeard on his body, once again.

"This boy will be your undoing." Sinestro said as he flew up into the air and disappeared off the mountain.

Tomar-Re placed a hand on Hal's shoulder, gently turning him around. "You spoke well, Hal. Now we will begin your training."

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