Try this one, saddest Peeta Story I have ever written…or at least that's what my bf says. Haha oops that's bff. Haha again…okay I'm over it!

Peeta lay awake, Katniss in his outstrectched arms. She breathed with the rythem of his breathing, leaving the night still and comfortable. A silent conversation went on his Peeta's head. Where he asked Katniss things and she told him nothing but the bitter-sweet, truth.

"Do you love me?" he'd ask. And she'd say, "Yes, Peeta, I do. But only sometimes, when I really need too."

He'd sigh, Only…sometimes…this was truth he could not fight. It was staring him in the face, and he didn't want to look at it. He couldn't deny it, but he would not admit it either. So he just didn't think about it that often.

"Katniss, if you really loved me, you would let me tell you all the precious things about you. You'd let me stare into your eyes, just because I can. You'd let me see your smile, and you'd want to just laugh when you were with me. You would hold my hand, and hold on to me, and not just when you're frightened. Our love would be something more than survival to you. It would be a happy bliss, just for the sake of bliss. You'd want to spend all your time with me, like I do now. You'd think of me, and not just my life. Not only would you want to protect me, you'd want to me protected by me…"

He imagined his soft words reaching her ears, and she'd smile and kiss him. Just as passionate as she did that night on the beach. Just as soothing as she did, when they were in the cave together. Just as beautiful as he always imagined. Than maybe they'd make love, the real kind. Not just because they were lonely, or cold. He sighed and let himself relax more, although he wasn't quite ready to fall asleep.

Their conversation still went on…

"Oh Peeta, don't be stupid. That kind of love doesn't exsist anymore. The capitol killed all of that. There is no true happiness, whether or not you love me." She'd dismiss him and roll over. But later she'd crawl back into his arms, the moment she had a nightmare.

Peeta would lay there, stil enough to where it looked as if he wasn't breathing. Than he'd whisper so soft no one would really catch what he'd say, "I'd love you endlessly…and you'd be mine forever." Soon he would fall asleep, with no kiss to sooth his lips. No real enough love to calm his heart, not exactly safe enough to just dream, without waking up scared. But all night she'd be beside him, and all night he'd love her…endlessly…ALWAYS.

Peeta pulled Katniss closer and smiled, if they ever will have that conversation he hoped it would end better. And yes tonight he would love her, just the same as he always has…ENDLESSLY AND ALWAYS…